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  1. APTEM59

    Thread Battery drain on lavender Pixel Experience 12

    Hi, I have a rooted Redmi Note 7 phone. A day ago I replaced my old battery with new, but my battery still drains out after ~30% Tried to check logcat, but didn't find anything strange. AIDA shows that discharge rate is 200-400 mA out of 3800mAh. Do someone know the possible solution?
  2. M

    Thread Question My battery drain is insane!

    Hello everyone, I'm in trouble. 22 Ultra is simply eating battery at indescribable levels. Yesterday we went on a trip from work, I left my home with 100%. During the day I did not touch the phone, a bit of a camera but beyond that really nothing. My battery was about 40% after about 3 hours...
  3. BatteryVamp

    Thread Question S22 Exynos 40% Battery drain OVERNIGHT - Possible culprit found

    Last night I took my S22 Exynos out of charging before I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning to find 40% of my battery DRAINED. I'm really frustrated with this S22 as idle battery drain in general with screen off according to Accubattery is 5% PER HOUR. My S22 does not enter deep sleep...
  4. konsensknilch

    Thread [Guide] Fix battery life on PixelExperience 12 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned Story: I have updated my phone (12Gb/256Gb/CN) to PixelExperience 12 [UNOFFICIAL] and faced a huge battery drain afterwards (from 100% to 40% after one night). This wasn’t useable for me as a daily...
  5. konsensknilch

    Thread Update Phone (12Gb/256Gb/CN) to RUI 2.0 to install Voltage OS 1.4

    Hi, I am pretty new to the whole custom ROM things, but I'd like to install Voltage OS 1.4 on my Realme X2 Pro (currently running Pixel experience 12 UNOFFICIAL). I like the overall feel of Pixel experience, but the weak battery performance makes it really hard to use as a daily driver. I have...
  6. E

    Thread Question New Poco X3 Pro - defective battery?

    I've ordered a Poco X3 Pro directly from the localized Xiaomi online shop a few days ago and have received it on Saturday. It arrived with the battery at 72%. After setting it up, downloading and installing a new firmware version, installing a few apps that I'm using as well as uninstalling...
  7. K

    Thread Question Battery draining bug (or pocket warmer feature)

    With the latest firmware (61.0.A.15.35), having Gestures:Tap to show lock screen enabled causes the lockscreen to display continuously while the phone is in your pocket and you're walking. You can feel the warmth of the phone as the battery drains. Running pulls up the emergency dialer. If...
  8. miravision

    Thread General [SOT & App Usage] Post your battery usage screenshots

    Please post how much freedom and autonomy does your phone let you enjoy and your app usage time with the help of battery usage screenshots
  9. miravision

    Thread General [SOT & App Usage] Post your battery usage screenshots

    Please post how much freedom and autonomy does your phone let you enjoy and your app usage time with the help of battery usage screenshots
  10. Ecalisword

    Thread Battery Drain 2 % per hour on standby

    Hello i have, from now 3 weeks, a battery problem, well two. I don't know if that's related but since i connected to the uni wifi this problem started to occur (after i restarted the phone.) So i loose an average of 2% per hour on standby and even when the phone is off. Just for a comparaison...
  11. F

    Thread Question Important battery drain not understood

    Hello all, I recently buy an OPPO find X3 pro and I'm really annoying with battery life. I could not succeed to reach more than 3h of SOT and would like to know if it's normal. I already perform a factory reset without success (back-up and restore from a PC). I don't know what to do know...
  12. F

    Thread Pocophone Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC possible battery issues (screen battery drain)

    Hello everyone. My first post ever, so I apologize in advance if I miss a rule. I recently got a new phone, a Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC. Previous one was a pocophone F1, and I was extremly happy with it and its battery life. Now, this new phone, while it does have a huge battery and charges fast, I...
  13. J

    Thread Question Battery lifetime

    Hi, i have my Redmi for one week and i can see that my battery is draining fast. Can someone tell me that is my battery using normal or something is wrong? I think something is wrong but i dont know what? I will be gratefull for any answer Thanks :)
  14. T

    Thread OOS11 Terrible battery although good on 10

    I used OOS for 3 weeks now. Although my phone is 2 years old now, my battery was very good on OOS 10. I literally walked with 30% battery in the day and had no problems. Then i updated to OOS11 ~ Performence is good but i had to charge my phone something like 2-3 times a day...
  15. holy_ali_

    Thread What is the normal temperature of the battery and processor of this phone?

    After the new update, I feel like my device is getting very hot
  16. A

    Thread Battery life has greatly reduced

    I have flashed my moto g5+ with pixel experience plus custom rom android 11 coming from oreo. I am experiencing battery life issues with the screen on time just 4hrs instead of 6-7hrs on my previous version. I have not rooted my phone and this SOT is with Wifi On and usage of social media apps...
  17. A

    Thread Battery drain while doze, CPU abort wakeups

    I'm running Android 11, in a Moto G30. I've noticed battery drains from 100% to 80% from 1am to 9am when I wake up. I decided to get a using ADB and load it in Battery Historian. Seems like at some point in the night, JobScheduler runs and finishes in a minute, but CPU stays on...
  18. I

    Thread Lineage OS 17.x and battery drain

    Hello, I was using Lineage OS 16 for years and everything was fine except video camera. I installed 17 version and now my battery is draining. Any idea what is the issue? If 17 version has some battery issue? Thanks
  19. K

    Thread Android 11 update - battery drain

    Since update to official Android 11 version I'm getting serious battery drain: - overnight drain - 10% (WiFi, 4g and bluetooth off) - 3.3% drain per hour - according to GSaM battery the main culprit is...Chrome? So I've tried to: - clear data and cache for Chrome - force stop Same behaviour...
  20. S

    Thread High overnight battery drain

    Losing more than 15% overnight despite having WiFI, BT, AOD turned off. It's been happening since first week of December. I ignored it at first as it wasn't that frequent and most of the time I didn't lose more than 5% overnight but these days it's just frequent although I tried factory reset...
  21. A

    Thread Battery drain - find my device

    i was turning on my "find my device" feature on my samsung a51 view days back. battery drain is really worse. on usual day, on average, battery left around 50-60% by the time i got 3 hours of screen on time. with find my device turned on, battery left around 20-30% with 3 hours of screen on...
  22. Scarambay

    Thread Redmi Note 4 (Mido) Battery Drain

    No matter which ROM I flash, my phone's battery gets depleted over the night. I can't even see what's causing the drain as by morning the phone runs out of juice and gets switched off. The phone was running fine when I was using ROM. I recall flashing the latest firmware and an AOSP...
  23. psydex

    Thread Device staying awake all the time therefore draining the battery faster

    Hello! I used to have at least 6 hours SOT while on MIUI11 but after updating to MIUI12 my battery life drastically changed. I was getting no more than 4 hours SOT on MIUI12. According to battery stats my device was awake all the time, including at night when Wifi and Data were OFF. I was so...
  24. L

    Thread Android 10/11 Fast Battery Drain & Overheating

    I've had my Pixel 3XL taking 5 hrs to charge the battery with the screen off, using the supplied charger. CPU usage constantly at 80%+. Temps 43C+ during normal use (not playing games or videos, not encoding whatever) This has been happening for a couple of months, and today I found out why. I...
  25. D

    Thread Collecting Thread: Battery drain (active-idle-sot) over all different roms

    Hi guys! With your help i try to create rough a comparison between all roms and their battery usage/drain. For sure it wont be 100% accurate because everyone uses their phone differently, but i try to value posts from similar users and usages higher and try to take an average amount. Lets try...
  26. B

    Thread [Huawei watch GT2 - FW] BATTERY DRAIN

    After I received the upgrade to couple of days ago I am facing serious battery drain on my GT2. :( Before my GT2 last easily 7-10 days. After the FW upgrade I went to 1,5 day only !!!! I did not changed anything in my GT2 settings or android Health app settings. I am using just...
  27. Mo Neenja31

    Thread Extreme Battery Drain after OneUI 2.1 / September Security update

    Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted but this is quite a serious issue and could some guidance. A few weeks ago, I finally updated my Galaxy S9+ to Android 10 after being on 8.0 for so long and it's been a decent update so far. I had gripes with SoT not being the greatest but it was...
  28. laikexpert

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Insufficient Kernel optimization within OxygenOS (Battery drain)

    Insufficient Kernel optimization within OxygenOS (Battery drain) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to insufficient optimization of the Kernel within OxygenOS, battery discharges much faster. OnePlus need to improve the optimization related to...
  29. R

    Thread Samsung A30 not turning on (and also not charging)

    I'm in official stock ROM, July update. I'm facing issues like very fast battery drain from 25% to 0 % in few mins (facing this since one ui 2 update but now after july security patch it has increased the drain rate), and when phone switches off of due to battery drain, it doesn't turn on or...
  30. Atharkhan101

    Thread Truecaller battery drain

    Hello Everyone, Truecaller is draining lot of battery. Almost 40% battery its draining. The old version 10.36.5 is draining around 20% however that version doesn't have restore support fron Google account. I wrote to truecaller team many times and they are not working on battery friendly...
  31. yAxOr

    Thread Cell Standby draining battery

    I am having a problem with battery drain for last few days. It goes down for more than 30% over night on standby. The thing i found different was that "cell standby" was always 1%< and now it goes up over 50%. Can anyone provide a solution that i could try using to fix this, or if anyone has any...
  32. S

    Thread High Refresh Rate below 90 Hz a gimmick or really a plus?

    Hi lads, As you are aware the K30 pro just came out and unfortunately, it doesn't have a high refresh rate. The reason given by Xiaomi was that at the time of conception they felt users wanted a better screen and more battery life. Anyways, there are already talks in the community of...
  33. L

    Thread ROG Phone 2 high temps and super low battery

    For the past couple days, my rog phone has had less than 2-3 hours of screen on time on a full charge. Today, on a full charge I'm sitting and 8% and 1h36 mins screen on time. Before, I used to get upwards of 9-10 hours of screen on time no problem with 10% to spare. I looked at armory crate and...
  34. BA_Flash_GOD

    Thread SM-G955W Vidéotron Flashed to 955U T-MO firmware rom battery drain

    Delete this, no help
  35. seffparker

    Thread [Stock] MIUI 10.2.2 - Help needed with *alarm* WAKE_LOCK

    I have a Redmi 3s Prime (32GB / 3GB RAM) device with stock MIUI 10.2.2 Global version. The device was working smooth, but recently started to fully drain battery within ~24 hours. Managed to find out the CPU is not going to deep_sleep at all, because there is a WAKE_LOCK is held. Since the...
  36. A

    Thread Battery drain and heating problem.

    Hello, I am having some battery problem. I am currently on (EU) build,( before that i was on (EU)) which i flash directly via twrp, because i was not able to get the ota update, it always failed to install. Yes i followed the instructions for ota with magisk. Since the...
  37. E

    Thread Battery drain ever get fixed? Lost 10% in 5 minute video call...

    EDIT POSSIBLE FIX Linked in post #3 - - TL;DR: What do I need to do to get usable battery life after last years (December) PIE update? I abandoned the phone after that so I don't know if it ever got fixed. Screenshot of my amazing 2 hour battery life --- --- My phone dropped 10% 77-66 on a...
  38. greenys'

    Thread Battery drain and firmware relation?

    Hi there! I love fresh stuff so updates of ROM, kernel and firmware are must have for me. For the better and for the worse. It happened for the worse. I've been waiting a year for stable pie roms to appear that have zero screen wake delay and Syberia was the only room with EAS support. I...
  39. Z

    Thread Battery Drain . 4 hr SOT for 100% charge !!!

    I purchased my phone (Redmi note 7pro) only a month ago.I was on global stable rom and phone was running smoothly. Few days back I tried to flash TWRP but I failed. My phone was bricked and I flashed fastboot rom( and phone bootup. After that I was not getting that fluidity and...
  40. zibiksior

    Thread How to determine package name of app which throws exception in logcat?

    Hello everyone, recently I encountered a problem on my Samsung S10. I work as a developer and I look into logcat almost every day. Few days ago I've noticed that logcat is flooded with one exception. Exactly this one: I also noticed that my battery started to drain much faster probably...
  41. D

    Thread Amazing strange things in ... Galaxy...S3

    So... I'm very confused and everything comes to mind. without further ado, it's about my watch Samsung S3 SM-R760 whom battery has begun strange behavior literally in one day, from 3 (3.5) days to barely 11h Current software version of the watch: Tizen R760XXU2DSC1 KNOX 2.3 I have...
  42. Barkuti

    Thread Battery drain spikes causing shut downs on Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro Z2121

    See hidden screenshot below for system information. Long story short, I've been noticing sudden system shutdowns recently at normal battery state of charge levels. Like ≈40% or even a little above 50%, for example. I have Battery Monitor Widget installed and I see battery current drain spikes...
  43. F

    Thread LG G5 - suddenly charging slowly _ Also changed Bottom part but same issue

    Today, my phone has begun to charge very slowly. I've tested multiple cables and QC adapters to mains, including those which came with the phone, and some spares I've bought from Anker, but whichever combination I use, or wherever I do it (at home/ work, mains/ USB). Also MTP drive not...
  44. A

    Thread Guide to debug battery drain due to partial wakelocks

    Have you noticed that your phone does not last as long after an os update or just out of the blue? I've faced this issue countless times while changing roms, os versions or even between minor OS updates. After spending a good amount of time researching about possible causes for overnight standby...
  45. Lada333

    Thread Google account drains battery

    Hey XDA, I have noticed excessive battery drain on my device (currently a OP3T, but had this same behavior on previous devices as well), no wakelocks though. SystemPanel 2 shows this as "unaccounted" battery usage, which usually accounts for 50% of what's using the battery. It checks out, my...
  46. plakonn

    Thread battery life, charging problem

    please by newbie friendly :highfive: i have my mi mix 2s for about 2 months. it's my first phone with powerful processor and battery under 4000mAh. i usually charge my phone with cheap wireless charging stand. i let my phone on charging stand for about one whole month (don't ask why). after...
  47. justmoto92

    Thread How to Write In to Samsung? (Regarding the Note 9 Exynos PIE update battery drain!)

    As from the title, anyone knows how to do that? On 2 of my Samsung Note 9 (Exynos version), during the Android 8.1 OREO period, I get around 6-8 hours SOT. After the Android 9.0 PIE update, I only able to get around 3 hours SOT. This is 50% drop! :eek: Anyone knows how to contact Samsung...
  48. S

    Thread Stock OnePlus 5 Android Pie Fast Battery Drain

    Hey! I got my stock OP5 updated into Android Pie last January 26, 2019. After receiving the update and updating it, I seem to notice that the battery drains faster. Anyone experiencing similar?
  49. G

    Thread Galaxy S8 G-950F (Exynos model) - Battery drain

    Dear all, I am facing a weird issue with the latest update on my S8 (stock ROM). The phone is NOT rooted. When I installed the latest OTA update, I noticed that Android and Kernel consume the most of the battery every day. This behavior occurred again with an older update but then it was fixed...
  50. M

    Thread Huawei P10 battery drain (no deep sleep) - try to turn off Google Play Protect

    It is located in : Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Google Play Protect ... turn off. I am using Kernel Adiutor app to check deep sleep. Hope it helps! :good: