1. Siendra

    Thread Can anybody help me to set m31s original boot screen logo

    guys my m31s device have random boot screen logo how can i reset the logo?
  2. ubayedrobbani27

    Thread help me please

  3. W

    Thread Question About S22 boot failed

    Hi Recently, Samsung post the latest Firmware(S9010ZCU2AVDC). Because of my S22(SM-S9010) rooted, I have to upgrade my system by using BootLoader. But before I shut my phone down, I upgraded my magisk24.1 to 24.3, and I uninstalled "shizuku", instead I installed a magisk module "sui". Then I...
  4. ri1_

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK (Nikel) Bootloop

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MTK version) and it crashes/reboot :'( I have tried : - Reboot - Wipe with TWRP - Change the rom When i turn on plane mode the phone doesn't crash Video : (sorry for the quality :'( )
  5. Bubumaster123

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [MAGISK] How to change Bootanimation [OnePlus 7t]

    I tried to change the boot animation to a gif from the internet with various apps and a custom magisk module I cant find the link anymore, then I realized there is no media folder in root/system. I know it is possible to change it to the mclaren, but I want a custom one. How to do that?
  6. J

    Thread Oukitel WP17 won't go into fastboot

    Hey guys, I've an oukitel wp17 and I can't boot into fastboot/recovery or system, it just stays in the Oukitel logo for eternity. I've tried key combinations : Power + Volume UP for Fastboot - Just boots into Oukitel logo screen and stays there Power + Volume Down for Recovery - Does the same...
  7. alitaban

    Thread how make a core only mode magisk boot.img

    Hello Friends Can you help me to reRoot my device? i rooted my android 10 with magisk and all was so good but after install a bad module bootloop occured for delet bad module i cant access /data/adb/modules with TWRP also cant copy .disable_magisk to /data/cache beacause my android use...
  8. S

    Thread No signs of life, is it dead? please help

    hey guys so I have a problem with my htc, could anyone help me out? so it doesn't wanna charge / boot, no charging LED lights up, it takes energy both from my wall outlet and from my power bank but no signs of life, is it dead completly?
  9. Thread I am so done....

    I just want to finally try and install a custom rom into my Mi A3 which I rooted a while ago. I know I need this tool called TWRP, after encountering a myriad of errors trying to follow this guide step-by-step, I finally got to the point when I need to type "fastboot boot twrp.img" to boot into...
  10. P

    Thread How to repack boot.img with modified kernel?

    I downloaded the Xiaomi ROM, unzipped it, and extracted the boot.img with abootimg -x boot.img Then I recreated the boot.img with the modified kernel abootimg --create boot.img -f bootimg.cfg -k $SCRIPT_DIR/devices/$DEVICE/kernel/k/arch/arm64/boot/Image -r initrd.img and flashed it fastboot...
  11. G

    Thread Can I/ How to enable kernel UART on Xiaomi? (Poco M3)

    I unlocked the bootloader of my Poco M3, and I tried fastboot oem uart enable FAILED (remote: 'unknown command') fastboot: error: Command failed Is there a way to get UART over USB working on Xiaomi, specifically the Poco M3? If not, is it...
  12. Z

    Thread Question Can't reboot phone unless I manually wipe dalvik cache. (TWRP+Magisk 24.102)

    I have a problem that I can't reboot my phone unless I manually wipe dalvik and ART cache between reboots. Any idea why? TWRP and rooted using Magisk 24102. I am running MIUI EEA 12.5.11 Stable (RKAEUXM). Downgraded from Xiaomi.EU due to the bugs. booted into TWRP via fastboot...
  13. Lycidias

    Thread General [MAY] Stock/Magisk Patched Boot Images

    Hello 😊 I would like to start a thread with all the stock and magisk patched Boot Images for the Pixel 6 Pro and it's updates. I'll try to keep this up to date and always use the latest Magisk Stable for patching new images. Download Google Drive: Stable: 12.1.0 (SP2A.220505.002, May 2022)...
  14. B

    Thread Help phone is dead!!!(huawei p8 gra-ul00 not turn on - boot is dead)

    HI, i have a huawei p8 gra-ul00 phone. the last installed stock rom is android 6.0 gra-ul00c185b391 i have unlocked the bootloader , installed a custom recovery and a custom rom . after few days , i have againly needed to back to stock rom. i have flashed the android 5 stock rom using the...
  15. limepot

    Thread Question How to recover from bootloop OnePlus 9 Pro - LE2120?

    Just got this device, did a half-tried job of rooting, and got myself in a bootloop, all i see is logo, then fastboot. just wondering if anybody has a good direction/ instructions on recovering this device, and/or where to find the stock boot.img for LE2120. anything to lead me in the...
  16. Dazai_ozamu

    Thread Please , How can i root my LG W30??

    Hello , there is no official release of twrp recovery for my LG W30 . Is there any way to root my LG w30?? I have already tried rooting apps like kingroot and kingoroot but nothing works . My LG W30 runs on android 9 stock rom . Please help . Thank you.
  17. H

    Thread How To Guide [Guide] Root Pixel 6 with Magisk, Android 12.1

    [Guide] Root Pixel 6 with Magisk, Android 12.1 Android Security Bulletin—May 2022 Pixel Update Bulletin—May 2022 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 6 owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it. The Guide is divided into three parts: Information, Instructions...
  18. S

    Thread Corvus os and Evolution x stops booting midway unless phone is plugged in to a power source.

    Hello, recently I came across this strange issue on my Redmi note 7 ( Lavender ) where certain custom roms will just literally stop their boot process midway and the device shuts down inspite of having a fully charged battery. The roms will only boot up normally when my device is connected to a...
  19. SomeoneNormal07

    Thread [TOOL] Create your own splash screen for your Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (YT3-850F)

    While working on a custom ROM for this tablet model, I found a very useful tool posted on XDA by the member @GokulNC in this thread which allows you to create a splash screen for different Qualcomm devices. I took the file for another model and got it to work with this model just by following...
  20. U

    Thread Attempted to Flash Nexus Stock ROM and now I'm in a bootloop (w/video)

    Attempted to flash [ROM][11.0][UNOFFICIAL] Nexus Stock for 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 [SM-T510] using TWRP and it rebooted to the G but wouldn't load.... restart and now I'm in a FOREVER bootloop: Ideas? I've tried holding Power + Vol Up, Power + Vol Dwn, Power+Vol Up+Vol Dwn, connecting to...
  21. Real_Programmer

    Thread boot.img causes bootloop

    I've been trying flash pixel experience on Redmi Note 9 and it had always caused brick. When I flash vbmeta and boot.img I can access the Recovery but system goes in bootloop. Then I flash stock boot.img for miui 12.5.2 it successfully boot system but Recovery replaced to Stock Recovery. I...
  22. X

    Thread Is it possible to boot in system-as-root without PC?

    On Android 10, it was possible to boot into recovery, download mode and system-as-root with the usual key presses, but now on Android 11, you also need to connect your phone to a PC, so is it possible to boot in system-as-root without PC? Thank you in advance!
  23. B

    Thread LineageOS 19.0 rom stuck on initializing property area

    What I know is that the error stems from trie_builder.cpp. What I would like to find out is what is causing the duplicate error. Possibilities could be the fact that I flashed a system.img without making a vendor.img for it. I would like help if someone understands what trie_builder.cpp does...
  24. P

    Thread sony XZ2 compact bootloop

    Hello ! One day, after a nice sleep, I switch on my phone and it boot loops! The day before, I didn't do anything special. It's the last firmware (so under Android 10), it's a stock rom, developper mode not active. Before flashing, I would like to take my pictures if possible my sms. With a nice...
  25. Ramamargayna

    Thread SM-A600FN stuck in bootloop [HELP]

    Hi! I recently installed twrp on my samsung a6, but i forgot to uncheck "f.reset time" in ODIN and my phone is stuck in a bootloop and I can't even go to the download and recovery mode. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  26. enkidu70

    Thread [BOOTLOADER] Error: Unable to boot from 2nd slot! [QUALCOMM CrashDump 0x00007f00]

    Hi all, trying to boot form second slot ends up in QUALCOMM CrashDump 0x00007f00 and I have no idea how to fix it. Edit: Booting from slot A & recovery works fine. Only trying to boot from B ends up in this error. I own a new 8T, currently with stock OxygenOS, TWRP installed and...
  27. C

    Thread HP Slatebook 14 Android laptop boot issues.

    I was given an HP Slatebook 14 (14-p091nr) Android laptop, that doesn't boot. It powers on, and gets to the "HP Powered by Android" screen, then sits there for as long as I leave it. A factory reset through the boot loader menu doesn't change anything, so I need to get in to debug mode using...
  28. H

    Thread HELPP! Can´t open my deivce file to extract boot.img.

    Hi, so i got a simple tablet, Multilaser M7S Lite, and i want to root it, my main goal is to be able to edit System folder, i want to change the boot animation, mainly. So , since there is no TWRP recovery for this brand, i decided that the only way, was with magisk patching boot.img. So i...
  29. JayronRP

    Thread My G7 Power randomly powers off and only boots charging

    For several days now, I've been facing this odd issue with my G7 Power: it powers off totally random, even in wakelock, and only boots back up if it's plugged in the charger, no matter if the battery is at 100%. I've tried unsuccessfully to perform a calibration, but in this situation I just...
  30. T

    Thread Question Boot failure -non root

    Has anyone seen this message? I can't get out of fastboot !
  31. GMM2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Microsoft Surface Duo 2 - Stock Ringtones & Boot Animation

    Here are the stock sounds from the Surface Duo 2, including its boot animation files. Other than the original Surface Duo, this device adds in two new ringtones, five notifications, and one alarm sound. Enjoy.
  32. B

    Thread problem boot loop root fail

    Hello and thank you for those who will try to help me. I tried to follow a tutorial to root my one plus 8 pro android 11 last night. So I followed several youtube tutorials. only I put a rom which was poorly optimized. The wifi didn't work. So trying to do everything I went to the developer...
  33. Klubuntu Soft

    Thread Please help, to install Magisk (find ramdisk) on hudl 1.

    Hi, I'm problem to backup\find ramdisk on my tablet Hudl 1 What can i do to move on. Please help me. Have Nice Day
  34. S

    Thread Help needed! Qualcomm Crash dump after trying to reinstall magisk upon upgrade to Android 11

    Hi, Lost root access after updating my OnePlus 6T to Android 11 a few days back, hence decided to flash magisk_patched image that I had created around 2 months back. Phone didn't like it ofcourse and gave me a QualComm Crash Dump error. After searching, managed to boot into bootloader, however...
  35. D

    Thread Dual OS huawei medipad m5 lite

    Hello! I have a huawei mediapad m5 lite. I would like to transform this tablet into a workstation ( i'm a web developer) , so I need linux or windows let's say linux because of the hardware). My idea is to boot linux from the sd card and install linux on sd card, so android should still work on...
  36. Tuandroidaldia

    Thread [Fastboot] Pixel Experience Splash Screen

    Hello! I've made this splash screen / boot logo for our Mi 9T using this guide It's perfectly compatible with the Pixel Experience boot animation. I've made the fastboot mode logo on my own using Apple's Recovery Mode as example. Feel free to ask for the .bmp to include it in your boot...
  37. S

    Thread Firmware is unable to be flashed

    Hi I use a Realme X, while I assume the model might be not relevant to this case. I tried several methods to flash both stock Rom`s and alternative ones, I did use both adb commands and adb sideloading and the official Realme tool. To me, as a computer expert but phone noob, it seems like...
  38. Hellomosabbir

    Thread We Want Custom Rom For RMX2103

    We Want Custom Rom For RMX2103 (Realme 7i ) I Searching Every where from the internet but i cant find RMX2103 (Realme 7i ) Custom Rom They are said "Unavailable" Please Given Me Some Custom Rom Like Pixel Experience , Corvus , Evulation X Blah Blah , Thank You 😀
  39. D

    Thread Prestigio pmp5880d Multipad 8.0 Ultra duo ??? [solved]

    Hi, ive got this old bricked tablet, cant enter recovery mode, not recognized in windows when in fastboot mode, nothing working basicaly, i want to flash it and i CAN'T, its getting frustrating after 3 days i decided to ask help here! this is where im stuck: i want to use Rockchip SD disk tool...
  40. EnumC

    Thread How To Guide Full ROM dump of T-Mobile variant & guide on gaining root access without magisk

    Hi everyone! I lost my OP8 daily driver the other day and decided to pick up a N200 as a stopgap measure. Thanks to Android 11, I'm able to dump all partitions from the DE2118 model of this device. AFH: Here's the partition map...
  41. M

    Thread Galaxy watch SM-R800 won't boot

    I am having an issue with my Galaxy watch SM-R800, it was working perfectly a week ago and it suddenly turned off. When I press the power button it shows the splash screen with the text Galaxy watch for a few second and then turns off, I have tried rebooting and this has resulted in the same...
  42. C

    Thread Redmi Note 9 Looping

    So, I tried to install TWRP and Magisk and something gone wrong. Now my phone is looping in Redmi Logo. I can't go to Recovery Mode or Fastboot, also a simple shutdown doesn't work. My computer don't recognize when my phone is in USB (no one device connect). I was trying something and sometimes...
  43. G

    Thread SM-J510MN/DS with two problems: "E: failed to open" and "Device or resource busy".

    I have a problem with the device: SM-J510MN/DS. It came to me with the problem. I don't know what was done before. I installed as per the common guidelines and the problem persists with the messages: "E: failed to open /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/misc: No such file or directory" "E...
  44. N

    Thread Trouble performing a sideload to install LineageOS

    I've been trying to install LineageOS on Nord100 and was following the instructions on the website: After seemingly successful installation of the Lineage OS recovery image (lineage-17.1-20210729-recovery-avicii.img) I performed a factory reset...
  45. O

    Thread Magisk resulted in boot loop

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F. I unlocked the bootloader from the Download mode, then turned on the OEM unlock from the developer settings. I installed Magisk from github, created the patched firmware, then flashed all the files via Odin. Now the S10 displays a warning that the...
  46. Stefanos53


    Hi!!! BOOT ANIMATION is a zip file that you can copy and paste into /system/media When you restart the phone or turn it off and then turn it on instead of having its own boot animation it will have this: *WORKING* **DOWNLOAD**
  47. R

    Thread Stuck on TWRP screen

    I rooted my old phone Samsung Galaxy a500G, using a procedure to connect phone and installing image using ODEN. It was all smooth, and phone was working nice. But after a few days I got stuck on TWRP screen and I am unable to boot up my phone. Can somebody please help? I am attaching the image...
  48. realnsleo

    Thread Getting Failed to clear BCB message: failed to open /dev/block/boot/device/by-name/misc: No such file or directory after phone crash

    Hi everyone, While using my Rog Phone 2, it became unresponsive all of a sudden. I struggled to get it to reboot but unfortunately it got a boot loop. I thought I would go into recovery and wipe, but I get the error: Failed to clear BCB message: failed to open...
  49. R

    Thread Flash boot.img using TWRP openrecoveryscript

    Hey, is there a simple way to flash a new kernel / boot.img using TWRP by script / openrecoveryscript? I can select "Install Image" in the UI and flash the boot.img just fine, but I want to script that so I can flash devices easily or even remotely just by uploading the openrecoveryscript and...
  50. MaxFTW

    Thread [KB2003] Stock & Magisk patched boot.img (latest KB2003_11.C.16)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the thread I was hoping to see every time OnePlus would release a new update... Eventually I decided to do it myself! In the link below you can download stock & Magisk patched boot.img files of given OOS versions for KB2003 (European version). I'll basically do my...