1. -VEDMETA-

    Thread [CLOSED] tool Bootloader Lock/tool Bootloader Unlock

    Hello my friends I have created a program that opens and closes the bootloader with just one click for beginners :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: You do not need to install ADB, just check your device drivers on your computer and put the device into fastboot mode Program for Windows 10\7\11 devices Run...
  2. Saicoo

    Thread Fortnite detects unlocked bootloader but is locked

    Hello everyone, does anyone know if this error is from the game or from the phone itself? My phone is a OnePlus 6T What happens is that I had the bootloader unlocked but I never rooted the phone and I only had TWRP and when I entered fortnite it wouldn't let me play since it eliminated me when...
  3. O

    Thread Update ASUS Zenpad Z10 (ZT500KL - Verizon) to android 8

    Hello, I am looking for direction on how to approach this. I have a ASUS Zenpad Z10 (ZT500KL - Verizon) that I want to update to a newer version of android. Since the manufacturer no longer sends out updates to the tablet the only option I am left with is to root the tablet. However I am not...
  4. RikPi

    Thread Huawei BLA-L29 rollback to unlock bootloader

    Hey there! First post. Before Huawei stopped giving unlock codes in 2018 I got mine but I never unlocked because of warranty. Now I really want to unlock but from EMUI 9 onwards (I have installed) they removed the possibility of unlocking via the fastboot flashing unlock...
  5. P

    Thread unlocking bootloader Pax M30 phone, fastboot "Not implemet."

    I bought this phone because it was REAAAAAAAAAAALLY cheap: I turned developers mode on, activated USB debugging, rebooted into bootloader mode, and got [email protected]:~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools$ sudo $(which fastboot) flashing unlock...
  6. mlgmxyysd

    Thread [TOOLS][MOD][SCRIPTS] MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool

    Welcome to MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool Powered by MTK Client @ Bjoern Kerler. A tool to crack Qin F21 Pro BootLoader without erasing userdata. Screenshots Usage View README in the ZIP ! Remember to keep the backup properly, they are needed for relock or OTA. EULA Downloads...
  7. D

    Thread What happens if i lock the bootloader after the IMEI repair?

    I bought a new mi 10T 8/128 apollo device. Device bootloader lock is open and its IMEI repaired. Now the google play says my device is uncertified. When i checked the SecureNet status it says: CTS profile: fail evalType: hardware Device has not have root and i dont want it. I think the guy who...
  8. wele-sh

    Thread Question i can not unlock the bootloader

    i tried unlock bootloader to root my device . and igot FAILED (remote: unknown command) finished. total time: 0.003s any help plz
  9. Remnimaat

    Thread Device stuck in boot loop with no access to twrp or usb debugging

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide some assistance to help me solve my problem here. Basically I was attempting to flash havoc os to my oneplus 7 pro and I think I wiped both the a/b partitions by accident as now it’s stuck in boot loop. basically it will...
  10. P

    Thread How To Guide [MIUI12~13 A11~12.0/12.1][UNLOCK][ROOT] Picture guide unlock bootloader, flash custom ROMs & root Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

    Thanks for @urbanman2004 guide for Poco X3 Pro. Some sentences still needed, so keeping it similar. This guide provides photos & screenshots. Simulate all process and reduce misunderstanding. Section 1: Unlock bootloader (Works for most Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco phones) Keep phone with more than...
  11. protoloc

    Thread Trying to unlock the bootloader (Unknown Error 1004)

    Hey guys, I'm trying to unlock the bootloader for this phone but it gives me this weird error:Unknow Error (1004). These are the logs: DEBUG <08:20:08.374,T:12524> : to sign token with key for device:angelica DEBUG <08:20:08.379,T:12524> : Begin login unlockApi ERROR...
  12. J

    Thread Install firmware

    Hello, Yesterday I installed lineage 17.1 rom on my galaxy a5 2017. But due to some bugs in the rom, I want to install its firmware. So I try to flash the firmware using Odin. Then it was unsuccessful. Really I don't know how to install stock rom on my device. So please help me
  13. abdullah27farooqui

    Thread Realme 5 keeps restarting on fastboot mode

    Hi, I was trying to root my phone Realme 5 (rmx1911) so that i would be able to install custom rom. So as i was doing that i tried flashing twrp and vmeta files but the files didn't flashed correctly, So i tried again multiple times. But in that process i accidentally make the phone stuck on the...
  14. M

    Thread Amazfit GTR2 stuck on logo

    Hey all :) Today in the morning watch showed 9% on battery and I placed it to charge and after an 1 hour I came back to check and it was showing Amazfit logo, the one when you boot the device but logo stays forever. If I hold red button to reset it reloads and starts by itself. Also there is no...
  15. 251boy

    Thread SD card /Internal storage problems

    Please developers I need help with my phone [Nokia 3.2 android 10 last update 5 feb 2021 2gb ram,16gb rom no finger print]. I recently insert an 8gb rom SD card because I was lacking space. After setup everything and add it to internal storage I got a 16gb SD card so I remove the 8gb and put the...
  16. L

    Thread Need root method, have a v6 bootloader (sm-g950u)

    Im on the july 2019 patch, and would like to know which thread would be the best case for a sucessful root without bootlooping. Lmk if anything thanks.
  17. Paran360

    Thread Enable OEM Unlock without booting in to system

    Case: My Huawei p Smart is stuck in the eRecovery screen. It couldn't be upgraded. That means I can't boot the device. I can just boot into eRecovery and fastboot screen. My device is not enabled OEM unlock in Developer Settings. Question: can I somehow unlock my bootloader without enabling...
  18. K

    Thread What to avoid to stay rooted, keep custom recovery etc.?

    I unlocked the bootloader and rooted my honor 6x with magisk. Now I'm confused, what could cause relocking the bootloader, or non-functional twrp, or no root… I'm most interested, if there are any dead ends – no way back to unlocked bootloader etc. (security patch level by google?). My former...
  19. E

    Thread Cannot unlock bootloader for H811 20o

    I already enabled OEM Unlock and USB Debugging in Developer options. then I connected my LG G4 H811 to PC and confirmed MTP. adb devices just shows: List of devices attached If I select USB charge instead of MTP, the adb devices shows: List of devices attached: LGH811***** offline Looks...
  20. C

    Thread Install TWRP on rooted but LB on stock ROM(15.5.A.1.5),JB 4.3, Xperia M Dual (C2004)

    Device: Sony Xperia M Dual (C2004) OS: Jelly Bean 4.3 (15.5.A.1.5) Rooted, bootloader unlocking allowed but locked yet,I have the code. So I want to install custom ROMs which need. Now to flash them I need TWRP. To get TWRP I need to unlock my bootloader, right? The thing is I don't have...
  21. davidof

    Thread S5 Active G870F euro version - bootloader

    hello i was buy S5 active g870F euro version, bootlaoder is locked or not?????
  22. Narwhal73

    Thread [Recovery][Boot] Recovery mode has highest boot priority?

    So I unlocked, rooted and installed Euphoria ROM on my Moto G today, and now I'm perplexed to find that when I select the "Reboot" option either in Android or TWRP, I immediately get shoved back into TWRP. Rebooting to Bootloader works as expected, rebooting to Recovery works as expected, but...
  23. Sapiem

    Thread [Q] Can't power on after gapps flashing

    Hello: Recently reflash CM ROM and was working fine. Then I noticed that the missing of Google APKs, so without any wipe, I flash gapps from zip copied in microsd card. Then on reboot, it loops in the boot animation for more than 10 min (I was attending a patient, I'm doctor). I removed the...
  24. dez93_2000

    Thread [Q] Backup K, root, restore, upgrade>L, backup, RMA?

    Hi all, got a lot to do phone-wise and would appreciate tips on the best way to go. Currently I have an unrooted locked bootloader kitkat N5. It has a ton of problems (GPS bad, camera bad, wifi doesn't turn on, wifi doesn't save passwords properly, etc) and I'm RMA-ing it when I get back to the...
  25. I

    Thread [Q] Without voiding the warranty, what can safely be done?

    I know rooting can be undone, but if I need to send the phone in for repairs is it safe to unlock the boot loader, flash ROMs and install alternative recoveries like CWM? Perhaps there's no way to relock and unlock bootloader yet but maybe there will be in the future. Can these be undone or do...
  26. D

    Thread Dual Boot

    It would be very nice if someone implements it dual booting ... is it possible?
  27. narflynn619

    Thread [Q] Going back to stock kernel

    Noob question, since I have not been really into custom kernels and now planning to give it a try. After flashing and using a custom kernel, is there a way to get back to stock kernel? How? Are there special precautions when going back to stock? Like things that can brick my phone since it's...
  28. Czechnolog

    Thread [Q] Remove Warning Message on Boot (Bootloader Unlocked)

    Guys, please, can you confirm my idea below? - if you officially unlock bootloader via Motorola website and you have any Jelly Bean ROM 4.1.2 installed, you cannot hide "Warning Message" on boot. - you can hide this message only if you run ROM with ICS (4.0.4) - is it right? - if it is true...
  29. Nickolas

    Thread looking for updated unroot and s-on files

    Ok guys, I need to send my inc 2 back to big red for a factory replacement. I have scoured the internet for the last 5 hours for legitimate unroot files and boot loader files to no avail. every guide that is posted on every developer site I have been to either has outdated guides or Files that...
  30. manudo

    Thread What I can install from the SDK to unlock the bootloader

    Well, I'm trying to unlock the bootloader in the official way, but I have to install packages in SDK, but if I choose all, there's a bunch of GB I have to download (I have a slow connection), so what I can check and what not? Here's a screenshot: By the way, I have stock ICS .54 ROM and I'm...
  31. Harmani

    Thread [Q] Unable to unlock bootloader...

    I'm trying to unlock my TF300T's bootloader, but no succes! :( Asus' unlock tool just tells me to "please wait" for about 5 minutes and nothing happens. No reboot, nothing. I also tried to run the tool after a full wipe. Also downloaded "AsusInstaller.exe - Version V7 - 2012.05.22 update"...
  32. O

    Thread [Q] Model ID

    Error Device ID HTC Trophy Please help and sorry for my English better from the Czech Republic After recording ROM RUU_Spark_Vodafone_SPA_1.10.164.01_Radio_5.51.09.2 9_22.32.50.10U_by_ansar I have damaged bootloader Device ID top-left before it was PC40 **** Now it's all blurred And I can...
  33. O

    Thread [Q] ★★★ Boot fail, it is still on 0% BE SMART and HELP ME! ★★★

    [Q] ★★★ Boot fail, it is still on 0% BE SMART and HELP ME! ★★★ I can't install new MAGLDR, HARDSPL, or boot an official or cooked WinMo6.5. I don't know why, it is still on 0% after bootloader screen. It doesn't work from SD card root too... when I try, just write on white screen "Loading..."...