1. D

    Thread How to fix Dm-verity corruption on BLU f91 5G after failed dsu loading?

    I decided to load gsi via dsu loader in the settings app, I had oem unlocking enabled, and then I installed one of the gsi--it was random, I don't know too much about these types of things, like arm64 or something, at the time, so I just did the arm64 so for a bit, it was done downloading, all I...
  2. oreo_ice_cream

    Thread Need HELP --- Build AOSP for Blu Advance L5 A390L and flash it

    I have a Blu Advance L5 A390L and I need to create and customize AOSP to create a flashable OS for it Can you help me with this? I need to build AOSP for it Customize AOSP Flash AOSP on it I can pay money for it
  3. T

    Thread Antenna radio signal shows an "X" where my signal strength is shown after system update

    Hey guys, I've been nearly driving myself insane trying to find a fix for what seems to be a pretty serious, near-system breaking bug in the most recent Android 11 system update for the Blu View 3 (B140DL) I had working antenna signal and strength working perfectly fine, after marrying my new...
  4. iamtheflame

    Thread Blu View 3 [B140DL]

    Would it be possible to get this phone added as a device, or maybe a General Questions thread for blu devices? Not sure if this is improper protocol here but if I looked around a bit and that just seems like the next logical step.. I think. Lol. There is a similar thread for getting root...
  5. A

    Thread problems with blu studio 7.0 II

    Hi, i am having lots of problems in the rooting of a blu studio 7.0 II first of all, how do i unlock the bootloader? first i tried to use adb with developer options. it didn't work, the device was not dectected. OEM unlocking was not in developer options. i thought that the bootloader was...
  6. i3GX

    Thread What Am I Doing Wrong? (Rooting/Bootloader Unlocking)

    Hopefully someone here can help me through my problem, Device Details: BLU G60/BLU VIVO X6 Android 9/Pie OEM Unlocking: Allowed USB Debugging: Enabled Hey, I'm pretty new to this way of customizing my phone (adb, root, roms etc), and I'm trying to root my phone with Magisk. I have a patched...
  7. D

    Thread [Blu B130DL Unlock/Recovery/Root RELEASE]

    Proudly Presents Another Exclusive Release Supported Model Blu View 2 B130DL Recoveries TWRP_10 Recovery Roms GSI Roms ? Info Patched-lk.img contains the Orange State Boot warning Patched out Patched-boot.img & Patched-vbmeta.img Are Pre-Rooted Images BootLoader Unlock MtkClient...
  8. D

    Thread [Blu B100DL Unlock/Recovery/Root RELEASE]

    Proudly Presents Another Exclusive Release Supported Model Blu View 1 B100DL Recoveries TWRP_10 Recovery Roms GSI Roms ? Info Patched-lk.img contains the Orange State Boot warning Patched out Patched-boot.img & Patched-vbmeta.img Are Pre-Rooted Images BootLoader Unlock MtkClient...
  9. spr0ut

    Thread BLU G90 Pro TWRP Image

    Does anyone know if there's a version of TWRP out there for the BLU G90 Pro? The closest I've come is the G9, and I've tried that one already. Please help. I need to root my phone so I can enable Google Play Services for AR.
  10. S

    Thread How do I root a BLU G90 Pro so I can use the "Battery Charge Limit [ROOT]" application?

    Despite it sales wise, one of BLU (Bold Like Us)'s best selling phone, for some reason their G90 Pro model has very little information as far as specific rooting tutorials. Anyway, straight forward goal, I think. Since again, no information and I'm not sure if that is because of no one asking...
  11. Easymoney224

    Thread Does anyone know how to root Blu G5 device?

    I can't figure out how to root my Blu G5 and i have tried everything. Does anyone have any insight or tips? thanks
  12. S

    Thread STATUS_SCATTER_FILE_INVALID (-1073545215)

    Hello, I'm trying to install a rom compatible with my Blu R1 HD R0030UU but I'm getting this error code: The scatter file is attached. I'm trying to use this firmware: The one "compatible" with Blu R1 HD...
  13. E

    Thread HELP: Attempting to obtain root on BLU G9 Pro

    Hello all, so long story short I had bought a BLU G9 Pro which came with Android 9 Pie. The only device-specific guide I could find online about obtaining root was: The information on that guide is trivial and can be applicable to almost any device...
  14. mrmazak

    Thread [TWRP] TWRP 3.4-0-0 For Blu G90 G0310WW [MT6765][Android 10]

    First released twrp for BLU G90 phone. Whats working: Adb Mtp USb-OTG MicroSD Flash Image Mount System , Vendor, product (contents of SUPER).... mount allows reading the partitions, but was not able to write to them Back-Up/Restore to/from usb (or micro sdcard)...
  15. mrmazak

    Thread [stock Rom] Blu G-90 G0310WW

    Blu G90 device shipped from factory with Android 10 as with other devices from blu they do not have a public download of there roms. So here is the stock rom pulled from the device with SP-Flash tool. Both the shipped rom build fingerprint...
  16. Q

    Thread [AIO][DEV][RESEARCH]BLU ZOEY SMART 3G Development and Research Thread

    The BLU Zoey Smart is a bad phone. There's no getting around that. KaiOS stutters at the best of times with 512mb of RAM. The BLU Zoey Smart has 256mb of RAM. Here are the full specs: RAM: 256MB Internal storage: 512MB Micro SD Card: Up to 32GB Processor: Spreadtrum SC7731ef/SP7731ef Front...
  17. I

    Thread [Guide]Root Blu VIVO XI with Magisk

    This is official tutorial on how to root your BLU Vivo XI (V0320VV) with Magisk. Device Information:: Model: BLU Vivo XI (V0320VV) ( Android Version: 8.1.0 (BLU promised they will push OTA update for Android 9.0 if that happen and you're running...
  18. L

    Thread Root for BLU G6 A7 Vivo X5?

    BLU has released these identical phones for various vendors. They are all rebadged G6. A7 is for Best Buy, Vivo X5 is for Amazon. X5 is a new release which was recently on sale for $80. 3GB ram, 64GB rom. OEM unlocking, bootloader is available. Would it be difficult to root this phone...
  19. innovator8

    Thread [Q] Google Camera app port to BLU G9

    Hi all, Has anyone ported the latest google camera app to work in BLU phones? Particular the BLU G9? Thank you in advance. Jeff
  20. P

    Thread AICP Custom Rom for BLU STUDIO SELFIE (BLU S070Q) by Prajwal

    (Don't forget to press the thanks button :D:D) This is the CM based AICP custom rom for BLU Studio Selfie S070Q. Enjoy folks :p:p Rom Details: Name: Android Ice Cold Project Android Version: lollipop 5.1 Android kernel: 3.10.x Rom porter and moderator : Prajwal Dhungana Whats working: 1. Sim...
  21. Datastream33

    Thread [OFFICIAL][TOOL][WINDOWS] Blu Vivo 8L Debloater V1.0

  22. 6

    Thread Stuck in bootloop, won't power off

    Afternoon: I'm looking for some help. Got a Studio 5.0C HD that's stuck in bootloop and won't/doesn't power off. While in bootloop no buttons work(volume, on/off, home nor menu) I'm able to get into "hard reset" (6-7x), but it doesn't do anything to help. It did, once, get past boot, but it...
  23. StarSage

    Thread BLU Vivo X (Availability)

    According to GSM Arena the BLU Vivo X (8 core processor, 4gb RAM, 64gb internal storage) was just launched on Feb. 28th For those of you whom aren't familiar, the BLU brand is typically an exclusive of Amazon. However, the BLUE Vivo X does not appear...
  24. M

    Thread Blu vivo 5r (Gionee s6s/ Condor A8) Kernel sources

    Here are the kernel sources of the blu vivo 5r,if anyone is interested in building oreo for this device Download
  25. Laelson

    Thread [RECOVERY] TWRP to Blu Grand M

    In attempting to get root on this device, no method I tried had worked. So my idea was to do a custom recovery twrp to try to install SuperSU update through it. If anyone can install twrp or root, be sure to tell them here for everyone to get. I created the Grand M group on the telegram for...
  26. llamasking

    Thread Any way to flash official Marshmallow to BLU Vivo 5 with root?

    I rooted my BLU Vivo 5 and want to get the Marshmallow update. Is there any way to do this?
  27. AdroitAdorKhan

    Thread [APP][MOD] Telegram blu - Experience more than Telegram!

    Simple. Secure. Powerful messaging. With all new Telegram blu, you'll get fast, simple and secure powerful messaging for free*, on any Android. More powerful and secure than ever. Enjoy more than Telegram! THIS IS A MODDED VERSION OF ORIGINAL TELEGRAM! D E T A I L S Version 1.1.5 Telegram Base...
  28. Fdraco10

    Thread Custom rom for blu advance 4.0 l aou10a

    Anyone can port a custom rom for cheap cellphone Blu Advance 4.0L??
  29. brekstar

    Thread Need Factory Firmware For BLU Studio XL 2

    Man every phone I get, I brick!! Im stuck in a BLU boot loop. Can't find any files out there for this model. Well did see one here They want $$ for the download :crying: Anyone a member there that could get me this file...
  30. N

    Thread Replace Skinned Apps Lollipop 5.1

    Hi! I have the BLU Energy X 2 running Lollipop 5.1. My status bar, among other things, has been skinned/changed through SystemUI.apk. By decompiling the apk and making changes, could it be possible to get a more stock Android look? Thanks :)
  31. N

    Thread Kernel Source Code Question

    Hi! I have the BLU Energy X 2, and I am looking into building CyanogenMod from source. I have asked BLU for the source code to the kernel, but they didn't have it yet. Is this because there is some sort of grace period (maybe 1 year?) before they can release it? The phone was released in...
  32. N

    Thread [Completed] Kernel Source Code Question

    Hi! I have the Energy X 2 MT6580 phone. I had asked BLU for the kernel source code, and they gave me access instructions for FileZilla. However, there is no source code for the Energy X 2, just the Energy X. They have the same chipset, and I belive they are the same kernel version. Could someone...
  33. K

    Thread [ROOT][HOW TO] Going from Stock Lollipop to marshmallow official and root it!!!

    I see there are some people wondering how to get the marshmallow update from lollipop I was on stock lollipop rooted and running xposed, everything was perfect, in order to get marshmallow update and root it I did this Flashed stock rom using the repair rom found here in xda using sp flash...
  34. C

    Thread Non Smartphones in the Forum?

    Are there any non-smartphones in this forum? I thought there must be at least one basic/feature phones must be cool enough to talk about in this forum. How about the best cheapest phone out there, the $18 Blu Tank II? It has so many features it is almost like a smartphone, it just does not have...
  35. skyx26

    Thread Rooting a BLU Studio Selfie 2

    Hi guys, yesterday I bought a BLU Studio Selfie 2 because my old Xperia PLAY don't like any slider flex I buy for it. I've been searching a lot but I can't find any lead about how to root my new phone. I know it's a fairly new phone (may 2016) but, come on!, it's octuber already. I tried...
  36. W

    Thread No boot and no charge

    If someone could help me, I'd be very very gracious. I have a Blu Vivo XL and I know this wont get answered over in that forum. The phone was randomly "Optimising Apps" as it does on boot up this morning, not too abnornal. It finnished about 130 apps, then when I saw "Android is starting..."...
  37. jasonmerc

    Thread [Resolved] Why Doesn't "lunch" Command Show My Device?

    I'm trying to build CM13 for the R1 HD by following this guide. I made my way through to the part where I need to issue the "lunch" command to show which devices CM can be built for. Even after (supposedly) making my own local_manifest file correctly which pulls the R1 HD device tree and...
  38. jasonmerc

    Thread [Q] Need Help with Compiling AOSP Nougat - Proprietary Binaries

    So I've decided to give building Android a go, considering we've recently obtained the source code for the device in question (R1 HD) and no one else has done this yet for this device. I've been following this guide, since all the other guides I've found assume there is already a GitHub repo...
  39. Jerseymase54

    Thread Any tempered glass screen protector recommendations?

    Any glass recommendations for the BLU R1 HD device?
  40. jasonmerc

    Thread BLU R1 HD General Discussion

    General discussion for both variants of the R1 HD can go here. Since we now have our own sub-forum, let's try and move any subsection specific topics (Q&A support, ROMs, etc.) To their respective subsections to get this thread less cluttered and confusing. But otherwise, general discussion can...
  41. F

    Thread Reflash ROM Blu Life One X

    I had a lot of issues flashing the stock (ish) ROM for the Blu Life One X, so I'm going to share what I did here. I used this tutorial and stathis has laid out the directions better than I could here. The only difference is that I used the Blu Life One X system.img from BADMOFO33's Android File...
  42. M

    Thread Gionee Elife S Plus 5.1.1 (BLU Vivo XL)

    I'm wondering where (if possible) is the stock rom 5.1.1. for the Gionee Elife S Plus, since mine comes with 5.1 (Amigo 3.1). I already found two files online (Gionee_S_Plus_0204_T6006 and Gionee_S_Plus_0204_T6075), i flashed both and still none is 5.1.1. In every review i check the Elife S...
  43. N

    Thread A Full Review of the Blu Vivo XL!

    Hello everyone! I recently reviewed the Gionee S Plus, which is essentially the Blu Vivo XL but comes with 3GB RAM instead of 2. Overall, I loved using the device. It was my daily driver for more than a week and it did a very great job in running everyday tasks and playing some high end games...
  44. padevoto

    Thread How to install VIPER4ANDROID on BLU VIVO 5

    Hello everyone! I share my experience installing and configuring VIPER4ANDROID in my BLU VIVO 5. Before starting the phone must be rooted to this point use the following guide published on the Internet: 1) Install VIPER4ANDROID FX...
  45. R

    Thread Windows 10 mobile out on older device(8.1 generation) 1520: check the availability of updates on 8.1(only):
  46. X

    Thread Help with BLU Studio G Plus SoC MT6580M

    Hi guys. I recently bought a BLU Studio G Plus SoC MT6580M Lollipop 5.1.* I succesfully rooted this device using King Root and then I used Supersu-me to replace King Root with Supersu. This is when my device got bricked. The Supersu-me app showed a message telling me it was succesfull...
  47. B

    Thread [THEME] TWRP Materialised - Dark / Light / Play [01/05/2016]

    TO MAKE IT CLEAR It's not my work. This is unofficial thread for Blu Pure XL (and similar) based on thread by z31s1g The original thread you can find here. Features Recovery gone app: Designed to mimic the look and feel of an Android app. Customisable UI: 15 different accent colors, center...
  48. B

    Thread [GUIDE][STEPbySTEP] Root/unroot BLU Pure XL (and clones)

    Totally new guide! Simple step by step toutorial It took us a while to get root on our devices. Hopefully we did it! Now we can enjoy benefits of having rooted device (like Xposed Modules etc). We have working TWRP recovery which allows us to backup your phone, flash SuperSU binaries, mods and...
  49. L

    Thread Blu Pure XL - 128 GB micro sd not working

    Hey guys - today I inserted a samsung 128 gb sd card in my pure xl, but it does not read it - says "sd card is blank or has unsupported file system" the thing is - i had this card in LG G3 and it worked just fine ... I really don't want to format it and have to move 70 gigs of stuff around ...
  50. L

    Thread My Unboxing and First Impressions

    Hey guys - here is an unboxing video I've made: IS7rf9JJ9jo It's been a few days and I got to know the phone a little better. I can tell you that overall I'm very satisfied. I had some buyer's remorse on the second day, but it's fully gone. I...