1. maxcutlyp

    Thread Stuck in bootloop/"Your device is corrupt. It can not be trusted" after flashing Magisk-patched image on rooted CalyxOS after update

    Hi, I have a Pixel 5 running CalyxOS. I have the bootloader unlocked so I can use Magisk to have Apple emojis. I updated to the latest version of CalyxOS today and it rebooted fine, but of course I needed to patch the new boot.img and flash it to get Magisk to work (following these install...
  2. K

    Thread Question The current image (boot/recovery) have been destroyed

    Welp, first day of owning the OnePlus Ace and I've already bricked it lmao. Need some help in trying to unbrick it. So last night I successfully rooted my device using magisk, but after experimenting I just decided to revert back to being unrooted, since I realised I didn't actually need many...
  3. Guilherme b

    Thread Bootloop in my powkiddy X2

    after a month using it, after turning it off, the next day when I turned it on it was in bootloop, I already tried to take the battery out, reset and nothing worked, how can I access its memory and does anyone know how to fix it?
  4. D

    Thread Question Can't access recovery mode and have infinite boot loop

    I Have a pixel 6 pro that I have rooted. I was going through the process of installing the latest update, (May 2022), via ADB. I have done this several time with success and no real issues. This time, just as I was on the last step of the update, (what's highlighted in yellow), (This below is...
  5. Soumyadeepbs4

    Thread Oneplus 8t boot Loop --> MSM Flashing successful -->Still Stuck in EDL mode

    Hi All My 8t is 2020 dec manufactured indian version was stuck in bootloop all of a sudden, have used oos msm tool to flash as per the xda unbrick thread and it shows download complete every time in green but phone is not booting after that. Tried all button combinations with no response .Also...
  6. ExFabian

    Thread Vibe K5 stuck in bootloop after trying to install custom ROM

    Alright, so I tried to install ResurrectionRemix on my rooted Vibe K5 (SD415) using this guide, however after rebooting to system, it gets stuck on the Lenovo logo forever, and the only way I can power off the device is to remove the battery. Holding Volume Up + Power doesn't boot me into...
  7. koarc lkas

    Thread RMX2030EX_11_OTA_0210 img files? Anyone? Manual flash?

    Help please, I need the files. My phone is stuck on bootloop.
  8. tommoose13

    Thread SM-G930W8 Stock Firmware Link 2022?

    Hey all, I have an S7/SM-G930W8/heroltebmc and had it running LineageOS for a while and was loving it... Until I found out it's locked to a carrier and apparently will refuse to unlock with a custom ROM installed. :( I tried installing stock rom from and got...
  9. A

    Thread Samsung S20+ Magisk uninstall bootloop.

    I followed this guide to get my S20+ rooted: I wanted to return my phone to it's original state so I tried uninstalling Magisk through the app but am now stuck in a bootloop where I can't...
  10. R

    Thread Question [HELP] Doesn't boot with any Recovery based ROM!?

    Hi Guys I tried an update to Mirza's ROM but after it caused more issues, I tried restoring from full Orangefox backup in recovery; only to find the phone stuck at Fastboot mode. It appeared strange, so I tried it again to end up with same fate. I tried installing Xiaomi.EU ROM, but after...
  11. C

    Thread Weird Bootloop problem

    Hey guys. Am facing a weird problem. My phone is always on bootloop unless connected to a charger. And randomly starts restarting (bootloop) if I remove my charger. Is it a battery problem cause i can keep using orangefox recovery mode without any problem.
  12. BotchedRPR

    Thread [Please close!] Custom kernel not booting

    Hi! I've been working on a custom kernel for the N20U exynos SM-N985B. I got it to bootloop and now I'm stuck. Here's the last lines of code before rebooting. <11>[ 27.950446] [5: vdc: 6036] vdc: Command: cryptfs enablefilecrypto Failed: Status(-8, EX_SERVICE_SPECIFIC): '0: '...
  13. I

    Thread Rebbot into fastboot

    Hello my dear ,i have a problem eith my poco f2pro I use it with medium use not heavy load And suddenly it reboots into fast boot and get frozen on poco logo or just rebooting at the point After some hours it get back working I thought it software problem but i've changed multiple rooms and...
  14. M

    Thread Question Bootloop / no recovery / adb unauthorized

    I successfully sideloaded the latest OTA update. It rebooted fine but there was no root. I ran adb reboot bootloader fastboot boot 'master root.img' Now my phone is stuck in a boot loop. When I try to run adb I get 1B241FDF6006E6 unauthorized I try to reflash the firmware PS...
  15. Nuythe

    Thread Redmi 9 hard brick, bootloop and CAN'T ACCESS FASTBOOT

    I was trying to install TWRP using fast boot. At first I was using the usual commands, fastboot flash recovery twrp.img fastboot flash (some command) vbmeta vbmeta.img and it would just boot directly into the system (twrp wouldn't work) then I did it again but I added fastboot flash misc...
  16. Nuythe

    Thread Redmi 9 hard brick, bootloop and CAN'T ACCESS FASTBOOT

    I was trying to install TWRP using fast boot. At first I was using the usual commands, fastboot flash recovery twrp.img fastboot flash (some command) vbmeta vbmeta.img and it would just boot directly into the system (twrp wouldn't work) then I did it again but I added fastboot flash misc...
  17. @cs

    Thread Brick MI 9 fastboot bootloader, locked bootloader until This MIUI version can not installed in this device

    Hi Guys, I experienced fastboot bootloop in my Mi 9. Since the product not officially release in my country, the Xiaomi center refuse to check and repair it. So i did googling and did some test from flashing global ROM to unlock bootloader and ended with This MIUI version could not installed in...
  18. D

    Thread BOOTLOOP | PORTING ROM with logs

    Hi, I'm just a newbie trying to port a ROM to my device. Unfortunately, it gets bootloop whenenver I restart the device. Can someone help me identify the error in the logcat and how can I fix it? Thank you!
  19. F

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 Pro (Chinese version) keeps restarting

    Hi All, I usually refrain from posting with problems but no amount of Googling / searching has brought me any luck this time! I recently got a Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2020 (J706F) flashed to global P11 Pro firmware, and after 2 days of use, it has started a problem where the tablet boots up, but after...
  20. I

    Thread Vortex V22 Standup Wireless Firmware Error

    Hello! I tried the search function but my search-fu isn't strong today. I got a Vortex V22 phone from Standup Wireless. I must have been half asleep, because when i flashed what I assumed was the correct boot.img, I got stuck in a boot loop. On further investigation, I had flashed the boot...
  21. drdionysius

    Thread Bootloop after latest Magisk update

    I always keep my Magisk canary updated. So when I saw an update today I did just that. I updated the app first and then flashed the new Magisk. After flashing I clicked on reboot and since then (a few hours ago) I have been trying to fix the bootloop I got stuck into. Things I've tried...
  22. H

    Thread Question Bootloop and locked bootloader Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, I have tried a lot of things

    Hi, I'm starting to say that I'm kinda new to this "things" so: I have received this xiaomi red mi note 10 pro with the miui (or whatever that logo is) infinitely stucked and never boot the system; Now I have googled things for 2 long days and I have done a couple of things, but the result is: I...
  23. PhotonIce

    Thread [HELP!] Redmi Note 9 BOOTLOOPING

    A friend of mine has a Redmi note 9 (merlin), his device recently got into a bootloop, and he can't really use it anymore. He's not a technical person, so he hasn't unlocked the bootloader or messed with it in any sort of way.. My first question is, how did the device get into the bootloop? Is...
  24. R

    Thread Which Combination file for T830XXU5CUE2?

    Hello, I bought a "bricked" Galaxy Tab S4 on ebay. The only info I got was, that it is stuck in a bootloop since the last automatic update. The bootloop is similar to this one. The tablet starts with the Samsung logo, then nothing happens and after a while I end up in recovery mode. Further...
  25. A

    Thread Bootloop Solution ------ > #Android #iOS #generally #Display-unit #falldamage

    Hello XDA-Forum I dont know where to post the thread, because it belongs to every smartphone brand. If you have an other opinion to that, feel free moving or deleting it. But now..introducing myself,, a crazy dude and android noob², who tried to fix his bootloop issue since yesterday 3...
  26. K

    Thread G800H keeps rebooting with new display

    hi guys, i ordered new display from china for g800h, but phone keeps restarting with this display, it only boot in download mode, but trying to boot recovery or boot up phone it just rebooting at samsung's logo tried to flash stock roms, custom kernels, twrps but no succses i read that some...
  27. D

    Thread Samsung S10+ (no solution problem): Bootloop download + no PC visibility

    Hello, I have 2x S10 + Performance Edition (White and black) SM-G975F/DS 1.5 years ago, the bootloaders were unlocked and the magisk (android 10) was installed, some time ago the root was removed by a normal restart in the black one I updated the second (white) with odin to android 12, but...
  28. W

    Thread Reinstall system without unlocking OEM

    hi guys, i've never done no thing with this phone, but since todays morning it just has a bootloop. I managed to enter recovery (and there is the sideload option), but i have no idea what can I do with it. Wiping data and cache doesnt change a thing. Bootloader is quite useless without...
  29. M

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Boot failure after Install to inactive slot in Magisk

    I was trying to do the OTA update by restoring image in Magisk. The OTA still failed. I still went ahead and selected Install to inactive slot in Magisk. Now the phone can't boot up again. It's stuck on the screen It gives me the options to Start Restart Bootloader Recovery Mode Rescue Mode...
  30. N

    Thread Question Why fastboot & recovery constantly restarting with bootloop on stock miui and locked bootloader?

    Guys today my poco x3 pro (bhima) on stock miui 12.5.6 with locked bootloader unexpectedly went into endless bootloop for hours Even fastboot and recovery were automatically restarting Somehow i managed to wipe through recovery and restart in safe mode Before the crash i got mssgs of...
  31. Combatious

    Thread SM-T210R Bootlooping

    I have a Samsung Tab 3 7.0 and after installing TWRP and putting the stock ROM on it, it decided to just boot loop 2 minutes after loading and TWRP stopped displaying. I tried to reinstall the OS again but it did nothing. What can I do? (It is the model with the IR Blaster)
  32. Z

    Thread Boot loop with USB Debugging not enabled

    Hi! My phone suddenly entered a boot loop over night and I honestly don't know what caused this as I have not rooted it. Upon powering up, it shows the usual "Powered by Android" and the Asus logo and then shuts down. I cannot go to recovery mode (power button + volume down) however, fastboot...
  33. N

    Thread [HOWTO][SM-T590] Samsung Tab A 10.5 (2018) GSI installation + twrp + prevent bootloop + magisk + gapps + safetynet

    [HOWTO][SM-T590] Samsung Tab A 10.5 (2018) GSI installation + twrp + prevent bootloop + magisk + gapps + safetynet This is my first tuto for the SM-T590 Tab. I´ve tried to install GSI for days. The results was bootloops. So I asked some people, readed some stuff. And voila it´s working. So I...
  34. Jags2901

    Thread Galaxy Watch Active 2 SM-R825U Bricked

    Hi There, I got my Galaxy Watch Active 2 bricked during the process of changing the region. I have a Watch Active 2 SM-R825U. I was trying to change the watch region from US to Canada. I followed the guide from (TechnoProz's) YouTube channel. My watch was running on TIZEN OS I...
  35. S

    Thread redmi note 9 bootloop, only fastboot mode, locked BL, lost mi account

    i have no idea what version the device is on, is there a solution ?
  36. supernexon


    Hello i have a little problem... My a7 2018 (sm-a750f) is bootlooping. I just tried to install twrp and it succeed... almost. I tried everything and nothing works. I tried reinstalling twrp, reinstalling rom, I even tried to just boot it to system but nothing works. I attach a video of it...
  37. N

    Thread LG G3 D855 Hard Bricked, stuck in bootloop, no DL mode, no Recovery. BoardDiag AP pass, EMMC pass, SDRAM pass

    Hey guys I have a problem with my LG G3 D855 model stucked at bootloop. The deal is that I already tried to short two pins on motherboard and do qualcomm flash with LG BoardDiag tool. Everithung went well AP pass, EMMC pass and SDRAM pass, all good. Succesfuly restore all boot images and...
  38. N

    Thread Bootloop [sm-t590] GSI AOSP 12.0 v400.h

    Hello there. Maybe you could get me out of my bootloop problem. I´ve got a sm-t590. I wanted to install GSI 12.0 AOSP. I startet with a clean stock rom (flashed via Odin). After that I tried to perform a factory reset. But I then got an error like "unable to mount storage". So I decided to...
  39. T

    Thread After unlocking, "The system has been destroyed"...but can access via fastboot

    I was able to get the device unlocked successfully, but now I'm in a bootloop. When I run fastboot, I can try to flash a recovery ROM, but it shows: ...and then it just keeps bootlooping. Do I have to flash a specific recovery? Do I need to (somehow) get back to a stock, locked ROM? (I'm...
  40. D


    I was flashing a firmware with Odin on SM-T725 (it's not first time) and error occurred. Now i have a problem because also if i start tablet with + and - volume and put usb cable in it , it start in download mode but after 5 second it reboot. It goes in bootloop on error "An error has occurred...
  41. B

    Thread How can I repair semibrick on Realme x3 Superzoom (RMX2086)? - Only works Fastboot Mode

    Hi, I have a semibrick on my X3 Superzoom (Global), and I can't seem to restore the original firmware. When it was working properly, I think the phone was updated to the latest version available in Europe (RMX2081EU_11.A.50), hence Realme UI 1.0. I do not remember very well what I did, it's...
  42. N

    Thread My Google Pixel 4 XL Dead Overnight!

    Hello XDA community yesterday I was using my pixel phone normally and it was working fine today morning I woke up to check time on my phone but my phone was dead, screen was completely pitch black, charging phone doesn't work screen stays dead, even its not going to bootloader it feels like...
  43. L

    Thread Moto G5S Plus | TWRP Bootloop

    I've checked lots of other posts here, but none of them worked for me. I've installed a somewhat quirky custom ROM (Pixel experience 12) on my Moto G5S Plus, and now I can't get into TWRP, because it bootloops. When I try to erase/format any partition that might solve the problem from fastboot...
  44. H

    Thread Question Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro Bootloop

    I've bought this phone about a year ago, I installed (one of the first stable releases for my device) right after and I've never had any problems, but lately I've been experiencing some issues like ghost touch, apps and even the phone itself crashing often, etc. I was thinking about...
  45. underscoredash

    Thread Realme 5 showing big battery with cross sign

    So, first my Realme 5 goes to bootloop and fastboot mode was not opening and it was showing the following error. I took it to Realme care and they returned the phone saying its fastboot is not opening. Now the phone is showing the following. What to do? Please help
  46. N

    Thread stuck in bootloop no usb debugging! help!

    i have galaxy gt-n8000 with android 4.4.2, recently my tablet stuck at bootloop and i almost tried everything but it seems nothing works! i can't go into recovery mode!! i can only go into odin mode/download mode, i tried flashing with twrp file using odin3 but i got complete(write) operation...
  47. D

    Thread LG FlashTool keeps showing the "CheckCommMode FAIL!!!" error

    Hello, my G5 has been stuck in a bootloop for over a year, I've tried to follow some tutorials on how to fix the issue but none of them worked. Since I've read of people being able to fix it with LG FlashTool I tried it too, I was using LG FlashTool V2.0.1.6, the COM port on the phone is set to...
  48. M

    Thread P10 boot loop and "Getting package info failed"

    Dearest forum, I'm a little desperate: My P10 randomly crashed yesterday evening without any obvious reason and got stuck in a boot loop for a few rounds. After 10 mins or so, it got its **** together and worked normally throughout today. Unfortunately, in the evening the same problem happened...
  49. N

    Thread stuck in bootloop no usb debugging

    i have galaxy gt-n8000 with android 4.4.2, recently my tablet stuck at bootloop and i almost tried everything but it seems nothing works! i can't go into recovery mode!! i can only go into odin mode/download mode, i tried flashing with twrp file using odin3 but i got complete(write) operation...
  50. C

    Thread Tried installing Dot OS and now stuck on bootloop

    Hello. So I just installed a Dot OS using their guide here on XDA. I did all the steps they said. Unlocked the bootloader then installed Lineage recovery (that was the recovery recommended by the guide) I then installed the ROM with adb and lineage recovery. Now I have the Dot OS logo on my...