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  1. B

    Thread [Bounty]Lenovo Mirage Solo OS Rebuild

    Fair warning: I know only mostly what I want, I have no clue how difficult it will be to achieve, and therefor have no idea how to price the work. There are several people interested in this project though, so I'm sure a good budget can be reached. I have several copies of Lenovo+Google's...
  2. R

    Thread [BOUNTY!] Kernel for H990DS (Stock Oreo)

    As you all V20 owners know, there's only one kernel available for Rooted Stock Oreo ROM and it is MK2000. However it's a good kernel and its developer has put a great effort on it but unfortunately it doesn't function properly on H990DS variant. Some problems like intensive lags and battery...
  3. J

    Thread Bounty Thread for Wireless or No Connection Dex

    I've searched and cannot find anything so I am coming to the experts. I will pay $50 USD minimum towards a bounty for an app, custom kernel, custom ROM, or other viable solution that will allow me to activate Dex on my 960F in a similar fashion to the Tab S4 with the ultimate goal of being able...
  4. O

    Thread [BOUNTY] to anyone that can workout and provide a guide to re brand AL00 to L29

    [BOUNTY] to anyone that can workout and provide a guide to re brand AL00 to L29 I personally pledge £50
  5. C

    Thread [Bounty offer] Help troubleshoot Android Auto on custom roms OnePlus 3

    Hello Background I have a OnePlus 3 since Nov 2016. The phone is awesome. But doesnt play well with Android auto when using with custom roms. Atleast on my car, a Mahindra XUV 500. In the initial few months, there was an issue with stock rom too, but OnePlus solved it and the stock rom works...
  6. L

    Thread [Bounty] Verizon Pixel bootloader unlock

    I don't know if this is the correct place, if not, please reallocate accordingly. As the title suggests, I'm willing to pay $30 dollars for having the verizon bootloader unlocked, hope more users get into the cause.
  7. pergoteborg

    Thread Bounty Threads - to be or not to be

    It seems to me there are a raising number of bounty threads appearing in different forums. A bounty thread is when one or many persons state a problem and offer a reward to the one finding a solution. The goal is of course to motivate other to work an the case In the short run may this seems...
  8. L

    Thread Official Sony Xperia XZ Premium Root+DRM Backup/Restore Bounty Thread

    OFFICIAL SONY XPERIA XZ PREMIUM ROOT & DRM BACKUP/RESTORE BOUNTY Thanks for visiting the thread. Root bounties have been incredibly successful in creating traction from community members towards finding root methods in many brands of phones in the past. What is a 'root & DRM bounty?' A root...
  9. sensationvsgalaxy

    Thread [BOUNTY] Camera Mod - Bitrates + JPG Quality S8

    (all rights for the picture belong to Samsung) I am starting a bounty for a Camera Mod for the stock camera app of the S8(+) [should be at least for the units with Samsung sensor, also at the moment Exynos only-G950F\G955F, because Snapdragon doesn't even have root]. Requirements for...
  10. sensationvsgalaxy

    Thread Camera Mod S8(Plus) ?? Bounty possible.

    I wonder if it is possible to mod the camera app in the s8(+) like zeroprobe did with s7 camera (https://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-edge/themes/zero-camera-mod-v1-0-increased-bitrates-t3439870) so that we can increase picture image quality and video modes bitrate ? (as most of you know, our...
  11. Atlantian

    Thread Start-up: Verizon pixel xl bootloader unlock bounty

    Please, keep this thread clean and to the point. This is intended to compensate any developers who may step forward to assist with the unlocking of the Verizon Pixel/XL. UPDATE: jcase firewaterdevs Ask's that any donations be sent to the Make-A-Wish Please post your donation to this thread...
  12. alvinator94

    Thread Bounty for unlocking bootloader (progress has been made)

    Good afternoon people of XDA, Today is a the dawn of a new day. A day where we begin the road to unlocking the bootloader to something that many believe is unlockable. Me and a few other users are starting a bounty to bring the incentive to life for all active developers. You can...
  13. S

    Thread QuadRooter vulnerability

    I guess most of you have learned of the recently discovered vulnerability affecting over 900m Qualcomm devices. Apparently even after Google's latest July patches, the vulnerability persists, allowing root access to affected handsets. Pretty much the entire Xperia line using Qualcomm SOCs is...
  14. avishah395

    Thread T-Mobile LG G Pad X 8.0 (v521WG) Root Bounty

    Device T-Mobile LG G Pad X 8.0 (v521WG) Bounty Details Hello everyone! I'm starting this thread to keep track of the bounty for rooting the T-Mobile LG G Pad X 8.0 (v521WG). If you are interested in donating money to the first person to successfully root the T-Mobile LG G Pad X 8.0 (v521WG)...
  15. M

    Thread [BOUNTY] $811 Stable CyanogenMod on HTC 10

    The HTC 10 is a beast, but with sense, there is still bloat. I created this thread so it would motivate talented developers to help us achieve a working Cyanogenmod for the HTC 10. There is a bootable cm13 rom out there, but it is not stable and the radio is broken. Hopefully this will fix it...
  16. H

    Thread Does anyone have a Facedancer21? Want to test something out (LG G5 Possible Root)

    Hi! If anyone has the Facedancer21, please let me know. I am have USB Redirector installed and would be able to emulate it on my computer. I would like to try using CVE-2016-2384 to root the LG G5, but I do not own the Facedancer21 which is required for this to work. Please let me know! skype...
  17. D

    Thread Bounty for Rooting Verizon S7 Edge without tripping Knox

    There are a number of people that have stated they are willing to contribute to a bounty for rooting this wonderful phone. Please post here if you are willing to contribute and how much. Thank you.
  18. kchannel9

    Thread LG G5 Root & Recovery Bounty Thread! [Currently $4,875] [T-Mobile DONE! Who's Next?!]

    LG G5 Root & Recovery Bounty Thread! [Currently $4,875] [T-Mobile DONE! Who's Next?!] LG G5 Root/Recovery Bounty Thread Round 2: BE RESPECTFUL UPDATE (5/23/2016): Root and TWRP has been achieved for the T-Mobile LG G5! tungkick wolfu11 and arjuna_ made it possible! Woohoo...
  19. sirslipzalot

    Thread {BOUNTY} --ON TOPIC THREAD-- Unlocked Bootloader/Root S7Edge

    Ladies and Gents, THIS IS A THREAD FOR BOUNTIES AND DEVELOPER CHATTER ONLY! **WARNING** If you have something outside of posting a bounty amount on this thread or you are not a developer working towards our goal, I will personally see to it that the moderation team closes this thread. They...
  20. F

    Thread About TWRP and Root for G5

    I've seen LOTS of posts on here about how we just have to "wait for TWRP to release a recovery and then we can root it." This is completely untrue. It doesn't matter if TWRP releases a recovery if we CAN'T FLASH IT. THAT'S the problem that we are having with rooting the G5: We can't flash...
  21. F

    Thread LG G5 Root Bounty! [Currently $1,420] [LINK FOR LGTOOL BY BEAUPS AND JCASE ADDED]

  22. Zixx

    Thread {Bounty} Unlock Bootloader (links)

    Hey Everyone! Just thought i would post this here, There is a bounty on the T-mo Forum but is Set for all the S7 variants (about unlocking the boot loaders) or Gain Root. If you want to donate to the cause check it out, and make sure you put your donation cause and phone model/carrier. hope...
  23. underscorenorm

    Thread [BOUNTY] Bootloader Unlock LG G Flex 2 H950, H955, LS996, US995, H959

    LG doesn't have plans to unlock the G Flex 2. I am sure we all are unhappy with that, and I have seen a lot of people talking about it, but no official thread, so: The first person to fully unlock or create a flash-able patched bootloader that can allow flashing custom ROMs, recoveries...
  24. L

    Thread [BOUNTY] Z3v D6708 - Bootloader Unlock

    Sony XPERIA Z3v D6708 Intro First, thanks to Pyres for the original Z3 root bounty thread, myself for the Z3v root bounty thread , and tuzonghua for the D6116 root bounty thread , our similarly mistreated sister device. As you all know, the root method created by zxz0O0 has long since granted...
  25. ChriKn

    Thread [Bounty] [already $2950+] Unofficial bootloader unlock

    Hello everybody, We are clearly a lot of people asking for a bootloader unlock, more and more people are mourning in threads (me included...) for an unofficial bootloader unlock. But this takes time and skill, and these aren't cheap. So, if instead of asking everyday how things are going, if it...
  26. F

    Thread [BOUNTY] XVoicePlus for Android Lollipop

    EDIT: TOTAL PLEDGED NOW STANDS AT $100 A couple of us would really like to get XVoicePlus working in Lollipop. My specific use case is that I use Moto Assist on my Moto X through my Google Voice number, and that does not work with just Hangouts integration (all texts sent via Moto Assist go...
  27. doctor-cool

    Thread [BOUNTY]-Kingroot-Without Data Connection- Who's in

    I propose we create a Bounty for the Keys to Kingroot without a data connection that is not lost until we manually reboot. . I will start it off with a $100 pledge. Instead of calling it temporary root, I would call it Root On Demand. It some ways it is actually better than permanent root. I...
  28. y0himba

    Thread [Q] Bounty For Lollipop ROM?

    My Dell Venue 3830 out performs newer versions of the same tablet. I love it. I have tried newer versions of the tablet, and have returned them favoring this 3830. Would it be smart to start a bounty for someone to develop a lollipop based ROM for it? Who else would be interested? How does...
  29. Y

    Thread BOUNTY: FLAC fix ECLIPSE ROM 4.4.2 for TIDAL HIFI and others

    If any one can please help I will pay $40 for a flashable or written out fix for the FLAC problem in Android 4.4.2 (and other versions) Samsung has and others. TIDAL HIFI uses lossless FLAC based system files to play and the HIFI setting will not work...and TIDAL in the link below confirms this...
  30. CtrlAltConstruct

    Thread [Bounty] Disable write protection/Unlock bootloader

    UPDATE: Sunshine bootloader unlock in now available for the Droid Turbo for $25 here. Special thanks to jcase and beaups for their great work. Now that we have a method of rooting thanks to maiko1 and Tomsgt's hard work, the only other hurdles to get over are disabling write protection of the...
  31. Donny Bahama

    Thread [Q] Suggestions for new project (with bounty)?

    I'm looking at this inexpensive HDTV tuner/DVR. I'm guessing that they're ARM/Android-based but I'm going to buy one and open it up to see what's inside. It has all the makings of a cool, inexpensive little OTA DVR box - ATSC tuner, HDMI output, and a USB port for a TB storage drive. I...
  32. L

    Thread G900H Custom rom Bounty

    Hey Developers, I am starting a bounty thread for all the galaxy s5 G900H version users, as there are no developers working for this variant of galaxy s5 i hope this will motivate developers to think of developing custom rom for 900h users. I will start of by pledging 20$ to one of the most...
  33. D

    Thread [Q] Starting a bounty for stock android port (4.4.4 / future lollipop)

    Hey guys, Am still deciding between the Mate 7 and Nexus 6. Not going to buy either right away. Going to wait for the hype and initial price gouging to settle down and bit. I might pick up one or the other by the end of the year, and will of course keep tabs on both. If I do get the AM7, I...
  34. E

    Thread Putting a 100$ bounty for someone to fix my phone (SGH-i317M)

    I am at my wits end to try to repair my phone. It is softbricked and responds to download mode only. I've had chat with xda members and read threads on it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/chef-central/android/nand-write-start-fail-odin-soluction-t2851096...
  35. S

    Thread Bounty request to unlock SPH-L720T GSM

    Hi, Im placing a bounty to unlock the GSM on the SPH-L720T My self going to trow $75.00 by paypal. Additional cash can be add for the developer to unlock the device
  36. Demiurge7

    Thread [BOUNTY] New Root Method Exploit - ACHIEVED!!!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S5 All credit, and a personal thanks goes out to open1your1eyes0 for the use of his S4 Bounty template here. I put priority on getting this up quickly - so pretty directly used his format to get the bounty thread up and running. Bounty Details Total Pledges - $18,470.00...
  37. natezire71

    Thread [Verizon, AT&T, locked bootloader variants] (4.4.2 Root) Bounty Thread: $845

    I'd like to start another bounty thread. This time, the pot o' money goes to whomever successfully roots AND disables write protection on 4.4.2 for the MotoX locked bootloader variants. Two ways we can do this--you can either go here to this Google Drive spreadsheet and add your XDA Username...
  38. brainard52

    Thread [Q] Question about possibility of community bounty on 4.3 stock eploit

    I know this is probably a long-shot but I've been tempted to throw a childish fit ever since I updated to 4.3. I'd killed my ROM while trying to flash CM11 and I had to go back to stock in order to put things right. Little did I know, Verizon had a sneaky trick up their sleave. I hadn't kept up...
  39. D

    Thread [Q] Still can't update my baseband to MJ4 (Resolved - Solution Provided)

    So I have tried every trick under the sun to get my baseband up to MJ4 so I can fully enjoy StrongSteves Odexed Blue. I have been a huge fan of Odexed Blue since the Epic Days. I am still getting noises in calls and poor wireless signal compared to my friends fully stock MJ4. I have tripped...
  40. R

    Thread Bounty for hero who will make Sprint LG G2 LS980 working with non-USA GSM service!

    Hello! I've ordered from USA few Spring LG G2 LS980. And after I've discovered that they actually DON'T WORK with GSM,despite the fact that it is stated in specifications! I don't want to sell them as a tablet (without possibility to make calls), so I'm going to pay $50 to hero, who can make...
  41. natezire71

    Thread [Bounty, PAY TIME] ROOT 4.4 for MOTO X~~Jcase claimed bounty

    This is the bounty thread for whomever successfully roots the Moto X (all variants, NON-DEV) on 4.4 KitKat The idea here is for users to pledge an amount, (i.e. User A says they'll pay $10), if a Developer comes along and announces he/she has a method for rooting the Moto X on KitKat for all...
  42. hansmrtn

    Thread [PLEDGE/BOUNTY][AT&T/VZW] Moto X Bootloader Unlock ($1180)

    This is a bounty for the Dev who unlocks the bootloader on the AT&T and VZW Moto X. kornklown69 requested a new thread as he has replaced his Moto X. Allow this to be a continuation of said thread. Let's keep discussion low and pledging high! So far, the renowned jcase has seemed to...
  43. azpatterson3

    Thread Bounty AT&T Galaxy Mega i527 Firmware

    Many of us on the root bounty for i527 forum are stuck because we can't find anyone with our firmware. We have exhausted every method we can think of to pull it from the phone with no success. I would like to start a bounty to anybody that can post a downloadable file of the AT&T i527...
  44. Techngro

    Thread [WIP][BOUNTY][$165] CM 10.1/10.2 (JellyBean)

    Edit: I will not be participating in this bounty any longer because I have pre-ordered the Note 3. I don't know if there is a way to transfer control of this thread to another user, if there is, please PM me if you want to take the responsibility. In addition, mse_uk is also withdrawing from the...
  45. J

    Thread [BOUNTY] MHL HDMI over USB out for D2ATT

    This has apparently intermittently worked over the life of this device. It is currently not working with any of the latest 4.2X roms. SO, I am going to offer a USD$50.00 Bounty to anyone who adds this code to the repository of AOKP or CM10.1. I have never offered a bounty before for anything...
  46. open1your1eyes0

    Thread [BOUNTY] New Root Method Exploit or Full Bootloader Unlock ***Updated Daily***

    Samsung Galaxy S4 (Live in a world of infinite possibilities) Bounty Details Root and Recovery Bounty Full Bootloader Unlock + Root/Recovery Bounty Disclaimer
  47. D

    Thread Bounty Hunter : Black Dawn ~ Borderlands Comes to Android!

    GooglePLay Link! - Pizza_Dox Description: An FPS (First Person Shooting) game with RPG element exclusive to Android. A total of 4 classes with more than 100 skills and numerous random attribute equipment drops are at your disposal. Fight through large maps, challenging quests, and online...
  48. H

    Thread Let's Get Faux123 an Oppo Find 5! [Purchased!!!!]

    UPDATE: WE DID IT!!!! We have a phone on the way to faux123! UPDATE: We will have enough as soon as Oppo fulfills their word and puts their $250 in. I have $252.50 in the PayPal account I set up for the cause. As soon as Oppo sends their $250, that will put us over the amount! Any extra will be...
  49. C

    Thread [Q] Bounty - HSPL for TITAN II

    I have read a lot of threads while searching for a way to fully unlock my Titan II as a lot of people are trying to use their unlocked phones on other carriers. I too am one of those people and would like to officially start a bounty thread for the Titan II. I know that DFT was the one who...
  50. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread [BOUNTY][$245] WiFi Calling for AOSP ROMs - Updated 13 JUNE 2013

    Everyone loves this feature. Let's get it ported over to AOSP based ROMs! I'm willing to chip in $25 for someone to get this working. What is it worth to you? Conditions: The following conditions must be met in order to claim the bounty. This is to ensure that it is fair and open to everyone...