1. N

    Thread battery life

    hello, im on full stock, last uptade, etc... how your battery performing? mine is so bad when im on mobile data, i even have to switch to 3G to save some juice... would you recommend replacing a battery? ps, my phone is 3 years old
  2. NExtaaa

    Thread Xperia 1 II Battery

    How long does is your battery last? Mine already had battery replacement with warranty but I'm still getting roughly 4 hours of SOT. Is this normal? Before you ask I had disabled all apps that I'm not using, been through almost every settings of the phone and no change. And from time to time...
  3. Pippo_02

    Thread Question Google Photos consumes a lot of battery

    I have recently purchased the GT Master Edition and I am doing very well. I noticed that Google Photos consumes a lot of battery, about 5%. I tried to check in the settings but the automatic start cannot be disabled, does anyone have the same problem as me or know how to fix it?
  4. M

    Thread Increase the battery capacity of the phone

    Mod edit - translated by Hi, my phone's battery capacity is 2000 mAh. Can I increase this capacity by adding (serializing) another battery? Will I have a problem? Please help me with this **************************** سلام ظرفیت باتری گوشی من 2000 میلی آمپر است. آیا...
  5. Fast_Lessy

    Thread Battery Voltage lower than expected

    The Battery life of my Galaxy S10 SM-G973U isn't really as good as I expected it to be. I bought it as a refurbished phone approximately 9 Months ago. When I fully charge the phone and then watch the battery voltage in for example Accubattery, it says 4.270V. However the charge voltage of the...
  6. revWhiteShadow

    Thread {CLOSED} [MODULE] Performance Of Madness

    ASSALAMU ALAIKUM❤️ #GODSPEED #pom #STABLE #PerformanceOfMadness #magisk #module #universal ▪️Performance Of Madness ▪️Powerd by gsm ▪️CODE NAME - FLASH STEP ▪️VERSION - X6 ▪️Build Date - 11-4 2022 ▪️by @revWhiteShadow ▪️terminal command su -c pom xxxxxxxx COMBO xxxxxxx Mod Edit: Links removed.
  7. Temmchan

    Thread Stuck in too-low-power-to-boot state (bricked?)

    Hello! After recently getting my hands on an old Samsung A50, I thought I might as well reflash and do some stuff with it. After installing Orangefox and Lineage, everything worked fine until the phone eventually ran out of power. I plugged it in and let it charge for a bit, but it was just...
  8. commando_911

    Thread General Battery Life for 42mm Classic

    Hello there, This is my 1st post, and I'd like to contribute by posting this small sheet that I've been making, basically tracking battery life, what was it used that time, when it was charged and etc... Would like to know if you guys had similar, better or worse experience with it, and your...
  9. R

    Thread Need Battery Recommendations

    Hello, I like the 6P so much I purchased a pair of used phones. One needs a battery and I found ifixit has no intention of ordering more battery replacement kits. Regardless, since one of my 6P's continues to run without issue I need to get the other operational. If anyone knows a person that...
  10. S

    Thread Mi Mix 3 hardware issues

    Good evening to everyone Mi Mix 3 owner A few days ago, I changed the phone's battery. After that, phone isn't charging with every charger, plus wireless charging isn't working. But when the phone is switched off, everything regarding charging (wireless charging, use of any charger) works...
  11. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread [Q] How to get Tasker to read/show Amazfit bip battery level

    Firstly some info Tasker app (full) v 5.15.14 Amazefit Bip U Notify For Amazefit v 14.5.0 Problem: I was wondering on how to get Tasker to read the Amazefit Bip U battery level & then if it's below a certain level to send a notification to watch to remind me to charge it up I know that the...
  12. A

    Thread continuous battery consumption during sleep/idel state mtk6768

    Hello. Can someone help me to investigate the cause of hi battery consumption when my phone is in sleep state? I'm facing this issue in all of trebleROMs.
  13. O

    Thread Question Limit maximum charging level

    Hi, Do you know if it is possible to limit the maximum charge level, like it's possible on Samsung devices? If it's not out of the box, is it possible to achieve that on a rooted device? It's quite useful feature to preserve your battery life. Thanks a lot!
  14. Paras Lehana

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu | Part IV - S Pen, Advanced Features, Maintenance, Apps

    Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 4 - Advanced features, Device maintenance, Apps If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read the Introductory Post first. Advanced features Link to Windows: ENABLED!! You can text, get notifications, call, see phone...
  15. Sachitoge

    Thread Question RedMagic 6S Pro EU V3.18 charging issue

    So, i was on V3.15 I got update notification of V3.18 (3.7gb?) I clicked. My phone battery was behaving normal, calibrated and charge current speed 5200mAh. I upgraded to V3.18 and booom, charge current shows always half of the value. But it charges still 5200mAh but device thinks the input...
  16. Nevco

    Thread Battery Life on Custom Roms

    Hello, Im using weekly Rom for a year and now I want to change to a custom Rom. For me the Battery Life is important. I want to change to Cipher2.5, OctaviOS or ArrowOS. I want to use stock Android 12. Which one has the best Battery Life? Thanks !
  17. Fusseldieb

    Thread Samsung T295 shuts off unexpectedly - Battery mod

    Hi all, I have modified my T295 to run directly off of the 12V in my car. Basically I got a Buck LM2596 3A Step Down converter and dialed it in to exactly 4.0V to mimic a almost fully charged Li-Ion battery and hooked it up directly to the battery terminals, skipping the tiny board that comes...
  18. S

    Thread Battery Charging: Animation Battery Screen Effects

    The battery charging animation app is a very attractive and useful application that users can use for battery charging animations. The charging play app will display a large number of gorgeous transparent bubbles moving on your device screen. Cool animations app provides you full battery...
  19. M

    Thread Question 85% VS 100% - and why?

    I have always charged my phones to 100%, this 85% thing is very new to me. I've never heard about it before until I saw it in my S22 ULTRA. What are the benefits of charging only to 85%? Does it last as much as with 100%? Does it really recommended to charge it up to 85%? Im not an heavy user...
  20. Deiota77

    Thread Question Charging battery on the first days of usage - help

    Hi! I have a question. My S22 Ultra will arrive this week and I don't know how to charge on the first couple of days/weeks. There is the option to protect the battery and don't charge over 85%. should I use this option on these first days or charge it until 100%???? On my daily basis perhaps...
  21. D

    Thread Question REDMI NOTE 10: battery text percentage color bug?

    after updating to miui 13, the battery text percentage is not contrasted correctly with the battery symbol. how to fix?
  22. E

    Thread Question New Poco X3 Pro - defective battery?

    I've ordered a Poco X3 Pro directly from the localized Xiaomi online shop a few days ago and have received it on Saturday. It arrived with the battery at 72%. After setting it up, downloading and installing a new firmware version, installing a few apps that I'm using as well as uninstalling...
  23. Phonedestructer

    Thread How to underclock your GPU / CPU

    1. Root your phone 2. Install "Franco Kernel Manager" from the Play Store 3. Open it 4. Click on the 3 bars in the bottom right corner 5. Click on Battery life tips 6. Click on Underclock there. You can change by how much you wanna underclock it by clicking on the settings button in the box. As...
  24. Goku1992

    Thread Question Battery life

    Please use this thread to post everything about the Battery live of our S22 ultras :)
  25. M

    Thread Fuel Gauge IC Location

    Hi! My Pixel 3 battery level is stuck at 57%. It charges, it discharges, but the displayed state of charge is always 57%. This happened shortly after flashing the January (2022) Security Patch, but I don't think the issue is related to the update, since downgrading to A11 did not affect the...
  26. S

    Thread [SOLVED] Saving battery on Moto G4 Play

    Hey! So I bought a new battery for my Moto G4 Play! Original and new. Since last full charge it lasted 24 + 18 hours = 42 hours! My question: can I make the battery last more? I've read briefly about underclocking and undervolting the CPU and that some custom ROMs are more efficient. I decided...
  27. Mohitash

    Thread [MAGISK ROM][v2.5.0] Oxygen Expansion | Oxygen Mods+ | Supports all OnePlus 7 Series Devices

    Introduction to the features that come with this mod [Now supports all OnePlus 7 Series Devices] >Many Kernel, CPU, and GPU Tweaks >Doze Tweaks >ZRAM Tweaks >Prop Tweaks >QS Blur Backgrou >Focused on Battery, performance, and Smooth UI all together >AdAway >Busybox Android NDK >Viper4Android...
  28. O

    Thread NFC grayed out. I want to disable it. It keeps the phone awake

    Dear community, I own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 T and I cannot manage to disable the NFC functionality. It's never been an issue, but after updating to MIUI Global 12.5.2, I noticed that the battery would be drained during night. I have not installed new apps after the update, and data and wifi are...
  29. U

    Thread Badly swollen Galaxy battery - safe to handle?

    I've recently found my old Galaxy S6 in a drawer, where it's been sitting for the last ~1.5 years. In that time, the battery has swollen very badly, pictures below: I need to so something about the phone, I think it might be a fire hazard to keep this at home especially when I'm not...
  30. bingblop

    Thread Question Frequent Syncing Battery Drain

    I'm just wondering what everybody thinks of the "Frequent Syncing" setting in Samsung Health. For anybody that doesn't know what that is, basically it uses more battery to ensure your step count is always up to date and matching accurately between your watch and phone. The description...
  31. D

    Thread Miui 10 PIE debloating guide/informations

    General informations I have returned to miui 10.3.17 10.3.16 PIE (care your sensors break from downgrading) as i get really good results for battery and performance. I propably will stay on this rom until i get a new device, because of that i wasted a lot of hours to debloat my device...
  32. negrroo

    Thread Development [KERNEL] LawRun Kernel [4.14.262][01-02]

    HEY ALL I HOPE YOU ARE FINE HERE !!! WELCOME TO OUR FORUM FOR LawRun-Kernel For Poco X3 Pro - Vayu /* I'm not responsible for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I'm not responsible if you loose your alarm and got fired, anything like that, installing this kernel you renounce to...
  33. CNLiberal

    Thread "Problem Reading Your Battery Meter"

    I had a 50% battery issue last June. I asked Google if I fell underneath the extended warranty. I did not. I had UBIF replace the battery and paid out of pocket. Phone was working fine, until this past weekend. I've received a message "Problem Reading Your Battery Meter". This pops up a ...
  34. M

    Thread Inconsistent charging on new battery

    I changed my battery on my Mi 8 SE 2 days ago and I have been seeing some weird issues when the phone is charging. The first time I charged it with the new battery it started charging really fast going from 3% to 7% in a few seconds and it charged up to around 40% and stopped, after I unplugged...
  35. Frann7

    Thread Hello! Do you know any good alternative to greenify?

    Greenify is giving me problems with my pixel experience android 12 rom. It causes that after 1 or 2 minutes of turning on the cell phone, it hangs and restarts automatically. So without end until I uninstall the application. I want an alternative to better conserve ram and background activities
  36. redCherries31

    Thread [Q]How to deduce if either the battery is the problem or the motherboard is?

    Brand: ASUS Model: X00ID Name: Zenfone 4 MAX ZC554KL Case 1: Phone fell on the leg halfway then, fell on a pavement. Problems: Phone won't turn 'on'(battery is connected). Phone will only turn on if USB cable is plugged to a power source (charger or laptop). It then shows ASUS & Android...
  37. G

    Thread Question Battery drain Spotify

    For the past few days I have been experiencing battery drain while using Spotify. In my previous smartphone (Xiaomi Mi8) consumption while using Spotify was minimal, but with Pixel 6 I'm experiencing a 10% battery drop in one hour, which is too much. What should I do? Is this battery drop...
  38. faethuin

    Thread Battery Problem

    Phone shuts-off unexpectedly even though it still has charge left. device is 500n v30c KT variant p.s. sorry if I posted incorrectly. i am new here.
  39. R

    Thread New higher capacity battery finished the shutting down problems and gives new life

    Recently I replaced the battery of my Nexus 6P that was unusable in a cabinet for a long time due to the shutting down issues. I found on Aliexpress a high capacity battery and I decided to try my luck, changed the battery and I can tell you that I have the shut down issues I used to have at...
  40. ImZaba

    Thread Question Battery realme gt 5g

    Hello everyone... I buy this phone like new, something like 3 day ago but Im surprise about how the battery is drained fast... I try to use accubattery (it say My battery is at 47 % of his life... I try with antutu test and it say 92 %... But i really not feel good and i use something like...
  41. takutekato2

    Thread Cannot enable wifi and battery level is perpetually at -1% after rooting Wiko View Max with Magisk

    I followed to root my phone, using boot.img downloaded via The phone's chip is Mediatek MT6739. Magisk shows itself as installed When I choose Uninstall...
  42. J

    Thread Question Adaptive Charging conditions

    AFAIK, adaptive charging only happens if these conditions are fullfilled: An alarm is set before 10 AM You plug in your phone for charging after 9 PM So far I have managed to adaptive charge my Pixel the few days I've had it, but yesterday I noticed the adaptive charge wasn't triggered. I...
  43. PremiumPlayz

    Thread Need some help installing ROM

    Hey guys , I installed Evolution X last year and I skipped the OTA updates and last month I updated with OTA option and now my device is so ,so slow and just awful the mobile data is unusable , will you guys recommend me a ROM to install that is not heavy on battery , good for daily use . I...
  44. T

    Thread GSpace high battery consumption

    Hi group! I use stock ROM (EMUI 11 - with GSpace for Gapps. The thing is it keeps the device awake, according to the Gsam app. Specifically, the *location* wakelock has the maximum time of keeping the system awake. I have to manually kill the GSpace app after every Gapp I use...
  45. W

    Thread Bad battery life on stock Android 10

    Is there any way to fix the bad battery life on stock Android 10? On Pie, my SOT was roughly 12hrs but on Android 10, it's barely 6 hours. Any good kernels to fix it or anything? I tried darkonah but SOT still not as beast as on Pie. Thanks!
  46. S

    Thread Question Network standby battery drain exceeding 29% always P6P. Why?

    As the title says I'm having a problem with network standby battery drain. I've spent countless hours trying to solve this issue without any luck (factory restored 6 times or more, messed around with developer options settings, adaptive battery settings etc. etc.). After contacting Google...
  47. miravision

    Thread Question SUNWODA Charge Cycles and Long Term Battery Capacity Retention

    Topic: Expected charge cycle count before capacity drops to 80% of rated capacity of 4905mAh 18.88 Wh for the Sunwoda battery in the P6P Please vote mentioning your charge cycle count along with actual capacity vs the rated capacity of 4905 mAh/18.88 Wh
  48. SigmundDroid

    Thread Replacement Battery for S5

    Back then I always wanted to have an S5 but the price always seemed to high in relation to its features. Now a friend was in trouble because her phone's stock android was becoming increasingly old: More and more apps were not working properly or not working at all. Also it became pretty...
  49. its_me_Sandy

    Thread [CLOSED] Where to buy ? New or used

    Hey all am planning to buy this phone due to awesome battery but everywhere it is out of stock. From flipkart to olx Any leads in chennai, India.. or if anyone is willing to sell kindly let me know
  50. G

    Thread General Chrome browser drains battery, even when deactivated

    Hello everyone, on my rather new ROG Phone 5 I recently noticed that the Chrome browser is draining a lot of battery. I switched all background usage off, but it kept draining the battery, even when not in use at all. I tried everything, cleared cache, forced to stop it and even deactivate the...