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  1. W

    Thread At which optimal battery percentage should I keep a used battery that I currently no longer use?

    I wanted to ask, if I was to replace my battery which has let's say about 75% actual total capacity of its original 100%, I heard it's ideal to store batteries within the 50% charge range (feel free to correct me if that's not the case), what should I do about the old battery? Should I charge...
  2. Dave_247

    Thread Question Adaptive Battery performance

    While Pixel phones are generally known for creating little interfearance with app perfoamance, in terms of things like managing battery life, I noticed a rather vague option where the OS will improve your phones's battery life by doing things probabbly like sleeping and or ricksting background...
  3. L

    Thread battery performance w/ custom ROMs

    Is it generally accepted phenomenon that battery performance suffers with custom ROMs? After having installed arrowOS 11 on xiaomi 9T pro the battery lasts crazy short time, we're talking sub-day. Do I have to learn to live with it or are there some obvious configuration items I must've missed?
  4. T

    Thread Question Huawei p50 pro battery life

    Hello, I'm considering buying the P50 pro but want to know about the battery life? I will be buying the Chinese variant with the Kirin chipset, I've heard bad things about the snapdragon 888 so decided against it. How's the battery life on the Kirin P50 Pro? How's the phone temperature? How is...
  5. R

    Thread Question S21 plus latest software. Battery life (great)

    I dusted off my xda account to let you know that this latest software is great... Battery life finally doesn't drain when not used. (battery drain while not used drives me crazy, wife has iPhone... Always in use, it lasts forever) Anyway Im the guy that never have problems, not many apps. No...
  6. miravision

    Thread General [SCREENSHOTS] Screen On Time (Battery Life) Thread

    How much battery life in real world usage are you getting on the RN11P with G96 and AMOLED display and how fast or slow does the 5000 mAh battery get depleted?
  7. FrWhyMe

    Thread Question Temperature/battery life for long video recording?

    I will be buying the Pixel 6 (base model, not the Pro) this month, but I have an important question. I record videos for youtube on my phone. My previous phone was a Sony Xperia XA2, and while it was great for the price, the phone would overheat after 5 minutes of 4K recording, or 15 minutes of...
  8. miravision

    Thread Question How do you rate your Pixel 6 Pro battery usage? Pixel 6 battery life claims vary wildly — what's the truth? By Sean Riley 29 October 2021 Pixel 6 battery life reports range from great to terrible Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (Image credit: Laptop Mag/Sean...
  9. S

    Thread General Battery life thread

    There is a battery thread in P6 Pro section, but we don't have an equivalent here, so... How's your battery on regular Pixel 6? Can't post any data from my side, as it's still being dispatched....
  10. J

    Thread General Battery Life

    Realme x7 max pushing updates but always have battery drain performance issue so keep posting your battery life with updates for others members to check battery drain issue and try to resolve it later. Thanks & hope for better to help each others
  11. miravision

    Thread General [GSI ROMs] Post your experience running GSI ROMs along with patches or bug fixes

    Please post your experience running GSI ROMs along with patches or bug fixes
  12. miravision

    Thread General [SOT] Post Screen On Time Battery Life and App Usage Screenshots

    Please post your app usage screenshots and how many hours of freedom does your battery allow between full charges
  13. miravision

    Thread General [SOT and battery usage] Post your battery usage screenshots

    Please post how many hours are you able to achieve between full charges with app usage screenshots.
  14. miravision

    Thread General [SOT & App Usage] Post your battery usage screenshots

    Please post how much freedom and autonomy does your phone let you enjoy and your app usage time with the help of battery usage screenshots
  15. miravision

    Thread General [SOT & App Usage] Post your battery usage screenshots

    Please post how much freedom and autonomy does your phone let you enjoy and your app usage time with the help of battery usage screenshots
  16. S

    Thread Question Want to check if battery Battery Info is correct

    Hey, I bought Samsung F62 and I am getting paranoid if there is some issue with my battery 1) Can someone try to install this program 2) turn on the "Use 'charged up to'" option from the settings 3) Restart the APP 4) Go to...
  17. Y

    Thread locking charge at 80/85% without root

    hi! i'd like to preserve my phone battery and i read many forums that charging over around 85% is bad for the battery, i was looking for a way to stop the battery recharge at around 85%, i'm not expert at all in these kind of procedures, is there a way to do it without rooting my phone? my Mi...
  18. F

    Thread Question Important battery drain not understood

    Hello all, I recently buy an OPPO find X3 pro and I'm really annoying with battery life. I could not succeed to reach more than 3h of SOT and would like to know if it's normal. I already perform a factory reset without success (back-up and restore from a PC). I don't know what to do know...
  19. justmoto92

    Thread Stay on Android 10 or Update to Android 11?

    I see many Zenfone 6 ZS630KL (2019) users saying their screen on time hours has decreased a lot after upgrading from Android 9 to Android 10. And recently, Android 11 is finally available for our beloved Zenfone 6. The question is... Should I upgrade to Android 11? To be honest, up till...
  20. J

    Thread Issues with the battery life :(

    Hi I just got my S21 256 GB (Exynos version). I moved away from my Note10+ as it was too big and battery too poor, bad finger print reader and then I truly hate the curved displays... I really like the look and feel of the S21. Awesome phone, nice screen, much better cellular reception, fine...
  21. daribeiro

    Thread Question Battery life not lasting a day....

    So I bought the new S21 Ultra on the pre order the day it was announced. I was one of the lucky ones to get early so I could leave a review. Coming from a Note 10+ that I had for a year and a half, I was really excited for the S21 Ultra, but was really disappointed with the battery life. I've...
  22. Mightx

    Thread [GUIDE] Samsung Battery Calibration

    Samsung Phone Battery Calibration Guide Description: This guide is for those who are experiencing battery issues (e.g., battery suddenly dying at percentages >1% or battery draining too fast or messed up battery readings after custom ROM flash). If your phone is relatively new, unless if it...
  23. D

    Thread Best battery life custom rom for Mi9T/K20

    I have used Arrow OS, Pixel Experience, Havoc OS, Evolution X and LOS but I haven't had luck with battery life. Every rom had massive idle battery drain or missing features (LOS) which stopped me from using these roms. What's the best battery friendly rom for K20?
  24. BredzProh

    Thread Fix empty Battery Usage Stats (2021 BUG)

    As you may know, due to a bug regarding the date, the battery usage page in Device Care is empty. I made a quick guide on how to fix it: STEPS: 1. Open Settings. 2. Go to "Apps". 3. Turn on "Show system apps". 4. Search for "Samsung Device Health Manager Service". 5. Tap on "Force Stop"...
  25. C

    Thread Battery hits 10%, dies in minutes. Just me? Reset option & Root advice

    Hi all, I tried UTFSE but couldn't find anything relevant, if I missed it please link! My S20 Ultra snapdragon lasts alllllllll day, 120hz or QHD, medium to heavy usage, all good. Then hits 10%... Within minutes, it's at 5% then dies within a minute or 2. Had trouble finding stories like mine...
  26. D

    Thread Collecting Thread: Battery drain (active-idle-sot) over all different roms

    Hi guys! With your help i try to create rough a comparison between all roms and their battery usage/drain. For sure it wont be 100% accurate because everyone uses their phone differently, but i try to value posts from similar users and usages higher and try to take an average amount. Lets try...
  27. B

    Thread [Huawei watch GT2 - FW] BATTERY DRAIN

    After I received the upgrade to couple of days ago I am facing serious battery drain on my GT2. :( Before my GT2 last easily 7-10 days. After the FW upgrade I went to 1,5 day only !!!! I did not changed anything in my GT2 settings or android Health app settings. I am using just...
  28. Harishwarrior

    Thread Intex Cloud Q11 [MT6580] [ADB][No ROOT] Extreme Debloat - Battery++

    I have created a list of apps which you can remove from your phone to improve the bad performance , improve the RAM consumption, Increase the battery life. These apps won't affect 90% of the users. No root needed to perform this debloating. All apps can be restored using restore command. Note...
  29. P

    Thread Battery life

    Battery life seems to be like a year old phone for me, it's terrible. I have the 5g version. Nit on 5g yet but it doesn't seem very good. Any tips
  30. Leon

    Thread Will be I able to get more battery life if I root?

    So basically the title says all. I'm planning to use this device a little bit longer, and the only problem with it is the battery life - but I love everything else, like the display, the sound, the design. I was a wonder to root before few months but feels like at this point, at least with...
  31. mexusbg

    Thread Battery life on .161

    Does anyone notice worse battery life on .161? I had my phone repaired, because I damaged the speaker (they actually changed my speaker, display and phone base - I don't know why). I get a noticeable lower battery life. The phone got updated to .161 right after I got it from Huawei's service...
  32. C

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Xiaomi Mi 9 battery life saving tips

    Xiaomi Mi 9 Battery life saving tips - Discussion - Presenting a few tips based off personal experience that can help squeeze out those extra few minutes/hours of battery life from our device. Please note: This is not a science and what works for some may not work for others. There are many...
  33. justmoto92

    Thread Is this Normal SOT? Note 9 EXYNOS SOT drop dramatically after PIE update? UPDATED.

    1st photo - Note 9 Exynos 512GB 2nd photo - Note 9 Exynos 128GB (battery life seems abnormal??) 3rd Photo - Both running the same Android PIE firmware. After updating to Pie, the battery life became really bad. From 9 hours SOT to 1-3 hours SOT... Both phones on power saving method (medium)...
  34. A

    Thread ROM with best battery life?

    Hello, I have a Mi A2 Lite with Android Pie (February update), I just wanted to ask which ROM has the best battery life for daisy, I prefer battery over performance. I had a phone in which it's battery was great with Android KitKat but sucked on Lollipop (performance of the device was also...
  35. plakonn

    Thread battery life, charging problem

    please by newbie friendly :highfive: i have my mi mix 2s for about 2 months. it's my first phone with powerful processor and battery under 4000mAh. i usually charge my phone with cheap wireless charging stand. i let my phone on charging stand for about one whole month (don't ask why). after...
  36. justmoto92

    Thread Any S10 battery life (SOT) stats yet?

    Looked around the internet and all I could see is S10+ (4100mAh) battery life review. :( Anyone with S10 (3100mAh) able to share your SOT battery life screenshots? :highfive:
  37. O

    Thread Why is the Verizon S7 Edge root so crappy (serious, not being mean)?

    Hey all, First off let me just say great work to everyone involved with rooting this now "ancient" phone, especially klabit87 and jrkruse. Additionally, I do not mean to be ungrateful with this post, nor suggest that rooting a phone is easy, especially one with a locked bootloader, or that the...
  38. tsongming

    Thread Thermals and Kernel Managers

    Thermals, Kernel Managers and their affect on short and long term battery life. As requested, by fellow LePro 3 owners, I created this thread for a discussion on the benefits of thermal management, using manual thermal settings, and sharing flashable thermals and user settings. To be clear I...
  39. P

    Thread [GUIDE] [EMUI] Improve multitasking experience

    I stumbled across com.huawei.iaware thing when I was reading logcat on my Huawei device. As we all know, Huawei implemented their own very aggressive memory management on top of Android,and thus messing up multitasking experience. Even disabling Automatic Launch doesn't help, as background tasks...
  40. Y

    Thread Battery life - stock vs custom rom

    Have you noticed any difference in battery life using custom rom over stock rom? Standby and/or SoT? What Android version and rom? I'm curious because I bought this phone today and I wonder how Sony's battery optimizations etc stand against LineageOS, for instance in AospExtended? (I know...
  41. T

    Thread Best battery life

    I have the sm-t700, it is a great old tablet but the battery drain if terrible. I have tried the newest stock room along with the most current lineage and resurrection rooms. I haven't noticed much difference. Does anyone use one of the older rooms? What does everyone think the best room is for...
  42. F

    Thread Best Battery Life ROM for Mi Max 2

    Hi, i see a lot of ROM in the rom section for XDA, and I am currently on MIUI 9, and the battery life on this phone have significantly downgraded, does anyone have a reason for this? This phone can only last one day, whereas before it was able to last two days constantly. Majority of the...
  43. A

    Thread S7 battery life issues on Oreo, Nougat, Stock, Superman etc.

    Hello all, Whilst there are many posts like this about battery issues, I thought I'd make my own because I've already tried all the approaches I can think of and I'd like to avoid any unnecessary confusion between posters. I have less than 3 hours screen-on time on my Samsung S7 SM-G930F...
  44. justmoto92

    Thread Any OREO ROM that supports MOTOMODS and good battery life?

    Hi guys, I have been looking around and reading most of the Moto Z Play forum. I decided to flash custom ROM on my brand new Moto Z Play XT1635-02 which I bought last month. :) I'm running Stock Android 8.0 OREO w/ June security patch. Build OPNS27.76-12-22-3) Bootloader version: C1.82 Is...
  45. Y

    Thread Why is android system using up so much battery?

    I am only getting an avg battery backup. 7 hrs of SOT is not good considering the big 5000mah battery so i checked the usage and i saw that system is using too much battery. Is this normal or too much? If it is too kuch then how do i fix it? Thanks in adv?✌️
  46. F

    Thread Xiaomi mi max 2 overnight standby battern consumption

    Hi, I was wondering if how much battery life overnight standby consume. For me, I find my mi max 2 lose 6% overnight, from 100% to around 94%. I was wondering if that is the same with you guys. I am using xiaomi miui global rom, version 9.0.3. The Google play services seem to be causing the 6%...
  47. N

    Thread Help! Battery life has tanked

    I'm using AICP with Llama Sweet Kernel. My battery life goes from 100% to about 45% in the first 2 hours after unplugging! GSAM Battery Monitor shows dozens of wakelocks from Android Kernel and Android Core Apps. I'm using Greenify. What ROM will give me better battery life? I'd prefer LOS...
  48. K

    Thread Best Method to Measure Battery life/SOT etc...

    Like many others my 1 year-old A2017-U's battery life had deteriorated significantly. Until yesterday it was completely stock, unrooted. In an attempt to salvage what is a perfectly serviceable phone for me, I finally bit the bullet, unlocked, rooted and installed Lineage OS 14.1 and the...
  49. davecotefilm

    Thread Nougat Battery Saving - Amplify (no Greenify or Power Nap) - < 0.5% / hour -Feb 2018

    Nougat Battery Saving - Amplify (no Greenify or Power Nap) - < 0.5% / hour -Feb 2018 Guide to 200 hours standby / 10 hours SOT: I'm obsessed with battery life, and assume some others on here are as well. After much experimentation, I have found what works best for me on Nougat - Samsung S7...
  50. S

    Thread Battery life with Oreo

    Hello everyone, how is battery life on Xperia XZ with Android 8? I just bought an HTC 10 and updated it to Android 8, and with Reddit/Twitter/webbrowsing I have to be careful to get 3h screen on time. Does the Xperia XZ perform better with these tasks?