1. A

    Thread Nokia 5230: help me to unlock it

    IMEI : 356267042608971 Conf key : 8000000000000000 Provider key : 2140700000000000 Provider : Movistar (DCT3);Spain Counters : Key 0 [3] , Fbus 0 [10] Blocks : 2 LOCK STATUS : ============================= BLK : 1 Lock1:Close BLK : 2 Lock1:Close...
  2. Infy_AsiX

    Thread Degraded battery BCL device lag

    I've noticed a lot of posts on the subreddit recently complaining about lag when under a claimed particular battery percentage. This will explain the functional reason and allow some insight into perhaps modification using root. I got my A7 new only a few months ago so my battery hasn't...
  3. rpsgrayfox

    Thread [MOD] [init.d script] disable BCL [MM 6.0.1] 10-1-15

    Credits to DespairFactor who wrote the original script, Original Thread Here, I just modified it for the Nexus 6 running MM29S 6.0.1 Basically BCL checks your device's battery level, temperature, etc and limits frequency, in my case whenever I hit 35% battery it would throttle down the CPU to...