1. Convertor

    Thread Question discharging the battery

    after discharging the battery to zero, the phone does not turn on. charged for many hours. the computer does not detect the phone. help me please. what should I do?
  2. onurbx

    Thread Question Redmi Note 10 High battery drain even when not using

    Hi y'all . Recently I got a Redmi Note 10 4/64 variant . I'm currently using my old phone Redmi 6A , while Redmi Note 10 just lies in desktops corner. MIUI 12.0.1 , 5000 MAh and 33W . I installed one game to try the performance , then cleared all the apps and went to sleep . In the morning , I...
  3. S

    Thread More detailed battery status

    Hey guys, I recently got my new phone. It's a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro and I fell in love with it's fast charge animation. Unfortunately it turns off after a few seconds. What I love about it is that it displays the battery percentage with two digits behind the comma, so you can watch the...
  4. Freak07

    Thread [10.04.2021][Systemless-Rom-Mod][V2][WW-17.0240.2103.75 ] Armoury Crate - Unleashed

    Hello everyone, I´m sure everybody that is using a ROG Phone 2 has explored the possibilities Armoury Crate provides for gaming. It yields a pleathora of settings and tweaks especially in the hardcore tuning mode. Some of you might be more familiar and some might be less familiar with the...
  5. rientkill1

    Thread S20 can't turn on without charger

    Hello Got a problem with my s20, it started with randomly shutting down, even when he has high battery, and i was able to power on again when i plug the charger for a second, after a while woth that problem it was getting worse and after that the phone can only power on when i connect a...
  6. true_nakul

    Thread Introducing Guardians by Truecaller

    Hello everyone! I am Nakul and I am a product manager at Truecaller. My team & I recently launched a new app called Guardians which is focused on personal safety. The basic idea is to offer a simple & seamless way of sharing location with your trusted contacts - but it's more that that. We...
  7. T

    Thread Meet Buoy, a FOSS battery saver configuration tool!

    Buoy is an extension to the built in Android Battery Saver Description The built-in Android battery saver mode is actually quite powerful. The only disappointment is that none of it is configurable out of the box. That's where Buoy comes in. Buoy makes using the built-in battery saver feasible...
  8. C

    Thread Charge overclock

    As is known, in android devices, there is no charging process up to the physical capacity of the battery in the battery charging process. The Android system charges 70-80% of our battery, depending on the physical capacity. I'm looking for an application or Magisk module that can change these...
  9. xzyk

    Thread Battery last charge incorrect

    On latest Android 11 version and have noticed battery last charge is not being reset when i charge, e.g. mine shows last charge as 11 days ago even though detailed charge shows correctly as 1 day ago. Anyone else having this problem on latest Android 11 EU version ? before i report it.
  10. crackmymind403

    Thread Bootloop Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Vince) Locked Bootloader

    I have Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with Pixel Experience ROM Android 9, but lately my device suddenly shut down even though the battery still 78%, i tried unplug the battery socket, but still suddenly shut down. So, i wanna flash new ROM which Android Version is 10. But i failed, some people said i must...
  11. P

    Thread General Test: S21 Ultra (Exynos) Battery Consumption of Different Refresh Rates and Resolutions

    Here is a test I did on my S21 Ultra (Exynos), that started a bit spontaneously with me wondering about the impact on battery of different refresh rates and resolutions, together with use cases (touching the screen or just looking at it). So I started playing around and landed in some kind of...
  12. M Holy

    Thread Is my phone breaking down? (Youtube app and other problems)

    Lately I've been having major issues, mainly 2: 1) Youtube app won't lock screen after video ends; sometimes I leave yt playing when I go to sleep and the next morning the screen is still on, massive drain on the battery. FIxed temporarily with reboot but now it's back again. Did battery...
  13. J

    Thread S20 Ultra 5G, some questions related to AF/Camera and Battery

    Hello, I am relatively new in the Samsung world. Currently, I own a S20U 5G phone, with latest Android (G988BXXU6DUB5) I have several questions, just put them in a list not to create a lot of threads. I would be really grateful if you could share advice/your experience. I've noticed some...
  14. thardy00

    Thread Hi! 7T T-mobile version. Is it worth to switch from T-mobile firmware to global?

    Hi! I have bought OnePlus 7T T-mobile locked. After some time of usage I've unlocked it (so I can use every network right now) but my phone still got T-mobile firmware on it. Hence my three question about this phone. Is it worth to change T-mobile soft version to global one? Could someone point...
  15. M

    Thread Battery

    Does the heat from fast charging affect the battery’s health in the long run?
  16. ghettozo

    Thread moto z xt 1650 how to upgrade rom?.opl 27.76-71-2-3

    hi im looking doe details on how to upgrade my moto z phone. can u go from oreo 8.0.0 to android 10? could some one p[lease tell me how to do this. also im having some battery issues that i see alot of people are having with the moto z will this fix that isue ?xt 1650-03 opl 27.76-71-2-3
  17. A

    Thread Alternative back up power supply for car mounted phone/ tablet?

    Hey, new to the forum and retrofitting in general in the tech world. Just recent taught myself how to solder and bought a nice Hakko soldering station and have had great success with replacing some old electronic components so it's safe to say that the DIY bug has latched on. I am a long time...
  18. denmastergaming

    Thread Question Samsung Music App

    Hi, I'm currently running into a battery issue with my S21 Ultra. It seems like the Samsung Music APP is completely draining my phone battery and I'm wondering if there is a way to resolve this because I do use it for local files and if I do add it to a sleeping app it ends up not playing Music...
  19. S

    Thread Daily driver pubg oriented rom suggestions?

    Hey I used PE android 10 rom last version in the past and it was great in terms of performance and battery back but some bugs. Then came back to stock global miui but pubg was lagging. So I need your help guys to get a rom which is battery backup and pubg smoothness. I don't mind at all if its...
  20. C

    Thread Question Battery life since the last update

    All was so good, I was able to hold 2 days with my use (it was incredible, with my s10 I held 24h). And, then, last update... And now, in one night of sleep 25-30% of drain ??? Oo What is that Samsung ? Are you aware like u destroy ur product with this... especially when you advertise about...
  21. ssjc02

    Thread PX30 low battery level alert?

    Any way to set low level battery alert or notification on the px30 android head unit? It would be a great and life saving feature.
  22. S

    Thread Red Magic 3S/3 Thermals Discussion

    Hello everyone, I typically am a shadow user of XDA but Ive decided to start contributing and posting starting with a thermals thread. As most people know the thermals in the RM3/RM3S were a big selling point for Nubia. However, throughout my research Ive yet to find any definitive information...
  23. marrisonlab

    Thread 1100 mAh battery

    Hi, did anyone try 1100 mah battery for Huawei Watch 2? I found it on aliexpress, stock battery is 420mAh and it's not enough for a normal use. 1100 mAh should be better but i'm scared it can burn or damage the watch? Anyone has been more brave than me?
  24. G

    Thread Questions about Parts Replacement for S7

    I am planning to do a part replacement for my old Samsung Galaxy S7 -- G930FD. Does anybody know if the G930F's OLED Display Assembly is the same as G930FD. If the battery is the same, which I think it is. Also is the back cover the same.
  25. D

    Thread How to distinguish +/- wires from battery circuit

    Hi everyone. I want to reuse my old batteries for other purposes (headsets). My Huawei y6P is dead and I have this 5000mAh battery, but it doesn't have visible + and - poles, there is a circuit attached. Is it feasible to extract positive and negative wires? Or does the circuit only work with...
  26. C

    Thread Recover photos and videos from broken Nexus 5X

    Hello friends, I’m new to this forum (or, any forum, really) and in desperate need of help. Hopefully I'm posting this correctly. In 2017 (I think) my mom bought a Nexus 5X phone. All was well, until suddenly it broke in 2019 and she had to get a replacement. There were a lot of pictures and...
  27. T

    Thread battery drain super fast

    hello i have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge i got it from my cousin so it wasnt new anyway the first thing i did when i got the phone was changing the phone firmware and i think i picked the wrong one cause on the cover on my phone it says SM-G935A but the one i chose and i have now is SM-G935T anyway...
  28. Hem981

    Thread Nokia 8 battery replacement

    Hello, Has anyone had any luck getting a good replacement battery for Nokia 8 (HE328 battery) in India, off Amazon/Flipkart or some other means? I have tried 4 batteries already, and every single one of them were fake. 1) UTRONIC HE328 battery (seller-SYS online store) - Amazon page-3030mah, on...
  29. U

    Thread [crDroid 6.13][SmurfKernel] Weird battery life

    Hi everyone, recently I decided to wipe my whole phone and flashed crDroid 6.13 (stable) in combination with SmurfKernel working on Balanced mode. Battery life? Not so great. To be honest, I'm jealous on everyone using this ROM on OP7P because their battery life is great. Don't know what I'm...
  30. S

    Thread New Phone Battery Problem

    I bought Poco X3 Indian version yesterday but battery life is horrible. It dropped by 3% overnight with wifi and data on.(other settings r at default) In normal usage also (just using whatsapp) it dropped from 86% to 70% in around 5 hours. Is this normal or should I get it replaced? Everything...
  31. katolink

    Thread Question S21 Ultra SOT (screen-on-time)?

    Hi, I get 9h SOT after 3-4 days of using my S21 Ultra Exynos (since I received it) and 2 full days since last charge. Attached screenshot. I am happy so far and I think SOT will further improve in few days, after the system settles down and the battery reaches full optimization. What do you...
  32. daribeiro

    Thread Question Battery life not lasting a day....

    So I bought the new S21 Ultra on the pre order the day it was announced. I was one of the lucky ones to get early so I could leave a review. Coming from a Note 10+ that I had for a year and a half, I was really excited for the S21 Ultra, but was really disappointed with the battery life. I've...
  33. Mightx

    Thread [GUIDE] Samsung Battery Calibration

    Samsung Phone Battery Calibration Guide Description: This guide is for those who are experiencing battery issues (e.g., battery suddenly dying at percentages >1% or battery draining too fast or messed up battery readings after custom ROM flash). If your phone is relatively new, unless if it...
  34. A

    Thread Galaxy S20+ | 2 days old and already battery wear level / health of 89% ?!

    Hello, I bought the Galaxy S20+ 2 days ago and apps already show me an estimated battery wear level / health of ~89% or 3908 mAh. Apps I've tested: AccuBattery Pro: 89%, 3908 mAh | Design-Capacity = 4370 mAh Capacity Info: 93,2% 4075 mAh Phone Info Samsung: 94% Obviously they all calculate...
  35. W

    Thread What is Battery Life Cycle Count of Samsung Galaxy S9?

    Recently, I've come to know the concept of Battery Life Cycles. I checked my Galaxy S9's which is 1560 and my battery lasts a day with minimal use having mobile data enabled all the time. How can I know the official or ideal Battery Life Cycle Count of my phone's battery??
  36. M

    Thread Galaxy Fold Z2 battery dropping to zero from 50%

    Hey fourm, sorry for the long read but if anyone is technically savvy with batteries or voltages/electrical components please read! this might not be specific to a Fold but any device may suffer from what my device is suffering from. I have recently had issues with my Galaxy Fold Z2 and it...
  37. BredzProh

    Thread Fix empty Battery Usage Stats (2021 BUG)

    As you may know, due to a bug regarding the date, the battery usage page in Device Care is empty. I made a quick guide on how to fix it: STEPS: 1. Open Settings. 2. Go to "Apps". 3. Turn on "Show system apps". 4. Search for "Samsung Device Health Manager Service". 5. Tap on "Force Stop"...
  38. magichoward

    Thread Increase your battery after update ui3 android 11

    This will increase your battery life on the note 20 ultra after the update to ui3. Hope you enjoyed the video any comments would be greatly appreciated. Mod Edit
  39. R

    Thread Issue with battery replacement- Flo 16GB

    Dear fellow XDA OG's! After good 7 years of enjoying my trusty nexus 7 2nd gen, I decided to replace its battery. I found a local seller that had P11C1303 batteries available and ordered one. Once I replaced the battery carefully it booted up as usual however I noticed the battery was at 0% and...
  40. lAlKenDi


    PANDORA'S BOX What is pandora's box? Pandora's Box is a magisk module that aims to be an "AIO" android toolbox. A collection of android scripts where you can select the features you'd like to install. FEATURES: Lazy Tweaks *a kernel manager with different modes that offers: performance...
  41. J

    Thread S20 Exynos - Very poor battery <3hrs SOT

    Hey there Purchased a new S20 Exynos 3 weeks ago. Since then battery life has been awful... even below what users report on the forum (4-6 hours SOT ranges). I barely get 3.5 hours at best with minimal usage in a day: whatsapp, calls, emails, social media - NO gaming, gps, video calls... This...
  42. K

    Thread Google extends warranty for power related issues

    It looks like Google has started admitting there are hardware problems with the 4XL. They now are extending the warranty to cover power related issues, though there doesn't seem to be widespread awareness of this new extended warranty. I...
  43. Deus.

    Thread [ MODULE ] OnePlus Battery Saver

    OPBS is a small module based on this XDA thread and intended to change some properties to disable packages that are installed on the phone by default. They are: System tracing: - OnePlus logging and bug reporting: - net.oneplus.odm - net.oneplus.odm.provider -...
  44. M

    Thread Pixel 5 - Charging problems

    Has anyone else notice problems charging yet? When charging using the supplied adapter, the battery percentage stops increasing at some point. 46% or 67% etc it just stays stuck even though the charging symbol remains. The phone stays hot like it is charging, but it still says '46% 1 hour...
  45. C

    Thread High Battery Draing Issue on Nord

    Hi I just bought my first ever one plus Nord after upgrading from a realme 2 pro after 2 years. Like Many People, I bought the OnePlus Phone to enable me to run the phone longer (Using ROM's) and coz it has a better OS has most custom Skins (Though it has it's slight bloatware) On this phone...
  46. L

    Thread Android 10/11 Fast Battery Drain & Overheating

    I've had my Pixel 3XL taking 5 hrs to charge the battery with the screen off, using the supplied charger. CPU usage constantly at 80%+. Temps 43C+ during normal use (not playing games or videos, not encoding whatever) This has been happening for a couple of months, and today I found out why. I...
  47. D

    Thread Is there any app for checking current charging voltage (not just current)?

    I know there are several apps which show current charging current. But I am yet to find an app that shows current charging voltage. Is it not possible in android phones?
  48. U

    Thread Patch / override incompatible battery

    Is there any current way to bypass incompatible battery such as blp691 for oneplus 6t mclaren edition vs the blp685 for the reg 6t model as it's hard as hell to acquire a blp691?
  49. Y

    Thread Poco X3 CPU temps

    Hi. Ever since i got the device ive noticed my phone remains warm practically all the time. The battery SOT isn't that great either, getting 5-6 hours SOT while i got 7 on my realme 6 with 4500mAh battery. I've tried factory resetting from recovery. I've also tried reflashing the complete build...
  50. D

    Thread Collecting Thread: Battery drain (active-idle-sot) over all different roms

    Hi guys! With your help i try to create rough a comparison between all roms and their battery usage/drain. For sure it wont be 100% accurate because everyone uses their phone differently, but i try to value posts from similar users and usages higher and try to take an average amount. Lets try...