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  1. M

    Thread Downgrading G611F to a lower bootloader

    Hello, i was trying to downgrade my phone from OneUI (Android 9) to samsung experience (Android 7) on G611F because latest version makes the device too slow for me and also i like samsung experience more than OneUI but seems that even when bootloader is unlocked it can't be downgraded from S3 to...
  2. P

    Thread LG G Pad F2 8.0 Bootloader Unlock

    I used mtkclient to dump the firmware for this tablet and tried to use the bootloader unlock feature but it seems the lock is in a different partition on this device as it worked on my other devices but not this one. If anyone knows how which partition it is please let me know! Stock Boot and...
  3. O

    Thread Nokia 1.4 TA-1322 Help

    Hello everyone, I need some help. On november 2021 I purchased Nokia 1.4 and that day when alarm was ringing my phone screen frozen/stopped. Screen sensor and the buttons stopped was not responding. I googled immediately and found the way to turn off forzen Nokia 1.4 by pressing Wolume up +...
  4. M

    Thread Lock bootloader.

    Hi! Does anyone know how to lock the bootloader? Previously, I experimented with installing GSI (PixelExperience, Havok OS, etc.). But as it turned out, the original system is much more stable than the GSI (although I may not have found the correct GSI :) I want to return the phone to the state...
  5. rhuangonzaga

    Thread Unlock Bootloader Zenfone 4 ZE554KL

    Model Name: Zenfone 4 ZE554KL Firmware Version: None Rooted or not: Not rooted More info: Device info: Yesterday my zenfone 4 stops working and can't boot (always looping) on asus logo so I'm trying to reinstall Android on my device but I can't unlock bootloader. I've tried shakalaca from...
  6. Dazai_ozamu

    Thread Please , How can i root my LG W30??

    Hello , there is no official release of twrp recovery for my LG W30 . Is there any way to root my LG w30?? I have already tried rooting apps like kingroot and kingoroot but nothing works . My LG W30 runs on android 9 stock rom . Please help . Thank you.
  7. T

    Thread It's possible to root HONOR 20/Huawei Nova 5T yet?

    Hi, I was wondering if unlock this phone bootloader and root is possible in january 2022?
  8. C

    Thread "Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and may not work properly." Pixel 2 XL

    I'm about 4 hours of reading in on this matter, and I still don't have a proper answer. I've run through countless threads with similar titles, and found some helpful tidbits, but nothing the resolves or fully explains what is going on here. I just made the jump from Android 9.0.0 (latest)...
  9. Relected

    Thread unlocking bootloader

    OK I have a genuine question and if anyone can help me It would be very cool I have a Huawei Y9 2018 FLA-LX1 Kirin 659A with EMUI 9.1.0 phone and I am trying to remove my stock rom to replace it with lineageos fdroid (my phone is ported and works with GSI too) but I...
  10. TferThomas

    Thread Question How to flash Android 12 onto Asus Zenfone 8 and relock bootloader.

    I'd appreciate it someone could provide instructions for a numpty, in a manner that the numpty (myself) can understand. I unlocked the Bootloader on my Asus Zenfone 8 with a view to flash the stable version of Android 12. My mistake was not having enough skill to 1. Flash Android 12 and 2...
  11. 6

    Thread Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi 9

    Hello to everyone reading this, wish you all the best in the New Year.. Now let's get to the problem I have.. I'm using Brave as my browser and I am sure most of you are familiar with Brave Ads, well they don't work on my phone.. While duckduckgo-ing through I stumbled on possible reason why it...
  12. Rick_BR

    Thread [MOD] ONEUI 4 Bootloader warning remover for S20FE EXYNOS - TWRP and ODIN

    For the people who have unlocked bootloader and have installed the newest ONEUI 4 for the Galaxy S20 FE Exynos, here are 2 versions of the mod to get rid of the Bootloader warnings. ODIN VERSION - Put the phone in download mode and flash the file in AP tab via odin. TWRP VERSION - Just...
  13. ferreraiury05

    Thread Fastboot on Samsung?

    After entering recovery I realized that it has a "Reboot to bootloader" on my Samsung phone. And it doesn't reboot to Download mode, instead, it reboots to a "Fastboot mode". Does this Fastboot really work or it's better do not modify anything there?
  14. T

    Thread How To Guide T-Mobile OnePlus 9 Pro Bootloader Unlock

  15. A

    Thread Question Xiaomi mi ultra 11 locked bootloader

    I have a Chinese variant of xiaomi mi 11 ultra with Chinese rim. I would like to flash eu rim on it. However I cannot unlock the bootloader. It always gives the following message. you are unlocking a special device which should do with special permission Can someone please tell me what can I...
  16. W

    Thread Unlock all Nokia MTK devices without disassembling (tested on Nokia 2.3 TA-1206)

    Message to mods: If this thread was posted before, please delete it. STEP 1 Download MtkClient and install dependencies Execute those commands. STEP 2 Wipe userdata and two other partitions If this will fail, don't worry. It might be that your device doesn't have md_udc partition. STEP 3...
  17. Shoitah

    Thread TWRP for the new cat flip phone?

    The novel CAT S22 Flip was released in September, and is pretty much the only of its kind. It actually has an unlocked bootloader, and I was excited to try to root it. However, there's no version of TWRP designed specifically for it! Having never rooted anything before, does anyone know my...
  18. F

    Thread Question Safe to relock bootloader on Zenfone 8?

    Hi there, My current setup is that I've installed LineageOS with microG on the Asus Zenfone 8 according to https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/sake/install My question: Is it safe to relock the bootloader with "fastboot oem asus-csc_lk" when lineageos is installed and will the device still boot...
  19. S

    Thread Question Poco F3 mi account issue, bootloader unlocked and all

    Hi, guys i need some help if anyone can help me out ! so i bought my poco F3 a while ago brand new, i was the 1st person to open the box and i used the phone normally like anyone would, i logged in with my Mi account and all, till one day i decided to unlock my bootloader ( it went smoothly...
  20. Andrei_07

    Thread Recover data from bootlooping phone

    The phone doesen't starts when it is not plugged in, but when I plug in the cable it only shows the Huawei logo and then reboots. I managed to get to fastboot mode, but can I do anything from there to get my data? The bootloader seems to be Unlocked, as it reads "Phone Unlocked". But I don't...
  21. M

    Thread OnePlus 6 OOS11 Crashdump mode and bootloader locked

    The problem started few hours back when my phone just started to hang while using and went into Crashdump Mode suddenly. I pressed volume and power button to start Fastboot mode. Phone started properly 3-4 times but only for few seconds, every time Crashdump mode came back in few seconds. I got...
  22. D

    Thread How to unlock bootloader for Intex Aqua Life 3 and what custom rom will be good for it?

    Hello everyone. I want to unlock bootloader of my Intex Aqua Life 3. I searched entire internet but no one has even taken the name of it neither a single document is available. It is a very old phone and have a lot of problems like battery goes 43 from 88 in 2-3 seconds while it is idle. So, I...
  23. Zeek347

    Thread OEM Unlocking INSTANTLY turns back off.

    Hi, I'm new to XDA. I am trying to get a rooted device so I can play around with it and do cool things. After trying 4 different phones and weeks of nonstop research and attempts, I decided to an Amazon Fire 8 Plus (10th Generation). I know how to unlock bootloader using windows 10 and android...
  24. farhansaeeddnp3021

    Thread Question Oneplus Nord 2 - the current image(boot/recovery) have been destroyed

    i try to lock my bootloader but now getting this error (the current image(boot/recovery) have been destroyed nord 2) and unable to boot. I try to go into fastboot mode but faatboot key combination is not working. Is there any solution?
  25. E

    Thread Can every Pixel 3 be bootloader unlocked and rooted?

    Some time ago I bought a Pixel 2. It was the Verizon variant which has a permanently locked boot loader with no way around it. The question is, is there any Pixel 3 with permanently locked bootloader or other restriction or can every one be unlocked and rooted? EDIT, After posting, it showed...
  26. M

    Thread What's the right way to Unlock Bootloader for GT N-5100?

    I've searched for so many tutorials but none of the worked. Some say you need to unlock bootloader before root while others go directly for root without even mention the bootloader. 1. When I turn my tablet to the Downloading mode, my PC can't detect it. It doesn't show up in the device manager...
  27. WinterRU

    Thread A free working way to unlock the bootloader.

    Hi guys. Here on the Russian-language website 4PDA, one person threw a link to a program from github on python. This program is for MTK devices. And there is a bootloader unlock function. In general, I downloaded this program, launched it, and according to the guide of the author of the program...
  28. A

    Thread [bootloader][unknown bootloader version] OnePlus 6

    How to solve this?: Fastboot Mode PRODUNT_NAME - sdm845 VARIANT - SDM UFS BOOTLOADER VERSION - BASEBAND VERSION - SERIAL NUMBER - "Serial number available" SECURE BOOT - yes DEVICE STATE - unlocked What I tried: fastboot flash aop_a oneplus/images/aop.img fastboot flash aop_b...
  29. S

    Thread Huawei Y3 II bootloader

    Yo pals, i wanna unlock Huawei Y3 II bootloader, but those huawei mf dont give codes I tried to use DC-Unlocker but after clicking button to identify phone, program do not answer but task manager shows its using 25% CPU power so idk does it work or not, on videos it just worked but in my case...
  30. linblv

    Thread Unlocking k20 pro bootloader

    Hello, This is my first post here and I'm really desperate. My phone has a fingerprint, face scanner, and pattern unlocks configured. On Friday I changed my pattern and as you know after 72 hours MIUI asks you to re-enter your pattern. Yesterday on Monday I tried entering it and I found out...
  31. Zoltz

    Thread Help needed for Bootloop, Recovery mode stuck, Flashing sahara fail error in LYF Flame 1 LS 4503

    Hi New member here, so the problem is 1. Phone is stuck on - Powered by Android screen and automatically gets shut down or sometimes need to remove the battery to turn it off. 2 By Pressing volume down + power button = Phone enters in recovery mode which looks like the photo I am attaching here...
  32. ehsan0685

    Thread LG L90 HardBrick Problem

    Hi guys i was trying to install lineage os 14 on my Lg L90 D405 for upgrading android version to 8 But it needed unlocking Bootloader For installing a custom recovery like twrp. unfortunately i couldn't go to downloading mode because it was stacked on a firmware update screen and it wasn't...
  33. M

    Thread Unlock bootloader official or unofficial

    Hello, i investigate about the LG V50, i see that phone have two options to unlock bootloader, with the thread un XDA using Firehorse or using the method official of the LG. the question in resume is, ¿If i unlock the bootloader with the official method i can install custom roms like If i use...
  34. A

    Thread OnePlus 6 - broken FastBoot Mode/Bootloader

    I tried to root my device on different ways with PBwithmagisk.img and latest TWRPinstaller.zip. Now I'm unable to power off the device or boot into recovery mode. If I try to shutdown the phone, it's switching automatically on. If I try to hold volumedown/shutdown button, the phone boot always...
  35. josephmh

    Thread dm-verity corruption Oppo Reno 3

    So after unlocking my Reno 3 bootloader with Unofficial way (with mtkclient ) i have this message when phone is booting "dm-verity corruption Your device is unlocked and can't be trusted to continue press the power button " And the phone is working fine and bootloader status in " developer...
  36. J

    Thread How to Remove Warning Bootloader Unlocked Message on Moto G5

    The Bootloader Unlocked Message is a single image with a serial number printed on top. In case of the Moto G5 the serial number is 'N/A' (not applicable). To completely hide the 'Unlocked' boot message logo.bin must be replaced with one that has a white background where 'N/A' appears. Like this...
  37. A

    Thread [CLOSED] Change IMEI-Help

    History- -I hard reseted my phone which locked google account and Mi account(which i cant access for some reason) - Unlocked Mi account using MCT-MTK bypass and formating certain memory parts using SP Tool.(source) Now. - Phone is working. Need to unlock bootloader but couldn't figure out how...
  38. N

    Thread ASUS ZENPAD 3S 10 Z500M Bootloop (HELP!!!)

    Hello! So i got my asus zenpad 3s 10 rooted (with magisk) a long time ago. I have the bootloader which has the normal mode, fastboot mode and the recovery mode. However, i forgot if i had the custom TWRP or not. So, i had this device rooted for like 1 year now. But, for some reason my device...
  39. T

    Thread Need help with incorrectly named system partition

    Hi everyone. My phone (redmi 6 cereus) has realtively small system partition, so I decided to try to manually alter the partition table. I did that one time without any problems so I thought it would go smoothly this time. Boy was I wrong :D Like the last time, I resized my data partition...
  40. Alambinamin

    Thread Stucked at Fastboot Mode

    I was in realme UI 2.0, I wanted to downgrade it into RUI 1.0. So I downloaded rmx1931 c27.ofp fastboot rom and tried flashing it using realme flashtool. it failed several time and sometime showed flashed successful but didn't bootup, keep booting into fastboot mode. I tried to get into recovery...
  41. lofi2op


    First Download Motorola USB Driver and Tiny Fastboot Then make sure you have enabled "OEM UNLOCK" / "Allow OEM to be unlocked" in Developer Options ( to turn on Developer Options, just go to the "About" Section in your Settings and click on the build number 7 times ) After you've made sure...
  42. A

    Thread [Question] Unlocking HD Fire 6 (4th Generation) Bootloader

    Hi, I'm still trying to figure out how to unlock my HD Fire 6's bootloader to install TWRP in it then remove all that is Amazon to turn it into an Android tablet; unfortunately, the thread that instructed us on how to unlock the bootloaders of HD Fire 6 and 7s had its guide erased then the...
  43. patricktech

    Thread Question I can't unlock my phone using mi flash tool, whenver I did so it says add account!

    Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro 8 gb ram / 265 gb disk.
  44. FedeGioz

    Thread BootLoader Unlock Question

    If i rollback to EMUI 8, then i unlock bootloader using HCU Client, i root and then i update back to EMUI 10, will it be still rooted? Can you explain how it works? What can i do and what i can't?
  45. alexhorner

    Thread NST/G in 2021 - Guides and Development

    Hi there, Having recently acquired a very cheap and almost new Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, I have been searching around the XDA forum collecting together as much information as I can easily find about the device and what it runs. It is clear to me that development on the device has long...
  46. ariweinberg

    Thread help with Xiaomi Qin1s+ (Boot Loader problem ?)

    I burned my friend a QIN1S+ phone and he stopped receiving and taking out calls, SMS and using the Internet . I don't think the IEI was hurt. Someone checked the device and told me that the problem with the Boot Loader. but didn't elaborate. Can someone help me? It's really urgent. Thank you :)
  47. GrayFox_95

    Thread honor 5x unlock bootloader

    Hi, can you help me get the bootloader unlock code? I would like to install lineage os. thx
  48. P

    Thread Unlock Bootloader Doogee X95

    Hey all, Trying to unlock Bootloader on Doogee X95. I've managed to get as far as selecting yes to unlock bootloader from fastboot mode however it fails. When pressing vol up it says "unlock failed" with no further reason then returns to fastboot menu. In the cmd window the following was...
  49. E

    Thread how can i unlock honor 4x bootloader

    hello, how can i unlock honor 4x bootloader for install custom rom?