1. F

    Thread Insert calendar with alarm on birthdays

    HI friends! i'm a newbie in android app development, i am working on a contact application and i want to add CALENDAR which will automatically get the birthday dates of the contact/usernames in the application and trigger the alarm manager on those days for a notification. any help and idea will...
  2. dego1988

    Thread [APP][2.3.3+] Social Birthdays 2

    I want to share my birthday's app with everyone. With Social Birthdays 2 you can easily remember all your birthdays. You can get your contacts from Facebook easily. Features: - Quick access to call, send SMS and Email. - Simple and clear interface. - Weather for up to 5 days. - Contacts...
  3. taticuio

    Thread [Q] Not able to upload S note birthday greeting to facebook

    Hello friends, I have an annoying problem with my Note2, after rooting the phone and installing some custom roms and returning back to stock rom I observed that the s-planners facebook birthday greetings is not uploading anymore to facebook, I receive an error like the attachment below. 101%...
  4. A

    Thread [App][Official][2.2+] All-in-One Agenda

    All-in-One Agenda Important things – all in one place Play or AppBrain or Apk [4.0+] or Apk [2.2+] All-in-One Agenda | Support | G+ | Facebook hwT28Gi-KtE All-in-One Agenda is a widget showing events of your digital life be it calendar appointments, Facebook events, birthdays or weather...
  5. jauhari

    Thread [Q] Display Birthday on Stock Weather Widget

    Hello.. I am currently using ARHD 6.0 with Android 4.1.2 ROM On my OLD STOCK Android 4.1.1 on weather widget setting there are Sub Setting that we can display New Year and Birthday event from our contact. Here is the settings on STOCK ROM And here is the setting on ARHD 6.0 with Android...
  6. jauhari

    Thread How To Display Birthday and other important Date on Weather Widget?

    Hello.. I am currently using ARHD 6.0 with Android 4.1.2 ROM On my OLD STOCK Android 4.1.1 on weather widget setting there are Sub Setting that we can display New Year and Birthday event from our contact. Here is the settings on STOCK ROM And here is the setting on ARHD 6.0 with Android...
  7. T

    Thread Happy Birthday Android!!!

    From reliable sources, I have found out a reason to be very happy.:D:D:D It was on November 5'th 2007, that Android first unveiled itself. The Wikipedia Link : It says: On November 5, 2007, the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of...
  8. A

    Thread S Planner and contact's birthday troubles

    Hi, i have enabled "Show contact's birthdays" in S Planner's settings and it showed me all birthdays from Contacts(I have all contacts on phone, not synced with google). Today i deleted all events for this month and it also deleted all birthdays for this month. I tried restoring this birthdays...
  9. OstrichSak

    Thread Why do some of my Google calendar events show in my calendar & some don't?

    This is quite frustrating and I can't seem to find a solution to this. I have birthdays and anniversaries entered for my contacts which are sync'd to my phone as well. Most of the birthdays and anniversaries show up in my calendar on my phone but some don't. Doesn't appear to be any rhyme or...
  10. X

    Thread birthdays showing 1 day off in some places only

    so i have noticed something weird.. my GF's b-day is this friday (4-20). when she happend to call me earlier today i noticed on her contact picture there was a small birthday cake icon and text that said "tomorrow". today being 4-18 and her birthday not until 2 days from now i wondered what...
  11. B

    Thread [Q] [MIUI] Turn off birthday reminder

    The MIUI calendar (or contacts) app gives me daily notifications with the text "Today is XY Birthday, don't forget to say happy birthday or get a present". My contacts are synced with facebook, so I get this notification for all my facebook friends. I don't give a damn, so how can I disable...
  12. T

    Thread [Q] How to store birthday information in contacts?

    Hello guys, I'm using X8 for a month now and I still have a very annoying problem (for me at least) - I can't find a way to store my contact's birthdays directly from my phone. I've read a lot about it and it turns out, that there's actually no way of doing that :( Yes, I know I can edit my...
  13. R

    Thread [App 2.0+]Birthday Wish V1.18 - Automatically wish via FACEBOOK or SMS

    BIRTHDAY WISH v1.18 Price : Free By : Time Plus Q Technologies Private Limited FEATURES: *Automatically wish via FACEBOOK or SMS *Schedule your Wishes beforehand *Customize Wish message *Home Screen WIDGET showing today's Birthday *Everyday Birthday REMINDER *BACKUP/RESTORE Contacts...
  14. Z

    Thread [Q] How do I disable birthday reminders in Mango(beta)?

    Thanks to Mango's multiple calendar support and Windows Live Birthday Calendar, my friends' birthdays show up on my lock screen and home screen, and i didn't have to do a single thing (beside keeping my contact list synced and organized), which is great. However, all the birthday events come...
  15. H

    Thread [Q] syncing contact's birthdays calendar with google

    in Google Contacts, i have activated the "Contact's Birthdays and Events" calendar. while i can use this calendar for example in Thunderbird or even the old mobile, the calendar won't load in the SGS2's calendar app - it is not even listed as calendar at all. some calendar widgets from the...
  16. F

    Thread I have a Dream - Automatic Birthday App

    Hey There, i have a dream... As i am not really in time with the birthday's of my friends i watched out for some app that will remind me everytime someone had a birthday. There are some apps they can do this. Some can sync with Contacts/Facebook and the Calendar. Some can import the dates form...
  17. E

    Thread [Q] Please help root Rogers captivate on 2.1 update1!

    Please help me root my Rogers Captivate running Android 2.1 update1. That's really the only thing I want for my birthday :o I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that but that is really all I want so if anyone can help I would be very very very very very very very grateful :) Thanks in...
  18. m0nk3e

    Thread [Q] Import Birthdays from Facebook to Contacts

    I stumbled over this topic when my sister asked me if her cousin was younger or older than her... My contact list couldn't tell me. I have no clue why the on-board facebook app doesn't sync birthdays of contacts as well. After some research I found EboBirthday, which does exactly what I want -...
  19. hugojungle

    Thread HD2 and Birthdays -- a desaster!?

    First off: I own an HD2 with original HTC StockROM 3,14. additionally I have installe Manila Birthday. The device is synced with 2 PCs. 1) the birthdays from the (Outlook-)contacts are transferred automatically to the calender as "complete day" appointments. 2) with Manila Birthday you can...
  20. A

    Thread Is Vibrant's calendar age discriminatory?

    Let's say I create a birthday even in Google calendar -- yearly recurring event starting on the day person was born with no ending date. If the person was born more then 50 years ago, Vibrant (android?) will not show this even after the sync. I suspect this has something to do with the strange...
  21. B

    Thread Automatic Event in Calendar

    I use WinMo 6.5 and my own ROM having Sense 2.5 I'm dependent on the following feature. Enter the "Date of Birth" and / or "Anniversary" dates to contacts. Save the contacts and Sync it with Windows using ActiveSync or WMDC. This automatically creates birthday / anniversary events in Calendar...
  22. Matthes42

    Thread [solved] the 12 years bug of recurring appointments when syncing with 2 PC

    Outlook has the issue that it converts yearly recurring dates (e. g. birthdays) to happen every 12 years. This happens when syncing your mobile with the calendar of 2 pc (e. g. at home and at work) and you are using Outlook 2003 SP2 or higher at your pc. Now Microsoft made a hotfix to solve...
  23. A

    Thread Happy Birthday Old Man

    Everyone wish Chainfire a happy birthday. He is an old man now of 29 :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  24. U

    Thread No "year" for Contacts Birthdays HD2?

    I wanted to know if there was any way that the Birthday part of my contacts in my HD2, can be MM/DD instead of MM/DD/YYYY. i dont know what year alot of the people in my contacts were born in and id love it if there was a way around this. thanks
  25. VPAFan

    Thread [APP][01/12] Manila Birthday for Leo v2.8.3

    Manila Birthday ]The development is stopped but feel free to use it as it is. Manila Birthday generates a list of all contacts with an existing birthday / anniversary. It calculates the age and the list can be used to create calendar entries. @ all: before you ask or request for something -...
  26. D

    Thread Dates of Old Events: Problems

    Hi, I bought the Hero (the HTC Hero :) ) for my wife a couple of months ago and she reported a problem recently. She has several relatives on her contact list (grandmother etc.), who were born before the year of 1945. So, when entering a birthday for such a contact the dates which appear in...
  27. T

    Thread Birthday / Anniversary to Appointments

    Heres a little program I made which allows you to automatically create / update / delete appointments based on your anniversaries and birthdays set on your contacts, it uses its own group for the appointments "From Contact" so that it wont interfere with any other appointments you have, also...
  28. M

    Thread birthday notification

    on my old HTC I used Pocketbreeze. this app had a blinking tab for warning for an upcoming birthday. now I don't use apps like that anymore but I miss that birthday notifications. anyone knows a small (and free) WM application for this? thanks
  29. T

    Thread [App][New] BirthdaysToCalendar - add the birthdays from your contacts to the calendar

    Here it is the english version of BirthdaysToCalendar. It will add all or selected birthdays of your contacts to your calendar. This is useful for people that do not have Outlook on their PCs, to accomplish the task. The program offers a few choices, either add all birthdays to the calendar in...
  30. A

    Thread Outlook Date problems

    I have a problems with the Birthdays and Anniversary dates being changed by 1 day, always the day before what I put in. If I put 01/27/06 as a birthday on a contact, sometime over the next day, it will change to 01/26/06. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it. Thanks Andy
  31. scotchua

    Thread Don't Start A New Thread - Raphael Questions & Answers Here!

    For those who haven't bothered to read the READ THIS BEFORE POSTING announcement by Mrvanx, I brought it to you: ;) A few things you should keep in mind before posting to XDA-Developers forums: Check if your question has been asked beforeSome questions just keep popping up over and over...
  32. P

    Thread Notification of birthday events set in contacts

    Hi everybody! I've noticed that the birthday information set in Contacts is not displayed in the Today screen of the TF3D. Does anybody knows about a solution for this? Note: an obviously solution is create a calendar event for every birthday but I'd rather use information in contacts