1. M

    Thread Can't flash ROm with odin - S20+

    Hi everyone, I'v got a S20+ 5G but the old's owner can't give me his google account so my phone is locked. I tried to fix it by flashing the ROM but when odin told me success, the phone was still locked by this google account. I would like to try an other firmware but the bootload has changed...
  2. X

    Thread Confirming what is possible w/ a sm-g9601U

    Been trying to follow up on the latest with this particular model and just want to verify my understanding: I CANNOT flash a recovery or custom rom to this phone as the US bootloaders are locked (there may be some ways but it still doesn't yield full flashing/capabilities) I CAN still root...
  3. T

    Thread missing permissions - unlock bootloader

    Hi, I wanted to check out this threat - first it says i need to have an account - now it says i dont have rights to see this threat. How can i get the threat? or is there another step by step guide how to unlock bootloader? i am very new to this and strugling in getting my fblock# I allready...
  4. VD171

    Thread [PRELOADER][IMG][STOCK] PRELOADER Partition Binary for MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G / Xiaomi Redmi Note 9)

    Original Stock PRELOADER_MERLIN.BIN for MERLIN Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G Firmware Versions: - V12.0.6.0.QJOMIXM (FLASHING EDL only.) - V12.0.5.0.QJOMIXM (FLASHING EDL only.) - V12.0.4.0.QJOMIXM - V12.0.3.0.QJOMIXM - V11.0.5.0.QJOMIXM - V11.0.4.0.QJOMIXM -...
  5. R

    Thread Re-Lock bootloader on the device itself

    Hello, I would like to reset my device to factory settings (original OS, bootloader locked) before I send it in for repair, but the USB-C port no longer works properly, so I have a question: Original image is back on, but bootloader is unlocked. A simple fastboot oem lock is accordingly not...
  6. szucsy92

    Thread 0 result for LG K51S ROOT method OR TWRP recovery :(

    Hello everyone! I have an lg k51s ( LG LMK-510EMW ) with a "good" hardware and a locked software...nevertheless supports the treble project a/b . i can't unlock bootloader...
  7. RudyGireyev

    Thread Teclast M40 Installing ROM from Windows

    Hello! Just received my first tablet, so am very new to all of this. :) Looking for guidance and direction. Glanced through the first page of Noob friendly thread and didn't see this addressed. So asking here. Background: I ordered a Teclast M40 on Aliexpress and received it last week. I tried...
  8. K

    Thread How to disable bootloader unlocked warning message during startup and boot into system normally?

    Some people have said we have to sign boot.IMG and recovery.IMG files before flashing and this would get rid of the message. Others have posted a flashable zip for TWRP on other phones that would do the signing and remove this message. Has anyone tried it? Or is there any other method? Don't say...
  9. K

    Thread Motorola Unlock Code

    I understand this is a longshot. Does anyone have a good third party tool that can unlock the bootloader for my moto z3 play? I cannot get the unlock code from Motorola because the phone is from a carrier. Thanks,
  10. VD171

    Thread [PRELOADER][IMG][STOCK] PRELOADER Partition Binary for MERLIN (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G)

    Original Stock PRELOADER_MERLIN.BIN for MERLIN Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G Firmware Versions: - V12.0.6.0.QJOMIXM (FLASHING EDL only.) - V12.0.5.0.QJOMIXM (FLASHING EDL only.) - V12.0.4.0.QJOMIXM - V12.0.3.0.QJOMIXM - V11.0.5.0.QJOMIXM - V11.0.4.0.QJOMIXM -...
  11. Dammesiojhon

    Thread I need help with samsung j737a please!! I can't unlock the bootloader and i can't root of any way!! I test with everiting (magisk,twrp,miracle box,zx3

    I can't unlock the bootloader and i can't root of any way!! I test with everiting (magisk,twrp,miracle box,zx3,odin,etc) But i dont have success with nothing... I install a new versión of firmware (9.0) because in the phone the option of update doest work, only want be root, anyone helpmeee?
  12. 3laa salah

    Thread Bootloader file containing sboot.bin and param.bin is required to solve sm-n910c 6.0.1 fingerprint issue

    Bootloader file containing sboot.bin and param.bin is required to solve SM-n910c 6.0.1 fingerprint problem Working for me a message. How to find out the problem from the system device of the Samsung Note 4 N910c device mmb29k.n910cxxs2drl1
  13. G

    Thread [Q&A] Bootloader unlocked but greyed out and lost Root access

    No longer with root privileges available. It seems I have lost root during an update (not entirely sure) but I still get the bootloader unlocked 'warning' when phone is booting. Inside developer options the OEM unlocking option is greyed out and on the 'on' position with the description just...
  14. M

    Thread [Help] Bootloop With Locked Bootloader

    Hello there, I'm having a complicated issue and i wish someone really could help me. My A2 lite is totally brick and stuck on bootloop .. i tried the below with no luck 1- EDL Mode using test points then flashing using MiFlash .. still being in bootloop 2- Fastboot commands can't be used as...
  15. Protawn

    Thread Need Help - Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Wifi SM-P610 Exynos International model - Missing OEM Bootloader Unlock Toggle

    Hi, Everyone I'm new to this community. I'm having trouble gaining access to the OEM Bootloader Unlock option in developer options. Here are things I've tried already based on what I researched before my attempt. Android 10 is the current OS installed after unboxing. 1. Disable Automatic Date...
  16. jwest9451

    Thread Is it even possible to unlock bootloader? (LG K8s)

    I can't find a single method that works for me. Iv tried holding down the volume button and plugging in a USB, iv tried adb commands like "adb reboot bootloader" iv tried just about everything but this thing refuses to go into bootloader. Everything iv tried just makes it boot up like normal. I...
  17. h0ry79

    Thread Can't unlock the bootloader on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

    Hello when trying to unlock the bootloader, after 168 hours of waiting with miflash_unlock, it throws me the message: failed remote token verify failed reboot the device. it is in (xiaomi redmi note 8) please help
  18. Protawn

    Thread Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Wifi SM-P610 Exynos International model - Missing OEM Bootloader Unlock Toggle - Need Help

    Hi, Everyone I'm new to this community. I'm having trouble gaining access to the OEM Bootloader Unlock option in developer options. Here are things I've tried already based on what I researched before my attempt. Android 10 is the current OS installed after unboxing. 1. Disable Automatic...
  19. SamoAndroid


    Hi guys, did you manage to unlock the bootloader? I tried everything but nothing worked for me :( Thanks for any reply
  20. bickey.jaiswal

    Thread Unlocking bootloader of vivo y12

    I have enabled oem unlock and usb debug from settings. I am using vivo fastboot tool. And after entering fastboot menu, I tried the code fastboot bbk unlock_vivo. C:\Users\dell\Desktop\vivo_fastboot_for_windows>fastboot devices MNFM7PSSGM75SKBY fastboot...
  21. zOnlyKroks

    Thread Motorola G6 play Xt1922-3 bricked with locked bootloader.

    Hello, i would like to ask if someone on this forum can help with my bricked motorola g6. The bootloader is locked and i cannot access OEM unlock in the system. The only solution i would see is to use an full mmcblk0 image. It would be kind if someone could give another solution or provide an...
  22. R

    Thread Unlock Mi Account | This device is locked | Redmi 8 | help needed because no access to sim card

    Hi all, i have spent a couple of days and do not find any solution. Issue: My phone is locked. See attached photo. Why? I bought this phone in Jan 2020 in ebay. The seller didn´t remove his Mi account and I used the phone with his account. I still own the invoice and the packing box etc with...
  23. _Yellow_

    Thread OPPO AX5 (CPH1851) Bootloader & Root

    Hey guys, I have an OPPO AX5 and for the past couple of days I've been trying to find a way to root my device with no luck, there is also no information about unlocking the bootloader either. Does anyone know any way to root this device (without bricking it) and unlock the bootloader, I really...
  24. M

    Thread No bootloader access?

    Hi there! This is my first Samsung phone that I attempted to root. It's a Sprint Note 5 with *3DRH1 firmware, and it refuses to drop-down to bootloader level. Trying with either adb, or Vol+,Home,Power key press combination, or selecting "reboot to bootloader" from recovery ends up booting...
  25. XRed_CubeX

    Thread [EXPERIMENTAL] [BootLoader] Unlock the bootloader of Meizu M5c and install TWRP

    Hi everyone, these days I managed to "unlock the bootloader" of the meizu m5c as far as we can tell, in fact during this guide we will not actually unlock the bootloader of this device but we will install a bootloader that does not check signatures and integrity, that means to say that in any...
  26. N

    Thread S8 Snapdragon Variant Android 9 (Pie) Root

    Hi guys, I have searched almost all forums on XDA and online couldn't find anything which could help with me rooting my Samsung S8 Snapdragon variant SM-G950W. Odin way fails, I believe the reason is the Qualcomm secure boot is enabled. I tried to find a lot of ways to disable but all of them...
  27. Cdavoy

    Thread Unable to unlock Bootloader (SM-A107M)

    Model: Galaxy A10s (SM-A107M) Region: Peru - SAM AP: A107MUBU5BTJ3 CP: A107MUBU5BTH1 CSC: A107MOWT5BTJ2 I have the necessary VICOM Drivers, I have Developer Mode on and activated USB Debugging and the OEM Unlocking. I can go into Download Mode just fine, however when I long-press the Volume Up...
  28. memorycorruption

    Thread Virtual Environment on PC for learning & creating novice Custom ROMS?

    I do realize that Virtualbox has Android x86 VM compatibility. What do experts and intermediates use to learn and test andorid custom roms & features? I mean for a beginner, making mistakes on their regular device could lead to fatal consequences, constant reflashing and being unable to use...
  29. L

    Thread Relocking the bootloader after vendor build change

    So, I have the MIUI 12 EEA on a Mi 10 Lite, and it's not the stock ROM but the Vodafone build (QJIEUVF). As there's the new Android 11 update coming, I'd like to have that and not wait for Vodafone to release its build, as that's notoriously slow. I tried the official Updater app, to install the...
  30. W

    Thread SM-N986U Bootloader

    Does anyone know how to unlock the bootloader? Or does anyone have the source to root a galaxy note 20 ultra (snapdragon)? I've seen the link saying why someone did it but it doesn't explain how they did it, or where. I understand i might have to pay but honestly it's worth it.
  31. digitalmaxMG

    Thread Stuck at CSC FastBoot Mode

    Hello everyone, i yesterday i bought secondhand Asus Zenphone 7 PRO stucked at CSC Fastboot MODE When i turn on the phone it pops android icon for 1 sec then it goes automatically to CSC FastBoot Mode, then you can choose between START, Restart bootloader, Recovery mode, and Power OFF. When you...
  32. C

    Thread [Help] Bootloop after updating, usb debugging not enabled.

    Using the miflash tool I flashed stock firmware (some version of android 8) after previously having a custom ROM installed. Everything worked fine until I rebooted after updating to the latest version using OTA. My phone never got past the android one screen where it would freeze part way...
  33. Dexin5080

    Thread Download Mode Corrupted

    I have a samsung galaxy tab s6 lite and I was going to put TWRP recovery on it but when I gone to download/odin mode it just says "starting fastboot". Its not the usb drivers or anything because when I do lsusb on my PC it recognized it but not the odin software. Can someone tell me is there a...
  34. À

    Thread Can´t boot twrp.img!

    Hi, I follow this Tutorial to root my Moto g6 Plus. I could unlock my bootloader, but i cant boot twrp-3.2.3-42-evert.img. When I try "fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-42-evert.img" , I get Sending 'boot.img' (31100 KB) OKAY [ 0.878s] Booting...
  35. HenrikDK2

    Thread LG V30 Unlock bootloader failed (Status read failed (Too many links))

    I've followed several guides on how to unlock the bootloader, but i have not been able to do so. USB Debugging is enabled OEM is unlocked. adb devices show my device. I'm able to reboot into the bootloader. fastboot oem device-id shows my device id. (I won't show the id) I've submitted the...
  36. V

    Thread We want to unlock bootloader!

    About a month ago realme released the bootloader unlock for the X50 and X50m, however the RMX2144, RMX2025 and RMX2142 versions were not privileged, with Realme's stupid excuse that the operator's policy does not allow unlocking which is not an explanation valid, I ask for help from anyone...
  37. S

    Thread Bootloader unlocked in Vivo U20, no TWRP or Custom ROM available.

    I recently saw that there was an option to unlock the bootloader on my Vivo U20 in the developer options. I was wondering if this was due to a recent update was wanted to know if there were any custom recovery or custom roms which i could install on my device.
  38. JaySarreau

    Thread Safe to Re-Lock Bootloader?

    I was given a Pixel 2 XL by a friend, and it had an unlocked bootloader, but I couldn't tell whether or not he tried to root it. And I couldn't use some GPay features, which I'd like to. So to be safe, I went through the process of flashing a stock image using Google's instructions: boot...
  39. V

    Thread Where is bootloader lock/unlock status is stored?

    Is there a partition where bootloader stores its lock/unlock status and keeps it persistent? Can this status be changed by UFS chip programmer? The bootloader of this device doesn't support custom AVB. Is there a way to add this support with some custom ROM?
  40. S

    Thread [help] how to unlock huawei mediapad t3 7 bg2-w09 bootloader

    Hi all, i need help unlocking the bootloader on my huawei tablet, i have tried dc unlocker but no luck because device isn't supported, i have contacted huawei directly and they said they ended their service in 2018, anyone knows how i can unlock the bootloader without key or if theres a way how...
  41. J

    Thread How to make a Pixel 2 that has unlocked the bootloader must enter a password to boot ?

    Pixel 2 , Android 11, unlocked bootloader. I want to make it MUST INPUT PASSWORD to power on for Data Security. But everytime it boots directly to the lock screen. My data has been decrypted. I cannot found any option to achieve that. Sorry for my poor English.
  42. A

    Thread AXE-LX2 on EMUI9, possible to unlock bootloader ?

    Hello, I'm talking to the XDA community that I've been following for quite some time in research to find a way to unlock my bootloader. So I've already browsed pages and pages, and I've already seen the different techniques proposed here, but I have a difference that most users seem to lack. I...
  43. M

    Thread Root OP8Pro without wipe

    Hello everyone, I have found several ways to root my OP8Pro but all of them include unlocking the bootloader which forces you to wipe the device. Is it possible to obtain root without having to wipe? On android 11 stable version
  44. D

    Thread Bootloader shows unlocked on starting up but the greyed out OEM unlock is not present

    Hello, I have unlocked the bootloader of my A10 and it says so when booting up. However, the OEM unlocking option in developer settings has dissapeared completely, not even appearing greyed out. The problem is that I cannot flash TWRP because the phone says it supports only official binaries...
  45. S

    Thread how to roll back to EMUI 9 - Looking to install lineageos and degoogle

    I've just got a refurbished p20 pro and am looking to put lineageos on it and leave google off I've seen that EMUI 10 it's pretty much impossible to unlock the bootloader so I want to rollback to 9 it's been a long time since i've done anything like this so not sure where to look how to do...
  46. H

    Thread [Guide] Root Pixel 5 XL Android 11 (R)

    [Guide] Root Pixel 5 Android 11 (R) Unlock/Lock Bootloader + Systemless ROOT Android Security Bulletin—January 2021 Pixel Update Bulletin—January 2021 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 5 owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it without installing a Custom...
  47. T

    Thread Unable to OEM unlock SM-A107M (A10s)

    Details of phone Currently I have 2 issues. Number 1 is that I cannot find stock firmware for my phone on Frija. No matter what CSC code I enter it is unable to find it. However, this is not a major problem at the moment as I plan to use this random firmware if things go wrong as it resembles...
  48. He.Art

    Thread How to revert Moto G5 XT1670 to stock rom

    Hello, how are you? My Name Is Cristian and I'm from Argentina. I've had a Moto G5 for a while and a lot of custom roms were installed on it. However, there were many problems in the process. The roms had bugs, performance issues, and some didn't even boot. So i made the decision to go back to...
  49. K

    Thread OEM UNLOCK option missing

    I need to know if the SM-986U1 bootloader is un-lockable. I bought this phone new, factory unlocked. Activated service with Boost Mobile and everything works great but the (allow OEM unlock) option in developer mode is missing. Can someone please help?