1. B

    Thread Question How to remove Bootscreen Tmobile with ADB?

    My wife got a S21 ultra, and she was asking how to remove that pink seizure making boot animation. I got my Note20U from Samsung and no boot propaganda. I have been looking around in the forums but everything is back from 2010. I know, Samsung has done well limiting the flashy screens, but...
  2. L3the

    Thread [App][Root] Bootiful - Set custom Boot Animations for Android 10 / 11 (requires Magisk)

    Hey everyone, so one of my friends was trying to figure out how to set a custom animation on Android 11. The apps which were avaiable on the playstore didnt work anymore starting from android 10, so we decided to create our own app. (Also sorry, this is my first post here ^^) Requirements: -...
  3. t-ryder

    Thread [OOS][EU][stock/magisk patched boot.img][stock recovery][full ROM] Oxygen OS 10.0.14

    For the EU version of the One Plus 7T pro aka hotdog - Oxygen OS 10.0.14.HD01BA Full ROM update ZIP | stock boot image | Magisk v21.4 manager 8.0.7 patched boot image | stock recovery Android File Host folder Full ROM ZIP for manual upgrade | images for fastboot flashing using latest...
  4. M

    Thread Always reboots to TRWP recovery before normal boot

    When I go to reboot my phone, it always boots into TWRP recovery first. Selecting to reboot to recovery works as expected. If I then select "Reboot" → "System" within TWRP, my phone then boots normally. It has been this way ever since I started the debacle of updating from Android 9 to Android...
  5. XenonTheInertG

    Thread Rec-Boot Bot

    Hey i made a tool for potting Boot & Recovery automatically;) What it can do? •Can port Boot & Recovery Auto-matically •Can port Boot & Recovery manually •Can unpack & repack any kind of boot & recovery •Can flash boot & recovery How to install it? •if you have TWRP Recovery, you can easily...
  6. redm20


    So here's the thing I already. Unlock boot loader and also root the phone etc but I cannot change the bootanimation anyone has any idea on how to do it on realme 5 pro because there is no bootanimation. zip file on system/media but I was able to find it on oppo_product/media and also on...
  7. HiCitron

    Thread Asus Zenfone 6 (ZS630KL) - Stuck on logo, won't boot anymore

    My zenfone 6 has been out of warranty for a month, and it died suddenly. It was working fine for a year before that, never had an issue. Last week, the phone restarted and was stuck on the asus logo. Since, I've only been able to force shutdowns/reboot but nothing got it to boot. I've read...
  8. NanduxXxPV

    Thread [RECOVERY][A9/A10] [UNOFFICIAL]SHRP 3.0 (20/01/15)

    Standard Disclaimer:- * Your warranty is... still valid? * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery * before...
  9. O

    Thread Phone keeps rebooting on Volume Up + Power (trying to install ROM)

    I tried to install Android's ROM and got ERROR 7, then I wiped out cache, data, internal storage, where was twrp.apk installed. After that I cant get into boot menu (with Install, Wipe... buttons). Then I copied twrp to the phone: sudo fastboot flash recovery <twrp.img> Tried versions 3.2.1-0...
  10. Naa'vy

    Thread HELP!! Stock RN6 pro stuck in mi-recovery 3.0 :-(

    Hello, A few days back, when I was using my phone (redmi note 6 pro tulip), the screen suddenly greyed out and started rebooting. Within a minute, the phone went to mi-recovery 3.0. Now, no matter how I try to reboot the phone (from recovery or by hard buttons) , it boots directly into...
  11. U

    Thread [Boot] Invalid boot image

    Hello @ all, I am locked out from recovery mode. I see the message: "Invalid boot image!", is anything that I can do to restore the device through locked fastboot ? I have an ASUS ME302KL (Memo Pad 10 HD LTE) Thank you for any help
  12. n0velti

    Thread Editing boot sequence AOSP

    Hey xda! I'm new here so my bad if I make some mistakes posting this thread. My question is whether or not anybody has tried to modify the boot of AOSP. To be more specific I'm looking for a tutorial on how to create a setup screen for a custom ROM. Anybody know of any threads or where I should...
  13. digitalmaxMG

    Thread Stuck at CSC FastBoot Mode

    Hello everyone, i yesterday i bought secondhand Asus Zenphone 7 PRO stucked at CSC Fastboot MODE When i turn on the phone it pops android icon for 1 sec then it goes automatically to CSC FastBoot Mode, then you can choose between START, Restart bootloader, Recovery mode, and Power OFF. When you...
  14. À

    Thread Can´t boot twrp.img!

    Hi, I follow this Tutorial to root my Moto g6 Plus. I could unlock my bootloader, but i cant boot twrp-3.2.3-42-evert.img. When I try "fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-42-evert.img" , I get Sending 'boot.img' (31100 KB) OKAY [ 0.878s] Booting...
  15. J

    Thread I need help with ROM - MTK6580 - Android 7.0 Root - 1Gb/16Gb

    Hello, I am new here and am absolutely not a developer. My company has bought a year ago 1K tablets from a vendor in SZ. The tablets have installed a developed application by a third party for elderly which requires that the tablet screen will be ON 24/7 and constantly on a charger. The...
  16. J

    Thread Stuck in Fastboot Mode / No Download Mode / Partition Failure

    Hey Guys, can't find anything about this situation. Bricked my device while flashing a RUU, this is not the first time, but it's the first time I don't have a solution after a few days/nights research. --> Stucked in Fastboot Mode, everytime I choose another option, for example Download mode...
  17. S

    Thread Phone doesn' t boot

    The phone cannot boot, it ends in recovery. I copied the recovery.log and also the kernel log. In the first there is an error: [...] parsing languageFile parsing languageFile done I:PageManager::LoadFileToBuffer loading filename: '/twres/ui.xml' directly I:Checking resolution... I:Scaling...

    Thread Mi A2 Lite (Daisy) Stock boot and magisk patched for Android 10

    Hello everyone, for these are looking to root the Mi A2 Lite With the latest firmware at 07/10/2020 (V11.0.11.0 QDLMIXM) i provide my working boot.img and magisk_patched img. Original boot img:
  19. N

    Thread Any way to figure out the recovery mode button combination using adb?

    I changed few lines in build.prop of my android TV box and it resulted in a "services died => GC_EXPLICIT freed => cant get entry" loop, with long lines of error if I look into the logcat from adb. The device screen is stuck at the android log. Even though, I changed the build.prop file to how...
  20. H

    Thread ASUS may have just bricked my wifes phone. Stuck on ASUS boot screen EDIT: NOW DEAD

    I woke up around 1am tonight to a glow from my wifes Zenfone 6. Wondering why I looked at her screen to find the ASUS logo glowing fully bright like It does upon start up. Thinking this is odd I tried rebooting it but every single button is unresponsive. I tried holding the power button down...
  21. P

    Thread Nokia 8 Multiple Stock Boot Images

    Since people have trouble getting the boot images, here is my GoogleDrive folder containing stock boot images for Nokia 8 TA-1004 (NB1). Versions uploaded as follows: 2018 patches: October, November, December 2019 patches: January, February, March, April, May, Juni, July, August, September...
  22. T

    Thread rooted phone optimizes apps on each boot

    Hi, since I rooted my phone, it optimizes aps on each boot, which obviously prevents a somewhat fast boot. How can I prevent this?
  23. A

    Thread Question about the boot

    After I rooted my phone, I found that it took too long time on the boot screen(the unlocked bootloader warning screen), like more than 30 seconds. Could please someone tell me how to fix or improve this?
  24. R

    Thread Z2 Plus Boot issues

    I was on AEX and tried a new roms (Pixys, Evolution, Pixel Experience etc) and none of them booted the android. Tried to restore AEX and even that is not booting. Phone keeps rebooting in loop without booting to any os including the restored backup. Evolution and pixel after a clean installation...
  25. K

    Thread Recovery mode doesn't start from fastboot - stuck on LG logo

    Hi, my LG Watch Urbane w150 cannot boot anymore. I can access the fastboot menu and from there selected recovery mode. However, when the watch tries to enter recovery mode, it gets stuck on the LG logo until the battery is dead. Normal booting results in the dancing logo being on the screen...
  26. VD171

    Thread How may I extract this logo.bin?

    Nothing has worked to extract logo.bin. I want to remove bootloader unlocked message only! And possibily, remove all motorola's logos, sounds and animations. I really hate them! It is part of rom for Motorola Moto One Macro (XT2016-2) I will love any help.
  27. W

    Thread [GUIDE][UPDATED!!]How to fix 'I get stuck on TWRP splash screen'

    How to fix stuck on splash screen when TWRP 3.4.0-0 is installed permanently I've tried several ways myself to get it up and running. As long as the device is encrypted, TWRP cannot start. It gets stuck in an infinite loop. The keymaster-3-0 service starts, but it is stopped immediately. It...
  28. P

    Thread sim card in my phone with any rom and the phone boot by it self constantly

    hello is there any one that knows why can be that my OP5 keeps booting anytime that I introduce the sim card in any of the ROMs that I have install?? what can I do about it?? thanks
  29. Spaceminer

    Thread Boot Logos!

    Flash this using fastboot to remove the black screen on boot. This is the original boot logo. I will update this with more logos very soon. fastboot flash logo logo.bin
  30. Galaxyninja66

    Thread What format are tate Boot Images in? (zimage, uimage, +dtb etc)

    I'm building a non android boot image for the Kindle Fire HD 7. Sailfish OS porting has been attempted before not only by me, but by someone else before. I picked the project back up and again, tablet goes straight to fastboot, couldn't boot the supplied boot image at all. I noticed that the...
  31. M

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [MAGISK] Tesla OnePlus Boot Animation 60FPS [OnePlus 7 Pro]

    I think there are a lot of people who like the original OxygenOS boot animation, but would like to add some small extras to it. For this reason, I created the animation as a combination of OnePlus and Tesla fans! Full 60 FPS support :) Download the file in the download section. You need to be...
  32. P

    Thread Relocking the bootloader

    Hi, I've unlocked my bootloader in order to install TWRP. I found a couple of references in the how-to about "re-locking" it: "Q1: How to relock the bootloader?" "Q3: Will it affect future OTAs after unlocking? Secure user data partition may also become inaccessible and you will not be able...
  33. hinxnz

    Thread SPLASH SCREEN - Stock splash screen without warning!

    Stock splash screen without the warning message for rooted S10+ devices Completely stock splash screen All warnings have been removed WARNING: Flash at your own risk! Directions Download attachment Place attachment into download folder in internal storage Check md5sum -...
  34. P

    Thread [HELP] Mi A1 stuck on boot loading screen

    My Mi A1 can't boot. I've flashed the stock firmware via edl and via fastboot, and I've flashed Lineage OS 16 via twrp. None of these installations get further than the boot screen, they just get stuck playing the loading animation forever. Does anybody know how I can get my device operational...
  35. VortexHD

    Thread Custom boot animation?

    Hello, I'm trying turn a gif file into a Samsung boot animation but can't seem to find a guide that makes sense. I have had a go at Samsung Theme Designer but its very difficult to understand. Has anyone got a tutorial or a creator that can help? I have linked the gif and the extracted frames in...
  36. cognosco

    Thread Only booting into fastboot (repaired, solution found). I want to know the rootcause.

    Hi all, Since a couple of days I was able to unlock the bootloader on my Mi 9T Pro device. I managed to install TWRP recovery via fastboot and then the vendor, Lineage, other kernel, Magisk as zip via TWRP recovery. It worked fine, until at one moment I rebooted and suddenly it started only the...
  37. n0M3n

    Thread V11.0.5 boot image, please.

    Hi, can someone post latest stock boot image? Thank you!
  38. Zentom

    Thread Need Stock ROM, boot image

    Basically, I fricked up and for some reason, my nandroid backup is stuck on boot animation after restoring it. I think I need to flash the system image again, and maybe even the boot image. Would be greatful if I got the latest (December 2019) ROM. And this is a stretch but I could also maybe...
  39. erenkeros

    Thread Can't reboot my phone - Softbrick

    I think I have the weirdest soft brick ever. First of all my device works. I can use every feature with no issues till I reboot. If my device is rooted and I try to reboot, it stucks on bootloader for about 30 seconds and loops on fastboot. There's no single reboot process gone smooth. :( I...
  40. B

    Thread device bricked by itself..? unable to boot or charge

    i shut down my device by tapping power off. then removed sim card and sd card after screen went black. but when i tried to power on, it doesnt respond.. i tried holding the power button for 10s, it gives me a black screen and vibrates and instantly closes again.. so i cant boot into recovery, i...
  41. L

    Thread TWRP Boot Only or Flash

    I have been reading about the Mi 9T pro a lot lately and have now purchased one. I might install Magisk bit I don't want to flash TWRP. On my previous phones I have simply booted to TWRP, flashed whatever I wanted and then restarted and kept the stock recovery. All the threads I have read about...
  42. D

    Thread Help. I can’ t boot my Xperia. (Strange problem)

    Hi Everyone! I have a very difficult and very urgent problem with Xperia XA1. During boot-up, the logo and Xperia animation will appear normally, but then instead of starting up, it will appear as if a pixel flashes and this image is left in place, the phone is frozen. (See video). When I used...
  43. N

    Thread [Guide]How Install OnePlus BootLogo and Bootanimation on your Redmi K20 Pro/Mi9T Pro

    Requirement: Bootloader Unlocked Custom Recovery Installed like TWRP or Orange Fox Please Try at your own Risk. I am not responsible for any bricked and damage device You have to Just download the Two Attachment file from here...
  44. M

    Thread Battery showing empty during power on

    I am facing strange issue after flashing miui 11 global rom. While turning on the phone it is showing battery is empty even though i have fully charged the phone. I have to connect charger and turn the phone on. After the phone boots up, i can remove the charger. I am not able to understand the...
  45. L

    Thread [SM-T510] Boot when plugged in

    Hey, I'm trying to find a solution to this problem. My tablet is off, when I plug the tablet in I want it to boot instead of showing the charge indicator. I've tried a bunch of different avenues but I just can't get my head around how the ramdisk works for this device. I've tried the fastboot...
  46. HippoMan

    Thread Fixing a trashed "A" boot partition

    My device is a rooted, TWRP-enabled OnePlus 7 Pro ... GM1917. Through some failed flash attempts in the past, I hosed my "A" boot partition, meaning that I can't boot into it, nor do any meaningful work in it via TWRP. The data partition is empty and cannot be written to when I boot into TWRP...
  47. CreativeGamer03

    Thread [TUT]Custom OEM Boot Splash Image for Windows Phones

    This thread is part of customizing the Windows Phone OS or ROM, which includes altering of the target files and no nothing else. Do not go sideways on this tutorial as you might brick your phone. PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I am not responsible to any damage caused by this tutorial. Also, do...
  48. A

    Thread can't boot to OS if uninstalled youtube app android 10

    Android 10 i am trying to install mod YouTube, when i uninstall original YouTube app can't boot to OS after i have to re flash ROM again .....this is wired !! any help
  49. S

    Thread SAmsung S6 stucks after S6 logo after installing Xposed

    Hi, hope everyones fine! my problem is that i wanted to try xposed framework so i installed it, it installed and then it rebooted and after that it just shows me Samsung S6 logo and then nothing happens but i can see Blue light blinking. and when i leave my mobile for say 4-5 mints it gets to...