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  1. M

    Thread Hello everyone

    Hello frienda i have s8+ with androide 9 pie also i did root my phone i tried before to downgrade my phone to oreo and then it did perfect but i forget to stop intsall the updates and then onetime my son let my phone install the those updates so now it back to androide 9 i tried to back him to 8...
  2. mlgmxyysd

    Thread [TOOLS][MOD][SCRIPTS] MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool

    Welcome to MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool Powered by MTK Client @ Bjoern Kerler. A tool to crack Qin F21 Pro BootLoader without erasing userdata. Screenshots Usage View README in the ZIP ! Remember to keep the backup properly, they are needed for relock or OTA. EULA Downloads...
  3. Pooja 2001

    Thread Question How to change IMEI number in redmi note 10 Pro

    How to change IMEI number in redmi note 10 Pro in rooted device please guys help me
  4. R

    Thread [Q] Broken P-Button Bootloop

    I beckon ye geniuses of the XDA Forums with a yet to be slain beast of burdon. I had Cyanogenmod mod beta 7 working on my N1 and noticed the gmail app was missing from the market and the phone after a flash. I then installed the official gapps which booted up once just fine. After that it...
  5. M

    Thread [Q] How to develop rooting app

    I have found some apps like Universal Android root, 1-Click rooting. etc. on net that are being used for rooting android. But, I could not find any information about , how android rooting software can be built? Could anybody please help me in this , I wanna know about how rooting software...