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  1. N

    Thread Question UnLock Lenovo P11 TB-J606F Android 10 patch security april, 5 2021

    Hi guys, I've read this post : topic solved bootloader locked , but my tablet still blocked. I've android version 10 with security patch level April 5, 2021 and Google Play system update May 1, 2021 I've try : Can you help me to unlock my bootloader please and switch off my boot security ...
  2. G

    Thread Pass safety test for GooglePay with original FW (Bootloader unlocked)

    I came back from rom to the official Android 11 FW from Xiaomi. Bootloader is unlocked, I did not root my device. Feankly speaking I don't need my device to be unlocked or rooted, I am quite happy with the stock FW. I can't use Google Pay, my safenet status is not pass. If I lock...
  3. shafi1885

    Thread MIUI Unlocking Bootloader, Flashing Recovery & Rooting Process

    First of All, these are my knowledge which was gained through hard reading from XDA Developers Forum, GitHub, reddit, different websites & watching YouTube Videos. DISCLAIMER: Here, I will explain all the process of unlocking Bootloader, Flashing Recovery & Rooting Your Xiaomi Phone, though the...
  4. gowhar_9

    Thread Realme 2 pro unable to unlock boot loader can anyone solve this issue please ?

    it is failed what is the problem can anyone solve this issue please ?
  5. L

    Thread Bootloader is both locked and unlocked

    Just to preface, I'm not a total noob when it comes to android, but I'm definitely not savvy or knowledgeable in any way either. I purchased a Motorola p50 a while ago from a seller on Aliexpress, and when booting the phone I get a message saying that the bootloader is unlocked. Going into the...
  6. N

    Thread [HELP][Oneplus 7T Pro] System is corrupt. It won´t boot.

    Recently I needed to unroot my OnePlus 7T Pro on A10 with Magisk and Relock the bootloader. I reflashed the software and everything worked well. Phone bootet Wifi Connection stable etc. So I went into bootloader and locked oem via ADB. I confirmed it on the phone and locking was succesful. Now...
  7. Elikto13

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 9T pro stuck in fastboot mode, not detected by ADB

    Bonjour, mon téléphone a figé, puis a redémarré ensuite juste après le bootloader il arrivait sur la page d'accueil verrouillé, impossible de glisser l'écran ou quoique ce soit pour déverrouiller Impossible de déverrouiller ma page d'accueil, impossible de verrouiller l'écran, rien ne marchait...
  8. Catnip202X

    Thread Trying to boot my Huawei P9 inot TWRP, stock rom always overwrites even if I boot into recovery correctly

    As the title suggests, I decided to flash Lineage OS onto my old Huawei P9 phone. I unlocked the bootloader, which was a mess but I did indeed achieve that goal. However, things screeched into a halt as I found out that my specific model of P9 does not support SU or rooting. So the only way I...
  9. P

    Thread [SOLVED]GIONEE F205 Stuck in orange state bootloop after unlocking bootloader.

    I entered fastboot in my gionee F205 through ADB and entered the command 'fastboot continue' which I got a error FAILED (remote: not support on security). So I tried to unlock OEM and did the same through fastboot. Now when I reboot my device it is stuck in a bootloop with a message 'orange...
  10. saifultuhin01

    Thread Unlock bootloader problem issue

    When i try to unlock bootloader on my Redmi 9 global device, every time this is occurred. What can do now to resolve this issue?
  11. josephmh

    Thread [REQUEST] In-Depth Test Apk for Oppo Reno 3 CPH 2043

    So i want to unlock the bootloader but the app i have is outdated , anyone have updated apk? this the link to the apk i have : in-depth test apk
  12. T

    Thread [Unsolved] Unable to unlock bootloader and unable to boot Android and change the oem unlock setting.

    I want to unlock the bootloader of my tablet but I don't have access to Android because it doesn't boot anymore. Reinstalling Android via Xperia mobile didn't work so I wanted to flash recovery and see what else I could do to maybe fix it. But there's one problem: Whenever I enter the oem...
  13. Raoadrunner

    Thread Download mode crashed

    Hello Guys, I crashed my donloade mode, always i say in recovery: "reboot bootloader" to get to the download mode the screen gets black and a green font appears, that says: "Entering fastboot...." nothing is happening anymore, i cant get on it with fastboot. With adb i can controll the phone...
  14. marcSchulz

    Thread Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and will not boot!!!

    Hello, I search for help because my Oneplus Nord doesn't boot in System fastboot or recovery. I try to lock the bootloader before.
  15. U

    Thread [SOLVED (See below)] Pixel 4a stuck in bootloader after attempting to unroot. [no valid slot to boot]

    Hello, my Pixel 4a is in a bootloop after attempting to unroot with the reason "no valid slot to boot" I've flashed the stock factory image in accordance to these instructions ( ) and I'm still met with...
  16. M

    Thread How to unlock Huawei Y6s bootloader and then root?

    I want to root my Huawei Y6s but I don't know how to unlock the bootloader. I want to root it using Magisk. If anyone can help, please.
  17. TheMagnificent_Y

    Thread A problem with Unlocking a phone's bootloader

    Hello everyone, I've recently tried to root my Redmi Note 9 (merlinnfc) The OEM in Dev options is turned on, and the only problem is, there's no way to fix the " FAILED (remote: 'Token verification failed') " error message. I have everything i need, there's the magisk zip on the phone, and i...
  18. F

    Thread [SOLVED] Lenovo VIBE K5 A6020a41 Bootloader refuses to unlock

    EDIT: fastboot boot and fastboot flash WORK even though fastboot oem device-info shows thebootloader is NOT UNLOCKED. If that still doesn't work try to flash some other compatible stock rom for your model with qfil and try the fastboot boot and fastboot flash commands again, don't care about...
  19. Cyan_droid11

    Thread Is there really any way to unlock the bootloader/root Huawei P30 (ELE-L29) ?

    I requested the offical Huawei but unfortunately they wont give bootloader unlock codes anymore. Besides I cant find any stores where they are selling it. Also the reason I wanna root it is to get a full data recovery of the phone, as I was dumb enough to factory reset it without keeping a...
  20. M

    Thread Bootloader corrupted [SOLVED]

    I had to flash miui through mi recovery flash to get back to stock rom after some issues, which have all been resolved except for a corrupted bootloader. Now I can't flash twrp anymore, every time I have tried any fastboot command apart from fastboot devices, the fastboot screen on the phone...
  21. S

    Thread P20 Pro CLT-09 Black Screen after bootloader unlock and flash

    Hi guys, so I recently discovered you can use test point mode on my phone through DC Phoenix to then use HCU to unlock your bootloader and root and flash custom roms etc. So after unlocking the bootloader which gave a success message. My phone proceeded to reboot into erecovery as there was...
  22. R

    Thread Re-Lock bootloader on the device itself

    Hello, I would like to reset my device to factory settings (original OS, bootloader locked) before I send it in for repair, but the USB-C port no longer works properly, so I have a question: Original image is back on, but bootloader is unlocked. A simple fastboot oem lock is accordingly not...
  23. F

    Thread Sony bootloader exploits and/or bypass

    Hi I'm new to the forum but have been doing a fair amount of research. I am stuck now though and would like a bit of help. My situation is that I have a Xperia XA1 ultra (I know I should post in that device specific forum but not much seems to be happening there) I have a very specific problem...
  24. captain23

    Thread huawei mate se help

    I have a huawei mate se i am trying to unlock the boot-loader but huawei doesnt unlock them anymore. Is their a way to do this for free? old phone was going to play around on and learn on.
  25. B

    Thread I cant flash TWRP J5 Pro/ Bootlader issue

    After trying install TWRP via Download Mode android and get bootlops and freeze on Samsung logo, I found something but I need help. I achieved install TWRP vía Bootloader mode using adb command "adb reboot bootloader" and flash twrp with odin, but i didnt install "no-encryption", "rmm" files...
  26. B

    Thread (HELP!!!) Accidentaly Locked Boot Loader on wiped and bricked phone

    Hello, The Xiaomi 9 SE Global Unlocked of my girlfriend was restarting a lot (restart loop) and I tried to flash a ROM but I accidentaly flashed and locked the mobile on a "MIUI version that can´t be installed on this device" (grus_global_images_V12.0.2.0.QFBMIXM_20200910.0000.00_10.0_global)...
  27. R

    Thread Stuck in bootloader

    Hello there. I have a T-Mobile Oneplus 7 Pro that I converted to international via this guide. After using that for a few months I decided it was time to root and flash LineageOS. Still following the original guide linked, I attempted to perform root and TWRP. Once I had oem unlocked the device...
  28. N

    Thread Are there any ways to unlock BL for Sony XZ2?

    I had just bought a Sony Xperia XZ2 from my friend. It's from AU Operator, JP. It's unlocked, I can use any SIM that I want. So I flash global ROM on it to remove all AU apps. Someday I want to unlock BL because I wanna try another ROMs to have new experience. And as you know, I can't unlock it...
  29. HenrikDK2

    Thread LG V30 Unlock bootloader failed (Status read failed (Too many links))

    I've followed several guides on how to unlock the bootloader, but i have not been able to do so. USB Debugging is enabled OEM is unlocked. adb devices show my device. I'm able to reboot into the bootloader. fastboot oem device-id shows my device id. (I won't show the id) I've submitted the...
  30. A

    Thread MI PLAY Gets Stuck While Flashing Stock ROM

    Model Name: MI Play M1901F9E Problem: It is bricked, in bootloop. I cannot shut down the device until its charge gets depleted. Abilities: It can get into recovery mode and fastboot mode. Pc detects the phone without any problem in both modes. Observations: - Factory Reset fails when it...
  31. W

    Thread Bootloader unlock Huawei MYA-L11 (2017)

    Hi I can't find a guide to unlock Huawei MYA-L11 (2017) bootloader. Huawei doesn't give codes anymore. Are there free methods today? Thanks Stefano
  32. masivb

    Thread [GUIDE] Moto Z Play (XT1635-02) Flashing signed stock image + Relocking bootloader

    Hello fellow XDA enthusiasts! I have been scavaging the forums on how to relock my bootloader after flashing this custom rom and a custom TWRP recovery. Nothing worked to get me back to STOCK! (Sources)...
  33. V

    Thread Vivo V7+ bootloader unlock FAILED (remote: unlock fail.)

    Lately, after using this separate phone(Vivo V7+) for 2 years, I've been trying to root it. The basic drill I found to root this phone is, - Unlock bootloader - Install TWRP - Root it using Magisk/SuperSU I've tried most of the methods mentioned online to unlock the bootloader, While trying to...
  34. gljones2001

    Thread [LG G5][Bootloader][RS988] No Fastboot? Here's a fix.

    Does your phone not boot into Fastboot? Even when you try: adb reboot bootloader (the software method), Or pressing volume down and plugging the device in (the hardware method)? I found a fix! Here is what I did: Download all of this: Uppercut/LGUP...
  35. S

    Thread Unable to unlock Bootloader of Meizu m6 m711h

    I have meizu m6 m711h with: Android 7.0 Flyme I am trying to unlock its bootloader but adb is not recognize the device. Tried with different drivers pdaNet method as well but no success. Can someone guide me how to unlock the bootloader ? Want to install a good custom rom in my phone...
  36. M

    Thread Petition for huawei to release bootloader unlock codes.

    Maybe if lot of peaples will sign this petition they might relese it closed
  37. A


    * introduction * Hello, before you hate me, please let me to say why I wrote this guide- it is for ultra noob guys, beginners or just for organize almost all files for tweaks and fixes for this phone. Because I noticed myself that it was beginning to make a mess with it, so I decited to write...
  38. A

    Thread {Noob Guide} Unlock Bootloader n Root with Magisk With Easy OTA Support ! {No Twrp}

    This is my first time posting here on xda if i miss some rules please let me know Installing drivers & Preparing PC (Thanks to balazs312) - Download this file and extract it - Open and install "adb-setup-1.4.3.exe" - When it is done, go to "Drivers" folder and start "miflash_unlock.exe" -...
  39. hackthis02

    Thread Flash custom kernel w/o Fastboot or custom recovery

    My phone was damaged in such when I connect my phone in bootloader mode to my PC, I get a error 42. I'm running stock android with the latest security patch and stock recovery and an unlocked bootloader. I've been flashing the stock kernel w/ the safety net patch but I was unable to do so the...
  40. F

    Thread How to root without unlocking and wiping data

    Hi, I would like to root my Moto Z2 Play but I don't want to unlock bootloader, because all of my data will be actually formatted and I don't really want to set up things again. With that, I would like to ask if there is any option to root my phone straight from Android UI. So I don't have to...
  41. P

    Thread Installing CyanogenMod On KF HD 4th Gen[Ariel] With New Bootloaders?

    Hi people of the xda! So my kf was just running unrooted two days ago. Yesterday I rooted it following CCRobot's thread. Now I want to install cyanogenmod and get rid of everything with amazon in its package name :silly:. The link for that tutorial by ggow is here. My issue is that the...
  42. M

    Thread Note 5 pro (Indian) - multiple errors - need help

    Hi all, I am having very peculiar issues for which I need your help. I want to unlock boot loader of my phone. When i bought the device i was on 9.2.7 and updated to (OEIMIFA). The issues I am facing are :- 1) 86006 error for binding. 2) Tried to sync my phone with mi cloud and find...
  43. S

    Thread Hard Bricked it while flashing firmware

    I unlocked the bootloader, then flashed, Lineage OS 15.1, magisk and gapps, everything worked fine expect calls from Jio Volte. I figured I should flash latest firmware. I did it. twrp closed down and now nothing is opening. it's not booting up, twrp is not opening, fastboot mode isn't opening...
  44. M


    NOTE: I'm not a developer or Android expert. All information provided here is copied from different internet sources and is to the best of my knowledge. I'll not be responsible for any harm to you or your device resulting from this. 1. PC BOOT PROCESS Before diving into Android boot process...
  45. D

    Thread [Guide/tutorial] HTC One M7 stock to Android 10/LOS 17.1

    [Guide/tutorial] HTC One M7 stock to Android 10 / LineageOS 17.1 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] HTC One M7 any version (m7, m7ul, m7spr, m7vzw) stock to Android 10 Q / LineageOS 17.1 This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your HTC One M7 (any version) to a powerful one with Android 10...
  46. J

    Thread Reverse Engineer Signing on recovery image?

    Hello. I have one device... a Huawei with a spreadtrum sc8830 chipset, and I would like to flash a recovery through fastboot, but there's some sort of Spreadtrum security in the bootloader. It checks for a header like below... SPRD-SECUREFLAG. ................ CODE....PC...... VLR...
  47. J

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S9 Bootloader - Unlocked Thread

    Guys, I didn't see any questions popped up in the forum yet about unlocked bootloaders. I'd like to buy an unlocked version directly from Samsung. I remember Best Buy selling a different version of an unlocked S7 and S8 that you could not unlock the bootloader. With that said, I wanted to...
  48. U

    Thread Can't install twrp

    Hi, Trying to boot twrp 3.2 from fastboot but it just causes the phone to reboot twice and boots back to android. Using tmz12bb on latest security patch
  49. N

    Thread Challenge - reviving a N5 with a screwed-up SBL1 partition?

    Hi all, Like the dumbass I am, while trying to make the system partition larger on my 16GB N5 I accidentally deleted the sbl1 partition. Panicking, I restored it from the partition table I had while starting. Rebooted... and black screen - QDL mode. I tried following this guide but it errored...
  50. E

    Thread is debranding sony Z2 changes the Bootloader unlock allowd from no to yes?

    hello dears i have found a topic on a website its tutorial about how to debrand my phone and i wanna know if debranding it changes the bootloader rooting statue to yes instead of no because i wanna unlock my phone and sorry if my question is stupid im just a noob who is trying to flash costume...