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  1. DinethIrusha

    Thread What kernel would you choose?

    If you were to choose a kernel for OnePlus Nord (Avicii) What would you choose and why?
  2. G

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S8 best kernel (antutu scores)

    I've tested these 4 kernels using stock Android Pie with latest July 2019 updates, no background apps running: RZ 20190503: overall: 206207; cpu: 62301; gpu: 90890; ux: 43856; mem: 9160 TGP v3.2.0 - 2019-07-12: overall: 182705; cpu: 47939; gpu: 86556; ux: 40898; mem: 7312 NX R28: overall...
  3. R

    Thread Which kernel is the best for scoring high scores on antutu and geekbench ?

    WHICH KERNEL IS THE BEST FOR SCORING HIGH SCORES ON ANTUTU AND GEEKBENCH ? just for fun testing I already getting 132576 Antutu scores on AOSP EXTENDED with Kangaroo OC kernel And 1509 single and 5303 multi core geekbench scores on MASIK PIE with Kangaroo OC kernel .
  4. Rocker223

    Thread Antutu Benchmark Scores N&O (old and new)

    Heres all the well known kernels for Osprey with Anutu BenchMark Scores! To help you Choose the one you need! Old Results: Note: All tests were conducted on the same ROM i.e., RR 31st Jan build and stock kernel reffers to the kernel whish was in that ROM! Device Info: Model: Motorola Moto G...
  5. A

    Thread [Q] Best kernel for 5.0.1 GE? i9505

    Hi Ive recently decided to try a custom rom ( ), and i loaded the Googy-Max kernel ( ) which was included. Now ive watched a few videos with other custom roms and kernels, and im...
  6. dorimanx

    Thread [JB 4.2.2 Kernel 3.4.87][27 APR] Dorimanx 3.7 LG G2 800/1/2/3/5/6 LS/VS980

    Dorimanx LG G2 Kernel for STOCK 4.2.2 Branches! Stable Only For: D800 Models! D801 Models! D802/5/6 Models! D803 Models! LS980 Models! VS980 Models! NO MORE MODELS WILL BE SUPPORTED! You need answers to QUESTIONS not belong to Development??? GO HERE! Q&A THREAD! My...
  7. poondog

    Thread [KERNEL][4.4.3] ★☆ Kangaroo Kernel ☆★ 21 OCT | v072 | 3.4.104

    Kangaroo Kernel for the HTC One GSM: Sense ROMs Linux 3.4.104+, with many features and improvements from Linux 3.12 and 3.14 For android 4.4.3 Sense ROMs Based off HTC 6.09.401.5 sources for 4.4.3 Sense * Standard disclaimer: * Your warranty is now void. Use at your own risk. * In...
  8. tyvar1

    Thread [Q] Best Rom and Kernel combo?

    Hi i just want to check with you xda people what you think is the best ROM and Kernel combo? I want to use one of this 4 ROMS: CM 10.1 Omega Android Revolution HD Stock and i want to use one of this 3 kernels: Perseus RedPill Stock
  9. joytest

    Thread [ BEST ROM+Kernel and MASTER INDEX ] Integrated ROM and Kernel Results v3

    ================================================================== ================================================================== USERS of ALL ROMS !!!! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ROM+Kernel and GIVE IT A SCORE !!! For the Note II - **N7100 AND N7105** Now as a fully integrated...
  10. Divaksh

    Thread 【KERNEL】 【CM9】 Speedy U v5.0 - "The name is enough" 【CWM Touch】 【LINARO】

    【KERNEL】 【CM9】 Speedy U v5.0 - "The name is enough" 【CWM Touch】 【LINARO】 Speedy Kernel for CM9 roms Kernel Features: Based on Sony Latest Source Code: 6.1.1.B.1.54 / .56 / .75. Based on Linux Kernel Source Code: 3.0.74 (Latest to date). Compiled Using Linaro 4.7 CWM touch recovery with...
  11. H

    Thread Reccurent threads

    Hi, First of all... Don't kill me :D Since a few weeks there is a upsurge of recurrent threads like "What is the best rom", "What is the best kernel", "What is the best rom for battery life", What is the best kernel for battery life" or "Help me to choose a (best) kernel / rom"... There was this...
  12. K

    Thread [FAQ] AK Kernel 101

    AK Kernel FAQs Q1) What are custom kernels? What are the benefits of using custom kernels? A kernel is basically the bridge between the software and hardware. Whenever you command your phone to do something (launching an app), the software sends that request to the hardware which in turn...
  13. morfic

    Thread [DER KERNEL] Trinity Four (4.2/4.3)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Files, app: www . Der Kernel . com Kernel Source: This thread benefits from "OT posts" as it fosters a healthy community in which "users helping users" is...
  14. MicroDroidXDA

    Thread AVEDOY Awards 2012 - RESULTS!

    AVEDOY Awards 2012 LOOK AT POST 3 FOR THE RESULTS! First of all, great thanks to Brahmnoor who helped me a lot with this... Hey guys, I would like to know who people think the best developer for our device is. So I had an idea: I invented the AVEDOY Awards. AVEDOY is short for: AriesVE Dev...
  15. F

    Thread [Q] Help me to get the best kernel for my device!

    Model: GT-N7000; Android version: 4.03 N7000XXLPT 3.0.15-N7000XXLQ3-CL646962 [email protected]#3 SMP PREEMPT Version number: IML74K.XXLQ3 I want to install the best kernel for my device, long battery life, good speed.. Help me to choose! Txs a lot! P.S. Sorry for may bad english...
  16. Ron G

    Thread [KERNEL][RC12] Rm Kernel | Overclock 1Ghz | |

    RM KERNEL Just a statement regarding kernel source: The Kernel Source is of course covered under GPL version 2. Free software does NOT mean no work or time was spent working on it. I have donated a large sum of my free time to hack this kernel. If you use my modified kernel source...
  17. faux123

    Thread [Kernel] Kitkat CM (015) Hybrid (UV/FastCharge/S2w/Intelliplug/Intelliactive)[Jun-01]

    Installation Instructions: Here's a step by step instruction to install this kernel: [normal mode] 1. download the above file (via phone directly or to a PC) 2. copy the downloaded zip file to /sdcard/download/ 3. extract boot.img from the zip file to a location of your choice ON YOUR PC 4...
  18. hospital349

    Thread ❦ Carenel ❦ 15th October ❦ 3 Battery Saving Editions ❦ Optimized Kernel Settings ❦

    ❦ Carenel ❦ 15th October ❦ 3 Battery Saving Editions ❦ Optimized Kernel Settings ❦ Flashed every kernel under the sun and battery life still isn't meeting up to expectations? Want to master kernel control apps but haven't got a clue where to begin or how each setting will effect your...
  19. show-p1984

    Thread [KERNEL][SEP.30]Bricked-Kernel||v0.7|Sweep2Wake|mpdecision|stickyf req

    Bricked-Kernel One X (endeavoru) The first 100% stable kernel for the HTC One X (endeavoru) (thx HTC for the screwed source btw, fixed it ^^) Replaced NVIDIA's strange hotplug manager with my own: tegra_mpdecision Features: Based upon HTC source Fixed all stability issues from the HTC source...
  20. dorimanx

    Thread [Kernel 3.12.rc6][24 OCT][DEV THREAD!] Dorimanx 8.43 ONLY JB I9100 +RECOVERY+ROOTED.

    Dorimanx Kernel for SGII-I9100 Supporting 5 ROM Platforms! My kernel was based on SiyahKernel 4.0 long time ago in other realty, Kernel Tree is 3.12.rc6-R101, + Samsung JB updates + my tweaks and lots of tuning! Thank you Gokhanmoral for your great work in the past! Warning!!! Do not...
  21. ktoonsez

    Thread [KERNEL][06.10][APP/PRO/OTA][AOSP&SAMMY] N.E.A.K. ICS - Designed by Nature (v2.0.6x)

    [KERNEL][06.10][APP/PRO/OTA][AOSP&SAMMY] N.E.A.K. ICS - Designed by Nature (v2.0.6x) I would like to present: N.E.A.K. for the I777 Quotes from original thread (special thanks go out to simone201 and the NEAR team) Hi all!! After a lot of time spent in developing for GB, finally i have done my...
  22. B

    Thread [REF] ICS User Experience Graphs (sentiment analysis)

    I've decided to pull this project as it doesn't seem useful, or accurate! Feel free to pm if you have any ideas for me. Where did the other benchmarks go? All ICS ROM Benchmarks: this thread Battery Drain Benchmarks: this thread Kernel Features and Benchmarks: this thread CPU Governors...
  23. simone201

    Thread [KERNEL][2.08][APP/PRO/OTA][AOSP&SAMMY] N.E.A.K. ICS - On Vacation (v2.1.2x)

    Hi all!! After a lot of time spent in developing for GB, finally i have done my ICS kernel, all i can say is that is light, blazing fast and stable. I hope u will love it! LOGO AND BANNERS BY zantekk!! The lightest kernel for I9100/I777 ever made!! ONLY FOR INTERNATIONAL I9100 & I777...
  24. shoman94

    Thread [RoM][XWLPY-4.0.4-ICS]SHOstock2 v6.2 [11/13/2012](FINAL)

    SHOstock part deux! V6.2 Come to IRC channel #shostock Also feel free to use my sig below! PLEASE REVIEW CHANGELOG FOR CHANGES AND ADDITIONAL FEATURES Please post the bloat/apk's you would like and I'll post them in Post#2 Thanks to: Samsung for device and TW Entrophy for Kernel...
  25. Maroc-OS

    Thread [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel 2.0 PRE-FINAL, For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

    " MerrukTechnology Kernel Final Version 1.0.8 " Hello Everybody's. I am New in XDA-DEV this is my first day (I HAVE 3 WEEK'S NOW) & my first post was a NEW CUSTOM KERNEL for Samsung Galaxy Y in a thread on General Section, it was just a test. but we to got a perfect kernel for this Device...
  26. franciscofranco

    Thread [KERNEL] [GPL] [GN] franco.Kernel r398

    I hate big OPs. Works on all roms. r390 and newer versions are ONLY for 4.3 or newer. F.A.Q: 1. My device rebooted or crashed, how can I help? A: Get me /proc/last_kmsg on 2. Battery sucks, my device is not entering deep sleep. FIX PLOX! A: Fix it yourself, it's an app waking your...
  27. dorimanx

    Thread [21 JUN 2012] DORIMANX ICS Kernel 7.3 Linux OC 96/1.62 CFS and OC Stable!

    Dorimanx Kernel for HD2 My kernel is based on Tytung Latest ICS, But Tree Main Line! + My Tweaks and install menu. To use my initrd that included in kernel, you must have 2.3.4 and UP ROM (Thanks Tytung for your great job on it so far!) My GIT Repository HERE WORK ON ROMS...
  28. T

    Thread [Q] Which is the most Performant MT4G Kernel?

    Hello, first of all this is my first post and thread. I have read the rules and searched for a similar thread. I am not stupid and I know how forums work. Now my question is: Which is the most performant kernel for the MT4G? Know to be more specific, I am looking for a kernel which a very high...
  29. stratosk

    Thread [KERNEL] Semaphore 2.7.4 (CF-Root + Voodoo Snd v10 + OC/UV + BLN)

    This is a kernel rebuilt from the latest updated gingerbread sources and based on the CF-Root kernel ( Features - Voodoo Sound v10 - Voodoo Color - OC/UV (1200MHz, 1300MHz) - BLN - CWM v5.0.2.7 - Speedmod color fix - Patched with...
  30. L

    Thread [Q] What Is The Best Kernel ?

    What Is The Best Kernel For Battery Life On The ACS Rom ?
  31. kingklick

    Thread [KERNEL] [] [HAVS] [BFS] [BFQ] KiNgxKernel #11/#11 "Con is an Artist"

    [KERNEL] [] [HAVS] [BFS] [BFQ] KiNgxKernel #11/#11 "Con is an Artist" I DO NOT have an HTC Evo, but would LOVE to have one for development, and am saving for one. Bear with me until then :) I just wanted to say thank you to the few who have donated. I am almost there, any help is...