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  1. NYCHitman1

    Thread [Q] Nexus Bootanimation

    Anyone have a .zip of the Nexus 4 boot animation?
  2. D

    Thread [ROM][FF18] STd v0.2║8/14/12║

    FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK! ಠ_ಠ Stock TweakeD FF18 v0.2 Features Based off of Stock FF18. Rooted. Su/Busybox installed. Deodexed. Agat's v0.4.4 Source built kernel. (ty agat) Debloated. CRT Off animation with flicker fix. Build.prop edits. Removed IME keyboard status bar icon. Removed "Device...
  3. StaticMaal

    Thread [ROM] [WIP] [PORT] [TEAM D.I.R.T] BAMF Paradigm [JellyBean] [4.1.1]

    This is an unofficial port of Team BAMF's BAMF Paradigm rom that we Team D.I.R.T ported over to the EVO 4g. Our thanks to Team BAMF for creating the base of this ROM.
  4. digitalhigh

    Thread [ROM][ICS][FINAL](2/25/13) MIUI 3.2.22 - Closing For Business

    Team CrashOverride Is Proud To Present MIUI v4 3.2.22 FINAL For HTC 3VO This is most likely the final release of this ROM, as MIUI is discontinuing builds for v4/ICS devices. I may release bugfixes or "addon" updates, but unless I can port from JB to ICS, this will be the end of updates from...
  5. drawde40599

    Thread [Q] bootanimation

    I'm looking for the bamf rom bootanimation without there rom logo?? Any1 seen or have it? ( if this is not the correct place to.ask forgive me! )
  6. CyberZion

    Thread Developers not using ROM Manager ??

    Why are the Developers not using ROM Manager? The only one using it is BAMF and he is showing over 21K downloads. It would make it so much easier to users to keep up with updates. Could someone please forward this to the Developers and see if they could get on board?
  7. monkeyboy19762

    Thread [Q] bamf cubed battery indicator on Tshed

    i am looking to put the battery icon from bamf cubed on to my cm7.2 thundershed. neub but determined. thanks in advance:)
  8. jerrya

    Thread Task killer experiment

    Alright, coming from WM way back to an iPaq, as soon as I got an android I got task killers, especially as I watched my memory go down to like 40 megs. After reading I am deciding to remove any (excluding ZDBox) task killers that I have, and see if Android really does manage memory well. I...
  9. fowenati

    Thread [ROM] SupraROM V2.2 #BLISS 01/25/12 [2.3.4][ICS Themed]

    LET ME KNOW OF ANY VISUAL / AESTHETIC QUIRKS, BUGS, OR ANYTHING THAT BOTHERS YOU AT ALL. Clear Cache and Dalvik before flashing from another sense rom. Wipe Data as well if you are coming from MIUI/AOSP/CM. Also wipe Data if you have any problems at all I am not responsible if this rom causes...
  10. N

    Thread [Q] RUU 2.3.4...Can I Root and install custom ROMs?

    Hey everyone, I am new to the rooting world however I have only experienced good things. I decided to root my thunderbolt using TB Autoroot+htc sync last night(had the original stock froyo, was going to installed cyanogen mod 7) and was successful. Unfortunately, I then installed the leaked...
  11. G

    Thread [MOD] 6 signal bar + transparent pulldown (BAMF Sense3.0) 7/13

    Well as we all know with the new 6 signal bars we lost the transparent pulldown... after some tinkering i finally figured it out! I present to you 6 signal bar + transparent pulldown! RC 4 & 5:http://www.multiupload.com/NE65G3IUDJ CHANGES: No longer says "synergy"(my bad) , now white...
  12. H

    Thread Rosie Settings Dissapaered from my apps! DAS BAMF 2.1

    Hey so I flashed DAS BAMF GingerRemix 2.1 yesterday and everything is working fine, the only thing is there was a "Rosie Settings" application in my app drawer when I first flashed the 2.1 and I was able to change the right button to Dolphin Browser instead of the stock browser, but all of a...
  13. A

    Thread das BAMF GingerStripped/Remix

    Can someone suggest settings or let me know what I'm doing wrong with these ROMS? I was using das BAMF Remix v1.7 and my battery lasted about 2 hours with very little use. I flashed GingerStripped and it's also doing the same. I can take my phone off the charger and it immediately drops from...
  14. D

    Thread [Q] Das Bamf 1.7 remix

    I am trying to download the Das Bamf 1.7 remix. however in the post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1027804 I click on download and i get a 404 error please help!!!!
  15. T

    Thread [Q] Visual VM on BAMF GingerREMIX v2.0 Beta #5

    Any idea how to get Visual Voicemail on this ROM? I read a lot of the post on the development thread, but i can't post on there yet since im a noob. Id greatly appreciate any help.
  16. D

    Thread [Q] Simple Questions for Bamf 1.7 all versions

    I have just rooted my Thunderbolt and I am looking to install a rom. Das Bamf looks great. I have experience flashing roms on my OG Droid. However I never had to flash any radios. What radios will work/recommended for Bamf? And Do I need to install the 1.7 first then the remix or is the...
  17. J

    Thread [Q] Can't Download HTC Goodies

    HTCSence.com is back up and running and you can now sign into it, but when I try downloading skins or wallpapers I keep getting force closed. Lol, please help. I did every it said to do in BAMF GingerREMIX v2.0 Beta #5 thread. The error message is... The application HTC Widget Download...
  18. L

    Thread [Q] Email reverting to plain text from HTML

    My setup is Das BAMF 1.7 on an HTC Thunderbolt. I'm running into an issue with my message format for my Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync email account. I keep trying to set the message format to receive HTML emails, but it keeps randomly reverting to plain text. This seems to happen...
  19. 00dvanmeter

    Thread [Q] UI's?

    Sense? Senseless? AOSP? Which is more favored? Pros or Cons? I kinda get the general idea but I'm still not sure on what they really are. I got my thunderbolt (first smart phone) the day it came out and dove head first into the rooting world the day after. Currently running das BAMF froyo any...
  20. A

    Thread [Q] What is correct BAMF 1.6.3 Remix radio combination

    Flashed to BAMF 1.6.3 Remix. Software as follows: Baseband version: Build number: 1.13.605.7_Das_BAMF_Remix_1.6.3 Software number: 1.13.605.7 Is this the correct radio combination for 3G/LTE? I noticed a new radio flash in the dev forum but it seems to be related to the...
  21. C

    Thread [Q] Das BAMF 1.6.3 battery drain

    I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced excessive battery drain from this ROM? In about 2 hours I dropped a good 30% from a 100% charge with very little use. When looking at my battery usage statistics I of course saw the screen taking the most which is normal, but the second was Maps...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] das bamf 1.6.2 no theme or extras?!

    I installed das bamf 1.6.2 nte and set the das bamf theme but my screen looks nothing like the screnshot even after setting the skin to das bamf, my notification bar isn't transparent and the top of the notification bar is just black, basically I'm missing all of the extras!what have I done...
  23. N

    Thread [Q] BAMF Remix Radio update

    Hey, I want to load BAMF Remix I've downloaded everything I need. I just don't know how to load the new radio portion. I know the Rom installs thru recovery, but how do I get the radio to install?? Thanks
  24. tflogic

    Thread [Q] wi-fi not working after flashing bamf

    So after flashing both bamf 1.5 and the radio attached to it, my WiFi seems to be malfunctioning. I first installed the radio and then the Rom afterwards. Should I try flashing the radio again? I did a Google search and a couple of forums said that flashing the same radio again would just brick...