1. B

    Thread Cavion Base 10 3G

    I need Firmware for Cavion Base 10 3G .
  2. O

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2][STABLE][OFFICIAL]Slim Base Project - SBP

    First ever slim ROM for Blu Life Play/Gionee Elife E3/FLY IQ4410 and other clones . ROM just only 180 MB ! #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please *...
  3. D

    Thread New Android 5.1.1 for N910F Base -

    Title is self explanatory. Since no one seems to have mentioned this I thought I might be the first one to let everyone know on Xda There is a new Android 5.1.1 firmware base for N910F released by Samsung although I have no idea what the change log is Full Name : N910FXXU1COI1...
  4. P

    Thread [Q] Best base?

    Hello people, I am trying to port a ROM which is on MT6589. But I have no idea about which ROM should be used as a base ROM. Can anybody give me a link which can be used as a base ROM for A116?
  5. V

    Thread [Q] How magnetic is the charger?

    I read a review that said the charging base connects to the watch with a "satisfying click" (or words to that effect). My base is certainly magnetic, but it does not hold the watch firmly and there is no click when I attach it. It will quickly fall off if I lift just the watch. Is that normal...
  6. Restl3ss

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2][TW] 100% stock 4.4.2 kitkat P5220 [Deodexed+Rooted build also available]

    This is a 100% stock flashable zip of the recently released 4.4.2 firmware for the P5220. As it is 100% stock, it is fully bloated, odexed, and non-rooted. If you wish to attain root you can do so by flashing superSU-2.02 zip from chainfire. As of right now, no other root method appears to be...
  7. T

    Thread [APP]base2base calculator/convert

    heyho, this is my first application, and i wanted to share it here and get some feedback, about usability and stability. Description: it is just a simple and small app, that i wrote to help me converting between different bases (up to 36), to multiply/add/divide/substract numbers and to learn...
  8. ArjunrambZ

    Thread [GUIDE]How To Port ROMS to Your Device [AOSP]

    /* * ~ DO READ THIS BEFORE ATTEMPTING~ * Iam not here to guarantee any successful PORTING. nor i am responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, or a broken device. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will...
  9. N

    Thread HOW TO... build kernel-unpack-pack-tar .. boot.img

    lesson-01: HOW t Build kernel .. i'm using ubuntu 12 32bit .. toolchain linaro .. - Download source tree .. from git or official web site there is now .. for 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 .. - Download cross compiler **toolchain** .. - edit makefile in the kernel tree .. ARCH = arm CROSS-COMPILE =...
  10. S

    Thread [Q] [BELGIAN Users] What modem works best on Base networks? [BELGIAN Users]

    Hi, I'm a Belgian Galaxy S2 user, but currently my signal strength is very weak, indoors and outdoors. I don't get a 3G signal, most of the time it's just EDGE. Furthermore I'm faced with overheat issues, 40 degrees celcius with normal usage. Right now I'm using Base, from KPN group, as a...
  11. jimmygoska

    Thread SplashBase

    Hey, I just saw this today on Kickstarter. Sounds pretty interesting and not too expensive. Any opinions? XDA seems like a pretty good home for discussion on something like this methinks. From site: "A development board that lets you control devices via USB or over a network using iOS, Android...
  12. Oogway13

    Thread [GUIDE] Porting Guide - How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs

    Use wisely!! If you plan to use it, please share anything that might be missing or any step taken to resolve bootloops, FC's, etc. :good: Thanks and Credits to: :good: Peteragent5- Original Thread: GalaxyUser for his great contribution on...
  13. arvo.bowen

    Thread RUU's, ROM's, Base's, Radio.... What are they?

    I just wanted to get some clarification on a few things... I have looked around on the forums and could not find answers that helped me to understand what was what. This is more then likely because I have no clue what I was looking for in the first place. I'm just trying to get a basic...
  14. R

    Thread [Q] Changing Linkify behavior on android

    So I'd like to modify the in built (core/java/android/text/util/ and associated constants defined in Patterns class (core/java/android/util/ The goal is to modify the inbuilt linkify behavior for phone numbers to be more intelligent to include DTMF codes...
  15. AbsolutZeroGI

    Thread [ACS][Base Rom]Stock Rooted Odex & Deodex[Updated 10/15/11][Closer to Real Stock]

    Welcome! Hello, these roms were made in order for people to have recovery-flashable zips of stock roms (not having to rely on tars and Odin). These roms are compiled from Odex and Deodex system dumps and have no other mods besides root, busybox and recovery. ***Disclaimer*** I am not...
  16. seanzscreams

    Thread (ROM)HomeBase Photon Stock 9/30- UPDATES!!! (Ext4/Lagfix) Fastest Stock Photon Rom

    HOME BASE Based off of Gb Photon Directions: 1. Select a Home Base Full Version ROM (EXT3/EXT4, Blurred/deBlurred). 2. Flash the Full ROM version. 3. Reboot Phone into Android 4. Choose an update file. 5. Reboot back into CWM 4. Flash the update file. Full Version ROMs - FULL WIPE...
  17. S

    Thread [Q]Best Radio for BASE DE/E+ and way to see the Frequencies that is android using

    Hi, which Radio should i use for the German BASE DE/E+ Network and the E Network Frequencies(1800 MHz) and is there a way to see the Frequencies that i am currently using. For example 900 MHz. Greetings from Germany Saladien
  18. S

    Thread [Q] Help Modding Idlescreen_Base.apk?

    Hi everyone, Today, I just found out about M10tools, which is required to change the m10 files within Rosie.apk and others such as Idlescreen_Base.apk. (for Sense 3.0) I just wanted to change the image that is displayed when you receive an SMS - so instead of the Giant MMS symbol, I used...
  19. mikel.canovas

    Thread [Q] system apps running rampant?? :/

    Hi, if someone could help me with this major issue I'm having that would be great. My phone is having constant overheating issues due to a system process called 'base system' or 'Android system' sometimes that I cannot kill and that is running rampant that often goes over 50% CPU use (not...
  20. [The Punisher]

    Thread [Q] Help with Cooking v3.14 Base ROM

    Hello, downloaded a WinMo 28244 build for my HD2 and imported in OsKitchen along with a v3.14 ROM WWE. So will my cooked ROM work on HSPL or do I have to select some other base ROM to work on HSPL?? I dont want to cook a ROM which needs SPL 3.03 to work since I have HSPL and I enjoy it..
  21. [The Punisher]

    Thread [Q] Help with Cooking

    Hello, downloaded a WinMo 28244 build for my HD2 and imported in OsKitchen along with a v3.14 ROM WWE. So will my cooked ROM work on HSPL or do I have to select some other base ROM to work on HSPL?? I dont want to cook a ROM which needs SPL 3.03 to work since I have HSPL and I enjoy it..
  22. P

    Thread Base ROM

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask you for any Base ROM useable for Wizard or any cooked and not locked ROM. I want to use WM 6.1. I want to cook my own ROM but i cannot anything. Thx
  23. Richi_Ric

    Thread Best HTC Audio Booster Setting

    1> Plug in your EARPHONES. 2> Set your HTC Audio Booster settings to match the image. 3> Now if You use COREPLAYER then open COREPLAYER, in its Menu > Tools > Equalizer select TECHNO. 4> Now play any song having High BASS and see.... ah HEAR the Difference. :) Njoy....
  24. jguasch

    Thread Docking station

    Is there any docking station or iPod like dock base to plug and charge the HTC on the desk? Thanks!