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  1. C

    Thread [Guide][TWRP] Lets make Blackphone 2 great again

    IM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE. Hello there. I own bp2 since last year. So in order to avoid lags and poor battery performance im gonna write this guide. So thanks to this i achieved a new phone, without battery drain, a very good battery and cpu temp, and almost root access. These...
  2. A

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][Silent OS 3.0.14] Blackphone 2 (BP2) + ROOT

    [UPDATED 2017/08/21] All I felt it would make sense to start a new thread for the Blackphone 2, with an original ROM. Here is: Blackphone BP2 3.0.14 ROM (RoW edition) In order to install it you must be on 3.09. install via original recovery... which is here... And for those who want the...
  3. P

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][Silent OS 2.0.8 RC4] Blackphone 2

    I am sharing a full stock ROM for SGP BP2 (Blackphone 2) which I got directly from Silent Circle support. This ROM is not rooted because it's original, would be awesome if someone will be able to root it before i do that :) Kernel: 3.10.49-gc6cf2ab OS: Silent OS 2.0.8 RC4 Based on: Android...
  4. P

    Thread Blackphone 2 - bootloop after rw mount using TWRP

    Hello, I have a question regarding strange behaviour after running TWRP on BP2 (Blackphone 2). TWRP image: twrp-3.0.2-0-bp2.img System version: Silent OS 2.0.8 RC4 (Lollipop 5.1.1, LMY47V) Device model: BP2H001RW1 When I boot TWRP for a first time, it asks me "Keep System Read only?" and I...
  5. lan83

    Thread (Q) Need HELP - Bootloop & Cannot Enter Recovery

    Hello all, I need help to solve my phone problem. I'm from Malaysia and this is a local brand phone called Ninetology Black Pearl 2. I'll give you guys the link about the phone and it might can help me to solve the problem: Phone Full Spec and the phone official Website. Situation: I was...