1. O

    Thread Update MTK baseband helio p35

    I'm still collecting intels about topic, but can't find any post about update MTK basebands on custom rom (lineageOS), and don't know if its' possible to update just modem file from another phone manufacturer , which also using Helio p35 chipset. My chinese company doesn't plan to upgrade stock...
  2. djsanoliver

    Thread Question Change Baseband or Modem B28a 700mhz

    How to enable 28 band 700mhz and other bands on Redmi K40 Gaming? Is there any procedure to change the modem or baseband?
  3. D

    Thread How to make sure I have the latest modem and bootloader installed?

    I am currently running: Build: ALEXNDR.N960FXXU6FTJ5 Baseband version: N960FXXU6FTJ1 >MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LATEST MODEM AND BOOTLOADER INSTALLED! Getting ready to flash a new rom, but I haven't done this for a while. 1) How do I check what modem version I have? Based on the I *think* the...
  4. applesucksLmao

    Thread General A WARNING TO ALL A32 4G/5G USERS (very important)

    As you have seen in the title, this is a warning. DON'T root your galaxy a32, as it can take some time but the phone will lose fingerprint unlock and sim card/internet functionality because of UNKNOWN BASEBAND and IMEI error. You can't get it to work even reflashing stock firmware, and you...
  5. I

    Thread Bad internet connection after unbricking

    Hello everyone, I've flashed my phones for quite a few years, messed things up from time to time, but always found solutions. This time however, i don't really know where to start. I kept my Zenfone Max Pro M1 in its original state for the time of warranty and only unlocked and flashed it a few...
  6. P

    Thread Lenovo tbx304l. Lost baseband version, imei number.

    So I flashed Havoc os by @Akash23q2, But when I go into settings, I see that the baseband version is unknown(see attachments). Dialing *#06# just shows title MEID but no number. Lost...
  7. K

    Thread [CLOSED]HTC U11 back to stock ROM

    hello guys, i am currently on Pixel experience ROM and want to get back to stock rom but i didnt make a backup. im on htc_ocndugl, os version - 3.35.400.1 dual sim htc (HTC_060) and also I am stuck on FRP screen coz i am unable to use Wifi or Sim data.. HELP ASAP(bootloader unlocked + TWRP)
  8. K

    Thread HTC U11 back to stock Rom

    hello guys, i am currently on Pixel experience ROM and want to get back to stock rom but i didnt make a backup. im on htc_ocndugl, os version - 3.35.400.1 dual sim htc (HTC_060) and also I am stuck on FRP screen coz i am unable to use Wifi or Sim data.. HELP ASAP(bootloader unlocked + TWRP...
  9. Gianni_10

    Thread IMEI Unknown

    Hay Guys. My IMEI Number got Unknown 1 week after i Rooted my Phone. after some days the imei1 and baseband version nummber appears, but it doesn't work either, and when i restart the phone, it is again unknwon. And the Battery is going down like hell. My Phone is a Samsung Galaxy M32...
  10. ASOwnerYT

    Thread Question IMEI & Baseband are gone in latest firmware version

    I rooted my Samsung device previously, but has since done a clean flash and locked the bootloader so it's back to how it originally was. But now, if I update my phone, the IMEI & baseband are gone. I discovered that clean flashing the firmware A125FXXU1BUG1 seems to fix the issue for me. So my...
  11. K

    Thread help pls, no baseband wifi and imei, qcn backup for dual sim needed

    my phone wifi and imei suddenly stopped working, things I've tried so far and still no wifi, imei and baseband device unlocked htcdev all RUU stock rom downgrading 9,8,7 + custom rom tried flashing imei with diag mode using WriteDualIMEI(W+G_eMMC) shows its done but no imei at all do someone...
  12. E

    Thread Is possible to turn an LG G4 H811 baseband in to an H815T baseband?

    I have an H811 from T-Mobile and need to enable the 28 and 40 4G bands, I don't want to change the ROM as it have some features that I use like the remote control, partial call number filter that I didn't saw in other newer phones and also don't know if non stock ROMs have it. Also, I don't...
  13. V

    Thread IMEI unknown after flashing custom rom

    I flashed Android 12 custom rom which messed up my baseband and now IMEI is shown unknown (wifi, Bluetooth, mobile network not working) So i rolled back to my previous stable rom - PixelExperience_Plus_rosy-11.0-20210313-0535-OFFICIAL. But still no network, wifi and Bluetooth. Please help me. I...
  14. C

    Thread xt1955-5 Can't get LTE

    Okay, so the phone was my wife's, had LTE with stock firmware. Got her a new phone so I took this one and did full flash from fastboot using the latest retail image (used lenovo restore app). Flashed lastest Lineage OS image. Can't get anything other than 3G. Flashed latest stock image both...
  15. D

    Thread Problems with flashing OS

    Hello guys! I want help about my case.Firstly i unlocked bootloader and installed custom recovery,everything went fine.So i decided to try custom rom.Flashed it via recovery and after it boots i saw that sim card is not working.Checked if there is imei but it wasnt, so i go in engineering mode...
  16. VD171

    Thread [BASEBAND][IMG][STOCK][MD1IMG] MODEM Image Partition for MERLIN (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    Original Stock MD1IMG.IMG for MERLIN Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G What is it? This image partition contains the MODEM/BASEBAND/RADIO. How to flash it? fastboot flash md1img md1img.img (Engineering) AL2522-Merlin-V044-Q-0920: Download...
  17. A

    Thread Redmi Note 8T IMEI,Baseband,wifi damaged

    Guys I need help in restoring the phone,I have no imei,baseband unknown, wifi does not turn on, bootloader locked, no root, I can not enable the diag port, help me to restore the qcn file.I tried to flash system. img from the engineering firmware of the Note 8, got a reboot,the system does not...
  18. R

    Thread Communicating with Baseband over AT commands?

    Hi all, I am trying to communicate with the baseband over AT commands on my rooted Moto g5s plus. I've figured out the serial interface for communication between AP and BP but it seems the /dev/smd0 does not exist. sanders_n:/dev # getprop rild.libargs...
  19. V

    Thread Need twrp flashable indian Baseband for moto g4 plus xt1643. urgent need help.

    my baseband has changed after downgrade and am not able to restore indian baseband after trying all fastboot methods, only twrp zip is working fine , someone pls provide me with the zip file.
  20. T

    Thread Moto Z2 force Sprint variant lost baseband

    Hello. I am looking to fix the baseband after I attempted the dual sim conversion for my Sprint Moto Z2 force. I can't get the baseband back to Sprint version. I downloaded the Sprint Moto Firmware and flashed NON-HLOS.bin and the issue still persists. I am wondering if someone with Sprint...
  21. S

    Thread HELP NEEDED - Restore original EFS / IMEI & Baseband for Galaxy S8+

    So by complete freak accident I copied over a TWRP backup of my mom's Galaxy S6 which was running an S8+ port ROM, and I restored it to my S8+ by accident - TWRP restored that backup to my S8+ and obviously I was unable to boot, but also my EFS & baseband was ruined because it tried to restore...
  22. F

    Thread Understanding radio logs - no data connection while roaming

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the reasons my Droid Mini (running Lineage OS 13 with the January security update) won't properly connect to foreign networks with data connectivity. For work I've been travelling to China a few times a year, and every time I come here data connection is an issue...
  23. C

    Thread If I buy a phone in a different country can i use it in my country with another ROM?

    I'm from Europe. If I buy a second hand Android phone from a different country (inside of EU too), can I use it in my country (in Europe) with my carrier (which it will be different than the one on that country) and flash an official LineageOS ROM in my country language. Will the baseband be...
  24. J

    Thread [Basebands/Modems] SM-G960/G965 F/N/U/U1/W/0 [24.03.2022] & Android 10 / PIE StockRom

    [Basebands/Modems] SM-G960/G965 F/N/U/U1/W/0 [24.03.2022] & Android 10 / PIE StockRom READ CAREFULLY!!! You flash these files at your own responsibility! I am not responsible for any damage that might be caused by flashing (bricked device, lost data, ...)! Flash only the correct files for your...
  25. W

    Thread [Q] IMEI gone, can't downgrade firmware and Heimdall can't connect anymore

    Hey guys, I recently bought a used hero2lte(SM-G935F) device from a coworker and started modding it right away. (Everything worked fine until then) I flashed the Superman Rom all according to the noob friendly guide there (flash twrp, wipe, flash rom, installed bootloader, modem and csc from...
  26. D

    Thread Has anyone found working "persist" for g5s plus ?

    I didn't backup persist before flashing/wiping my phone and now, I have lost VoLTE. It is because of missing persist(verified). If anyone has found a working persist, Please share it !
  27. N

    Thread xt1039 cant connect to any network

    Hello I have a motog4g and cant connect to any network. I try *#*#4636#*#* tap to enable radio but nothing happens. I have tried to flash mutiple firmwares 443 444 501 but checking the radio from the testing app is always off cant be turned on. I can successfully lock the device after a...
  28. phonecapone

    Thread [GUIDE] IMEI / Connection Repair on Asus Zenfone 2E ZE500CL Z00D

    Mod Edit: Content removed and thread closed.
  29. J

    Thread Flashable modem/baseband/radio ?

    Does anyone have reception issues with this phone? Mine jumps so bad from full bars to no bars, LTE is spotty as hell, and believe me, my area and surrounding areas are fully equipt with LTE, great reception, etc. Anyway to do like a better radio? baseband? some how? I remember my older...
  30. R

    Thread Baseband Radio

    I am on AEX 5.5 with baseband of .2.0.c.1.9-00026-M8996FAAAANAZM-1. Is this the very latest? or Any further update of baseband available? Thanks for the help.
  31. R

    Thread Baseband Radio

    I am on AEX 5.5 with baseband of .2.0.c.1.9-00026-M8996FAAAANAZM-1. Is this the very latest? or Any further update of baseband available? Thanks for the help. Please ignore this thread as i have posted it in the Q&A Thread. Not sure if a remove option is available to remove this post
  32. J

    Thread [Baseband/Modem] SM-T585 [26.08.2021] & 8.1 StockRom mirror

    READ CAREFULLY!!! You flash these files at your own responsibility! I am not responsible for any damage that might be caused by flashing (bricked device, lost data, ...)! Flash only the correct files for your phone! Since no custom ROM for the SM-T585 on this side updates the baseband/modem...
  33. X

    Thread Flashing baseband on different Note 3 variants

    These may very well be some really stupid questions, but well... 1. Do all Note 3 variants use the same modem? Meaning, will I be able to flash the CP firmware to enable LTE bands on the phones that do not support LTE out of box? 2. Is there a chance that the phone might be hard-bricked due to...
  34. A

    Thread [SHARE] ZUI 3.5 Oreo Firmware_Baseband - TWRP Flashable

    Friends ! I am sharing the ZUI 3.5.337 Firmware_Baseband zip file which can be flashed through TWRP. The zip file updates our device' firmware to ZUI Oreo Firmware and Baseband is updated to 1.70 (Chinese ZUI Oreo Baseband). Credit to kubersharma who created this zip file :cool: I am...
  35. Timmmmaaahh!

    Thread [Q] What does flashing firmware do exactly? Are Wi-Fi drivers included?

    I believe we can all agree that Android is a pretty complex system. And with complexity comes confusion. As a RC it's important to give the correct information to people so I figured it's best to ask all you smart people about this. Of course, I've searched around, but couldn't find much...
  36. sunmughans

    Thread (Potter) Can anyone give me "qcn" backup from working VoLTE device

    I need to fix my baseband to get back my VoLTE again. Now a day it's hard for me to use my device without VoLTE as my network provider only support VoLTE band so I can't make any calls or even can't receive any calls. Please do support me so that I can use the "qcn backup" given by you and fix...
  37. B

    Thread USA Axon 7 A2017U baseband options

    EDIT: For the A2017U USA model Axon 7, the TWRP flashable B35 modem file is available here || A2017G and A2017 follow the link at my last post in this thread to the Aroma ROM thread containing those modem files. I have Baseband Version .2.0.c1.9-00090-M8996FAAAANAZM-1 which I believe is B15...
  38. W

    Thread Baseband / RadioModem for Z2 (plus) for twrp

    Hi mates, as I got a lot of requests for providing basebands for Z2 (plus) as well I will try adding them here. ------------------------------- ATTENTION! If you use encryption then dont flash any baseband as if may corrupt your encryption. Check your current baseband version first! Your...
  39. MaikelAt

    Thread How to update baseband without losing your data or locking bootloader

    Hello everybody... This post was created with the intention of helping those people who want to upgrade their baseband version of ZUK Z2+. There are some methods to do this, some of them could erase all your information (qfil) and some others could block bootloader (.zip). The presented method...
  40. W

    Thread Radio Modem / Basebands for ZUK Z2 Pro only

    Hi there, I want to share the available RadioModems and baseband collection with you. All credits to crisps ----------------------------------------------------------------- For all lazy readers that just want to get a good baseband: After several tests from my side and verifying with other...
  41. esdwa

    Thread How to improve N920C (Note 5) reception on US T-Mobile network?

    Some time ago I purchased the SM-N920C model form 3rd party seller here in US and it turned to be model from Emirates, it worked just fine last months of 2016 but this year I noticed the signal reception is not as strong as it used to be with T-Mobile, even though I live in the same...
  42. A

    Thread Where to get Modems ?

    Hi Guys, Please can someone help me find a link to somewhere i can find the latest UK Modems/basebands for the UK. I've now on the Three Mobile network. Thanks
  43. cy56

    Thread [G930W8] Lost IMEI/Baseband, tried all methods, nothing worked

    I was trying to install Ryzen ROM in which I made a mistake, there was no compatible CSC in is so I went on with UK's csc but it landed me corrupted IMEI/Baseband. Though I backed-up the EFS before installation. So I tried installing Stock back with Smart Switch and it gave me error while...
  44. 1qazwsx4

    Thread Question about BT and baseband

    Can anyone tell me if changing your baseband affects Bluetooth at all? Asking because no aosp roms allow me to connect to my Bluetooth stereo, infact only resurrection remix rom worked. No other ROMs allow me to use Bluetooth
  45. H

    Thread EFS backup needed (Kenzo)

    Hi everyone, After a fail flash, i lost everything (Baseband, IMEI, etc ..) Except WIFI. I tried every single tutorial that i found on internet about restoring IMEI, restoring EFS partition .. Nothing works. I've tried to restore EFS partition using this guide ...
  46. H

    Thread Unknown BaseBand (No IMEI, No Device ID)

    Hello, After a fail flash custom rom, my phone got bricked. Somehow, i recovered it. But now, i'm facing two major issues : No IMEI, No BaseBand (Wi-Fi is still working.) I've tried every single post concerning : Restoring Imei and Restoring EFS partition. (When i tried to restore the EFS...
  47. P

    Thread Samsung s5 sm-g900i modem upgrade?

    Hi all, I'm wanting to upgrade my modem, though need some assistance. I'm on an Australian purchased Samsung Galaxy S5 - modem sm-g900i. My current baseband/modem is G900IDVU1CPL1. My understanding is that there are 2 ways to upgrade a modem 1 by flashing an entire firmware - so as my phone...
  48. G

    Thread Help Downgrade G920A Nougat 7.0 (G920AUCU6EQCF)

    Friends, colleagues and colleagues. :) I hope you can help me in the next problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Flat G920A from AT & T. I updated it via ADB to Nougat 7.0, but the truth is that it gives me little performance in screen usage, it would be as long as 3 hours, so I want to downgrade...
  49. kdogguk

    Thread CP-Modems

    Guys, does anyone have modem files for 6.0.1 or higher for 928F? I'm currently using U3BPJ3 and the connection for me is terrible. The one I had before this was so much better but I lost my backup when I wiped my phone. I've tried a few which I have found dotted around but when I flash them I...
  50. aaron74

    Thread N910TUVS2EQE2 Firmware & Modem!

    I made these ODIN Flashable Firmware and Modem files for myself. And figured I'd share them here for anyone wanting to upgrade their phone without having to download the entire ROM! **** Warning!!! FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! XDA or I am not Responsible for ANY Destruction!! **** Install...