1. AMDFenics

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Vivo X70 Pro+ debloat script. OriginOS

    Hey folks, personally i don't like all these stock roms, filled up with hundreds of apps, most of them are junk to me. So i collected the package names and wrote a small script to get rid of them. Please check before using, if u need any of these apps! If so, you can commend the lines out...
  2. Lucxqq

    Thread How To Guide Debloat Guide, Remove all Bloatware on Realme

    WARNING You might loose functionality provided by an app if it is removed . I am not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to your device . The device should be plugged in the pc for it to work. DOWNLOAD Attached File STEPS Go To Settings, about Phone, version, now click on...
  3. J

    Thread Wondering how can I root a Sky Elite C55 handset

    I have this Sky handset I’ve been wanting to root in order to remove bloatware and perhaps improve overall performance. For reference, it runs on a Unisoc sc9863a SoC with Android 11 Go as its OS. If I’m not mistaken, the phone is also A/B partitioned, since I cannot seem to find a recovery...
  4. Kirakira

    Thread What bloatware to delete but keeping the samsung account for the Themes

    Hi ! SGS7 with stock Oreo 8.0 here. I deleted too much bloatware and lost the themes access, for having a dark mode. I couldn't sign in anymore (error). Factory reset again, and found that my mistake was to delete that was the Samsung account app. I wonder if I could delete...
  5. Qqlby

    Thread Can't delete files using root

    I'm using a realme phone Android 11 and I wanted to delete the original Apks which I found out that it's stored in file called /my_heytap and /my_region so I don't want them to be installed when I create a new user, I tried to delete them using Root Explorer and it told me: Delete failed, when I...
  6. G

    Thread which bloatwares should i remove ?

    i used adb to uninstall some bloatwares on my a50 such as bixby vision or google duo,...... But i want more. Can you guys list some bloatwares that i can install without affecting to the system? (list as paths, plz)
  7. M

    Thread [Release] [Windows] ReBloatWare a free tool to bloatware your Android

    Hello everyone, I had written this script before long time... and after I update it today I'm finally releasing it here... it's allows to remove the unnecessary applications using a list that stores unwated applications package's name such as (i.e Google Play Music)... so that will help the...
  8. M

    Thread Huawei p20 default application open links

    Hello, I removed various apps with But I have a problem. When I go to settings / applications / default applications / opening links / application links and there are applications that I removed eg...
  9. K

    Thread Question List over bloatware safe to remove

    Hello. I'm receiving my new z flip 3 tomorrow (happy! ) and I want to remove as much bloatware as possible before I start to use the phone. Do anyone have a list of apps that are safe to remove? I hate it when apps are crashing because I removed something that I shouldn't have removed..
  10. J

    Thread Any MIUI rom without xiaomi's bloatware?

    Hey guys, after 2 years i've finally unlocked my bootloader and i've had installed pixel experience, but PE it has a lot of bugs and crashes. Sometimes i want go back to MIUI but it has so much bloatwares and the update system is so slow (i still think we wont get MIUI 12.5 and android 12 on the...
  11. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Toolbox to remove Bloatware..

    ..from Amazon Fire 7" (9th Generation) tablet. I downloaded the Toolbox app V.17.1 and it worked great. Removed all the apps I do not need or use. This was early afternoon, and when I opened my tablet in the evening, all the apps were back and there was a message saying Fire updated. So when...
  12. blach@23

    Thread Infinix Smart 2 roms ?

    I know this is lame or anything .. I just wanna know about Infinix Smart 2 roms and I wanna install stock ROM in my phone and I cant change my current phone with this bloatware
  13. N

    Thread Fossil gen5 trying de-bloat

    Hi to everyone, i'm new with adb and all this things, but not new on modding my phone throw custom recovery. I have a fossil gen5, and I was trying to install ticwatch apps throw adb by pushing the apk in the storage of my watch and then install them. Some apps i installed them, like ticsleep...
  14. P

    Thread S20 Ultra (G988B) Clean ROM

    Hello! I'm looking for a clean firmware for my S20 Ultra. So far I've flashed Polish XEO which was supposed to be bloatware free but it isn't. SM-G988B_G988BXXS6DUBA_R_XEO I want to get rid of providers splash screen, preinstalled Play24 apps and wallpapers. Can you please post me a link for a...
  15. preyan

    Thread Samsung M30S Auto Debloater Tool

    Hi There, I present to you the ultimate One-Click Debloater. Instruction: 1. Download the tool from the link below. 2. Unzip the contents of the zip file. 3. Double click on '' Auto_Debloater.bat '' to run the tool. 4. Enjoy. Download: List of Apps removed...
  16. saifsuse

    Thread How To Guide Safely Removing unnecessary System / bloatware apps from Xiaomi Mi 10i without root

    Warning: Use the program at your own risk! I do not guarantee that this guide won’t break your phone, blow it to flaming pieces or cause a sentient machines rebellion against humanity. You were warned. Download the executable JAR from here. The Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools was developed in...
  17. debdeep98

    Thread Debloat/Disable System Apps

    So you got your new shiny realme device but you hate bloatware or want to disable system apps so you can use 3rd party apps instead? Follow the steps below: THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT HOWEVER MAKE SURE NOT TO DISABLE IMPORTANT SYSTEM APPS. WIPE DATA/FORMATTING RE-ENABLES ALL SYSTEM APPS. THIS...
  18. debdeep98

    Thread Debloat/Disable System Apps

    So you got your new shiny realme device but you hate bloatware or want to disable system apps so you can use 3rd party apps instead? Follow the steps below: THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT HOWEVER MAKE SURE NOT TO DISABLE IMPORTANT SYSTEM APPS. WIPE DATA/FORMATTING RE-ENABLES ALL SYSTEM APPS. THIS...
  19. debdeep98

    Thread Debloat/Disable System Apps

    So you got your new shiny realme device but you hate bloatware or want to disable system apps so you can use 3rd party apps instead? Follow the steps below: THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT HOWEVER MAKE SURE NOT TO DISABLE IMPORTANT SYSTEM APPS. WIPE DATA/FORMATTING RE-ENABLES ALL SYSTEM APPS. THIS...
  20. S

    Thread Chinese version, bloatware, google apps, rootable?

    So I'm in China where the Chinese model is about to come out, and I wanna get it, except I'm concerned that I would be unable to use google software (namely google play, maps, email, and syncing contacts). I recall some Chinese phones won't allow google services to be installed, rendering all...
  21. AllAboutTech

    Thread S20 series standby battery /disable bloatware HOW TO

    Dear All, During the past 10yrs at least I was /am a Samsung fan but not only. I was using Galaxy phones from S4 up until now to S20Ultra. But also Oneplus devices and iPhones. During this time I was able to see and maybe understand what is causing battery draining on Android devices...
  22. K

    Thread [Guide] [SM-T510] Ultimate list of bloatware (Stock, no root, SOT 10+ hours!)

    After the recent stock ROM update to Android 10, I started having issues opening some apps. Also I couldn't reinstall some apps. Instead of troubleshooting each problem, I decided to factory reset. Before the update, I was focused on deleting as many apps as possible. That was my goal. And...
  23. G

    Thread Xiaomi bloatware

    Recovered from latest image using fastboot and updated back up to March Security patch. Noticed that there were an app called Caping installed on the phone! Also there was installed Mi Store And Mi Community app. What is this? I watched reviews of Caping on Google play and filtered for my...
  24. K

    Thread Debloat the preinstalled apps - GUIDE

    Hi everyone. After a couple of days using the s20+ I was wondering is there any way to debloat some of the preinstalled apps i.e - Netflix, Spotify, Members, S health, Browser etc. I've tried with adb and it turns out that is working. I removed some of the apps that I don't want and all is good...
  25. AllAboutTech

    Thread Oneplus 7T /7T Pro bloatware adb uninstall

    Hi All, Below you may find a step-by-step tutorial how to uninstall system apps which are causing battery drain in the background. Step #1: Enable developer mode + USB Debugging go to the OnePlus 7 Pro device ‘Settings’ > scroll down and open the ‘About Phone’ option. o to the ‘Build Number’...
  26. B

    Thread Is Infinix Hot 8 bad in privacy, information security, user data?

    Friends, I am planning to buy Infinix Hot 8 but have read that it has lots of bloatware, spammy notifications, ads, etc. It also did had some keyboard app which was banned by Google Play Store (not sure if they still install it) Now, I am not a tech guy and hate anything which has loose...
  27. Harshiv989

    Thread [GUIDE][NO ROOT] ADB Bloatware removal Simple Guide for RedMi Note 5A.

    Warning: I will not be responsible for any wrong doings that might occur with following this guide, this is my first Guide here, expect some errors. Any damage to any device that might happen by following then steps is responsiblility of particular user not mine. I recommend that you don't do...
  28. vimal0212

    Thread How to remove bloatwares and preloaded apps?

    Color OS preloaded with certain apps. Such apps can't simply uninstall. Its hard coded, , for e.g. App Market. Users need to apply commands from ADB to uninstall preloaded apps. 1. Install ADB and Fastboot I installed ADB and Fastboot on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, use following commands on a command...
  29. Unblessed Be

    Thread Debloating the V30 with rooted stock Pie?

    I just updated my US998 V30+ to stock Pie with TWRP, thanks to all you wonderful people. Debloating on Oreo was a breeze. I used SD Maid's App Control feature to delete useless system apps and bloat. I now tried it on Pie but no dice. I tried it with other debloating apps and still nothing. I...
  30. S

    Thread Bloatware - any verified list, what apps to remove?

    Hi, is there same list of verified apps, those I can without any impact disable (for user 0) via ADB? I suppose that there is a lot of ballast in this phone, but I have no experience with Huawei/Honor phones .. I suppose that in case of any problems I can make FR and enable these apps again...
  31. J

    Thread Remove Galaxy A40 bloatware

    I have just acquired a Samsung Galaxy A40 phone. In my opinion, it has one of the best size/price/performance ratios on the market, reason why I bough it. However, one very sad point about it is that there is still no LineageOS or any other custom ROMs to this phone, forcing myself to stick to...
  32. O

    Thread Huaqin App

    I have new Mi A2 Lite .. Indonesian version with latest April update. There are some suspicious apps already include by default pre-installed namely: 1. Caping --> not suspicious actualy but I don't want my device pre-installed with crap. 2. Huaqin apps. There are two of them. I delete...
  33. jcsww

    Thread Bloatware Removal (ADB) for Global ROM Stable

    This thread is for those of us who don't root or that want to remove bloatware apps that usually require root to remove easily. You will need ADB installed. You can use the Android SDK but personally, I use the installer for simplicity and install it system-wide. You can find the ADB 1.4.3...
  34. A

    Thread [Magisk] Debloat Script for Xperia XZ Premium

    Hello, I've created a Debloat Script to systemlessly Debloat the Xperia XZ Premium via Magisk. Tested on following Devices/Firmwares: Xperia XZ Premium (G8141): 47.2.A.8.24, 47.2.A.10.28, 47.2.A.10.45 (Pie) Xperia XA2 If you try on other devices give feedback. It might work on most actual Sony...
  35. lbsilva

    Thread [ROOT] [Discussion] Safe-to-remove System Bloatware/Googleware

    Since there's no thread related to safe-to-remove system bloatware/googleware, I decided to make one. I'm counting on your help to expand this list. :D Tested Chrome Alternatives: Firefox, Brave, Waterfox. Or you could simply uninstall it as a system APP and reinstall it as a user APP. There's...
  36. D

    Thread What Can I Disable ? ( Bloatware )

    Went threw the phone, disabling all bloatware. To say the least, this phone comes with a lot of it. Anyways, I disabled at least 50+ Apps, however, if I disable apps like MotoCare or MotoBug it disabled OTA updates. I want to keep OTA Updates cuz this is my daily use phone ( I have a "...
  37. Liftkit

    Thread Swapping simcards

    I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that was a Verizon Wireless variant. I went to swap the SIM cards from the Total Wireless SIM to active AT&T SIM card just to see if it would work and it did but I went to put the Total Wireless SIM card back in and I'm left with all of this AT&T bloat...
  38. Tomatot-

    Thread [DEBLOAT] [OOS, Customs] Tomatot Debloater 4.1 (+++Battery, RAM, Privacy)

    Hello guys, Introduction Today is my first step in the android development world. And I'm starting with something very little. I've created this tool for myself but I thought I could share it, as it could be useful to you as well and you could help me to improve it. Big announcements 1)...
  39. R

    Thread Debloat?

    How does one debloat this phone?
  40. anabhi

    Thread [TOOL] Remove system apps/bloat -Realme 2PRO | NO ROOT]

    Hello all, I made scrpit which will help you to uninstall/disable system apps and bloatware :) As with any mods go,this is one that's fairly harmless,worse case scenario,a factory reset will get you back on track,but,ultimately everyone is responsible for their own phone & what happens to it...
  41. Uqbar

    Thread Bloatware?

    How much bloatware is there in the stock ROM?
  42. D

    Thread Is there any rom for the G9650 variant without Facebook pre installed?

    The title says it all, I'm looking for a G9650 (Snapdragon) rom without Facebook pre installed I'm currently using the ZTO unbranded ROM and it came with only a few apps, which is great, basically some Google Apps, MS Office and Facebook, but I want to use a modded Facebook app and it's...
  43. krige

    Thread LG Calendar, impossible to disable/remove

    I am using Google Calendar and don't want to use the pre-installed LG Calendar app. It's not possible to uninstall it nor disable it from Android settings. I tried to stop the app and remove all its permissions but somehow they get automatically restored, making me receive double notifications...
  44. A

    Thread Preinstalled 3rd-party apps in XA2 stock ROM (POS: Europe)?

    Currently debating whether to include the XA2 in my list for a phone replacement, and I'd like to use the XA2 vendor support / OTA updates for as long as possible before hopping on the LineageOS release train. A requirement for that would be that the stock ROM is clean. I'm fine with native...
  45. Shiroyasha21

    Thread Disable Google Apps in MIUI Without ROOT

    Hi I will show you how to disable Google Apps or MIUI Stock Apps without root or additional app. Things You Should Know - Set your language to English UK - Update Google Play services to the latest version. How To Disable Google Apps in MIUI 1. Open Play Store, Tap the 3-line menu icon at the...
  46. 6

    Thread Kk 4.4.2 discrepancies in storage

    Got Kk 4.4.2 on a Blu Studio 5C HD. After removing and disabling a multitude of apps, I still have a discrepancy of approx. 630 MB between what it should have (5.89 GB approx) and what it's reporting (5.26 GB) it has available. Obviously there are "hidden" apps/files. Went to search for those...
  47. jcsww

    Thread Removing Bloatware Via ADB

    I am aware of package disablers and notice how quick these paid apps get removed from the Play Store. I personally prefer to use ADB to remove apps. For most of my non-rooted devices, I keep a list of what I can through ADB. Junk like Facebook, YouTube, Drive, and so on. However, Samsung...
  48. A

    Thread [Qualcomm][MetroPCSXT1765]The Do's/Don't Delete Bloatware Official List

    Here is a list of bloatware to safely delete. I've tried it on my freshly flashed stock rom. As always, you are responsible for your own phone, I ascertain no responsibility if you mess up. Do this AT YOUR OWN RISK.:cyclops: The Metro PCS variant has almost 7GB out of 16GB in use out the...
  49. U

    Thread Enabling Secure Folder Causes Phone to Reboot Every One Minute [Solved]

    I faced a problem with phone restarting after enabling Secure Folder. Searching for it didn't give me any results, so thought of sharing here. Summary: After disabling "com.dsi.ant.server", if I uninstall "Secure Folder" and then install it again, phone was rebooting every 1 minute. Temporary...
  50. Mikuloli123

    Thread [Help] [Debloating]

    Hi guys, I'am a very experienced android superuser since years, yesterday i got a XZP. I rooted it with XperiFIX all worked fine, but.... if i try to debloat the rom from the sony bloatware apps in /system/app & /system/priv-app like ar effect or google play music or google chrome. if i delete...