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  1. neobuddy89

    Thread Development [ROM][13.0] crDroid 9 [OFFICIAL]

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned Features: * Encrypted build * Vanilla build (no gapps) * Selinux enforcing and Safety net passes by default * More info - Click here First Time Installation: * Backup before you begin * Reboot to...
  2. neobuddy89

    Thread Development [ROM][13.0] crDroid 9 [OFFICIAL]

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned Features: * Encrypted build * Vanilla build (no gapps) * Selinux enforcing and Safety net passes by default * More info - Click here First Time Installation: * Backup before you begin * Reboot to...
  3. Jatin

    Thread Best ROMs for [G610X] & Answering some FAQs

    So, I used many ROMs in my past. People may don't know me but I'm an active member of the EXYNOS7870 community. I always see some keeds spamming for best ROM & best kernel for J7 Prime. ****ing stop it! You won't find a satisfying answer to your question always. A perfect ROM means all the...
  4. T

    Thread What ROM are you using?

    I'm using Pixel Experience on Android 10 now but I'm going to switch to Android 11, so I would like to know which firmware is better in your opinion. (Describe the advantages of the ROM in your opinion in the comments if this does not bother you)
  5. D

    Thread SM-N910F to daily usage best roms and suggestion.

    Hi friends. Yesterday my main phone (a OnePlus One) as decided to pass away :( The lower part of touchscreen it's begin unresponsive and the phone it's pratically unusable. My brother today gave me his old "Galaxy Note 4". he uses it at home with wifi whitout sim and it's usage to play some...
  6. S

    Thread Daily driver pubg oriented rom suggestions?

    Hey I used PE android 10 rom last version in the past and it was great in terms of performance and battery back but some bugs. Then came back to stock global miui but pubg was lagging. So I need your help guys to get a rom which is battery backup and pubg smoothness. I don't mind at all if its...
  7. L

    Thread Any Good rom for 2021?

    Hello, guys. I just got a side kick 4g. I always wanted this phone since my early teens but I got it ! Anyways, I have a very outdated version of Android; can't seem to login to the old Android Market to update apps. I'm looking for a decent rom that do at least what's app and wechat. I already...
  8. Ayan Uchiha Choudhury


    Team Bliss is pleased to present to you BlissRoms based on Android 10 Our focus is to bring the Open Source community a quality OS that can run on all your devices as a daily driver, syncing your apps + settings + customizations across all platforms you run Bliss on. Bliss ROMs comes with a...
  9. I

    Thread Best ROM for 2GB Variant.

    Hi all! Well, I'll be fast, I have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (2GB variant) and I've used several ROMs that I liked and have worked well for a while (RR Oreo, Citrus CAF Pie), which leads me to my next question: Will there be another Pie or Oreo ROM that works the same or better than the ones I...
  10. Doronmak

    Thread [Poll] what is the best Android PIE rom for p20 pro?

    Best PIE ROM for p20 pro please choose your answer at the top of the page: -UBR -Lineage -Openkirin omnirom -OpenKirin resurrection remix -AOSCP -EMUI 9 I will happy if you share your experience too if there are more fill free to add a comment and i will add to this therad :D what do you...
  11. D

    Thread Which is the best rom and kernel for battery

    I want a rom which provides good battery backup with good camera qualityand is stable. I don't play games so i just want my battery to last more. Can u please help me out Any help would be appreciated .
  12. By Zonik

    Thread [ROM][7.0][A710xx Exynos] SyneXOS v2.0.1 Final Updated 08/07/2018

    You are NOT allowed to use any part of this rom without my permission! /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns...

    Thread [ROM][8.1.0][OFFICIAL] FrankenROM 15.0 for Redmi 4/4x (santoni) [21-08-2018]

    Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
  14. D

    Thread Best rom for redmi 4x(santoni)

    I need a rom which doesnt lag and provides a good baterry backup and less heating. And not too many bugs also. Thanks in advance
  15. Goldenmeadow

    Thread New to Honor 5X. Which custom ROM to choose?

    Hi everybody! Just got Honor 5X (KII-L05) for my daughter. Don't really like stock ROM. Unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP and SU. Now trying to choose ROM... I can see couple choices: LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, XenonHD... Some are abandoned by creators, some are picked up by followers :)...
  16. Mr.LOVER

    Thread so no stable custom rom for note 5 SM-N920T ?

    so i bought note 5 SM-N920T which was already on android 7 latest firmware according to sammobile website. and there are only handful of custom roms (not stocked based but those which occur in original android development). and all of them have serious issues, like lineageOs 14.1 has no audio in...
  17. S

    Thread The greatest rom for gt i9003?? Nd need a review for OmniROM 7.1.2!!

    Hey guys!!....... Im currently using the GT-I9003 for now.... nd i've been using the CM 10.1 ROM for it......... I wld like to know which is the BEST, the GREATEST, the STYLISH nd the FASTEST rom for the GALAXY SL....... Nd i;ve seen this Omnirom 7.1.2 for gt i9003 which is the Nougat...
  18. G

    Thread [Poll] [Vote] Best custom ROM for Huawei P8 lite

    For the p8 lite community to vote for your favourite custom ROM based on stability, customization, battery life, performance, and whether or not a build is ready to use as a daily driver. Post your feedback without criticizing, complaining, or putting down our amazing team of devs. For...
  19. K

    Thread Hello Suggest Me Best Rom for Lenovo a6k 1GB model.

    Please Suggest The best Rom for Today !! I want rom that should have 200-300mb free ram after installing more than 30-40 apps on user profile . which gives Flexability while playing games. 1gb model Halt or hangs most of the time. when the cache size become bigger in 4 to 5 days usage. (any...
  20. samrat_castle

    Thread [Q] Nitrogen vs Resurrection Remix - Which is better for RN3-Kenzo

    I am currently on RR 5.8.3 23rd April build. It is working fine but i feel battery backup is less than MIUI, especially I have heard that battery backup and Camera are better in Nitrogen but customizations are better in RR. Also, as per my experiance RR has proven to be more stable...
  21. H

    Thread Best MM rom

    Which MM rom is most stable and smoothly running on xiaomi mi3w?
  22. rhrokib

    Thread MIUI8.2 or Lineages OS or AOSP ?

    So we know there's a couple of ROMs for our beloved Mi5. But it's really confusing which one should I use as a daily driver. Lets see what they've got. MIUI 8 We all are known about this one. Perhaps We all used it. Excellent user interface with a lot of**features. Battery management is...
  23. A

    Thread What Is The Best Rom?? ... Plz

    I just got the Nexbit Robin and I am wondering what custom rom is great for my new phone. I already unlocked the bootloader, rooted it and installed TWRP. There are a lot of roms in alpha/beta and this is why I am asking. I need one that is stable and mostly everything works (Fingerprint reader...
  24. R

    Thread Best ROM 7.1 Nougat Oneplus One for Battery Life?

    I already got used to Nougat 7.1 when I installed the RR RR (Resurrection Remix) a few weeks ago but I noticed a big negative change as regards the battery life since it is consumed too fast and now it is difficult for me to leave the house and I last. What is the best ROM 7.1 for the Oneplus...
  25. J

    Thread Which Zuk Z1 Rom is the Best?

    Hello Everyone! I have created this thread so that users can get reviews about Stock and Custom Roms and can decide the best one for their Zuk Devices. Which Rom is the best Rom? 1. Stock COS 12.1 9IG 2. CM 13 Nightly (With/With Cygn Apps) 3. LOS 14.1 Unofficial Nightly 4. Mokee 14.1 Official...
  26. R

    Thread [ROM] (TESTERS NEEDED) [EDIT] MiniEdit for HTC Explorer (Pico)

    THIS IS VERSION-1! V2 RELEASED! TESTERS NEEDED! This rom is snapshot and not tested now (PLEASE TEST) !
  27. Diverti

    Thread Best ROM for LBL?

    Hello! I searched all the forum, but i didn't find much ROMs. I wanted to ask, what do you think, which ROM is the best now for LBL XSP? I Found CM 12.1, CM 12, and so on.. Someone please can give me some advice what to use or try? (Now i use bagyusz's CM 12 ROM. It's a bit slow. )
  28. josephjdrew

    Thread Best Battery Rom?

    Hi all, I'm really sorry to start up yet another "which rom is the best for (...)" thread, but I've been struggling to pluck out a thread that conclusively answers the question and is up to date. As per the title, I'm wondering which rom will provide the longest battery life for my Xt1033 Let...
  29. Shahan_mik3

    Thread [Mi3/Mi4]TeamEOS - The Revival || [Official][12-Jan-2016][Revival time?]

    Welcome to EOS! The EOS project originated with the AOSP release of ICS, and was originally founded by Solarnz and co founded by Bigrushdog. Since then, EOS has evolved into a multinational collaborative effort backed by top Android developers. Our objective is to provide a world class AOSP...
  30. GoJo ^^

    Thread What is the best 5.1 rom currently..?

    I'm running CyanogenMod 4.4, last build from april. At that time, i tried CM12.1 but it was too buggy and had problematic issues to me such as very slow system free space. I see that now there are dozen of 5.1 roms, but which one's best (stability, features) and are they REALLY ok for daily use...
  31. P

    Thread [ROM] [unofficial] FIUI 2.32.0 [KK4.4.4] [EN] [dior] [port]

    FIUI (Future Interactive UI) the Original ROM is made by fiui team and Toss XXL I have beautified the Rom :angel: *** Disclamer * Your warranty is now void. * * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app...
  32. cyberboy_sj

    Thread [Q] Best rom [In terms of customisation features]

    Hey guys , Just want to ask you guys which rom is best in terms of customisation features , i have seen extra customisation features in cm based roms each one has certain features , i want to know which one has the maximum features ?
  33. W

    Thread [Q] Which Cyanogenmod To Get

    So I'm looking forward to get Cyanogenmod on my S4 (i9505). Well the question is which Version I should get: CM12, CM11 or CM10. According to Cyanogenmod, some CM10 Version is the actual release Version, but for me Android 4.3 is too old (running lollipop custom rom atm). I was browsing xda and...
  34. djlucask

    Thread [Q] Best performance ROM

    I know that this is frequently asked in all threads of the forum, but, I tested Blisspop Rom, wich I think would be the best performance Lollipop ROM, but multitasking is horrible. So, best performance-wise ROM for Razr M? Either KK or LP.
  35. L

    Thread [Q] Best rom for emulation right now?

    I've decided to unearth my Xperia Play for some emulation (N64 and PS1). It's currently running Aurora Play 1.1, a GB based rom if I recall correctly. I have not used it for about 1.5 years, and was wonder what is the best rom now with the greatest performance with emulation for N64 on...
  36. R

    Thread [ROM][GOOGLE NEXUS 5] Custom ROM’s – Nexus 5, Best, Quick Links [20-Feb-2015]

    Here is a small list of Android Custom ROM’s for the Google Nexus 5[Hammerhead] that I find most suitable to be used as a daily driver[Performance, Stability, Battery, User-Friendly, Customizations] for LOLLIPOP. No doubt, there are a plenty of official/unofficial builds that do the trick, but...
  37. D

    Thread [Q] Galaxy nexus - what are my options

  38. S

    Thread [Q] Best ROM for I9550

    Hi people, I'm not a heavy user of my I9505, curently I have the Phoenix ROM v8 installed on my phone and I'm looking for an alterative ROM to install. I use it daily for games, phone calls and WiFi. My goals in any ROM is battery use, stability, customization and Android 4.4.2 or higher. Wich...
  39. H

    Thread [Q] Best KK ROM for Mi2S

    Hi, I'm planning to try some KitKat ROM for my Mi2S. What you can recommend? It doesn't needs to be based on MIU, but it must be fast stable and battery safe. I read good recommendations for MoKees ROM, but I want have more tips from you guys. Thank you for any tips
  40. gintariukeas

    Thread [Q] Recommend original android rom?

    I don't need anything fancy- i just need a rom that has theme engine, customizable nav bar size and some kind of dsp manager (i listen to a lot of music, this is especially important) and obviously stability, good battery life, speed. I am not into playing with kernels, modding myself and stuff...
  41. B

    Thread [POLL] What is the best ROM for ACE 2 I8160

    hello everyone ! as we know, know we have a lot of costume roms, GB roms, JB roms Kitkat Roms, stock based Rom, Cyanogenmod roms, so all of as would he know what is the best rom according to how he use his phone ! (Gaming - Chatting - Musique - Powersaving...) I hope that everyone...
  42. raffaele88

    Thread [ROM][5.0.1][LRX22C] FoxHound The Phantom Pain 2.3 [17 DEC] Gapp | Clean | Stable

    Source : Source Hammerhead: Source Kernel : Cherry-pick:,n,0031813e00004aff Optimize based Insert 5 soft key on...
  43. S

    Thread [Q] Best Rom??

    Hi What Best Rom with High Battery & Speed??:confused::confused::confused: THX.
  44. Paget96

    Thread [Q] [L5/L7] Android L 5.0 or 4.4 with features from 5.0

    I want to ask all developers for L3, L5 and L7 devices ALEX.IMER Asce1062 skyinfo F4uzan -CALIBAN666- I don't know others :) Is there any L rom on xda to port for ours LG devices or that can build from sources? We have good kernels IMER for L7, skyinfo for L5. Can you all do something...
  45. Paget96

    Thread [Q] Good ROM

    which ROM have good battery life and good performance, without lags??? :D] I use LG p700
  46. Kustaa

    Thread Hype, Forget, Stay...

    ...when it should be something like Hype, Compare, Choose. I'm just posting this because it's crazy how we become kind of addicts to the cutting edge versions of Android, no matter how it really works on our device, it is just awesome because it works, on our beloved 3 years old nexus. I'm the...
  47. Abstractionist

    Thread Post your opinion for best 4.4 ROM for our device

    Hi everyone! Aim of this thread: help for all new users of Motorola Droid RAZR M, who looking for good and stable ROM. Someone need battery life, someone perfomance, other need both of them. So i think, it would be great if we will post our opinions in this thread to help for all newbies and...
  48. D

    Thread [Q] Comparison of AOSP ROMs for MDK phones

    I'm trying to figure out what the most stable and functional ROM is for my MDK VZW S4. I've tried to research this several times but I find that I have to essentially read through every thread for every ROM, and even then there are things that are left out. My previous phone was a Galaxy...
  49. Biftor

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4][29 August 2014]Biftor™SlimKat Rom V11.0[AOSP]

    Welcome to Biftor™ SlimKat Rom V11.0 KitKat For i9300 Screenshots and Videos: See the 3rd post Biftor™ SlimKat Features: Fully Compiled From Latest Slim Kat Soure Android Open Source(AOSP) 24/08/2014(Slim BUILD 7.4) All Biftor Features Will Port just i need time, just waiting :D...
  50. B

    Thread [q] best easy to use rom for htc touch pro 2?

    Hi guys My fathers currently got a NOKIA ASHA 201 which he uses for calling/texting/email....but he simply CAN'T get used to the keyboard! The HTC Touch Pro 2 seems like the only phone with a decent keyboard that he will get used to...but as it is on WM6.1 by default I am almost 100% sure he...