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  1. Matyas66055

    Thread [CLOSED] ZTE BLADE A7 2019 fastboot mode missing ?

    Hello, I have a small problem with ZTE BLADE A7 2019 phone, I can not get into fastboot, it immediately returns me to the system.. In the settings for the developer, I have enabled OEM unlock. I tried command like at ,,adb reboot bootloader" ,,adb reboot fastboot" None of that worked, I tried...
  2. S

    Thread POCO X3 ( Xiaomi) OEM locked , Bootloader locked , phone is in bootloop , no way to open developer option

    Please help me!! I have POCO X3 phone. this phone is stuck in bootloop. my phone starts and poco logo shows off than again it turns off , again it starts and poco logo shows and again and again ... I tried to install latest fastboot...
  3. W

    Thread Fastboot runs instead of TWRP | Fastboot loop

    After unlocking the bootloader, I flashed TWRP according to these instructions, and everything worked: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img To keep TWRP on, you need to go to Advanced > Sing boot and in the window that appears, slide the blue slider to the right, after which the smartphone...
  4. B

    Thread Huawei P9 EVA-L09 FRP Bypass + Other models (free)

    Its taken me a while to figure out a way to bypass the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock on my Huawei EVA-L09 and do so while not bricking my device or installing shady software/roms so if this helps I hope you leave me a like and comment how long its taken you before you found this guide...
  5. xxsomu

    Thread Redmi Note 7 pro Network no service any chance to unlock bootloader or root?

    My Redmi Note 7 Pro has a network problem, always shows no service. I have already tried fixing it in the Official Mi Care but failed. I want to use this mobile for the experiment so I need root. But without Mi Unlock Status I can't find any solution. Do you guys know about any unofficial or...
  6. W

    Thread Oneplus 8 TMobile bootloader issue

    Hi there. I've bought a oneplus 8 t mobile variant In my country oneplus isn't officially available. So let me come to the point. It's imei is patched. Cuz there is a tax on devices who aren't approved from gov the tax is like 40-69% of device value. So it's imei is patched i got the token but...
  7. xxsomu

    Thread Redmi Note 7 pro Network no service any chance to unlock bootloader or root?

    My Redmi Note 7 Pro has a network problem, always shows no service. I have already tried fixing it in the Official Mi Care but failed. I want to use this mobile for the experiment so I need root. But without Mi Unlock Status I can't find any solution. Do you guys know about any unofficial or...
  8. Trolfce

    Thread Question do you know how to remove Oppo Find X3 Neo bootloader?

    Please Help me I would like to root my oppo find x3 neo, but I need to unlock the bootloader and I don't know how to do it, I followed various guides but when I enter fast boot mode nothing happens I click volume up and volume down but not nothing goes, please help me Version: Coloros 12...
  9. StickyFingers28

    Thread Redmi Note 5 pro stuck on mi logo screen ( possibly hard bricked ) FLASH XBL ERROR

    Hello, when i woke up today i found my phone had switched off ( possibly battery drained overnight ), but the LED light on it was still blinking continuously. I tried to switch it on but it got stuck on the mi logo. Current situation : I can only access fastboot mode, TWRP recovery altough...
  10. I

    Thread Unable to confirm bootloader unlock prompt on fastboot. Device buttons don't seem to work in there.

    Hello, I would be really grateful if one of you can give me a solution. The device I need help with is a "SOUTH" SD100T (chinese tablet). I'm not any kind of expert. Here is an image of the device: Let me give some context... The device came with android 8.1, but I NEED to upgrade it to at...
  11. V

    Thread Stuck indefinitely/ Loop on TWRP

    Issue: Recently, when I tried to install Evolution X | Snow 6.3 [30/04/22], my screen was looping on twrp. I tried to reflash older twrp, orange fox recovery, and boot into recovery from fastboot, but, the result was the same. Solution: I think this applies to other devices as well. I just...
  12. D

    Thread Question Stuck on Oneplus 9 Pro Indian firmware

    I attempted to convert my t-mobile oneplus 9 to international firmware by first flashing the Indian firmware. I mistakenly downloaded the oneplus 9 PRO Indian msm. I didn't realize this as the file has a very similar name. Lemonade_22.I.07_210412 vs Lemonadep_22_I.07_210412 I've tried...
  13. KamiSama963

    Thread Panasonic Eluga Ray 550 "fail in recovery" unlocked bootloader but usb debugging is unenabled and can't boot fastboot or os

    i got a random malware effected system update and to fix the problem i decided to flash magisk patched boot image to the phone so i can gain access to root file and delete the threat since it's easier than flashing the whole firmware via adb and i used adb cuz all of sp-flash tools didn't get...
  14. F

    Thread 'fastboot oem get_unlock_data' failure with Motorola

    Hello, I've been struggling with this for hours and nothing seems to be working. I have a Motorola DROID RAZR XT912 running Android 4.1.2 JB, it's already rooted but I'm attempting to unlock the bootloader using this guide. I've installed the Android SDK as well as the latest USB Drivers. I...
  15. B

    Thread Is it any possible to unlock the Bootloader?

    I've been trying to unlock the Bootloader for this day and seems that my Honor 9X (4 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage with one SIM and one SD Card Slot) can't get past the bootloader unlock. Since I wanted to change the ROM due to upcoming Harmony OS Update that might happen anytime. Plus, it would be...
  16. Nuythe

    Thread Is there a way to unlock bootloader from SP Flash Tool?

    My phone was hardbricked and thinking I had a global device I flashed a global ROM to it, but now it can't boot saying "This Miui version can't be installed on this device". I read that this error comes up from having a locked bootloader.. So is there a way to unlock it from Sp Flash or...
  17. alphaMind69

    Thread Question All about poco x3 pro bootloader unlock (help post)

    We all know that we have to wait at least a week to unlock the bootloader on poco x3 pro.This is because the fifrst time you ask for unlock ,you're usually asked to wait a week and then the second time you ask for unlock, it becomes unlocked.And I also know that all the data on the phone is...
  18. M

    Thread Bootloader question

    Hello everybody, i have a Moto One Action (XT2013-1) . It's stuck in fastboot mode and only when its plugged. I tryed to install stock rom but i can't flash i think i need to unlock the bootloader but it requires to OEM Unlocking on developers options. My question is: If i can't enter to devs...
  19. E

    Thread Unable to unlock my bootloader.

    I am unable to unlock my bootloader. When I go to the Mi Unlock Status and click Add account and device, I get the successfully added message, but when going into fastboot and unlocking it, I get "Couldn't Unlock - Please add your account in MIUI's settings > Developer options > Mi Unlock...
  20. Ekjyot1231

    Thread How to Reset My realme XT (screen not working) without Usb Debugging and bootloader!

    Hi! yesterday i was playing around in settings of my real me Xt I enabled OSIE vision effect and also enabled Always on display. After few minutes when i back went to my device it went blank, it lights up but its black. any help or direction?
  21. Maiushi

    Thread [Help] I cant put lockscreen password after unlocking bootloader (Realme 5i Android 9)

    So i was trying to root my realme 5i and I unlocked the bootloader/fastboot and installed TWRP, and when i boot my phone i cant set my lock screen password, privacy password, finger print or face nothing happened. I think my phone is encrypted idk, im new to this.. i successfully rooted my phone...
  22. R

    Thread Bootloop after unlocking bootloader

    Hi everyone, i think my HV10 is going to explode! XD is very hot because is in a bootloop after I correctly unlock the bootloader with HCU start with Honor logo blue screen -> your device is unsafe ect.. -> Honor logo flasing blue screen loading -> white screen with EMUI logo and "Restart...
  23. BereketWAB

    Thread Flashed wrong version boot image. How can I correct it?

    I have a TECNO SPARK GO 2020 (KE5). I waited till its warranty run out to root the device. But I downloaded the factory boot image instead of the current updated one and proceeded to unlock the bootloader. I used these commands in fastboot. fastboot flashing unlock fastboot --disable-verity...
  24. SrCDA

    Thread [TOOL] Oppo/Realme Flash .OFP File on Bootloader

    A tool to flash .ofp files in bootloader mode without needing MSM Tool, an alternative to official realme tool. THE DEVICE MUST HAVE THE BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED Features soft unbrick install stock firmware switch device region Credits italorecife bkerler oppo_decrypt All contributors...
  25. A

    Thread Gionee M7L

    Hello, pls I’ve been trying to unlock Gionee m7l bootloader. I tried all the possible way I couldn’t find solution. It seems like the phone is highly protected.
  26. andrew64ae

    Thread How to boot from boot.img using fastboot (no unlocked bootloader)

    Hello, I have a Realme c11 2021, Running android 11. Though I can't unlock the bootloader, I have tried many "solutions", and they didn't work at all.... I just want to `fastboot boot boot.img` , But it gives me a error (FAILED, TOO MANY LINKS). No matter what I try, so do I need unlocked...
  27. AlienBo1s

    Thread Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro, PC don't see device in bootloader

    Hello, i got a problem. When i'm turning my xiaomi into fastboot mode my pc doesnt see it. In "normal" mode i can see it, get files from it etc. When i connected my dad xiaomi(same model as mine) it works so its not problem with pc but with my phone probably. What can i do?
  28. Relected

    Thread unlocking bootloader

    OK I have a genuine question and if anyone can help me It would be very cool I have a Huawei Y9 2018 FLA-LX1 Kirin 659A with EMUI 9.1.0 phone and I am trying to remove my stock rom to replace it with lineageos fdroid (my phone is ported and works with GSI too) but I...
  29. A

    Thread [SOLVED] Unable to flash boot image - Pixel 4a

    I have been using this method to flash new stock update every month to my rooted pixel 4a. Steps I follow: - Download the factory image of the last month - Extract the boot.img. And patch it using magisk canary build - Move the boot.img to the computer and flash it in fastboot mode - flash the...
  30. Gendows

    Thread Question How to Unlock the bootloader of oppo reno 6 5g

    Hi everyone, I wonder if there is any free solution to unlock the bootloader of the oppo reno 6 5G, i need to root my device but i couldn't unlock the bootloader If anyone have solutions for those points that would be useful till we can root. 1- call recorder (that can record both sides...
  31. Juhayer Al Wasif

    Thread Root Oppo Reno 2

    I need step by step guide to root my oppo reno 5 running android 11
  32. B

    Thread Question Unlock Bootloader doesnt work

    Hello, today i got a Moto E20 for debugging my webservices. I habe to Unlock the Bootloader for that. I enabled the Developer-Menu in Android and the oem_unlock and usb-debugging in the settings. When i boot the device into fastboot all seems OK... i get a connection with adb and fastboot...
  33. lolhelloeddie

    Thread Question I don't see the OEM toggle

    I been trying to root my Samsung Galaxy A52 5G but in order to do that i need to unlock the bootloader. So i follow the instructions and tells me to toggle the OEM option but i don't see it in my phone. Can someone please help. Included screenshots
  34. B

    Thread I can't unlock bootloader Moto E7 Power

    When I type fastboot oem get_unlock_data in fastboot I gets FAILED (remote: 'unknown command') fastboot: error: Command failed.
  35. D

    Thread How to unlock bootloader for Intex Aqua Life 3 and what custom rom will be good for it?

    Hello everyone. I want to unlock bootloader of my Intex Aqua Life 3. I searched entire internet but no one has even taken the name of it neither a single document is available. It is a very old phone and have a lot of problems like battery goes 43 from 88 in 2-3 seconds while it is idle. So, I...
  36. A

    Thread Poco F1 stuck in boot loop but with a difference.

    Hello Respected Members, I have a POCO F1 6gb/128gb model I was running Pixel Experience plus A11 rom Today While using the Device it suddenly got switched of by itself. The problem here is When i try to switch on the device while its plugged in then it'll start but as a soon as i remove the...
  37. HellxDo

    Thread [SOLVED] Soft bricked (looking like Hard Brick)Moto G7 Play [XT1952-2]

    I have figured out how to solve this! My phone came back when i blankflashed it and ran script Blank-Flash through find your code name, the MotoG7 Play is called Channel, and go to Blankflash, after that install your BF of choice. install all the...
  38. OoLunar

    Thread Moto G Pure, logo_a and logo_b

    Hello, first time posting on XDA! Please let me know if I've done anything wrong. I have a Moto G Pure, and I'm attempting to remove the bootloader unlocked warning. When reading through other XDA posts, I've gathered that I need to go into fastboot and flash the logo partition with a modifiied...
  39. U

    Thread Device not being detected in fastboot mode

    Was trying to unlock the bootloader. - When device is turned on, device is being detected properly and can access files - 'adb devices' detects the device properly - When device is in fastboot mode, device is not being detected properly - Device is shown like this [image attached below] in...
  40. A

    Thread [bootloader][unknown bootloader version] OnePlus 6

    How to solve this?: Fastboot Mode PRODUNT_NAME - sdm845 VARIANT - SDM UFS BOOTLOADER VERSION - BASEBAND VERSION - SERIAL NUMBER - "Serial number available" SECURE BOOT - yes DEVICE STATE - unlocked What I tried: fastboot flash aop_a oneplus/images/aop.img fastboot flash aop_b...
  41. Zoltz

    Thread Help needed for Bootloop, Recovery mode stuck, Flashing sahara fail error in LYF Flame 1 LS 4503

    Hi New member here, so the problem is 1. Phone is stuck on - Powered by Android screen and automatically gets shut down or sometimes need to remove the battery to turn it off. 2 By Pressing volume down + power button = Phone enters in recovery mode which looks like the photo I am attaching here...
  42. D

    Thread Relock bootloader Failed

    I'm trying to lock the Asus Rog Phone 3's bootloader again. But no matter what I try to do with external programs or cmd command ... I only get the message "FAILED (remote: Command not supported in default implementation)" Does anyone know what that means or what I can do to lock the bootloader...
  43. FezanButt

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A515W black screen with talkback

    I recently took out my bricked Samsung Galaxy A51. When it boot, after Samsung logo, it goes black, only talkback enables or disables with side buttons. I hard reseted it, and even reinstalled stock firmware but no difference. Kindly help me out. I will be grateful. My phone: Samsung Galaxy...
  44. W

    Thread OnePlus 7T Bricked

    Hi, I have a oneplus 7T that belongs to T-MOBILE, I decided to make it global, after doing the process I made the mistake of blocking the bootloader after that the terminal does not pass the error "Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and will not boot ", I can only enter the fastboot...
  45. Z

    Thread Bootloader Unlock

    Hello, my device is realme x (china version) it's running on realme ui 2.0. I want to downgrade to realme UI 1.0 but when I try to downgrade from recovery mode it says the installed version is lower than the current version and every time the installation get failed. What's the solution? How to...
  46. H

    Thread How To Guide Problem with Bootloder unlock tool not recognising the device

    I wanted to root my device so first thing i did is unlocking the bootloader i did everything in the correct order the same as the tutorials but when i wanted to unlock it from the unlock tool it didn't show up though the device was in fastboot mode
  47. Marvin mbali

    Thread Help

    I installed a custom rom on my samsung note 3 sm-n900 without unlocking bootloader. Now when i turn on my phone it shows the samsung note 3 and turns off and i tried factory reset but still wont turn on. Any one to help please
  48. J

    Thread PIXEL 2XL horrified I ruined my device

    Okay. To start I am definitely still learning. I am usually very careful to make sure I know through through research what Im doing. I just started with this device 42 days ago. I loaded aicp 11 on it. Today however I went and downloaded the Factory images from Google for Android 11 the last...
  49. L

    Thread How To Uninstall Calyxos And Download It Back Again

    Today I just received my pixel 5 and successfully downloaded Calyxos on it. After some time of using it, I forgot my password and couldn't get back in. Now I am looking to uninstall it, but I am having trouble doing so. Can anybody here help me? Please tell me if this is the right place to ask...
  50. M

    Thread HTC One M8 bootloop, doesn't work volume down button, how to get into recovery or bootloader mode

    I have a HTC one m8 that doesn't start the system, it has the stock room installed but it just stay in boot screen, the volume down button doesn't work. There is an alternative way to get in into recovery or bootloader mode.