1. Fahood00451

    Thread I want assistance with rooting my galaxy note 9 (N960F/DS) exynos model

    I am asking for a guide with links to files and step-by-step instructions. I've been looking for the past 2 days and nothing seems to help, it's either broken, outdated, or contradicts some of the things said in previous guides. (ex, only use this specific version of Magisk or it'll brick your...
  2. C

    Thread A real quick question

    Goodday fam... Okay I'm new here, .I just want to drop a brief beginner's question. I actually got some helpful answers but they don't just hit the nail. Hope someone can be of assistanae cos i'm literally tired of searching. Okay, this is how my question goes: I'm a guy wanting to flash a...
  3. ????.??

    Thread Samsung A11 got android 12 and I want to flash it (help)

    So I first bought my Samsung a11 as an android 10 model, I then flashed it after I bought it with an open-line android 11 version and got twrp and root. This was a year ago I think. Now they released the final update for this Samsung phone model, and I want to at least get the latest and last...
  4. G

    Thread [General advice] Is this old device worth trying to flash with a custom ROM? (Alcatel OneTouch EVO7)

    Hi there! I was gifted an old Android tablet, an Alcatel OneTouch EVO7. Released in 2013, it has Android 4.0, 4 GB of storage, 1 GB RAM, an ARM Cortex A8 (1x1 GHz, 32-bit), and a Vivante GC800 GPU. It is basically unusable now, as Play Store doesn't work properly and it's, again, an Android 4.0...
  5. EriecTan

    Thread [TIPS] Tips to use vince properly

    so, i make this thread to share my tips when using vince. i assume you already unlock bootloader, root, have pc/laptop, already install usb driver for redmi 5 plus, and have common sense :D this thread is based on my opinion and experience while using vince ;) Clean Flash to Flash Custom Rom...
  6. gorei23

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install Android on your Switch, step-by-step.

    This guide was created for people who are not as familiar with the world of Switch exploits. NOTE: This is not the official ROM thread! DO NOT ask questions about using, troubleshooting, etc. the ROM here. I will not be able to help you and it splits discussion. Please ask questions, tips, etc...
  7. medwatt

    Thread Lenovo P2 (NEW OWNERS: Click Here)

    Lenovo P2 [INDEX] Helpful Information Welcome, this thread has been created to encompass everything you may need for your device. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or require...
  8. P

    Thread Making an Android app from scratch with 0 experience

    Due to receiving some questions after making this post, I've decided to do a write up on building an Android app from scratch, starting with no knowledge of computer programming or Android. Hopefully this will answer some questions for those interested in doing the same. Before I start, some...
  9. FooBazza

    Thread [Q] Craigslist Android app with Material Design

    I've seen many Craigslist apps on the Play Store, but none of them seem to have a very pleasing to use UI. Now that Material Design was unveiled with Android 5.0+ Lollipop, I really want to develop an Android application to browse Craigslist just like the other apps, except with a more elegant...
  10. Pandages

    Thread Presently bone-stock, want to get to KitKat, where do I start?

    I have an original TF201 from the first 6 months of production. I haven't used it in a few years, out of frustration with the lack of updates. It is untouched, unrooted, bare OS of the latest release. Now that my warranty is expired, I think I'd like to: Unlock it use nvflash to back up the...
  11. K

    Thread [TUT] SmartWatch App Development - Part 3 - Beginner

    In previous two articles I covered development environment setup and anatomy of SmartWatch. This article will contain deep dive into coding with simple Hello Word example.
  12. K

    Thread [TUT] SmartWatch App Development - Part 2 - Beginner

    In previous article "Sony SmartWatch App Development", I explained basics of SmartWatch, configuration of Sony’s Add-On SDK, configuration of SmartWatch emulator and execute simple notification application. This article explains anatomy of SmartWatch development. Sony’s Add-on SDK is unified...
  13. K

    Thread [TUT] Introduction Smart Watch Development for Beginner

    Introduction Smart Watch or Smartwatch "A smartwatch or smart watch, is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping, and is often comparable to a personal digital assistant (PDA) device. While early models can perform basic tasks, such as calculations...
  14. C

    Thread [Q] Help for a beginner... ish

    Hello there, I have my S4 for 6 months now but I still did not get the 4.4 Update! Argh! To that I say it`s Rootn` an` Flashin` Time! Quick questions though... 1) Regarding KNOX: I read about it and that it cannot be reverted, fine, but other than voiding the Warranty and nob being able to run...
  15. hamzahrmalik

    Thread [TUTORIAL]Xposed module devlopment

    Iv'e recently started a blog on Xposed Module development. It goes through the basics for a beginner and explains in as much detail as possible. You can find it here Edit: I've now decided to keep the tutorial on XDA. I might...
  16. I

    Thread [Q] Too Big a Challenge for a Beginner?

    I've just started to learn how to program for android. I'm really interested in designing my own launcher. Is this going to be to hard for me? If so what programs could I write that would give me the experience I need to eventually write a launcher? Another program Idea I've had involved...
  17. T

    Thread What i need ? for custom rom (noob proof)

    Hi I am little bit confused about how to install custom rom on this phone, because i find some tutorial and post for noobs but I still don't understand what exactly I need to do for install some ROM. I will want install some ROM without Sense UI like this but I am not sure what is S-OFF/ON and...
  18. Z

    Thread ROM Building: The Basics Part I

    Ever wanted to customize your own rom? I mean really customize it the way you wanted? I came across this question as I got my phone, well technically before I even had it my hands, I wanted my phone to be set to a certain expectation. I got it and I was impressed that the Sprint S3 I had was...
  19. mastrgamr

    Thread [Q]why ROM won't compile? [Mac](beginner)

    I'm a complete beginner to the ROM building world, and decided to work with a custom ROM as a base for practice. I chose SlimBean for my Nexus 4 (mako). I already setup up my build environment through the sources on github, started building an otapackage and somewhere down the line I think the...
  20. A

    Thread A beginner need help... what is the concept of android programming?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the android programming playground and it looks complicated. I have no experience in Java, only in Python and JavaScript. I have seen some tutorials before and I just don't understand the .java file. How do they connect? public void? What is this? I don't want to use...
  21. immortalneo

    Thread [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    There are a lot of people joining XDA on a daily basis, and there are a lot of repetitive questions being asked which clutter up the Development and 'Q & A' threads. Point them here. Feel free to ask or answer questions. The idea of this thread is to get users to help other users with their...
  22. I

    Thread My introduction to android

    I actually got into android very recently, but very hard. Let me know what you think of my story. it's way too long to put on a post here but check it out, maybe you have something to add? comments? my blog post
  23. DeusJZ

    Thread [Q] Best ROM for non-dev?

    So, over the past month, my brother had gone from complaining about his (self-inflicted) broken phone of two-years, to getting a new one on a contract renewal, to getting it stolen. He's currently without a phone, and I happen to have my spare HTC Aria, which I'm being gracious enough to give...
  24. Skysurfer_uk

    Thread Old men & Wildfire s

    Hi, guys. As the title, & I'm looking at my phone.I'm an absolute noobie with this. I know I want to install a new ROM, as the battery life is pooh (one day) & it has a very limited amount of internal memory. The Wildchild lite ROM looks fine, but I've no idea how to proceed. Partition the SD...
  25. tjdwowh

    Thread Come Learn ANDROID Game Development! Beginners are welcome.

    Hi! I am the Lead Developer at Kilobolt Studios and I just wanted to let you know that I have just started my series of tutorials that will cover everything from basic Java to Advanced Android Game Development. If you are willing to put in the time and dedication, please join us! Beginners are...
  26. syngamer96

    Thread [q] [request] full cm9 theming guide needed!

    Hi, as you all know, CM9 Theme Chooser has already been implemented into recent builds of CM9. Any one know how to start on the basic things like changing the color schemes for the interface and such? As far as theming goes, the guides I've seen are not beginner friendly, especially for lurkers...
  27. The-Hulk

    Thread (Guide) (Beginners) You have rooted your phone, now what can you do

    (Guide) (Beginners) You have rooted your phone, now what can you do Note – I will keep updating this guide as much as I can Note - Please ask as many questions as you need, there is no question to basic to ask, it would be better being asked here instead of starting a new thread. Note –...
  28. lmike6453

    Thread [GUIDE]How to Flash CWM and Flash ROMS from Scratch..with pictures!

    Hello! Here I will show you how to flash CWM to your Galaxy Note which is considered to be a "recovery" portion of the device that takes place of the stock one and has additional functionality. Less talk, more do: Step 1: Obtain the files you need. Download the driver necessary for your...
  29. R

    Thread [Q] tip for development

    Hello. I am starting to learn how to develop apps for smartphones, i have tons of ideas but onlu basic knowlage in C++, java and other languages used for creating them. Could some one help me to decide for which platform i should start? I want to start from easiest developing interface (i liked...
  30. M

    Thread [Q] New to Programming

    Hey guys, so I've had an interest in programming for quite a while now. I have tried Python, but I didn't have much success there. I really want to learn to program, and thought I'd start on Android, because I have a few android devices. I know practically nothing about Java(or any other...
  31. JDMpire

    Thread [Q] Newb Android learning material..

    I would like to learn a little bit about the android OS and all its terminology. I've been rooting and playing w/ firmware for a while now and have no problem following instructions and what not, but I would also like to know why what is happening... is happening. Does that make sense? I hope...
  32. W

    Thread Need a Place to Talk for Beginners

    Not to circumvent the 8 thread limit. But this should be noted to place beginners forums. I need 8 post so will place all my 8 posts here.
  33. Y

    Thread [Q] How to install Recovery?

    I've been reading around but I think there's not a clear step-by-step procedure on how to install recovery? Can anyone enlighten? Also it would be awesome if there was beginner's guide for the ASUS Transformer.
  34. V

    Thread [Q] Please help the begginer in android (for update from 1.6)

    Hello! :confused: Please help me! :confused: I bought HTC Dream G1 on ebay with installed Android 1.6 (DONUT) on it. I heard that now there are android versions 2.x and i need to have so versions to install most of apps. Please, write my some instructions what should i do to update my device...
  35. fxspec06

    Thread Coming from webOS to Android -- Point me in the right direction

    A few questions: 1. How do I transfer an app into the emulator? 2. Is there any way to run .js / .html / .css project on Android devices? 3. Where can I find a good tutorial / thread / sticky about beginning Android development? P.S. webOS news today sucks.
  36. S

    Thread [GUIDE] A Beginner's Guide To Theming

    The basic part of a theme is the UI (User Interface) icons. These icons are situated in three system files: 1. framework-res.apk 2. twframework-res.apk 3. SystemUI.apk NOTE: Your phone should have the de-odexed versions of these files. You may get them here...
  37. A

    Thread [Q] freexperia for beginner+ on x10

    Hello Budds I was searching for a unlocked bootloader today qnd found the name freexperia. So i asked me, if i can use that cyanogen 7.1.0 k14 fxp14 (i think that was the name of it) with z's unlocked bootloader on the x10. i want to ask you guys, if someone (who has made it and have already...
  38. Q

    Thread [Q] ROOT Beginners questions

    Hey guys, I saw alot of guides out there to Root your SNS, all different, and none explain some basics stuff. I want to understand what I'm doing and not doing it like a robot. So I'll ask some newbie questions I got into: 1) What's the difference between ROOT / unlocking bootloader / oem...
  39. Chef_Tony

    Thread [Q] Beginner questions about contacts

    Hi, firstly, let me introduce myself: My name is Tony and from my signature and amount of posts, you can see, I am a very active XDA user and used to do a lot of first and second level support for the blueangel and the blackstone and today my SGS2 arrived, which is my first native android...
  40. A

    Thread [Q] What does it take to find a root exploit?

    Sorry if this is a common question, but I failed to find anything. Feel free to close this thread if I am asking something that has been asked multiple times. I want to learn what to look for when trying to find root exploits. I just don't know where to begin. I thought a reasonable process...
  41. jcspecs

    Thread [GUIDE] Flash/Install/Update to Gingerbread 2.3.4 to I9000: Detailed guide for n00bs

    Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that this process will work for you as it did for me. If something goes wrong I will do everything I can to help you, but you are responsible. This is a guide for the I9000 international version. If you think your phone is "bricked" or something goes wrong then...
  42. tobbbie

    Thread [TUT] Beginners guide to Windows Mobile (prepare for cooking)

    Puzzled with all the buzzwords and your head is spinning? Still want to learn a little about the strange world of Chefs and cooking? Even are tempted to ask some questions but have not dared yet with all the geeks around here? Here is a little nutshell-guide for you to lift you up: The...
  43. K

    Thread [Q] New to Rooting, not sure where to start, Xperia X10

    Okay, so, I have the Xperia X10 on AT&T (yeah, mistake #1 I know... blargh, wont' make that one again). Being that I'm in the US, I'm assuming it's the X10a, correct? (if not, I would like to know how exactly I check). That said and done - where do I start with the rooting process? This 1.6...
  44. domos123

    Thread [Q] Android development for beginners

    I know this isn't strictly the right place for this, but I don't have 10 posts yet, so I'm blocked from development related forums. Anyways, I know some visual basic, but as I understand it there is no way of developing android apps in VB.NET. Would anyone care to recommend any good resources...
  45. Sorry_8D

    Thread HEY! First time? Start here <-------------------------

    Greetings forum, I am sensing a common trend here in the forum. People are not reading... which leads me to question if what I am writing here will help. Please. I beg of you. Before you root your phone, please read about it. Read what it does, how it does it, and what risks you are taking by...
  46. R

    Thread Introduction to Android FRX07 - SD Card

    Very Important Information For Beginners /Introduction to Android for SD Cards Okay, firstly I made this thread because pretty much every new person to this section of the forums is completely lost and unsure what things are or what to even do. We are also sick and tired of threads saying...
  47. R

    Thread [Q] First app; Advice? Examples? Warnings?

    Hey everyone; it wouldn't let me post in the development subforum due to the fact that I just joined, but I figured my topic would be just as relevant here. I'm a sophomore CompSci major. Java is my strong point, but I'm far from a master. I know syntax, I know how to follow what's going on in...
  48. E

    Thread [Q] How are malware scanners written for Android?

    I have recently come across a number of malware scanners (Lookout, Panda etc.) written for Android. Without having root privileges, how do these anti-virus scanners work? I read numerous reviews about each one being better than the other but I still cannot grasp the basic concept as to how the...
  49. E

    Thread [Q] Explanation of Android Source Tree?

    I have started looking at the sources of Android (the main source tree of the operating system not the Android project that opens up in Eclipse) and was able to successfully compile it for my N1. However, I was wondering if there is tutorial out there that tells provides an overview of the...
  50. michaelkwc

    Thread [Q] App backup before flashing new ROM

    Hi, Yes I know this sounds like a common question asked 1000x but I can't seem to find the right answer. Though I admit I only searched the first 5 pages, but I suppose it only takes 60 secs to answer this question so please pardon the inconvenience....? Anyway I'm about to flash LeeDroid on...