1. da.killa

    Thread Can Magisk survive LineageOS update?

    Some time ago I was able to update LineageOS w/o losing Magisk on my Moto G7, but now I have to flash patched boot.img every time. Is there a way for Magisk to survive updates?
  2. P

    Thread [OOS13] IN2023_11_F.62 Patched boot.img

    Hello guys ! F.62 update is rolling out on the OnePlus 8 Pro, and I managed to download the full OTA zip package through the OxygenOS Updater app. I extracted the boot.img file thanks to the payload_dumper_go tool on this thread. This post is inspired from this one from @bebop80 (thank you !)...
  3. Shady_33

    Thread Fastboot won't recognize my device no matter what I try

    I'm trying to flash Magisk custom boot.img using fastboot but it will never detect the device, tried everything in the first page of Google with different searches, nothing works. Tried downloading Samsung developer drivers from here, tried this tool while in fastboot and then while the device...
  4. pedosan

    Thread Please help me!Crdroid9 stucked at Android robot icon after flashing Crdroid'bootimg。i don't want to format

    The fast charging kernel has not been effective, but the kernel version has indeed been rewritten. So I planned to restore the original kernel and flash again, but I failed rooted and I don't want to format, there are many anime girl photo (also is my waifu) in it😭
  5. bebop80

    Thread [OOS13] IN2023_11_F.15 Patched boot.img

    Hello everyone, I wasn't able to find it here and I didn't want to wait :-) I am sharing here the Patched boot.img for the last OOS13 update. (F.15) I want to thank user @Neil_Armstrong_ for his post and, please forgive me and my laziness, I am copying here his perfect instructions You can...
  6. antoh86

    Thread Question Where can i get boot.img for android 12 Oxygen

    I tried to flash from Oxygen to Color OS, but I didn't delete cow partitions. And my device started going into fastboot mode and after 1 second it freezes and reboots and loop this. It doesn't give me a chance to choose either and immediately reboots and reboots... To fix this, I run "fastboot...
  7. ot_inc

    Thread General [Restore NothingOS & Magisk] Nothing Phone(1) Fastboot ROM(Full ROM) & boot.img Global v1.1.6

    Fastboot ROM and boot.img for NothingPhone(1) are now available. v1.1.6 is available. Sorry for my poor English, I'm Japanese.
  8. S

    Thread Question OxygenOS 13 [LE2123_11_F_OTA_2110_all] boot.img

    Hi everyone! I was searching for the boot.img of OxygenOS 13 on OnePlus 9 Pro, but I couldn't find it. So I extracted it for myself. I have used it for magisk installing and It works fine for me. I attach the boot.img if anyone needs it, but remember THIS ONLY WORKS WITH ONEPLUS 9 PRO AND FOR...
  9. kurangan

    Thread Need Stock ROM for BND-AL10 build

    Trying to root my device(wanted to install PostmarketOS) without twrp recovery image installation(link), since Im unable to install twrp custom recovery image. I have searched a lot and unable to find Stock rom for the build All i could find is as the closest...
  10. PickleMorty282

    Thread (HELP) Bootloop on Alldocube KPad when flashing patched boot.img file via fastboot

    Before, you ask, I must use fastboot since no one built TWRP for my device. On my Alldocube KPad, when flashing my Magisk patched boot.ig file, it always goes into a bootloop. Can anyone help me on how to fix this? I'm tired of flashing stock firmware over and over. Thanks in advance.
  11. B

    Thread Mi 10T Pro M2007J3SG Magisk v25 Bootloop need help..

    1. I installed Magisk v25, before that I was on v24 and everything was fine, and I made a boot.img with vbmeta option on, transfered magisk boot.img, now my phone is in bootloop... That is not main problem, even when I back original boot.img my phone is stuck in same bootloop? Why is that and...
  12. G

    Thread How to extract boot.img from a rooted phone without twrp?

    Hello, my phone doesn't have TWRP support, so i need to extract the boot.img from it so that I can install magisk. I am able to root it with KingoRoot. So How to extract boot.img from a rooted phone without twrp?
  13. L

    Thread Missing Fastboot Rom File for MIUI 13?

    Disclaimer: I don't know much about what I am doing, but I watched multiple tutorials and read articles.. would be really nice to get some help with that... hope you can bear with me :) Hello, I am trying to root my Poco F2 Pro using Magisk. I just wanted to the boot.img, so that I can modify...
  14. User111111

    Thread Magisk Rooting by patching boot.img

    Hello, I would like to root my Mi Max 3. The bootloader is already unlocked. Can I just flash the magisk-patched-boot.img or do I need to do something first?
  15. Yuzarsif06

    Thread [Help Thread] Infinix S5 Flashing and System Update Failure

    Can't install system update for infinix s5 after flashing. Maybe I used wrong boot.img or vbmeta.img. Now some apps are incompatible with my device. I successfully rooted the device with zygisk. I tried downloading s5 firmware but can't flash with SP Flash tool. Also installation of custom TWRP...
  16. iKlover

    Thread Vortex V22 Standup Wireless Firmware Error

    Hello! I tried the search function but my search-fu isn't strong today. I got a Vortex V22 phone from Standup Wireless. I must have been half asleep, because when i flashed what I assumed was the correct boot.img, I got stuck in a boot loop. On further investigation, I had flashed the boot...
  17. S

    Thread Question boot.img

    Hi everyone, How can I get the boot.img (either patched with magisk or clean) for the (11TPro vili - EEA)? I've performed an OTA update, patched with magisk 24.1 with the option to "install to inactive slot (after OTA)" and now I can't boot into the device. This is the process...
  18. P

    Thread I have native 4K on oreo. Help.

    Hello. I have Carbon ROM 6.1. My "Boot.IMG" is modified to remove the "1080p boot scr configs" from the copyleft archive. Can I request someone remove "1080p boot scr configs" on a newer ROM? From the boot.IMG. there's many apps that don't work on my Oreo.
  19. ValveTextureFile

    Thread HTC Desire 12+ Kernel panicks when enabling wifi (LineageOS GSI)

    Hello, i have an HTC Desire 12+ with an corrupt boot.img. I cannot uninstall magisk via twrp (error 1).I am in need of its firmware so i can flash the original boot.img. This phone gets absolutely no love and probably wont get the firmware any time soon. I am ****ed.
  20. GibranYG

    Thread Odin "Unassigned file, complete(write) operation failed" on Galaxy Tab S7 FE [Android 11]

    So I've been stumbling on this issue when trying to root my Galaxy Tab S7 FE (SM-T733) with magisk. When trying to flash the patched boot.img.tar file (Yes it is the right one) to AP it just gives me this error and while searching online I found that the problem might be Odin's version, but I'm...
  21. J

    Thread How to Remove Warning Bootloader Unlocked Message on Moto G5

    The Bootloader Unlocked Message is a single image with a serial number printed on top. In case of the Moto G5 the serial number is 'N/A' (not applicable). To completely hide the 'Unlocked' boot message logo.bin must be replaced with one that has a white background where 'N/A' appears. Like this...
  22. Devil Wolf

    Thread [HELP] How to extract boot.img file on mobile without root and pc.

    I have Micromax canvas unite 4 pro/q465 running Android 5.1 [lollipop] and I want to root my phone with magisk. To root my phone I need boot.img of my stock rom because ramdisc is showing YES on my device and is there a way to extract boot.img file on NON-ROOTED PHONE ONLY ? If yes then please...
  23. W

    Thread Question Magisk-generated patch of ArrowOS boot.img has 0Bytes and cannot be flashed

    I'm new to custom ROMs, but I've made it through with an ArrowOS install on my Poco X3 pro thanks to this fantastic step-by-step guide by urbanman2004. I made it all the way up to step 14/d of the guide, which is where I'm running into this problem. I believe I followed the guide precisely...
  24. Persea

    Thread I am unable to extract boot.img from the .DZ file

    I'm trying to install Magisk in my LG K41s (LM-K410HM) and I only got as far as downloading the firmware, extracting the .DZ file from the .KDZ file, and nothing more. I was using the LG Firmware Extract Tool and it detects the files but when I extract them it leaves a 0 KB file. And the logs...
  25. L

    Thread Bootloop/Black screen of death after flashing boot.img

    Well, it's a bit of a long story, so I'll try to be as short as possible. Last year, and after hours of searching on the internet, I found the solution for "Custom binary blocked by frp lock" on this forum (here and here). Both methods promised to fix the lock without erasing my data, but I...
  26. R

    Thread HTC one X9

    I rooted my device HTC one X9 dual sim by Supersu with custom recovery TWRP. I want to change it to magisk and i got an error code 1 in TWRP while flashing it. As i searched on XDA forums, i found that flashing with boot.img from stock ROM will fix the issue. But HTC is not providing Stock ROM...
  27. Red Xx

    Thread Hyundai 10WB1 - Rooting Problem -

    I have Hyundai 10WB1 and I'm trying to root It. I can't patch the boot.img using Magisk. I have the Firmware if y'all would want to download it. This tablet has an unlocked bootloader, OEM UNLOCKING, and Fastboot! Please help me solve this!
  28. D

    Thread Nokia 2.3 firmware

    Posted this in the Nokia 2.1 thread since there isn't one for 2.3 I asked this question in many other sites but until now I got no response. I found many sites that have it but it all of them uploaded before Nokia 2.3 got android 11. I got two questions: 1 - where can I find the android 1...
  29. rev1si0n

    Thread an all-in-one tool for boot.img and selinux, readonly property (github source)

    hello everyone, i released a self-use tool recently, i use this tool to solve my problem see for tool introduce and usage and the source is here but now it ony support android 6.0 - 10.0 device i want...
  30. Alpha_Radke

    Thread Any chance to support a locked Android One giant?

    As described here we have full open source Nokia 5.4 ready to play but with a bad start due to HMD's next-gen bootloader lol
  31. S

    Thread OnePlus 7 Pro Patched boot Images

    This thread is for Patched boot image posts. Please don't post boot.img files without having tried them and made sure they work. bootloops are not funny to watch. Please consider to make sure to state: Build number: Oxygen OS GM21BA For example Phone Model: GM1913 For...
  32. gx123

    Thread SM-G930F G930FXXU8ETI2 unpack boot.img build kernel and pack with custom kernel

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build a custom kernel and repack boot.img in order to apply a custom driver on a Samsung Galaxy S7. Galaxy model : SM-G930F firmware version: G930FXXU8ETI2 (taken from I've flashed with Odin, then installed twrp, made a backup and extracted boot...
  33. 251boy

    Thread SD card /Internal storage problems

    Please developers I need help with my phone [Nokia 3.2 android 10 last update 5 feb 2021 2gb ram,16gb rom no finger print]. I recently insert an 8gb rom SD card because I was lacking space. After setup everything and add it to internal storage I got a 16gb SD card so I remove the 8gb and put the...
  34. 0

    Thread unpack and repack / Android Kitchen 0.224

    Hello, I trying to unpack and repack the system.img and boot.img / i use stock ROM just unpack and right after repack (i use the stock ROM and nothing change inside that unpacking) I'm useing (Android-Kitchen-0.224) I'm useing: TWRP -> Install -> select file (zip) -> Swipe to confirm Flash...
  35. ademar111190

    Thread Boot.img of LineageOS 17.1 for Magisk

    I'm following the magisk installation guide and at this point I should have a copy of my boot.img. I'm using LineageOS 17.1 for jasmine sprout, you can get the zip here The problem is, inside the zip there is no boot.img, and the lineage site list only that zip and the recovery.img How can I...
  36. Peanutzy

    Thread I finally have boot.img for Realme 6i RMX 2040 A.37

    So by this time I haven't downloaded it yet but I will just update this forum soon after it is downloaded. Thank you for waiting!;)
  37. CarvedArt

    Thread [MAGISK][ROOT][BOOT.IMG] How to patch the Oneplus 8, 8T and 8 Pro stock Boot Image (boot.img) from the currently installed Stock ROM

    Quick and concise how to for obtaining a Stock Boot Image from your Oneplus 8, 8T or 8 Pro device and patching with Magisk to create a fastboot flashable patched boot.img. - DISCLAIMER: #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * * We are not responsible for bricked, broken or dead devices. This is a...
  38. MagikGab

    Thread [QUESTION] Is it possible to install Magisk on "boot.img" while on MIUI 12 (no TWRP)?

    [QUESTION] Is it possible to install Magisk on "boot.img" while on MIUI 12 (no TWRP)? Hi, when I was on MIUI 11, I installed Magisk by patching the boot.img of the official ROM. Now, I updated to MIUI 12 and the Magisk app shows Ramdisk: NO. While reading on Magisk website, I noticed that now I...
  39. G

    Thread [Tutorial] Android OTA payload dumper on Android

    Introduction This tutorial will teach you how to specifically extract the boot.img from your OTA/ROM's payload.bin on your Android device, rather than a computer. In addition to this, you will also have the ability to access all other img files that are packaged with the payload.bin. The boot...
  40. D

    Thread Riru Core EdXposed Magisk

    You got Magisk installed on the stock Android 9 ROM? Awesome! But wait, there is more! ? This thread is meant for the exchange of everyone's experience with Riru and Xposed modules running with EdXposed. The installation is pretty simple: 1) In Magisk, install "Riru - Core", reboot, 2) install...
  41. D

    Thread [boot.img] Patched boot.img files & patching tool

    Here you can find several patched boot.img files for various stock rom system versions of Redmi 7A. Note: The one for is custom rom, not stock EU. If you can't find a patched boot.img for your version, you can also...
  42. RenaKunisaki

    Thread How to manually provide stock backup?

    I installed Magisk by flashing the modified boot.img from fastboot. Now I want to apply an OTA update, so I need to restore images, but there's no backup. I do have the original images, so I followed the steps to place it: mata:/data/adb/magisk # ./magiskboot sha1 /sdcard/boot.img...
  43. N

    Thread magisk_patched.img file

    Hi All, I am creating a thread for users to share the patched boot images. People may get some help in flashing them as we dont have a working TWRP yet for Oneplus 7T. Lets help each other and enjoy root! US Version 10.0.4...
  44. M

    Thread Build kernel without source

    Hi guys, this is my first question here. I wanted to build the kernel for my Micromax device (Spark 4g Prime), but micromax doesn't release the kernel source for its devices (gpl violation, yes, but it's a small company). I really searched everywhere, but could not find anything to help me. I...
  45. Simon1511

    Thread Bootloop after repacking boot.img

    I unpacked my boot.img file and changed something, but after I repacked it my phone goes straight into a bootloop/soft brick. Even without changes to the boot.img (only unpacking and repacking) my phone still wont boot up. It doesnt matter which ROM/boot.img I use or which tool I use for...
  46. kevintm78

    Thread [Firmware] Full Firmwares, boot.img and PIT Files for SM-N910F/G/T/P/V/W8

    Full Firmwares, PIT Files, boot.img, and recovery.img for Snapdragon Note 4s Use PIT files only when necessary. You are responsible for what you flash on your phone. Please do proper research before flashing any of the following files on your phone. All of these files were downloaded with...
  47. S

    Thread [Q] Sony XA1 - How do I get the stock boot.img out of the ftf

    After a nice browse of the forums for the particular Device, there's hardly any working custom kernel or rom or even a TWRP for this device so as a developer, I thought I'd take over but I'm having a hard time getting the stock boot.img out of the ftf, Things I've tried : 1. Flashtool > Sin...
  48. L

    Thread []

  49. B

    Thread [OOS 5.1.5 | 5.1.6 | 5.1.7 | 5.1.8 | SafetyNet OK] Root without TWRP

    OP6 rooting without TWRP Checklist before preceed: Working Fastboot Be on software OOS 5.1.5 | 5.1.6 | 5.1.7 | 5.1.8 Unlocked bootloader (Instruction here, but remember to enable OEM Unlocking first) WARNING: Please double check that you have unlocked bootloader! A few users has reported...