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best hd2 rom

  1. Laurentius26

    Thread [Aug 18] Laurentius26 Platinum Series v4 SPF 23148 [Full rotation] ~WWE|GER|NLD|SPA~

    Dear friends and fans, We proudly present, Laurentius26 HD2 Platinum series in Cooperation with CHT Team. This is a continuing of the GoldEdition rom series, only we've started from scratch to give you much more improved and cleaner roms for now and in futher. After a couple of weeks...
  2. monx®

    Thread [ROM] ROMeOS4 ★ GSM LEO ★ 23569/21909/S2016/8 ★WANT BEST ROM? X/CX/GTX/DROID ★PUBLIC★

    [ROM] ROMeOS4 ★ GSM LEO ★ 23569/21909/S2016/8 ★WANT BEST ROM? X/CX/GTX/DROID ★PUBLIC★ NO, THIS IS NOT THE BEST ROM, BUT WORTH TO TRY :) FOR WM6.5.0 CLASSIX (CX) EDITION, PLS GET IT HERE ROMeOS - SIMPLE | CLEAN | STABLE Thank you very much for ur great supports ROM of Enhanced OS...
  3. duttythroy

    Thread [Duttys™ HD2 Multi-Lang Legacy 23163 ROMs + Legacy Kitchen COOK Your own Dutty ROMs]

    ====================================================== Duttys HD2 (Legacy) Cont. My ROMs support both COM2 & COM3 BUILDS My ROMs support all HD2 MODELS including T-MOUS 1024mb device ======================================================...