1. Mobile Expert

    Thread New Android Cleaner Manager

    You buy a new smartphone, everything seems to be working fast enough, the phone is responsive to any press. But now a month or two passes, and you see that some applications have started to run longer, games slow down, the smartphone reacts to clicks with some delay. In general, sooner or...
  2. ArghMonkey

    Thread Trying to bypass Boost Mobile Activation, open to ideas

    So I was given a Wiko Ride 2 phone, I only wanted it for wifi ability but Boost Mobile seems to want to force people to activate with them, not only the usual nag screen but they block the wifi. Im in Canada, I dont want to spend money with Boost and couldnt even if I wanted to. I was just...
  3. S

    Thread [Guide] Instant 10%+ Performance Boost!!! Remove Nubia backdoors,loggers,trackers, etc. ROOT OR TWRP REQUIRED

    Hello everyone today I bring to the table a constantly updated guide. In my free time I will add to this guide my many methods of creating a stock os out of Nubias OS whilst retaining nubias gaming suite,lights, etc. I know many feel cheated on antutu scores because Nubia presented 510k and most...
  4. FeraVolt

    Thread [Android 4.1+, ROOT] FDE.AI - All-in-one OS & kernel optimizer

  5. S

    Thread [help] root lg-ls993

    I dont need my hand held just to know if its possible and what I need. Please and thank you so much.:victory: I have a tournament in war robots coming up and really could use the entire 4 gigs..
  6. CodeFox

    Thread Boost Headphone/Headset Volume?

    Just wondering if anybody has managed to find a way to boost the headphone volume via usb c? Previously I would just go into system/vendor/etc/mixer_gains.xml however it seems with our device we don't have this XML file. The output volume is a bit too low for me, so I was hoping I'd be able to...
  7. H

    Thread Stylo 4 Sprint to Boost Mobile?

    I recently picked up a used Sprint Stylo 4 that appears to have a clear ESN according to Swappa but a strait sim swap from my iPhone 6 plus to the Stylo 4 just results in a brief 3G internet connection, no texting and finally “sim locked” which requires a reboot. I have tried resetting the phone...
  8. acervenky

    Thread [MAGISK][MOD][8/11][v1] Stereo Speaker Mod For MI8 *UPDATE FOR CUSTOM ROMS*

    *DISCLAIMER : I am not responsible for any damage to your device* After a lot of troubleshooting I got the stereo speaker mod to work on this device, all thanks to such a helpful community. Download [Stereo Speaker Mod] : DRIVE Requirements : Magisk How To Install : Simply add the mod...
  9. TrueMS

    Thread [GUIDE] Getting the max FPS (60) in PUBG Mobile without root from newbie to newbies

    DISCLAIMER: This is not professional thread. This is just a simple guide to increase FPS from a newbie to newbies like me. I really love playing PUBG. I have seen many people discussing the performance of PUBG Mobile for our lovely Mi A1 and I wanted to share with you few non-root methods to...
  10. S

    Thread Boost Mobile g6 play on Sprint

    It looks like the boost Mobile varient may be able to be activated on Sprint. Does anyone have confirmation?
  11. hlubepet

    Thread [GUIDE] boost headphones volume

    REQUIREMENTS 1.unlocked bootloader 2.root FLASH MAGISK 16.4 ZIP VIA TWRP HOW TO: 1. INSTALL ANY ROOT EXPLORER (I've used ES FILE EXPLORER) 2. OPEN EXPLORER 3. ENABLE ROOT EXPLORING in left menu 4. NAVIGATE TO: /odm/etc/audio/hi6403/mixer_volumes_CHARLOTTE_ce.xml (My case this file, "ce" on the...
  12. phonecapone

    Thread [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - Boost Mobile LS777

    [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - Boost Mobile LS777 This tutorial is based off me freestyling then using the method of crashing the setup wizard i used on the TracFone variant here - . It works perfect for...
  13. D

    Thread Dual 4G Download Speed Boost feature possible to get on Oneplus 5T?

    Hi guys, I would like to see if anyone on this forum has any idea of being able to have 2 sim card's inserted both with a Data Plan and being able to use both sim card's data plan at the same time to increase speed of downloads on the phone? OR if it's possible to use both Wifi & 4G/ LTE...
  14. TomeGJ7p

    Thread Tweaked out j727perx stockish rom. More to come!

    BIG UPDATE, POSSIBLE FINAL BUILD!!! I shouldn't have to say it, but when you hit/swipe the install button, everythings on you. This was made for a J727perx/POPLTESPR, using a boost mobile phone for testing. If your phone isn't from the suppliers listed in this post, or you're not using...
  15. TomeGJ7p

    Thread SM-J727perx(ARC2) Handcrafted deox/themes based off the work of peter couniaz.

    Disclaimer I am not responsible for your phone bricking or anything else this rom flashes best from stock firmware do not flash this Rom from lineage 14.1 without restoring your backup an reinstalling firmware it will not work right ! Read all instructions before starting THANK YOU !!!! Classy...
  16. Fdraco10

    Thread Modify Mixer_Gain

    Hello guys!!! I have a problem. I wanna modify my Mixer Gain for boost volume on My Samsung Galaxy J3 2017(SM-327U), I change the parameters with root explorer, but when I going to save the file nothing change, is the same parameters like before. :( Anyone can help me.
  17. S

    Thread Can I increase the audio volume for a particular Bluetooth Device

    When my phone is connected via Bluetooth to my car's hands-free kit, some audio could do with being made a little louder. For example the navigation prompts from Google Maps are plenty loud enough, but some audio-book MP3s played via MD Player and phone call audio could do with being a bit...
  18. Crazy Seed

    Thread About Volume Boost on J7 (2016) J710FN

    Hello mates. Here's my problem: i rooted my J7 (2016) by the method of flashing twrp recovery by Odin and then installing by that Twrp Recovery. After that, wiping data cache etc on Twrp says it for example "Failed to mount /data" (with red letters). Something wrong?. Moving on...
  19. K

    Thread [Q] Which application has more performance

    Hello, I'd like to ask u which application has more performance: L Speed or Root booster? I'm looking for a application which can boost my old phone - Galaxy Trend Plus.
  20. XxTeXx07xX

    Thread Samsung Galaxy SM J727 perx [BOOST]

    SAMSUNG GALAXY SM J727P - (BOOST MOBILE) This thread is for the SM-J727P Boost Mobile is my carrier. Update: 3/2018 (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION) The new RA1 is just a security patch. I myself have already got root so no worries.... GET NEWEST ODIN RELEASE Get yourself the latest version of...
  21. F

    Thread Boost headphone volume

    Hello people, Usually i can boost the volum to my headphones if I edit mixer_paths.xml. But on my Oneplus 3t there is no "HPHL Volume" value="XX" "HPHR Volume" value="XX" if I look under <path name="headphones"> This worked on every phone I had. Is there something different on Oneplus 3t? Can...
  22. O

    Thread [Magisk][Module] Xperia Z2 / Z3 / Z3c Torch Boost v1.2

    Here I present you my first Magisk module. :) Description: It boosts the torch on SONY Xperia Z2 / Z3 / Z3c devices by replacing system/etc/flashled_calc_parameters.cfg with a file that sets if_torch_vr = 500000 instead of just 25000, which is the default value by SONY. By doing this, the...
  23. G

    Thread ZTE Warp 7 N9519 for Boost - THERE IS NOTHING ON XDA ABOUT THIS MODEL

    I know this model is new, but how do we start a section for this model? It's a great phone with plenty under the hood. It seems to have an unlock oem bootloader option in the developer options. How can I root this phone, but more importantly, are there any custom ROMs which will work with it...
  24. KiiKeEp

    Thread [GUIDE] Headphone Volume BOOST [Only need ROOT]

    Lets see, this is really easy... navigate to system/etc backup mixer_paths.xml open mixer_paths.xml go to: the marked ones are your volume values :) (default: 75) end post;
  25. adrwill2000

    Thread TWRP for SM-G360P!

    I came across this TWRP for the SM-S820L (Straight Talk) and figured I'd try it...Flash through ODIN! CONFIRMED works on SM-G360P! Edit: new download link. Sticking with from here on out. Get TWRP for the SM-G360P HERE Also Have a Stock root/deodex/debloat rom that I cooked in is...
  26. Pachenko_Gr

    Thread [GUIDE] How to boost volume on any rom!!!!!!!!!

    Hello guys this guide is to you who have low volume on aosp/cm roms...... Instructions: Download Dolby Atmos Reboot to recovery Flash Dolby Reboot After boot, open dolby atmos and enable Volume Leveler at bottom right corner (see screenshot) Ready to go! PS: Don't forget to disable...
  27. M

    Thread Trying to Port Marshmellow from the sprint/Boost 626s Rom to MetroPCS

    Hello, Guy's I am trying to Port the new Marshmallow (2.27.651.6) from the sprint/Boost 626s Rom to MetroPCS but I need to know which files are for the MetroPCS Carrier to port it over so I can replace them into the Sprint ROM if anyone can help me out it would be amazing it's really just for a...
  28. LuanHalaiko

    Thread [ PERFORMANCE ] PROJECT SKYNET Genesys TX7 // [LP/MM]

  29. L

    Thread I rooted ZTE Blade V6 - no mixer_paths.xml

    Hi! I finally rooted my ZTE Blade V6 - it is my "second phone" The main reason I rooted it (and it took a long time to find out that only kingroot 4.8.0 can do the job) but I still can't find a way to turn the headphone volume up. It is rooted, root checker, ES Explorer - all say that it is...
  30. A

    Thread {NEW APP} Optimize your phone memory or storage with this ram and cache cleaner

    App name : Mobile Cleaner - Speed Booster Want to download new android game and apps but have no any free space? Want to make your tablet or smartphone quicker? There are 3 ways to boost ☆ Overlay widget – Enable RAM Booster overlay widget (on by default), adjust widget’s position, and tap...
  31. davebugyi

    Thread Boost Headphone Volume [H815] - Root required / v20C/D/E

    Hello, This is my personal edit of the mixer_ paths.xml for the G4 [H815] to increase the headphone volume and decided to share it. You might say, that there is already a thread for this, but unfortunately none of the files provided there did the trick and the volume remained the same as before...
  32. Crazy Seed

    Thread L90 Volume Boost - Solution, and a Question!

    Hey mates :). Here's the thing, i want to remove that Loud Volume Headset Warning that makes volume pretty Low. For now all i found to really increase volume is this: Sound Boost.apk Freeware : "Just activate the apk before...
  33. A

    Thread External Microphone Volume

    I own the Klipsch R6M headphones and the built in microphone is very low. Nobody can hear me unless I yell or press the microphone hole up to my lips. This does not occur in any other Android device I plug it into. I figured I'd grab AlsaMixer and boost the external microphone input but I am...
  34. L

    Thread Headphone Volume Oppo R7 Plus - compared to Galaxy S6 or iPhone

    Hi! I ordered the oppo R7 plus - I got a 10 % discount for subscribing the newsletter so I pay about 380 Euro incl. Shipping for the phone. I don't care about NFC, Color Notification and other things the oppo doesn't have, but the things it has I really like (the size, the "knock knock" wake up...
  35. espionage724

    Thread Keep getting random "Error 16" with Boost Mobile?

    I flashed my Moto G (1st gen, non-LTE) with CM12.1. Every now and then randomly I lose service and have to call up Boost Mobile to fix error 16. Is there a way to fix this/prevent it from happening? From what I heard, it has to do with the MEID in some way.
  36. S

    Thread Sprint Note 3 programmed to boost NO DATA

    Ok i need help. Im not new to rooting and roms however im no where near a pro. I have a sprint note 3 sm900p flashed to boost and activated by them (boost). I have had no data for 2 weeks aside from wifi. I have LITERALLY searched high and low EVERYWHERE including here and nothing has worked...
  37. antkalaitzakis96

    Thread [Z3] [MOD] [5.1] Brighter Flashlight!

    Hello boys and girls! Do you think Z3 can't keep up with the brightness other phones have when we use torch? I made a MOD using this post. DISCLAIMER. I am not responsible if you break your LED, I can't assure you it won't cause any problem on the future, I can only tell you it gets hot...
  38. antkalaitzakis96

    Thread [Z2] [MOD] [6.0.1] Brighter Flashlight!

    Hello boys and girls! Do you think our device can't keep up with the brightness other phones have when we use torch? I made a MOD using this post. DISCLAIMER. I am not responsible if you break your LED, I can't assure you it won't cause any problem on the future, I can only tell you it...
  39. S

    Thread [Q] XT1031 Firmware Upgrade

    I've just picked up the boost mobile moto G. When I go to flash Blisspop or PA, TWRP tells me there is an error updating the binaries. Right now it's running on 4.4.2. When I attempt to accept the 4.4.4 OTA update it tells me installation was unsuccessful. I've tried updating manually as well...
  40. BaDKaRmA

    Thread [MOD][5.0/5.1] Volume Boost Xperia Z [Lollipop]

    Hello Guys! After updating to lollipop I felt the sound too low for my daily Usage, As Xloud And Clearphase is removed now. So I Played Around and boosted the Speakers And Headphone Volume! Here You Go:- More Loud:- (Flash at your own...
  41. P

    Thread [Q] Sound boost kernel/mod/anything

    Hy dudes/dudettes! I only have a little problem (not the end of the world). I want a kernel or mod or whatever to boost the sound on my Stock 5.0 Note 3. I have read about vyper or other sound boosting methods or kernels but I am still unable to find a final answer. Some kernels that provide...
  42. D

    Thread [New/APP] Root Task & App Manager - Manage your device with unique root commands

    Root Task & App Manager will help you to speed up, clean and optimize your device. Unlike any others task managers, Root Task & App Manager can find user or system running services, background apps and foreground processes which you can easily manage with multiple unique root commands and...
  43. XxTeXx07xX

    Thread [SPH-L710T]-[ Hotspot WORKS FREE !!! ]

    Are you a BOOST MOBILE customer?? You now have the new Tri-Band model: Samsung Galaxy S3 (SPH-l710T) [Update: OH1 and still works flawlessly I RECENTLY SWITCH TO THE 60$ A MONTH PLAN COMPLETELY UNLIMITED WITH NI THROTTLING SPEEDS WHICH IN RETURN CAN HOTSPOT MULTIPLE DEVICES AND ITS...
  44. C

    Thread [Q] Convert moto g xt 1031 to gpe

    Has anyone tried converting boost moto g into gpe and is it possible. If yes can you please help me with it. Thanks in advance.
  45. J-Wall

    Thread [Q] CM11 Volume Boost

    Has anyone found a way to increase the call/headphone volume in CM11? None of the mods/apps for stock firmware seem to work. Thanks
  46. M

    Thread [Tweak] How to reduce Bluetooth interferences and boost wifi signal[Root]

    Hi everyone, Our Shield Tablet is affected by bluetooth interferences on G mode(2,4 Ghz) and a little bit on N mode(5 Ghz) , when you connect a peripheric or gamepad, wifi speed decrease(A lot with certains gamepads, less with others peripherics). So I tried a few tweaks for reduce bluetooth...
  47. markospena

    Thread [Q] Display Brightness Boost Mode

    Hello all, I recently return my Nexus 6 because the max brightness paled in comparison to my LG G2 and the phone was just unwieldy. I thought I'd give the Moto X (2014) a shot because it's the perfect size for me. I decided to go to the AT&T store yesterday and see it in person. It's beautiful...
  48. B

    Thread volume boost file

    Hey guys, was wondering if you knew what the file with the sound volumes is. You don't have kitkat's "mixer_paths", you have "mixer_paths0" where you can only edit microphone volumes. Thank you
  49. Rafe

    Thread Build.prop boost for G3! Working!

    Hello mates! I collected the best parameters of the build.prop and tested them on our beloved G3, in my case the D855p (Brazil) model. The gains in responsiveness, scrool speed, agility of the launcher are visible. But, as always, you need to do your tests. So, test and come back here to...
  50. brakke97

    Thread [Q] Boost Nexus 7 volume on Android Lollipop?

    Hey! The title says it all, I think? Viper4Android doesn't have support for Android 5.0 yet. Are there any WORKING alternatives to boost my Nexus' volume? Thanks in advance!