1. P

    Thread How to unlock Vivo y52 5g bootloader?

    hi, i was trying to update android version (from official site of vivo) and i get: update verification fail (yes, i will wanna root it later but i can do it alone, pf course if u wanna help me i will appreciate it). The only problem right now is that i can't update my system (i didn't buy it...
  2. K

    Thread help me.

    hello. Trying to run bootloader on htc 10. First of all I enabled developer mode in settings app and turned on USB Debugging but I can't turn on oem unlock. What should I do?
  3. ba11e

    Thread Question Stuck in fastboot mode

    I've made a custom boot animation magisk module that bootlooped my phone. I tried to remove it using the command and that may have worked but my new problem is that I am stuck in the bootloader. I can issue fastboot commands and flash a new boot image. But to no effect, no matter what i do...
  4. D

    Thread Question Windows 11 won't detect Lenovo P11 TB-J1616F [solved]

    Hi. I'm having an issue where I can't get Windows 11 to recognize the TB-J1616F. It doesn't even appear in the Device Manager in the category Other Devices. Steps I took to try and bypass the issue: 1. Enabled the USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking options in the tablet; 2. Tried another USB...
  5. K0mraid3

    Thread How To Guide System Shell Exploit - ALL Samsung Mobile Devices NO BL UNLOCK REQUIRED.

    THIS IS ACTIVELY IN DEVELOPMENT - Our goal is to make it more user friendly. and easier to use, so please note things will change and updates will come at any given time, and there is almost certainly bugs to be found and encountered along the way during this, so if you find issues, just let us...
  6. aiSanaul

    Thread Root Nokia 1 (TA-1066) (MT6737M) (Android 9 - Pie)

    So, after trying more than a few methods I finally gained root on my TA-1066. 😴😪 If you also wanna root, here is how: 👇 To Root Nokia 1 (TA-1066) (Pie - Android 9) (Dual SIM) What you're gonna need: Working PC, 💻 Some Packet Data, 🌐 Some knowledge of ADB & Fastboot commands, 😴 Some storage...
  7. spiky3mike

    Thread Invalid IMEI1 when using Lenovo bootloader unlock site

    Hi, I bought a Lenovo Z5 GT Pro from Lenovo official store on Aliexpress a year or so ago, when i received the phone it came with English and Chinese language merged into one (global rom bootloader unlocked). I left it in the box and recently have picked it up as Lineage 20 (Android 13) is...
  8. S

    Thread OOS 13 bootloader and root which guide

    Hi, I have a OnePlus8T (KB2003 EU) on OOS 13 Build number KB2003_11_F.13, and I basically just want to root it, don't mind (even prefer) to stick with the stock rom and just gain root privileges. The last phone I had and rooted was a galaxy S something in the middle of the last decade so I'm...
  9. Shay_Patrick_Cormac

    Thread Question What are the drawbacks of unlocking bootloader and installing a custom firmware on SGS22+? (other than warranty)

    I use my phone for official work, payments and Netflix. With the Knox security being unspecific about what will work and what won't (like the camera not working with an unlocked bootloader in ultra), I wanted to know what problems or issues have you come across or could come across when the...
  10. 老和山秋

    Thread Question How Does Pixel6a Bootloader Select Overlay DTB?

    Hi everyone! I'm examining the dtb (device tree blob) files of a stock Android rom. After Android 10, the base dtb resides in `vendor_boot.img` and the dtb overlay reside in `dtbo.img`. I successfully + unpacked android roms, got `vendor_boot.img` and `dtbo.img`; + used `extract-dtb` to extract...
  11. GarlandKey

    Thread Long-time lurker!

    👋 Hey there, I'm a long-time lurker who decided to start an account today because I'm tired of the Verizon locked bootloader crap. Anyway, I'm a full stack software engineer and have been tinkering with my phones for years and years. I figure it's time I contribute to the community that has...
  12. darkguy2008

    Thread Xiaomi 12T (plato) how to get MIUI dialer, or flash China/Europe ROM with BL lock after flash?

    Hey! Yeah what the title says. Basically I'm bummed big time that the Google Dialer doesn't have automatic call recording activated. I used to have a Mi 8 Lite and the dialer/messages app there was awesome but I found out they're starting to use Google Apps now so that sucks. I've been reading...
  13. Z

    Thread 'Command not allowed' error occurs and bootloader locked despite "unlocking" it (Honor X6)

    I'm posting on here as no thread for Honor 6X exists. For context, I'm trying to root my Honor X6 (not 6X). My plan was to unlock its bootloader, flash a patched vbmeta image, fetch the boot partition to patch with Magisk, and flash the boot img to root it (no custom ROM or kernel as none exist...
  14. xXLeYpLaYXx

    Thread Fastboot/Bootloader mode inaccessible to root ZTE Blade a5

    Hello i wanted to ask about this since i dont see any other thread related to my issue, im trying to install magisk root and im at the stage of accessing fastboot/bootloader, when i go to recovery mode and select "reboot to bootloader" it just restarts the phone, i have tried adb commands didnt...
  15. A

    Thread HCU Unlocking credits available

    I accidentally purchased credits for dc-unlocker/HCU instead of the three day option (which I have since purchased and used to unlock my bootloader using a hardware TP) so if these are of any use to someone else let me know.
  16. T

    Thread Does Fasstboot for 8.1 support "flash" and "boot" commands after unlocking?

    I've read in this unlocking guide, that even after the bootlloader on 8.1 is unlocked, the useful commands such as "fastboot boot" and fastboot flash" will fail. Is that the case? What about the unlocking services - will the fastboot respond to boot and flash commands after using Raghu Varma's...
  17. D

    Thread SM-N975U1 Signal Issue

    Hello everyone, I bought Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975U1). I'm using it in Germany. I found out recently that my Phone is US-Version with CSC Code XAA/XAA/VZW. Is the CSC Code the cause for my bad signal? Can someone confirm it? I searched everywhere, how to change the CSC. But it looks like...
  18. G

    Thread Samsung Xcover6 unlock bootloader (SM-G736B) before rooting

    Wanting to root the device via magisk, I tried first to unlock the bootloader of my phone but apparently failed. I started by activating the developer mode, set oem unlocking developer option in the settings then tried adb reboot bootloader : no success, the phone simply rebooted. A fastboot oem...
  19. I

    Thread Bootloop after replacing the battery

    Hi everyone, I need help with an HTC U Ultra. It's been about 6 months since I didnt turned on because the battery was dead, it wouldn't turn on or charge. Today I just changed the battery but the phone doesnt boot at all. It reboots endlessly on the screen with the HTC logo. I wanted to flash...
  20. M

    Thread Howto flash bootloader, where to start?

    Hi, I have 2 tablets running an ancient android version, they have the 'Allwinner A33' chipset. One tablet is working and one is bricked (bootloader is overwritten and not working). From the working tablet I copied all the /dev/block partitions using "adb pull /dev/block/mmcblk0 mmcblk0.img"...
  21. kaefers

    Thread How To Guide Samsung S22 Ultra (Exynos) | Step-By-Step Guide | OEM BL unlock | TWRP system r/w

    Hi. Had the pleasure of voiding the warranty of my new Samsung S22 Ultra SM-908B/DS 512GB EUX today. Device is on the currently latest firmware, Android 13, SM-S908B_EUX_S908BXXU2BVL1_fac. Below, I just document my experience so it may help someone as it was a bit of a tedious trial n error...
  22. JigSaaw

    Thread Development Official Bootloader Unlock For Realme

    Official Bootloader Unlock For Realme
  23. hoise001

    Thread [Guide] Redmi 8a unlocking the Mi bootloader with no waiting (not 100% method, may brick your phone!)

    Hello everyone! I have been struggling with this bootloader unlocking thing for quite a while. Fortunately, I was able to find the solution by mere chance and would like to share it with you! Now the solution may seem unreal (and requires a brain-dead approach), but it is real! I have unlocked...
  24. BGF12

    Thread Question I want to root my Realme 8 5g

    Hi everyone, as you saw in the title i want to root my phone without loosing android 12. It is possible? For this I need to unlock the bootloader, how can i do this?
  25. D

    Thread HTC Desire 828 Stucked on Bootloader Screen For No Reason

    I've got HTC Desire 828 Dual Sim A51BML and been using it for 5 years. I have never tried to root it or used custom rom on it. When I was updating some applications on Google Play Store, the phone suddenly shutted down and rebooted on "BOOTLOADER SCREEN". Since then, whenever i turn on my phone...
  26. froutanramin

    Thread LG G8s Android 12 network problem!

    Hi , I have been trying for a while , to find a way to install newer version of android to my "are region lmg810eaw g8s" . because lg released just android 9 for this device . unlocking bootloader method tutorial in this forum dosnt work on android 9 , i tested . there is another tutorial on...
  27. RanchTheHay005

    Thread REDMI 4X (remote : partition flashing is not allowed) error while trying to install TWRP

    So I had this old redmi 4X chilling in the shelf and I wanted to use it...But with a different ROM I have enabled both USB DEBUGGING and OEM UNLOCKING option in the developers option and cross checked if its enabled before entering fastboot I have tried a lot of stuff from other threads in...
  28. B

    Thread Trouble Unlocking Bootloader

    I am having hard time unlocking my Poco F1's bootloader, to start installing custom ROMs. The phone's responding and is compatible with adb commands, in stock ROM and as well as in recovery. But in fastboot mode, it's having issues. When phone is in fastboot mode and connected with the PC...
  29. S

    Thread Question One Plus 9 Pro Unbrick/Bootloop

    Hey Guys i have an Big Problem and i dont knwo what to please help So i wanted to flash lineageos and that worked good but its garbage the camera ist very basic and there are a lot of features which not work So i decide to get back to Oxygenos und root it Yeah and know my phone is stuck at...
  30. Former04

    Thread Question Can't unlock bootloader and flash TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A12.

    Hello, everyone. Today I'm trying to root my phone, but I am not succeeding to do it because I can't unlock the bootloader and flash TWRP. Currently, on the developer options, I've activated and grayed out OEM unlocking, and also I have unlocked the bootloader on the download mode. Is there...
  31. alexwhitney845

    Thread Question Unlock Bootloader Realme GT Neo 2

    Hello good, I want to unlock the bootloader in a realme gt Neo 2 rmx3370_11_A.09, other than by the Deep Test method. I want to upgrade to Android 12 RU 3.0, or do you recommend installing a ROM like ArrowOS? Thank you very much :)
  32. ComputerBrainDaniel

    Thread Bootloader LOCKED! (Android 12)

    Hello everyone I have a big problrm with my S10+ (SM-G975F). My bootloader wont install any other rom then OneUI I tried downgradeing the Frimware but it dosent wanna downgrade at all. The only thing that apperars is "Cause: BL:Recovery Mode Set By Key Hopefully anyone can help! With Best...
  33. noteugenio

    Thread Xiaomi Note 9 is still bootlooping even after installing stock firmware

    Hello! Just created an account in this forum to seek help because this is driving me nuts. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (Merlin) which has no system (Android), but I still can access fastboot and recovery menu, so I went ahead and unlocked the bootloader and flashed MIUI without any issue. To...
  34. luckychukiye

    Thread Question Rooting Oneplus 10T

    Hi if I choose to get a OnePlus 10T and root / unlock the boot loader. What can that allow me to do? I owned a OP 9 previously but for a short time and did not modify it. Regards LC
  35. Weevil60

    Thread Question Can i get the bootloader unlocked of sm-s906u

    So basically i got the usa variant and i wanna get this phone rooted is there any way at all that is possible i can pay but free would be cool
  36. mariangxzyy

    Thread Question will i lose fingerprint lock after i unlock the bootloader?

    hello, im new to android rooting, and i wanna attempt using magisk on my main phone (a325f) but i do not know if the ability to unlock the phone with the fingerprint will no longer be available after i unlock the bootloader, and im not too sure...any answer?
  37. A

    Thread OnePlus 7Pro Boot loader unlock issue!

    I am having issue while unlocking bootloader on OnePlus 7pro, I have updated to the latest 12.1 recently (from 10.3.8), which I didn't really liked, so wanted to switch to Pixel Experience Plus, when tried to unlock the bootloader by running the cmd 'fastboot oem unlock' it gives the error as...
  38. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread How To Guide January 3, 2023 (TQ1A.230105.002 - Global / .A1 Telstra) - Unlock bootloader / Root Pixel 7 Pro [Cheetah] / SafetyNet 13.0.0 (TQ1A.230105.002, Jan 2023) Flash Link 34d676ff4d260f02d9ada1f16f24fd7995c9b9ca832410099950d9c510db8793 13.0.0 (TQ1A.230105.002.A1, Jan 2023, Telstra) Flash Link 6632344c9647b04bfce622b0decf3733dfb3bc5c3b2c068ea118f8631c1b39b8...
  39. L

    Thread How to unlock Bootloader/OEM in download mode?

    Hi all, I would like to ask how to unlock my bootloader while stuck in download mode? After an unsuccessful flash of a stock firmware, I was stuck in download mode on my Samsung device and can't install any FW. While in download mode I get the following message: Samsung Custom binary...
  40. Deltwin

    Thread System encrypted, /dev/block is read-only

    Hi, I have a redmi note 9 that I wanted to mod but I had a lot of problems modding it. I initially installed crDroid 8.7 but the control center animation was lagging and the battery drains fast, so I decided to change the ROM with Project Elixir (Android 12 all ROMs). I saw that crDroid 8.9 came...
  41. Z

    Thread Question Relock Bootloader

    Hi, has anybody tried to relock the bootloader?! i was a little over hasty and unlocked a device. I thought (yeah, i didnt checked it ...) if asus is offering a unlocker, it should be no big deal to lock it again. But everything i found is for the ZF8, and all i found does not work on the ZF9...
  42. bdubz32

    Thread Can't unlock bootloader OnePlus 8

    I'm having trouble unlocking the bootloader, I've tried 3 times and can't figure it out, when I input (Fastboot oem unlock) it just says "waiting for device" and does nothing, what should I do??
  43. D

    Thread Question SOLVED: Unable to verify Xiaomi Account on Newly Unlocked Device

    I've recently unlocked the bootloader on my Xiaomi device and have encountered an issue getting past the 'This device is Locked' screen. I have access to the Xiaomi account that was linked to the device, and have entered the correct information, several times using a combination of both with...
  44. K

    Thread Unlock bootloader twice?

    I already unlocked my device once and flashed a custom rom but due to issues in custom rom, I reverted back to stock MIUI and relocked the bootloader with "fastboot OEM lock" Now i can't find any methods to unlock the bootloader again and it shows error "token missing" in ̶m̶i̶ ̶f̶l̶a̶s̶h̶ mi...
  45. F

    Thread bootloader lock

    When entering the fastboot oem unlock command to unlock the bootloader of my Oneplus 7pro device, the following message appears on the terminal screen: FAILED remote: device cannot be unlocked for technical reason I need help to unlock the bootloader, please!!! 🙏🏽 I've searched for...
  46. catjj

    Thread Having difficulties unlocking bootloader in Android 4.2.2

    Greetings, people of XDA! I am attempting to root a Lenovo S6000L -F tablet running on android 4.2.2 Jellybean. I have tried using A.D.B in order to unlock the bootloader: The tablet is recognised by the program, however the bootloader does not appear after executing the "adb reboot bootloader"...
  47. PHANX0M

    Thread Why is Root Directory Limited in Memory?

    Why's the "system" directory limited, when the overall phone memory clearly isn't?! How can I increase it so I can install more system apps?
  48. R

    Thread [Solved] Unable to unlock bootloader with ANE-LX1

    Hello, i've just got a Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX1 with EMUI from a friend. It's my first Huawei and since i am usually running my phones with custom roms, i want to install a custom rom to it. Usually i am trying to get phones that have a reasonable unlock process but this was a gift and...
  49. U

    Thread Nokia 5 TA-1053, original 7.1.1, got TWRP Recovery adapted by Can Xin from Chinese 7to forum, but stuck now

    hey there, just a quick recap: The phone is still on Android 7.1.1, I"ve got a script with ADB from 7to Forum through, got the custom TWRP working, but after getting root through flashing magisk, it got stuck on boot. After I got the official 7.1.1 zip, it is back on official recovery...
  50. PHANX0M

    Thread [CLOSED] Is Unlocked Bootloader Easier to Crack/How to Secure?

    In what ways does having an unlocked bootloader make it easier for governments and (other) criminals to get into your device or data? Lots of people say "naaaaa it's not less secure, unlock your bootloader man... the data is ENCRYPTED" I know back in the day someone could just flash TWRP and...