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battery issue

  1. iamnotkurtcobain

    Thread General Official battery life thread

    I have the S23 Ultra since February 3rd and battery life gets better and better.
  2. B

    Thread Question Battery drainage on Galaxy Watch 5 pro (sm-r920)

    Hello there everyone. Since few months I'm using sm-r920 (galaxy watch 5 pro) as my watch. Despite crappy time, that it can handle itself between charging, all was nice. Until recently - two days back, in my work, I've got my hand with smartwatch stuck between big pile of heavy (like hundreds...
  3. A

    Thread Question Funtouch OS 13 upgrade issues

    Hi all, I have just updated my Vivo X70 pro + to Funtouch OS 13 from the Trial version option from the system update options. Once the update was done, the first thing I noticed was the temperature of the phone which shot up and all the things were stuttering to run smoothly for around half an...
  4. rizwan.mahai

    Thread Battery drain due to Google app and Camera Light Sensor ?

    The Google app which always keeps running in the background consumes as much as 20% battery at any charging level. Though the camera light sensor for auto brightness also consumes around 15%, I keep disabling auto brightness and re-enabling it when necessary to save the battery. But the Google...
  5. M

    Thread Battery showing empty during power on

    I am facing strange issue after flashing miui 11 global rom. While turning on the phone it is showing battery is empty even though i have fully charged the phone. I have to connect charger and turn the phone on. After the phone boots up, i can remove the charger. I am not able to understand the...
  6. M

    Thread Battery Issue Regarding Charging

    My Device Is charging faster than dash charge in 5 min it charges from 20% to 80% but when i restart it is showing 30% .......tried restarting many times but facing this issue again and again. Is there any solution.
  7. V

    Thread Honor 8 Pro Mobile shutdown at 2% battery

    My new honor 8 pro battery empty and shuts down exactly while at 3% when i try to switch it on. It turns on shows battery 3% and gives popup battery is low phone will shutdown in 30 seconds and it shuts down. I keep turning it back on until it stopped booting to main screen till 1% and put the...
  8. Shivver

    Thread Mi5 Issue with phone/battery, brick every 2 weeks.

    Hi, I'm a Mi5 3/64 (black) user since 1 month, I bought it from Geekbuying. Since 1 months the phone was hardbricked twice: First time I left it overnight with 40% of battery and when I woke up in the morning the phone was dead, no life at all. I tried to charge it for couple of hours but it...
  9. A

    Thread Is Nexus5 Wifi battery Draining issue fixed in 6.0.1?

    Hi guys, Android 6.0.1 is released few hours back. Including me, many others are facing wifi battery draining issue after updating to 6.0 (see here http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/help/wifi-plaguing-android-marshmallow-t3220031). Is this issue fixed in 6.0.1?:confused:
  10. Raj joshi

    Thread [Q]Battery dies at certain % even after calibrating battery!

    Hello Folks, I am facing a really hard issue on battery dying at certain % and showing "battery is too low,please charge for a while before you turn on" (written in english and chinese with a blue color screen), last time i was very worried when i faced the issue then i got its solution from...
  11. H

    Thread [Q] Phone dying suddenly.

    I am having issues with my battery. It drops fast from 100 to 75 in 30 mins and them holds well till 30 during which time I can get 2:30hours of screen on time. After that when it gets to 20% the phone suddenly turns off without warning. I tried recall calibrating battery by fully charging,then...
  12. T

    Thread Excessive battery use in CM11

    I have excessive battery drain in CM11 with Dark Kernel. Is this supposed to be this way or not? Both ROM and kernel are latest version (as of now) and I have checked BBS which shows 11.3%/h which is terrible! I can not see anything abnormal in kernel wake locks or partial wake locks or alarms...
  13. edwardpage

    Thread Battery drop issue/problem solved.

    the most annoying problem in canvas hd is the battery drop problem. For some users the battery may drop all of a sudden from 34% to 12% while for some it may be different. For me it was always 34% - 12%. Now the one important thing that I observed was that when I used to charge my mobile ...
  14. M

    Thread Battery Drain Issue -- RESOLVED

    I was having hell lot of Problem with Battery backup (using SamHD V3.2), tried using Calibration but didnt work. Then I after searching/surfing the Internet, used a custom Method as mention below : 1. Charge your Phone to 100% 2. Download "ROM TOOLBOX Lite" from Play Store. 3. Go to ROM...
  15. S

    Thread [Q] gps always on

    Hey guys my friend has the vz HTC one and her GPS is always on. I turned her GPS off and even disabled location services. I cannot figure out what is causing this but it's only giving her 1 hour of screen on time. I get over 4 on my att version no way it can be that different. When u go to power...
  16. only1penny

    Thread [Q] battery dies too soon

    I have an epic that was working fine. I got a new phone so it sat with the battery dead for a little over a month. Now I gave the epic to my daughter and the battery is all wonky. It will charge up to 100%, but when I take it off the charger it will last anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours...
  17. B

    Thread [Q] Stock Boot Loop Need Help

    Ok I have searched and found no answer to the problem I am having. So hopefully someone can help me out since there are alot of very intelligent people on here. So here is what im experiencing... I recently modded my phone to the CM10.1 and used it for a while and it was very nice to have but...
  18. feh_pexto

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Battery issues

    Hello! I'm having serious problems with my battery. Since I installed CM10 my battery just goes from 80 to about 60 or 50%, then it drops again from 40 to 20%. Already tried to calibrate with battery calibration app, or this methods, done full wipe (did the process from the beggining, back to...
  19. J

    Thread [Q] Factory Reset after ICS Upgrade

    Hi I upgraded my Galaxy note to latest ICS previous month, and since then my battery's lasting about 10 hours max, earlier on Gingerbread, with my kind of use, it used to last about 15-18 hours(including Wi-fi and continuous use on BT headset) or more, now when I use Google...
  20. Carlos_Manuel

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Nexus Battery Life (draining too fast)...

    Hi all! I have asked help many times and some have tried to help me but still I have bad battery life on my Nexus and I don't know what to do.. My Galaxy Nexus was in phone service and they changed battery + flashed same ROM again.. (ICL53F.I9250XWKL2) And when I got my Nexus back then...
  21. J

    Thread [Q] Water damage - Yellow charging/battery-warning, boots and working except touch

    Hi! Friday, a girl dropped beer all over my phone. Till yesterday, the phone would not power on, not even with charger in. I disassembled it and found that the tiny battery on the back of the mainboard was acid-ish(?), and it fell off. I "cleaned" the battery and ducktaped it back on, and now...
  22. alunral

    Thread [Q] Issue with Dead Battery

    I've started recently having a very irritating issue whenever my Nook Color ends up dying. I plug it in after it dies once, and then even an hour later, I cannot turn it on. It just gives the dead battery screen. Why does it take so long for this thing to get a charge after dying? An hour or...
  23. S

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S2 - Multiple Problems

    I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 unrooted (bought in India). The phone behaved properly for 2 weeks and then started giving these issues. 1. Switching Off does not really switch-off the phone. A battery symbol comes similar to the one that comes if you are charging once the phone is...
  24. D

    Thread [Q] Having strange issues with A70 250gb battery

    I have had the Archos 70 250gb since Christmas now. A few days ago, I noticed an issue with my battery. I will be using my device as normal, with the power governor set to overdrive and the battery life indicator saying 60+ charge. A banner saying "device has no power, powering off" (or...
  25. S

    Thread [Q] Battery issues: Please inform

    I have recently found that in the past couple of days, if I charge my battery to full it will lose charge, and reset itself, exceptionally quickly. I can have a full charge one minute, my girlfriend can call for ten minutes, and then the battery will die; when I turn my phone back on...
  26. S

    Thread Battery meter does not go 100% full when charged. Help!!!!Im begging you please!

    Hi guys! I badly need your help. My diamond does not go 100% full when being charged, it stays 60 to 75% only! It only gives me accurate status after i soft reset it. The battery life seemed to be normal. I've been searching for the answer and i cant find it...Tested a lot of ROMS, radios...