1. N

    Thread Rooting/Hacking Hisense A6G M7322 Based Android TV

    I have 2 of these with Android 9. A 50 and a 60. They use the android home launcher and so display ads, etc. Specs: Mstar M7322 2gb Ram 4GB storage Mali GPU Right now: Adb can be entered over wireless. Most apps can be user disabled/uninstalled. App List...
  2. MajliTech

    Thread [ADB] phonedebloater - debloat your phone in 3 ez steps

    Hello folks, how are you today? So, I decided to write a program that will debloat your phone. And here it is. How to use it? Instructions are on github. Have a nice day. MajliTech
  3. B

    Thread Question Xperia 5 iii experiences?

    Hi I have a concern about my next phone purchase (hopefully an Xperia 5 III). I currently have an Xperia XZ2C that I'm looking to replace. The main concern/frustration with it is a few pre-loaded apps that I don't want kept trying to load and also update (e.g. Facebook and Sony News)... it...
  4. Vordx

    Thread How to install / get back uninstalled Apps (APKs) with ADB.

    A lot of people searched for a way to uninstall bloat or APKs using ADB because a lot of OEMs don't allow uninstalling many of preinstalled apps. Tested on Pie and Oreo. BUT most of the articles if not all of them ( couldn't find any article saying otherwise ) say that after using the command...
  5. sullytrny

    Thread [Q] Disable warning "Mobile Data" Package Disabler "PRO" (MDM)

    On my old trusty S5 Active I could disable the "popuprecvxxx" to stop the charge cable disconnect warning popup. I have a Note 9 and I turn/switch mobile data on and off quite frequently so I wonder if anyone has found the package to disable yet so when you turn mobile data off you don't get a...
  6. R

    Thread Debloat?

    How does one debloat this phone?
  7. D

    Thread BL Unlockable S9 (for warranty reasons) - looking for ways to make the most of it

    So, even if my country is in the EU, both Samsung AND the phone shop refuse to keep the S9 under warranty, if I change the software (meaning root, bootloader unlock, flash kernel, recovery, etc). So what are my chances of making the most out of this phone? Battery life is terrible, but I don't...
  8. psouza4

    Thread PSA: disable Mobile Services Manager in System > Apps

    NOTE: This might only apply to the Verizon version of the S9/S9+ (SM-G96xU), but for those of you who have this app, disable it. It's labeled as "Mobile Services Manager" under Settings > Apps (it does not appear in your app drawer in your launcher). Previously called DT Ignite (or just...
  9. R

    Thread Custom ROM usability

    I've been eyeing this phone for a while and I'm probably going to buy either this or the Oneplus 5T. But since I apply custom ROMs to all my phones, I'd like to know a few things before I decide: How much does installing a custom rom affect funcionality? I'm talking about: -The wide angle...
  10. K

    Thread [AROMA] Stock Light ROM/Patch v6 | Debloated | XZ2 & PIXEL2 Port

    ** Your warranty is now void. ** ** We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, ** thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please ** do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this MOD ** before flashing it! You are choosing...
  11. davebugyi

    Thread [GUIDE] Remove system apps/bloat - ADB | NO ROOT

    Hello all, I found a nice little guide, which works on most of the android phones - if you want to remove system apps, but do not want to root. All credits to dosangst on Reddit! Working ADB connection is required. And as always, be careful what you remove! Removing critical apps will result...
  12. M

    Thread Which apps/bloat on stock Android 7 are safe to disable? (no root)

    As Samsung always chooses to give us a ton of bloat, which apps have you disabled without any problems? I've disabled:- - Dictionary - Drive - Excel - Google Play & Movies - Hangouts - Memo - OneDrive - OneNote - Photos - Powerpoint - SideSync - Word Would be nice to know a lot more that can...
  13. E

    Thread Any Debloat script for MIUI 8 Global Stable/Dev version?

    Hello, I've been trying to find a bloatware removal script / debloat script that can comprehensively remove everything except minimum essential items only. I've been searching XDA & also miui forums but can't seem to find any that is updated. I did find this thread: De-Bloater MIUI 8...
  14. I

    Thread [SOLVED] [Q] [Nougat] Can't use Debloater anymore to hide/block apps?

    I upgraded my SM-G930F from Marshmellow to Nougat today. With the upgrade, I got some of the native and annoying bloat Samsung apps on my phone again. On my old software, I could use "Debloater by Gatesjunior" to disable those. I can't anymore. It can only read to apps/processes (see...
  15. K

    Thread [APP][WIP] Debloated ES File Explorer (No spying, weird popups, etc)

    (If you don't want to wait, I see someone's uploaded v3 right here. There's also a solution on the app store called Solid Explorer. Dev is really great as well as the app, and it works with systemless root.) Hello. If you're like me, you've been using ES for a really long time. It's a really...
  16. psouza4

    Thread GUIDE: DEBLOAT a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

    This is a follow-up post to my GUIDE: ROOT, install XPOSED, and UNROOT/returning to stock a Verizon Galaxy S7 If you have not already rooted your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, please follow my guide and also see the "Recommended Next Steps" section that follows. If you would rather not root your phone...
  17. W

    Thread Master Remove / Debloat / Freeze List [6.0.1] [Note4]

  18. superawesomeme

    Thread LG Stock without LG look

    I have a lot of experience with Linux but despite having similar roots, Linux and Android are certainly very different beasts so I have a pretty noob question... Would it be technically possible to easily create a ROM based on LG Stock, like Fulmics, but without the LG style and bloat...
  19. CTXCI

    Thread Can these apps be frozen or uninstalled without harm?

    I have rooted and removed a lot of the bloat, including all AT&T apps, and most Asus Apps, but there are still some that I'm wanting to remove but I'm just not sure on how stable it will be to remove them or what they are for. One of the reasons I'm removing a lot is because for some reason I...
  20. U

    Thread Can Note 5 Bloatware be removed without Root (Verizon & ATT)

    I am a VZW user by necessity (coverage) and I like the specs of the Note 5 (Processor, RAM, and S-Pen). Knowing that Root access is not possible (at least for now) on VZW and ATT, I am trying to determine what is possible with the Note 5 on these carriers. Without root access is it possible to...
  21. fabio000

    Thread [5.X/6.0] Flashable Bloatware / Bloat Remover

    This zip will remove the apps listed bellow without breaking any Google core service Google Now entirely functional Most of these apps can be downloaded on Play Store I made this .zip based on Stock ROM I tested only on N5 with stock LMY48I I tested it on Stock Lollipop, 08/nov marshmallow and...
  22. adam_ky

    Thread (How to) Disable greyed out System apps and Bloat non root

    First off I am running lolipop and have been working to find a way to disable bloatware that you don't want. I can't root as I'm on a att s5 lolipop... finally found out how to get those apps that can't be disabled disabled. Instructions: 1. Find the app that your wanting to dissable... let's...
  23. S

    Thread [Q] Debloat D950

    Night Everyone, I just ordered a D950 LG G Flex AT&T, and i havent received it yet, however, i wanted to ask some stuff. Im not a newbie on the android section, but each hpone acts different, as example, i had a E980 [LG G PRO AT&T] before this one, and wha ti know, is that, removing any...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] Would you recommend me this phone?

    Hello everyone, I am about to retire my One M7, which served me well in all aspects except for the camera and more importantly, battery life. I don't know anyone who has this phone and I will most likely be locked in for at least 2 years. I've read many reviews but I would like some personal...
  25. R

    Thread [Q] Replacement for bloated Tunein Radio

    I'm really not liking this social integration kick that they're on. I've tried out 4 replacements with no success. Anyone have an old version of Tunein pre all the bloat?
  26. Scytale

    Thread G3 Bloatware list

    There are many information on the forum in numerous threads about removing bloatware both LG native ones and 3rd party inflicted (Google or Carrier) for all interested parties maybe we should create a list of applications that are considered bloatware/un-needed and are safe to remove. If a...
  27. X

    Thread [Q] Bloatware

    Does anyone have an uptodate list of the bloatware i can safely remove for 4.4 ? Thanks
  28. A

    Thread The Dreaded "android.process.acore has stopped" Error: Is there a Master List of....

    The Dreaded "android.process.acore has stopped" Error: Is there a Master List of.... So I got this error withing hours of first turning on my new Galaxy Note last night, and I just figured it was because I disabled an app I shouldn't have. So I reset to factory settings, and everything was...
  29. Demiurge7

    Thread [WIP] App/Bloat list for stock disabling

    So, I had some success improving performance on the VZW S5 by disabling some of the apps that I dont use. Lets face it - TW is just too heavy , and taking it down a notch seems to help. I have seen a few lists in various places, but nothing really definitive so far. While we all calmly and...
  30. Devin-J

    Thread help needed. missing a system app.

    hello people, this is my first time posting in S4 section. i recently removed bloatwares from my rooted stock S4 and accidentally removed Encrypt.apk ( could any kind sould out there upload a copy for me? i would appreciate that a lot :fingers-crossed: I hope to be...
  31. Devin-J

    Thread help needed. missing a system app.

    hello people, this is my first time posting in S4 section. i recently removed bloatwares from my rooted stock S4 and accidentally removed Encrypt.apk ( could any kind sould out there upload a copy for me? i would appreciate that a lot :fingers-crossed: I hope to be...
  32. J

    Thread [Q] Renaming apks - not holding new name?!

    Hey guys, I still rename my bloat, I know, you probably see this as lame, but maybe someone has the answer anyway. In system/app, the Motorola Migrate apk (fswriter.apk) can be renamed using root and Root Explorer, but after a minute or so, or a reboot, the apk returns to the original name (I...
  33. B

    Thread Plz pin those topics here I think they relevant here since no one really knows those tricks since many users coming to LG from different brands
  34. EEngineer

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - T-Mobile Bloatware

    Just rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from T-Mobile, it's running JB 4.1.2. I'm taking the Tab on a long drive using the Waze app and battery life will be crucial for me. I installed AnTek App Manager and froze the following bloat apps: Google Play Books GMail Google+ Gallery (I'm using...
  35. R.Suave

    Thread [SHARE] [SCRIPT] TrulyClean v1.5 - De-bloat ANY Touchwiz Rom in No Time!

    User schoolsux has created a script to clean/de-bloat your touchwiz rom. I take no credit for this. Just wanted to share for those interested:good: Hey folks! :cowboy: TrulyClean is a "any rom" script that removes A LOT of crap-apps (98+ apps removed) and other stuff on the phone. Script...
  36. optimumpro

    Thread Xperia ION 40 hours of battery life

    My Xperia ION AT&T lasts for about 38-40 hours on WCDMA only and constantly active 2 sip accounts through Csipsimple (on WIFI and WCDMA), plenty of sip and gsm phone calls and internet usage. I am on T-Mobile and have all LT28i bands including T-Mobile's 1700 band and LTE. Here is what worked...
  37. F

    Thread [Q] De-Sense a Sense based ROM?

    So I know this is probably a really stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. :D For about 18 months I ran Decks ROM and really liked how lean the whole thing was. I got stellar battery life, and had next to no bloat and it was nice and fast. I recently put a sense ROM on my phone (Infamous 2.1...
  38. Z

    Thread [Q] Bloatware removal - What's safe?

    I'm going to be rooting my N2 in a little bit and I want to know what bloatware crap I can remove safely without bricking the phone completely? I'm looking to remove stuff to improve battery life, ROM space, and overall performance. Mostly the AT&T crap and some of the other stuff (Play books...
  39. zakth

    Thread [Q] [REQ/IDEA] Aroma-based bloat remover.

    So I have this idea but the problem is I have no idea how to go about making it happen. But it's a pretty simple idea and I think some of us would like it. So what this idea is.... You would have an Aroma-based script which allows you to select the bloat you wish to remove from a freshly...
  40. F

    Thread [Q] Removing Bloatware

    I have a few questions about removing bloatware from the stock ROM. 1) The guide here suggests removing the apk from the system partition. What about all the other installation files and data? How do you remove that? 2) Would using the uninstall option in titanium backup be better? 3) (For...
  41. pottersam

    Thread [Q] Is there a list of the bloatware that should be disabled?

    I plan on disabling the bloat on my DNA, 2 main questions here: 1. Has anyone already made a list of the bloatware that comes preloaded on the DNA? 2. Is any of the "bloatware" actually useful that is from HTC or Verizon? I wouldn't mind updating this post with the list of bloatware, Thanks.
  42. jaredb03

    Thread [Q] Bloatware list?

    Just got my Note, and was looking for a compiled list of safe to remove bloatware. I can't seem to find anything for the Note 10.1 and bloatware. Any info would be appreciated.
  43. mrRobinson

    Thread [ATT/TMO/SPR + more] [Aroma De-Bloater] v1.00 Updated 11.17.2012

    mrRobinson Note II De-Bloater This is a fancy little Aroma Installer you can flash in CWM or TWRP and choose all the bloatware you want to remove from your system. For any Galaxy Note II variant! There are a few main selections. Minimal de-bloat will remove everything that is recommended to...
  44. mai77

    Thread [ bloatware ] .apk list : which bloatware to delete from ROM ?

    unfortunately other thread was closed midway into some discussion. Did you encounter problems when removing a particular bloatware ? read also on SGY bloatware removal : news...
  45. CaptainRewind

    Thread [SCRIPT] Bloatware/Boot Animation and Sound Removal Script | Team Fireballas

    A Team Fireballas Release Requirements: ROOTED HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, Stock ROM TWRP or CM Recovery External SD Card Windows This was tested on Win 7, but should work on XP, Vista, or 7. A Linux version is possible if there is demand. Instructions: Perform a NANDROID backup in TWRP or...
  46. schaggo

    Thread [Q] Apps safe to remove / debloat guide?

    I didn't spot any thread around here covering the topic of debloating stock sony firmware. Not that it would be cluttered like other manufacturers firmware, but theres still room for improvement :p Is there a guide somewhere or a list of all apk safe to disable/remove (provided root acces) on...
  47. Tony_YYZ

    Thread [Q] Will OTA be successful after freezing carrier bloat apps on current OS?

    Hi All, *please reference phone stats in signature* I have just frozen some carrier(Rogers) bloat apps in my device using Titanium Backup PRO as to try and improve battery life. My carrier is scheduled to roll out the Jelly Bean OTA for the i747M SGS3 devices at the end of this month. Since I...
  48. M

    Thread [Tool+Flashable] Bloat Remover Tool for Note 2

    Tired of having unused apps in your massive app drawer? Tired of useless apps taking up space on your phone? Then you've come to the right place! Now also in a simple flashable .zip file for those who prefer that! All credit goes to eaglerazor123 for the original debloat tool for GS III, i...
  49. fma965

    Thread [AROMA|MOD][18th August][V0.3] Speed Up Your Rom! (Bloatware Remover)

    SuperSpeed (Bloat Remover) 0.3 Hey guys i created a small customizable which is currently able to remove the bloatware you select. Its using AROMA to allow for customizations and a lot more features will be coming soon. Features! Remove BloatWare Remove Certain Apps Enable ZRAM...
  50. sargorn

    Thread [UTIL][12/JUL/12] Samsung Galaxy S3 Chlorine. (bloat remover cwm-update generator)

    Status: Online * If you've updated any stock apps, the updated versions won't be removed. Now that I have my own Galaxy S3, I figured it was time to add that to the Chlorine mix. Basically it's a web based tool that will generate a CWM compatible to remove pre-installed apps...