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  1. J

    Thread Xperia ION kees 'soft resetting'... Battery dead?

    I have had my LT28h Xperia ION for about 1 year now, but as of last week it seems to have developed a fault. I have tried the usual hard resets, wiping the phone of all data etc and restarting completely fresh, but to no avail. Every so often (usually when the battery gets below 70%, the phone...
  2. N

    Thread [APP] Battery Status Bar

    Developer: Nasty Sage Google Play: Description: Battery Status Bar shows battery charge level indicator as an icon in the status bar. With Battery Status Bar you will always know your exact battery level just with...
  3. M

    Thread This battery status my phone good/normal /or bad i dont now reason red light sorry for my english :((
  4. J

    Thread [Q] Problem on LG - Powering device without present power

    Hi. Sometimes when I unplug power charger or disconnect USB cable from phone, battery icon still showing charging status, even Battery Status app showing charging state. Only powering off/on device restore correct state of battery icon. Next time when this state occur I will try to record small...
  5. S

    Thread [APP] Battery Status (v4.6.1.1) - Telerik controls, icon sets, globalization and more

    Battery Status, based on the DLLImport project by fiinix shows, as the name suggests, the battery status of your phone. It has a Live Tile which is updated about every 10 or 30 minutes (depending on the user's preference). It shows the percentage on both sides of the tile and a matching icon on...
  6. adelstein

    Thread [Q] How to remove Battery status ?

    Hi all, I'm looking for the to remove the battery status after charging the phone for 8 hours... :confused::confused: can anyone show me the steps to do this ! thx..
  7. alaugt2011

    Thread [Q] SGS - Battery status not updated normally

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I flashed leaked Gingerbread 2.3.5 ( to my Galaxy S GT-I9000 two days ago. Then I customized battery status icons: 1. Extracted framework-res.apk and replaced icons with some nice Android icons I found here...
  8. D

    Thread [Q] lost battery status after restart

    I'm using Wally's Rom 1.4. I remembered that this also happened with the official rom 2.3. Every time after restart, the battery status becomes unknow. I had to restart into recovery, wipe the battery status, sometimes need to remove the battery for a while and restart. Then it is OK. Does...
  9. R

    Thread [Q] Remove Battery Status from notification bar on stock rom

    Is there a way to remove the battery status from the notification bar on the stock rom? (odexed)
  10. L

    Thread [Q] Problem with battery status

    I recently flashed Elelinux GB 2.8 for my HTC Hero, but now it won't show my battery regression, so it stays at 100% until it's empty. Quite inconvenient, and I would ask ele myself but I am not considered an expert member yet. Anyone who can give me some advice on what to do now?
  11. D

    Thread The New Version of Battery Booster - v2.9

    Battery Booster (Free) Boost Your Battery's Running Time and Max Battery Life New Features in Battery Booster 2.9 (Mar. 18, 2011): 1. Fixed continuous beep bug on Battery Full (Battery Booster -> Battery Tweak –> Enable Battery Full Beep to manage this function) 2. Improved compatibility...
  12. S

    Thread [App] BattMonX (Droid X Battery State Monitor via LED Status)

    All, I realized after posting in the general app announcement thread that you/we Droid X users might want to be aware of this app written specifically for the Droid X (but might be useful to other phones too). So, here's the link to the general app announcement thread and a brief summary of...
  13. C

    Thread Wipe Battery Stats with Clockwork Issue

    Well i woke up this monring, phone had been on all night charging, said 100%. Went into recovery and wiped battery stats, powered off, pulled the battery, re-installed battery, left it powered off to fully charge, well that was 4 hrs ago and this phone is still charging. Did i mess something up...
  14. N

    Thread Restore Battery status and comm manager from today bottom bar

    Hi, I installed a Windows Mobile 6.1 rom on my Qtek 2020, I see the today screen and in the bottom bar are the xpshut and bluetooth icons. the windows mobile 6.1 in default coming with the battery and comm manager icons in the today screen bottom bar. how i can change the xpshut and bluetooth...
  15. KingSiddhartha

    Thread How do I check the Battery Status?

    I searched on here, but couldn't seem to find it.. I've looked in the manual, but nothing. When you click the top banner bar it takes you to the notification screen, even when you click on the battery. I just wanted to know if there was a way to check the battery without just relying on the 4 bars?
  16. E

    Thread Non-linear battery usage (@99% for 8 hours)

    I have a non-urgent but pretty weird and annoying problem with my battery status. After charging (usually overnight), it sticks at 99-100% for most of the day if I barely use it. Once it gets below that, it steadily depletes faster and the last 10% is gone within an hour. The battery life itself...
  17. B

    Thread GPS / Battery status / Selecting text or messages

    Hello, This is actually my first post on XDA; in the past I only downloaded the great roms for my older HTC Touch and never posted something. Now I'm the proud owner of the TP2 and have some questions to ask :D It's a great phone, but there are a few things I can't get working properly. I'd...
  18. F

    Thread New to the forum and need some help on a few issues

    I just recently acquired a HTC Touch Dual and really like it but am having a few issues with it. First, I get tskschedule, repllog, and clocknot notification errors. I've noticed a few threads regarding this issue but haven't yet found a solution so any suggestions would be most appreciated. The...
  19. B

    Thread Need Batt. Stat. for WM6.1 with OTP7

    If ne one can help that would be great. I updated my rom to the ot7.7 Nice by the way, and i want to overclock my wing. I can not seem to find anything that will work with the wm6.1 is there something out there that will work for what i am tying to do and where is it