1. Rudransh Shah

    Thread Question Sound coming from both, bluetooth device and phone's speaker simultaneously.

    Whenever I am playing any audio on any bluetooth device, be it BT headphones or car, the sound is coming out from the phone's speaker and the bluetooth device both, simultaneously. I have tried formating the device and reinstalling the android but the issue came up again. Please Help.
  2. W

    Thread Xperia 1 II on android 12 Cant see older Bluetooth devices

    So as the title says, i have trouble connecting to an older Bluetooth device, I have a 2007 vw passat with Bluetooth telephone, despite being old i use it daily because it works perfectly, or at least did with my razer phone 2. Had to upgrade because no parts for the rp2 and the usb-c died on it...
  3. Darkaos006

    Thread How To Guide How to configure a Treble GSI properly

    Hello everyone! You are probably aware that our device, Galaxy A52s 5G, supports the @phhusson Treble Project. This Porject allow our device to boot GSIs (Generic System Images). The problem is that a GSI isn't optimized by default for our device. Now, imagine that you installed a fresh version...
  4. I

    Thread Galaxy Buds 2 1st week usage report

    My carrier had a deal for 50% off some galaxy buds 2 because reasons. It worked well for the learning curve with touch controls and whatever. Today I noticed the bottom of the clamshell case kind of swelled up, battery is suspect. To make things even more concerning. When I have the left earbud...
  5. QuowLord

    Thread Alcatel Go Flip V keyboard support

    (For explanation as to why I want the following, see below section) I have an Alcatel Go Flip V under Verizon that I would like to get keyboard support on for bluetooth keyboards. It runs an AOSP fork and has no keyboard support. Bluetooth keyboards gave some connection error, vague enough to...
  6. X

    Thread Forcing calls to go through A2DP in Android, while using the phone's built-in microphone.

    Hello, This issue has been driving me insane. It seems like some simple, artificial limitation that no one seems to circumvent. As the title suggests, I'm trying to force phone calls and especially VoiP calls (Discord, whatsapp..etc), to go through the high bitrate A2DP profile instead of the...
  7. X

    Thread [CLOSED] Forcing calls to go through A2DP in Android, while using the phone's built-in microphone.

    Hello, This issue has been driving me insane. It seems like some simple, artificial limitation that no one seems to circumvent. As the title suggests, I'm trying to force phone calls and especially VoiP calls (Discord, whatsapp..etc), to go through the high bitrate A2DP profile instead of the...
  8. KastenTop

    Thread Question Does anyone have a fix for Bluetooth disconnecting on the latest A13 GSIs?

    For some unknown reason it doesn't matter which settings you choose, the Bluetooth headphones get disconnected after some time if you have no audio playing, but Android still shows that they are connected
  9. tomatoketchup

    Thread Question Terrible sound quality with bluetooth codecs other than SBC or LDAC

    has anyone else noticed that bluetooth quality is terrible when the phone uses a bluetooth codec other than SBC or LDAC? I've witnessed it with my Grado headphones as they only have SBC or aptX HD and the phone picks aptX HD as it would be the higher quality codec but sounds bad for moments and...
  10. roctiv

    Thread Question Connection with Marshall Motif ANC (headphones)

    Hello there , Does anyone tried to connect this phone with 🎧 Marshall Motif ANC ? I get an error (pairing failure) with Marshall Bluetooth application , the earphones appears with a popup but then I got connection error too. It says to try to manually add Motif ANC from Bluetooth settings but...
  11. A

    Thread aptX Adaptive

    Does aptX Adaptive work in Paranoid Android?
  12. C

    Thread Question Bluetooth Audio won't work after swapping roms

    After swapping from PixelOS (Android 12) to Pixel Extended (Android 13) I've had some hickups that I've fixed (Google Wallet didn't let me add cards, Instagram call audio didn't seem to be working amongst other bugs) however I can't fix the bluetooth audio problem for the life of me. I use...
  13. Yismaty Legend

    Thread Bluetooth FOLDER sharing app needed

    There are many apps to share Files from your android smartphone to other bluetooth devices. However I have yet to find an app that can send entire folders or even several folders in a go. Without having to highlight each file on its own. Do you know of a app that can send complete folders just...
  14. T

    Thread Bluetooth scanning and connecting android studio

    Hi, I'm new in this forum so I don't know if i'm in the correct section... I created this class named BLEConnection becuase i'm tring to connect to a esp32 via BLE but i'm having some problem in the connection part... the class: import android.bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter; import...
  15. B

    Thread My samsung phone will not connect to my pc via bluetooth

    I have a galaxy s8+ and whenever I attempt to connect my phone using bluetooth to my pc it shows the pin and pairing request and after confirming on both devices it then connects for a millisecond then disconnects and says couldnt pair. My phones bluetooth works with everything else and my pc...
  16. theskig

    Thread Question Connection unstable with LDAC + WiFi (WH-1000XM4)

    Hi guys, I discovered this today, but it's one of the first time I'm using the phone with my WH-1000XM4 since I have it since three days ago (the phone) so I don't know if it's an update problem or not. When using the normal LDAC high quality codec the connection become unstable, it skips and...
  17. D

    Thread Bluetooth signal worsened after Android 12 update

    I usually always laughed at my friend, because his iPhone 12 would make the music go choppy on the Bluetooth speakers whenever he went to the bathroom at the office only just next door, while my awesome OnePlus could play even if I was in another room in another floor, it didn't even matter how...
  18. R

    Thread Question Strange Bluetooth crash on BMW

    This only happens when I'm paired and listening to media audio (like youtube or Spotify) on my BMW f10 2012's Bluetooth connection. While listening to the audio I get a super high-pitched sound for about half a second and then the Bluetooth on my Pixel 6 pro crashes and starts up again. After a...
  19. L

    Thread Phone won't auto connect to car bluetooth

    Hi all, I have a very frustrating issue where when I start my car, instead of my phone connecting automatically to the bluetooth, the phone alerts me asking if I want to connect. I cannot work out why it doesn't just connect, I've already paired and given the required permissions! Sometimes...
  20. marcel505

    Thread Bluetooth working on exact same android version that's DSU sideloaded but not on normal version

    Hi, i recently got into booting gsi images on my phone since there aren't any custom roms developed specifically for my phone. (Samsung Galaxy A31) I am also sideloading new versions of the rom as they come out with DSU sideloader. Now i stumbled upon this very wierd thing that has happened. I...
  21. shehzada.prasenjit

    Thread Question Calling/Dialer Issue in GW4 LTE

    I'm facing an issue with the dialer while calling. The option to select a call from the WATCH/PHONE disappears. Then I have to again remove the mobile plan and re add the same to get the option back. Anyone with LTE GW4 facing a similar issue??
  22. VNSpectrum

    Thread Android Head-Unit Bluetooth Problem - Clone CarPlay Hardware

    Hello. I use an Android multimedia system in my vehicle. I bought this system online. A Chinese-made CarPlay system for vehicles that do not support CarPlay. I think it has some flaws because it is a system that has not been developed very carefully. This system came with a CarPlay clone...
  23. melani789

    Thread (bluetooth) Paired device on android Tv paired but not connected ??

    My TV & phone is paired but not connected - and Im having issues on how to connect them. I had them connected once before but do not know how I did it. Before I was able to successfully send a file via bluetooth from Tv to mobile phone, using the send file to Tv app. Does anyone know what I need...
  24. M

    Thread Question Bluetooth Audika ear-aid compatible only with iphone can be bring to android?

    Hi all, i am a deaf person that is a owner of a Redmi Note 11 (rooted and using magisk - actually using EvolutionX a12, tried also a13 it don't recognize these) actually use audika earaid that are both compatible with blueetoth with iphone and android, but only stream audio direct, only with...
  25. A

    Thread Disable Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC on Android 13

    Aight here are the files you need to rename or delete in order to disable wifi, bluetooth and NFC: Things you need: - Rooted device - Root Browser (the free version will work just fine) - Make a backup of the "vendor" folder located in root. Wifi: Rename or delete the folder located at...
  26. Flyview

    Thread General Not entering deep sleep when Bluetooth connected to Alpine stereo

    Hi everyone, I recently got my Pixel 6 Pro and am loving it. Setup: Pixel 6 Pro 128GB Android 13 Sept update Rooted with Magisk Kirisakura kernel Issue: I discovered an issue when looking through Accubattery. I noticed I had a very low "deep sleep" percentage, aka when the CPU goes to sleep...
  27. G4lileon

    Thread Lineage OS on A5 2017 - Algoriddim djay Bluetooth Controller Connection

    I'm not sure if that is a lineage os issue or something the App Developers have to fix but I want to prepare everything from my side as good as possible. I bought a Hercules DJ Control Mix which offers Bluetooth Input for the Algoriddim "DJay" App. It requires to be paired from within the App...
  28. J

    Thread Android App That Automatically Starts Phone Hotspot When Bluetooth Connects?

    Hi, All. A few years ago I used an Android app that would automatically start my phone hotspot when I got in my car and the Bluetooth connected. I don't remember exactly which app it was but I have tried almost everything on the Play Store without success. Does anyone know of a working app that...
  29. rsngfrce

    Thread Phone stays in VIBRATE mode when bluetooth headphones disconnected

    Samsung Note20 Ultra, Android 12. I have developed an issue where my phone always stays in vibrate mode when I disconnect my bluetooth headphones, forcing me to remember to put it back to sound mode. I have found others reporting the same issue, but I have yet to find a solution. It is...
  30. V3rB0se

    Thread [KERNEL] [A51] Nethunter for ONE UI 4.0 SNOWCONE

    ALYNX Nethunter Kernel for Samsung A51 - [Stock][Android 12] [ONEUI 4.0] What is Nethunter ? I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards. Do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel. About the kernel : The kernel is based on stock config...
  31. anonymix007

    Thread QCC5125 Testing

    I've got QCC5125 LDAC firmware and it doesn't work well with Note 9. Can someone help me with testing and debugging? You'll need QCC5125 device, Note 9 and Windows PC
  32. J

    Thread A71 - Bluetooth headphones issue

    Guys, I'm having a problem using Bluetooth headphones, when I press the headphone button twice to increase or decrease the volume of the headphone, it ends up changing the volume of the smartphone, is there anything I can do to solve it? Headphone model: Syllable S101
  33. C

    Thread Bluetooth audio delay on Fire HD 8 2020

    Hey, I use Galaxy Buds2 and have audio delay in every app. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller but noticeable. Don't have settings in developer options to change the bluetooth codec. Any tips? Thanks for help.
  34. Which-Android-Am-I?

    Thread USB Keyboard/Mouse to Bluetooth Adapter Help?

    Hi, I have been looking for an adapter to let me use a USB keyboard and mouse over Bluetooth. To be clear I mean some kind of USB hub that connects USB devices to a system (Android phone/tablet in this case) over Bluetooth, without any gamepad or touch emulation. I just what something that...
  35. Ahmed

    Thread [HELP] Bluetooth audio frequent connection drops

    I have been facing this issue since the beginning. No matter what bluetooth audio device I connect, it frequently drops the connection. Sometimes it reconnects automatically, sometimes it's not. The whole process is repeated throughout the usage session. Interesingly enough, once an audio has...
  36. W

    Thread How can I display the Bluetooth battery indicator (in the status bar) of one of my multiple connected devices?

    Hi there! So, for some reason I'm encountering a problem I haven't had to deal with before when it comes to bluetooth connectivity. Simply put, I have a wearable (Smartband) & I also use bluetooth headphones from time to time, and usually when I would connect my headphones the battery indicator...
  37. A

    Thread No way to sync bluetooth volume with headphones??

    Posted this elsewhere but in the wrong forum maybe..... Am I going mad here? I have searched and searched and cannot see anywhere the option to sync the blutooth volume between the phone and headphones. I have Honor Magic 4 pro. On Huawei/Honor phones previously it was in the settings for the...
  38. Faizan_Azeem

    Thread Unable to install Bluetooth patch file in my Rooted Galaxy S9

    I had a problem with my bluetooth pairings being list on every restart, but i found the patch for it which seems to work for everyone. I dont know how my device is rooted (i bought it as is), so an unable to install the patch file (using TWRP or Magisk). Kindly guide my how am i supposed to install.
  39. G

    Thread Lineage0S 18.1 - No audio for calls with bluetooth headset

    Hello everybody, It seems many people have the same problem as I do: bluetooth headset is not working during calls (I cannot hear anything) but media audio works fine. I heard other people had the same issue with Lineageos and other phone versions Information on my device and configuration...
  40. A

    Thread Question Automatic mobile data and wifi being turned off after a period of interval of device being inactive

    Hi, every time I leave my device idle for approximately 30 or more minutes (couldn't determine an exact data on the timing) from the purchase date, my phone automatically turns off its wifi and mobile data! And as soon as you turn on its screen via unlocking or just the lock screen via the...
  41. M

    Thread [Bug][Resolved] Bluetooth media buttons not working

    I just got a Google Pixel 6, upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy S7. I'm running MX Player Pro (Activated) version 1.42.13 (ARMv8 NEON). Attached are the files that were generated when I hit the "Bug Report" button under More Settings. I tried hitting the "Save to File" option, but never got the...
  42. R

    Thread Can't connect to bluetooth device

    I have a mini music controller that i want to auto-connect to. But when i try to connect it in a task i immediately get the error: "can't find profile type for device (uuids: 00001812-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)"
  43. turborats

    Thread Huawei Nova 3i can't access bluetooth audio codec

    nevermind im dumb lmao
  44. G

    Thread Question [SM-S901U] How can i change the bluetooth bit & sample rates and turn on HD audio in the dev options?

    It wont let me change these settings, regardless of if im connected to a bluetooth device or not. Do i need to have other settings enabled/disabled before i can change the audio settings under the developer options menu? I have the U.S model with the Qualcomm snapdragon chipset, running android...
  45. G

    Thread Simultaneous dual Bluetooth audio

    I used to have a Note 9, but lost it. It allowed me to stream music to two Bluetooth audio headphones at the same time. I’m looking to possibly replace it, but wanted to know what other android devices has this capability? Google results showed BT v5+ allows it, but not all android phones...
  46. J

    Thread Diagnosing Bluetooth problems

    My app uses a Bluetooth connection to pair with external HW. On some phones it works as expected, while on others I have a lot of issues connecting. I'm going to get samples of phones that give me the most trouble. 1) Where do I find information about each phone's BT module? Is it inside the...
  47. Miuiannoyed

    Thread Question Music Stopping Immediately?

    So I have a Poco X3 Pro and have run into an issue with the music on this phone. Whenever I connect to my car when I play the music it immediately stops and pauses no matter how many times I press it, I have checked the car and this does not happen with multiple other phones I have tried and it...
  48. B

    Thread Auto-Mute after Bluetooth connect on the OnePlus Nord (sometimes also after disconnect)

    First of all i tried to google my problem and used boar search. Unfortunately no effect. For some time I have the problem that when my Nord connects with the Bluetooth Fm adapter or with my Bluetooth headphones, the device is muted, that is, no sound is played. From time to time this also...
  49. Leonniar

    Thread Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic low volume problem

    Hello! I've noticed lately that my basic 2 earphones' volume is really low. Before I usually had them at around 70% volume because anything more was too loud. Now I have them on 100% and it's like they are playing on half the volume. My phone is Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G There have been no recent...
  50. M95ahd

    Thread Question Bluetooth audio doesn't work properly when connected to car audio

    For reason Bluetooth audio doesn't work properly when I'm connecting it to car Bluetooth. However it works fine with headsets. I tried different cars by different brands and the issue stays. Please help.