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  1. Cdd100

    Thread Twrp for galaxy J7 Refine?

    I have found multiple threads about twrp on this phone, but none for android 9 firmware. Is there an updated version for android 9 firmware
  2. C

    Thread Question UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER FOR Realme GT2

    Finally realme gt 2 has got the deep testing app which is used to unlock the bootloader in the realme community .\ This is the good hope for developers to start working on the custom roms for the realme gt 2. Hello realme Fans, The tools to unlock the bootloader for realme GT 2 are now...
  3. K0mraid3

    Thread General (OPEN DEV) BruteRoot - A collection of Root Tactics (Possibly Force Bootloader unlock on NA Samsung S22?)

    Devices & Linux Versions I or other Testers have Successfully Gained Root on: (Likely All) MTK CPU Based Android devices UP TO 11 (Maybe 12? I haven't tested) (I.e LG, Sony, Select Samsung devices) Android Devices with LINUX KERNEL VERSIONS - 5.8 - 4.14 - Maybe More? (Needs Testing) -THIS GUIDE...
  4. Lakssen

    Thread [ANDROID12] [ONEUI 4.1] I'd like to know how to unlock the bootloader.

    I already have developer options, do I just tick OEM unlocking and that automatically unlocks the bootloader? Or do I need to hook my phone up to a PC? Or is there another way to unlock the bootloader on the phone without needing a PC?
  5. T

    Thread General Think I may have something about token generation. S908U US variant

    I'm potentially just unaware, but I came across EXE files that are like a modified version of ODIN, look completely different from ODIN and google has provided zero information on even the title of the program. I believe it just straight up compiles the steady.bin from nothing but the DID and...
  6. Bucika

    Thread How To Guide Unlock the bootloader and install GSI ROM

    So if anyone is interested in booting a GSI Image Here is the guide: also thanks to @Dollscythe I just updated it as he forget to write me a step for flashing the vbmeta.img.. 1. you need to download the firmware file for your model 2. you need to open it with your zipping software of...
  7. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread Where is bootloader unlock official method for recent Honor devices?

    After the Honor separated and sold by Huawei, isn't bootloader unlock official method for Honor devices still unavailable and won't it get back again? (For Honor devices which released after Honor separated and sold by Huawei)
  8. AndroidUser24

    Thread MTK client Bootloader unlock

    Hello, I want to unlock the bootloader on my redmi note 8 pro without loosing my data. On YouTube, I saw a tutorial with the MTK client tool, that works on Mediatek chipsets. Is anyone here who has the note 8 pro and used this tool? Is it safe and is there anything I need to be aware of? Thank...
  9. Crypto18

    Thread [Guide] Unlock bootloader, get root and flash TWRP - No "Enable OEM unlock" edition

    After month of trying, I've succeeded unlocking bootloader for free (but in my case, I've literally lost 15€ with DC unlocker and downgraded firmware so many times). I'll share my experience, saving time and money for equally unfortunate people, but first remember I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY...
  10. PhotonIce

    Thread Bootloader unlocking for FREE

    So im looking to purchase a nokia 6.1 plus global, read that you have to pay to unlock this phones bootloader tho, and i dont wanna do that. After a while of searching through videos onlin eand some blatantly fake ones, i saw one of an indian dude following a tutorial from a website called...
  11. Mason220

    Thread [GUIDE] Unlock Verizon OnePlus 8 5G UW (IN2019) bootloader

    Disclaimer While I will assist with any issues resulting from this guide, I disclaim all responsibility and cannot be held accountable for any consequences caused by the use or misuse of this tool or process. This method also will wipe your phone, so please back up your data. I also will...
  12. Id1e

    Thread [HELP] Cannot unlock bootloader on meizu 16th

    Hi. iv'e been trying to unlock the bootloader on my device in order to install custom rom but i get this error everytime i use fastboot flashing unlock: FAILED (remote: 'Command not support: the display is not enabled') fastboot: error: Command failed And yes i checked that OEM Unlock is...
  13. K

    Thread How can i unlock my H815's bootloader lock?

    I want to unlock my H815's bootloader lock but LG's related website is was closed before 2022. How can i do this without using LG's website.
  14. Tony Stark

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE][REALME 8][Unofficial] New method Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP and Root [RMX3085]

    Hello guys! As you all know that there is no deeptest.apk available for our device. So we have to unlock our bootloader unofficially! NOTE: IF U HAVEN'T UPGRADED AFTER A19 ROM THEN SKIP FIRST PART !!! And follow the instructions from 2nd part. Also this method only works on RUI 2.0 DON'T TRY...
  15. T

    Thread How To Guide T-Mobile OnePlus 9 Pro Bootloader Unlock

  16. M

    Thread Do I need an active internet connection even after logging in to mi account on mi unlock

    Hi everyone, I hope this is not a stupid question but I don't have any other way to connect my laptop to internet other than my phone's hotspot and I can't get any other way of getting internet right now and I am getting "Unkown error 1004" on the new version of mi unlock and a similar error in...
  17. C

    Thread Are all global models unlockable?

    So I was wondering if all global models of the XZ3 have bootloader unlock allowed:yes because I wanted to get one I saw for a good price and get a rom on it to replace my useless sov36 XZ1, and the model that I'm looking at is the H8416, thanks for reading!
  18. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread How To Guide Novermber 2022 firmware (TP1A.221105.002) - Unlock bootloader / Root Pixel 6 Pro [Raven] / all relevant links

    Monday, November 7, 2022: Pixel 6 Pro Factory Image available: 13.0.0 (TP1A.221105.002, Nov 2022) Flash Link 3b4905f427347fde761269ecf629722f5d5346c4bc0d46dbefc50e039508f9eb...
  19. F

    Thread Bootloader unlock problem

    When I try to unlock this appear in Chinese. I have attached the photo.please help me.
  20. kgalv419

    Thread SM-S260DL Samsung J2 Core 2gb Ram 16gb Rom

    Anyone has anything new for this phone, I'm trying to get it GSM unlocked, and also rooted but can't seem to find anything anywhere. OEM unlock is also needed as its missing in the developer options, when debugging enabled it doesn't prompt when plugged in, adb does not find it either. I have...
  21. S

    Thread Root LG K41S + SafetynetAPI pass

    Disclaimer Introduction After finding this amazing device (LKM-EMW) for a very cheap price (90 euros new), I made the fatal mistake of updating through OTA to the Latest Android 10 version 00f. So where is the Problem?? The latest .DZ from the KDZ firmware wasn't extractable through any...
  22. ChainSword20000

    Thread Unlock bootloader with root

    I am wondering if I could unlock the bootloader using root privileges obtained via extreme syndicate.
  23. M

    Thread Question No fastboot drivers available yet?

    Hey guys n girls, I just got my Oneplus 9 Pro. So I thought I can root my old Oneplus Nord 2 5G (yes the new one). I cant find any fastboot drivers for the Oneplus Nord 2 5G. Are they still in development? I find a lot of root tutorials and unlocking bootloader tutorials but how can they work...
  24. paul abhishek

    Thread problem in unlocking bootloader

    can any one help me i want to unlock my bootloader for realme 3 pro, as soon i get into fastboot mode ,after connecting device to pc it automatically exits fast boot mode and enters into chargeing.
  25. D

    Thread Nokia 2.3 bootloader unlock

    When I enter the command > fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability It says Unlock ability = 16777216 Please help
  26. samwhiteUK

    Thread Question Few noob questions - Magisk Hide, Play Store Certification and Netflix Widevine

    Yesterday I rooted my device thanks to you guys, which went really well and passing SafetyNet was a breeze. I just have a few questions that I'd like to get solved: 1) Play Store Certification - I accomplished this by using the fingerprint mask Magisk module, and I chose OnePlus 8 Pro Android...
  27. G

    Thread Help Me Unlock Huawei Lua-L22 Bootloader

    Hi. I found a post on xda how to unlock huawei mya-l22 device . This is it After reading it I got this idea I can unlock Lua-L22 , if I could find someone who has a unlocked Lua-L22 device and willing to send me a backup of his/hers device's PROINFO partition and the KEY that was used to...
  28. T

    Thread [Main Thread] Ulefone Armor 10 (Flash Stock, Unlock Boot Loader, Root, TWRP )

    General Information This is follow up session of Systemless root on ulefone armor 10 5g by @kc7gr This thread will be a guide for my revisit if I happen to screw up my Ulefone Armor 10 Always open for improvements and suggestions. I will update post for fine refinement Happy to share info...
  29. Z

    Thread Legit Nokia 7 Plus Bootloader Unlock?

    Hi, I just happened to google how to unlock Nokia 7 Plus' bootloader again and stumbled upon this site: It was updated today with a free way to generate bootloader unlock keys for Nokia 7 Plus apparently. Now I can't test...
  30. shafi1885

    Thread MIUI Unlocking Bootloader, Flashing Recovery & Rooting Process

    First of All, these are my knowledge which was gained through hard reading from XDA Developers Forum, GitHub, reddit, different websites & watching YouTube Videos. DISCLAIMER: Here, I will explain all the process of unlocking Bootloader, Flashing Recovery & Rooting Your Xiaomi Phone, though the...
  31. X

    Thread Japanese Pixel 3 bootloader unlock

    So long story short, I've decided to get myself a used Pixel 3 and the shop where I'm going to get it from said that its a carrier Japanese model. From what I know, the Verizon model does not allow for OEM unlocking, so can anyone let me know if the Softbank/Docomo/AU variant of the phone allows...
  32. I

    Thread How to unlock bootloader for Vivo y21?

    Hey guys, can anyone teach me how to unlock bootloader for vivo y21. I have tried several ways from online but still fails. After I enter "fastboot oem unlock", my phone stuck. Please help!!! Thank you!!
  33. U

    Thread Nokia TA-1053 - how to install lineageOS and unlock bootloader - it"s on android 7.1.1, 1.June 2017 security patch

    hey there, just wanted to flash twrp and lineageOS with magisk, but as I understood from all my reading here on the forum, I think that it is not that easy as on other phones - you have to buy a bootloader unlock key? I"m on ANDROID 7.1.1 ...
  34. K

    Thread Unlocking Huawei boot without code

    Hi, I really want to root my Huawei Mate S (CRR-UL00), but a couple of years ago the bootloader service got shut down, I can't find any good tutorials on how to unlock the bootloader without a code, and I don't have the money to afford to buy a code from online. If anyone has a good solution for...
  35. Protawn

    Thread Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Wifi SM-P610 Exynos International model - Missing OEM Bootloader Unlock Toggle - Need Help

    Hi, Everyone I'm new to this community. I'm having trouble gaining access to the OEM Bootloader Unlock option in developer options. Here are things I've tried already based on what I researched before my attempt. Android 10 is the current OS installed after unboxing. 1. Disable Automatic...
  36. XRed_CubeX

    Thread [UPDATED] Unlock bootloader of Meizu M5c and install TWRP

    Hi, after 3 years from its release you can finally unlock the bootloader of this device. Unfortunately Meizu with the updates has never been kind and often in order to have some updates, you always have to resort to alternative firmware and now it is finally possible with this guide. I begin by...
  37. Astroner

    Thread Bootloader Unlock Help

    I have tried several times But every time I faced this message (see the Attachment) My Device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (India) 4/64 Variant. How can I easily unlock my Bootloader without waiting time? Please help me.
  38. R

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Unlock Bootloader of LG G8X!!!

    This Guide will explain how to unlock your LG G8X Unlock Prerequisites: Make sure you have "Enable OEM Unlock" enabled in developer options, along with USB Debugging. Download everything given in the downloads section. Backup EFS using QPST. How to backup EFS (xqcn) through QPST? In phone...
  39. persona78

    Thread MI Bootloader Unlock/lock tool

    Hi! I came here to share MI Bootloader unlock/lock tool. The lock tool was created by me and some antivírus give false positive but is safe! Note: Use this tools at your own risk! miflash_unlock-Lock-en-4.5.813.51 Press thanks if this helps you! :good:
  40. P

    Thread How long is the unlock waiting period ?

    Everything's in the title. My Poco F2 pro is arriving in around a week. I remember on my Pocophone f1 the waiting period was 3 days. Is it still so ?
  41. T

    Thread Unlock Bootloader without (Moto G7 Power)

    I am trying to unlock the bootloader of my G7 Power but am unable to create an account here: But I am not getting a verification email...
  42. Majid2000

    Thread [GUIDE] Downgrade from EMUI 9.1 to 8.0 for bootloader unlocking

    Hey guys. I was on EMUI which is the May 2020 security update and I wanted to unlock my bootloader which is only possible if you are on EMUI 8 with a security patch of June 2018 or below. There was no option in HiSuite to downgrade as well. I came across many users not able to...
  43. R

    Thread error adding mi account in Mi Unlock Status

    when i tried to add mi Account in Mi Unlock Status in Developer Option it shows "reset you device or erase system data" something like that can factory data reset solve this problem or not. what i have to do please help.
  44. mslezak

    Thread Red Magic 5G Bootloader Unlock Guide: OR get ROOT & TWRP without unlocking the BL!!!

    Red Magic 5G Bootloader Unlock Guide: OR get ROOT & TWRP without unlocking the BL!!! ***Bootloader Unlock Instructions for the Nubia Redmagic 5G + installing TWRP:*** WARNING: ANY BOOTLOADER UNLOCK METHOD INVOLVES THE RISK OF BRICKING YOUR DEVICE PERMANENTLY. WHILE THERE IS USUALLY A WAY TO...
  45. TheResurrectOr

    Thread [RMX1901] Bootloader unlock video tutorial

    Requirements : 1.USB type C cable 2.Windows based computer 3.Files from here 4.Realme X (Chinese/Global Edition) ---YOU MUST ENABLE USB DEBUGGING AND OEM UNLOCKING FROM DEVELOPER OPTIONS(To enable Developer Options, open the Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom, and tap About phone...
  46. J

    Thread Removed

  47. V

    Thread Vivo V7+ bootloader unlock FAILED (remote: unlock fail.)

    Lately, after using this separate phone(Vivo V7+) for 2 years, I've been trying to root it. The basic drill I found to root this phone is, - Unlock bootloader - Install TWRP - Root it using Magisk/SuperSU I've tried most of the methods mentioned online to unlock the bootloader, While trying to...
  48. N

    Thread Realme X2 Indian Variant | Bootloader Unlock & Rooting Method

    Is the Rooting method mentioned for RMX1991, the Chinese Variant working for the Indian X2? If yes, then can someone please post the correct steps to do it in the Indian Variant, and also if Fingerprint and magisk modules are working or not after going through with the process?
  49. seepranavg

    Thread Error in unlocking bootloader of K20

    I applied for unlocking bootloader on my Redmi K20 (Davinci) around 4-5 days ago but when i log into the Mi unlock app, it shows the following error: Couldn't get info [1004:Unknown error. Try again later] I am using Windows 10 64 bit version os on PC. Please suggest a solution for solving this...
  50. S

    Thread Unlock bootloader without oem unlock

    Hi I lost my phone but my phone is locked with samsung id. Just wondering if any one can install custom recovery and custom rom without unlocking or if bootloader can be unlocked using adb or fastboot?