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  1. K

    Thread Hard bricked and stuck in EDL mode. MiFlash says 'write timeout, maybe device was disconnected' during flashing

    Hey guys, So, it seems my Mi A1 has hard bricked. It only boots into EDL mode. Power + Volume Down just refreshes the EDL session. I have a blinking LED when I connect via USB to my PC. Nothing appears on my screen. Nothing at all. WHAT I HAVE TRIED SO FAR Tried to boot into fastboot...
  2. meechyy

    Thread Question Poco x3 pro Random bricks

    Hi guys is there any possible way that we can work together to find a fix for these random bricks that are happening? it has been happening on both vayu and bhima variants.
  3. T

    Thread [HELP] Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus TB-8704X bricked, LMSA restore fails and lost twrp backup

    Hello, so the other day, i was messing around with TWRP on my TB-8704X and i somehow managed to get it completely broken, lineage was not loading in, LSMA restores keep failing, QFIL returns a Sahara error and on top of that, my TWRP system backup got lost and now I have no way of getting my...
  4. Y

    Thread Problem with samsung galaxy tab s6 lite

    Greetings !, I want to consult and ask for help on a problem that i'm presenting with my –Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite -sm-p610-. I Connected this equipment to a power bank as its battery was about to run out and leave it alone while charging. After a few minutes I realize that it turns off but I...
  5. M

    Thread Unbrick advice please

    Ive a problem now with my RN9. I unlocked the bootloader but did not immediately flash a custom rom. I made steps to try install PixelPlus but in the process of trying to install TWRP Ive hit a snag. Im not sure what Ive done wrong but Im in a boot loop. The phone either bootloops or I can get...
  6. S

    Thread MI 9T not going to fastboot or recovery

    My phone is being stuck at Mi logo while installing stock ROM . I can't access fastboot/recovery with keys. The device boots and stuck at Mi logo and fastboot/recovery doesn't show up . I already tried those methods and didn't worked . Try to Press all 3 button(vol up+down+power) overthan 1...
  7. donijpeg

    Thread Mi 10T selfbricked

    Hi. My father's mi10t got bricked by itself. It just was freazing a little, and after reboot it have the bootloop on MI logo. So... How do I flash it if I cant get enable OEM Debugging and anyhow unlock the bootloader? It bricked by itself but there is no sevices in my country that works...
  8. Razerfang

    Thread HELP! Device stuck on bootloop. Can't access recovery or fastboot.

    Hey guys, I use a poco m2. When I tried to boot into custom recovery (SHRP), from the custom ROM, the device started to bootloop. I can't access fastboot or recovery to fix it. Please help!
  9. SkeweredPickles

    Thread (Help Needed) Redmi 6 Softbrick Bootloop Establishes Connection with PC for only 2 seconds

    How would one go about reflashing a softbricked Redmi 6 that can only be recognized by a PC for only 2 - 3 seconds in COM mode (Entered via Vol + and Power)? I need advice from first-hand experience. The device is boot looping with a dark screen, the vibrator only initializes briefly, as...
  10. S

    Thread Question Unbrick OnePlus Nord CE using a Mac?

    Hi all, I have a OnePlus Nord CE global version and it's bricked - I get the "Qualcomm Crashdump" screen whenever I try to load it up. My main issue is that I only have a Mac, so I can't run the MSM software all guides and walkthroughs are talking about. Is there a guide or a solution on how to...
  11. Araskho

    Thread Clicked on wipe and lock

    Hi everyone, I have a k20 pro and it was working fine but never got updates so I decided to update by flashing. The device was unlocked at the start, i got MIUI 12.5 global and flashed with miflashtool. but wipe and lock was active. now the phone comes up to the recovery menu and says the miui...
  12. C

    Thread Question Recovery script for oneplus 9 pro

    If you can get into fastboot mode but your device is bricked otherwise you can follow these instructions: 1)Download the rom for your device from here. 2)Extract the file 3)Extract the payload.bin, folowing these instructions 4)Download my script and place it in the same folder as the extracted...
  13. elSchriller

    Thread Realme 7 pro stock ROM MSM Download tool

    Hi! I cant enter the MSM Download Tool app provided in ROMs folder. Does anyone know hoy to solve it? I need to unbrick my phone
  14. NoAndroid

    Thread E5573Fs-508 Not Data Connection

    I'm having issues with my Huawei Modem E5573Fs-508 due the modem connect to the network and recognize my carrier but not get online with the DATA connection that issue start after an incomplete auto update, and I tried to downgrade or upgrade the firmware manually but is asking for a Datalock...
  15. user-001

    Thread [Guide][Installation][Fix]Switching from stock ROM to custom ROMs + Installing stock ROM after a brick or other Failures ( Mi A2 Lite - Daisy)

    This guide is general guide for the installation of custom ROMs. I will also include guide to install stock ROM on devices which have been bricked or for solving various problem which you may encounter in custom ROMs. There are other guides for the same purpose but most of them are outdated and...
  16. Reishin Sama

    Thread Question Mi 11 Android 12 Hard Brick (

    Hello, I tried to update to Android 12 to see the new functionalities, I've done it quite some times so I knew what I was doing. But actually... I came accross a big problem. After that I wanted to go back to the Android 11 version, and so I launched Twrp again, but it didn't boot the same...
  17. D

    Thread Question Realme GT 5G just turned off - now in bootloop

    Hi, Just few minutes ago my brand new phone just broke on me. I was holding it in my hand, locked screen, like minute later I tried to unlock it to no avail, screen just stayed black. There was a sound when I touched it by the fingerprint sensor, but no light up from behind the screen. I tried...
  18. A

    Thread A5 2017 (SM-A520F) bricked after TWRP wipe before installing custom ROM

    Hi! So it appears I have soft-bricked my phone. At least I hope this is a soft one, but looks harder and harder with every minute. What I did: - I have an A5 2017 initially running Android 8.0.0 build A520FXXUGCTKA. My plan was to install Lineage for MicroG on it. I followed the instructions on...
  19. S

    Thread I need help I think I bricked my lg g8

    I tried flashing android 11 onto my lg g8 and now I can't even get it into recovery Please help! https://youtube.com/shorts/lngf7WjYde8?feature=share
  20. gman_ishere

    Thread Question Your Device is Corrupt. Help to Save from Brick

    Hello, I Purchased a T-mobile OnePlus 9, Coverted to Global Firmware, unlocked the bootloader and rooted the phone thru Magisk. Then, I have decided to return the phone and made a stupid mistake. Attempted to lock the bootloader thru fast boot without restoring T-mobile stock ROM. Now I am...
  21. G

    Thread Bricket phone

    Hi, I've done something real wrong with this phone. In the past I've rooted the phone and installed lineageOS. Everithing was working fine till 2 days ago I've did a factory reset from the menu, at reboot I had only TWRP. I've then dowloaded the stock image and installed it from twrp. After...
  22. G

    Thread Samsung sm-g3502t bricked

    my ungle gived me 4 phones to fix 1 isn't android, 1 doogee mix, 1 alcatel (unknow model), and an samsung sm-g3502t, this samsung is stuck in qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008 mode I think it's EDL emergency download mode, I googled and I find an program than recognizes it, but it needs block 0 to...
  23. F

    Thread Galaxy Watch Active 2 r820 brick (black screen) on august 2021 manufactured watch

    Hello! Warning post for those who has r820 manufactured in august 2021 with stock firmware R820XXU1DUE3 tizen After flashing combination COMBINATION-FT55_R820XXU1ATJ1 screen all black, no image at all, short vibrating when long press power button. Managed to blindly enter wireless odin...
  24. ActualBrick_Abandon

    Thread Bad TWRP, boot Stuck, ̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶a̶d̶b̶, Can't flash new rom! Help!!

    Bootloader is unlocked. TWRP for 4.4 ( mobopx v2.2 ) is installed but somehow it is faulty. I have two Nandroid Backups. Phone was C00B137 4.4.2. Phone doesn't boot so can't install any of those (UPDATE.APP) method updates. Stuck on huawei Ascend powered by android. i CAN boot into twrp...
  25. M

    Thread Please Help - Bricked - Stuck at Recovery - Big Problem - LeRee Le 3 C106 - LeEco Coolpad Cool1

    Hello. While i tried flash twrp for newest ver and after reboot then cant go in again more to twrp. I tried already thro MiFlash but PC doesnt recognize qualcom device, i have only "Coolpad Android Bootloader Interface" in device manager. I also tried flash previous twrp CUOCO92 thro Windows...
  26. E

    Thread MAR-L21A. Messed up big time, really need help... complete hard brick.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, no idea where to post. So I wanted to flash the full stock rom, uploaded all in internal storage and prepared to install in twrp by wiping dalvik, cache, data, system. After which I tried installing the rom and had the error 9 and something along the lines of...
  27. I

    Thread Phone Bricked - HELP!

    A while ago i installed Lineage OS onto my OP7Pro without issue. I am now trying to go back to the stock OP OS. I seem to have completely wiped the storage and now I just get "Qualcomm Crashdump Mode dm-verity device corrupted force dump kernal_restart". I installed twrp on my PC and managed...
  28. Renatoskie

    Thread Question Bricked. Stuck in TWRP (wrong Wipe)

    Hello guys. I have encountered very big problem and I need your guys help. I wipe something wrong (the problem is I forgot what I wipe, I do have some experiences with Orangefox but no to TWRP) in the TWRP and now it says Failed to mount ´/system_ext` (Invalid argument) Failed to mount...
  29. M

    Thread Gsmart saga s3 Problem.

    Hello! Please Help me - From start i have bootloop problem and cannot go into recovery. After that i flash STOCK rom with Smart phone flash tool ,charged 50 % + , after flash phone only shows start screen logo and nothing happening 30 minutes and more waiting. Also try flash with SD card (update...
  30. I

    Thread Impossible to unbrick my OnePlus 7 Pro

    So i recently did some sh*t with my 7 Pro and bricked it : - Once it has started, it successively displays the TWRP logo and a black screen - I can only boot into fastboot mode In order to resolve this I tried two different solutions : - The Mega Unbrick Guide for A Hard Bricked OnePlus 7 Pro...
  31. sr3tb

    Thread Onda v919 air dual OS V9 soft brick

    Hello I have a tablet onda v919 air 64gb S / N P919LCG1V9A00297, while I was in windows I formatted all the partitions to be able to have more space in windows, silly of me for thinking that it would be like a desktop pc, in short, I don't even have windows or android I have no partition, the...
  32. A


    So, I kept aside my phone after checking my instagram as usual. The phone suddenly started bootlooping to the Redmi screen and just dies after 10 seconds(the battery is fully charged and fine). It is not letting me flash to fastboot, it just dies after 10 seconds in middle of flashing and I...
  33. naced

    Thread Brick - Please Help me ! PRA LX1 C432

    Hi all My phone is in bootloop since many day. I was on Lineage 18.1 with deezer and google maps installed (only theses 2 apps) After turning off (for the first time) because there was no battery left. It never restarted And even worse, the erecoevery is no longer accessible, the TWRP is...
  34. GonicTEAM

    Thread [GUIDE][SM-A107][MTK6765] Unbrick your Samsung Galaxy A10s - Stuck on a black screen, recognized as Preloader USB VCOM and cycling rebooting

    Hi, yesterday I bricked my Galaxy A10s by flashing a custom recovery by Odin (The phone doesn't enter in Download or recovery modes, it just does nothing): Immediately I started looking for how to fix it, and after a lot of research, here is how to: REQUIREMENTS Windows 10 x64 bit PC with...
  35. enumeler

    Thread Is boot partition on Android the part of bootloader?

    Is boot partition the part of bootloader? If I erase the boot partition does that mean I can not even go to the fastboot mode?
  36. M

    Thread Poco x3 stuck in bootloop while flashing stock MIUI

    Hi All, I was on Arrow OS, and flashed fastboom MIUI 12 rom on it. I selected flash all and lock option so that bootloader should get locked. But device is not stuck in bootloop and bootloader is also locked, hence I am unable to flash anything via fastboot. Can someone please help me out on...
  37. C

    Thread Asus Zenphone 3 ze552KL hard brick

    Hello everyone, I have a big problem with my Asus. I was using Google Chrome, looking for some things on internet, and then my screen just freezed. So I tried to restart my device by pushing start button but only Asus logo (it is white not silver as usual) was showing and the the screen display...
  38. Z

    Thread Possibly bricked, phone thinks it's a HD1917?

    Hey all, I recently purchased a new 7TP 5G MCL and decided I'd try flashing a new ROM and rooting it before I had anything on the phone in the first place. I got the unlock token from T-mobile and successfully unlocked my bootloader - and this is where I got careless and didn't notice the...
  39. sucatoe

    Thread Tab Pro 8.4 SM-T320 Brick or something that makes it unrecognizable to any pc through any wire.

    So basically my tab pro 8.4 sm-t320 is stuck bootlooping in recovery mode (so stock recovery and twrp is gone) and when I go to odin download mode and I connect to a pc with usb, it doesn't connect with the pc or show up in odin and kies, even though I have gotten the drivers and stuff. I did...
  40. EmanueleCiriachi

    Thread !!Resolved!! Unable to unlock bootloader even with DC-unlocker? Unlocked with PotatoNV

    Greetings everyone, I HAD an unlocked phone, and foolishly of me, I attempted to flash a stock rom, which locked it. My phone now says : ERROR MODE Please update system again Error! Func NO: 11 (recovery image) Error NO: 2 (load failed!) I downloaded DC-Unlocker 2 Client, noticing that they...
  41. vincenzo93em

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J5 FRP lock infiniteinfiniteHi everyone, I'm Emanuel, I'm 27 and I like to install custom roms since I had my first android 2.3! now I

    Hi everyone, I'm Emanuel, I'm 27 and I like to install custom roms since I had my first android 2.3! now I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015) which has a Samsung rom with Android 8.0 it seems to me installed by me long ago, until a week ago it worked, now I tried to go to recovery...
  42. enricocava

    Thread Moto G2 XT1072 can't boot

    Hi all, I had a XT1072 with Android 6 and wanted to go back to 5 due to problems with GPS. I unlocked the boot loader, flashed stock ROM with Android 6 and all was fine. I next tried to flash stock ROM with Android 5 and was stuck in fast boot with errors like "invalid system image signature" or...
  43. realnsleo

    Thread Getting Failed to clear BCB message: failed to open /dev/block/boot/device/by-name/misc: No such file or directory after phone crash

    Hi everyone, While using my Rog Phone 2, it became unresponsive all of a sudden. I struggled to get it to reboot but unfortunately it got a boot loop. I thought I would go into recovery and wipe, but I get the error: Failed to clear BCB message: failed to open...
  44. CrazyOldMaurice

    Thread Cannot root Oneplus 8T because my computer absolutely refuses to recognize it, so I can't toggle immersive mode. Anything to be done?

    I don't want to get burn in on my phone, but I tried for 6 hours today to get this rooted and it was just one problem after another, most of which I see have barely happened to anyone. Between driver errors, installing driver errors, unauthorized adb errors, some strange error with a missing key...
  45. Stefy1337

    Thread Hardbricked Redmi 9 mt6769

    Hello yesterday i bricked my phone when i tried to install twrp recovery. Now my phone is bootlooping from last night. I can't get into fastboot or recovery and the spflashtool does not read the COM port. Can someone help please!!
  46. 9

    Thread Redmi 9 bootloop + I cannot access recovery or fastboot mode.

    Hello people. Until today I was using my Redmi 9 with MIUI 12 android 10 (lancelot_global_images_V12.0.4.0.QJCMIXM_20210331.0000.00_10.0_global_b92099d9f4) and I decided to upgrade to android 11 through fastboot (lancelot_global_images_V12.0.1.0.RJCMIXM_20210609.0000.00_11.0_global_0b17afb77b)...
  47. Eswar001

    Thread POCO F1 Hard Bricked

    Hey guys, I think my POCO F1 is Hard Bricked. I couldn't able to put it to fast boot or Recovery Mode.The power button and Volume keys methods are also not working.NOw it just dead without any to contact it.I Just put mobile into charge for just 30 mins then it happened.What ahould i do now.How...
  48. ThatHumanTho

    Thread [OnePlus 6] Possibly soft bricked?

    My op 6 recently just decided to die? I was using it normally and locked then turned it back one and it crashed going into "Qualcomm Crashdump Mode" with no error message. I tried re-flashing stock, lineageOS and then found the "Qualcomm MSM tool" which was supposed to fix everything... but it...
  49. J

    Thread OnePlus 8T a Complete Brick; help.

    Hello! I'm very new to writing on forums so I'm hopefully doing it correctly. But I used to root OnePlus phones back when it was 2, 3 and 4. Things have changed a bit and I lost some knowledge of it. I rooted my OnePlus 8T using Magisk, no TWRP. I used the installation with a patched image on...
  50. M

    Thread Phone bricked when installing twrp

    Hello guys my phone is stuck in a bootloop because I tried to install twrp from fastboot. I unlocked bootloader and started Fastboot. Then I connected my phone to my mac via USB. Then I ran this commands: ./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img ./fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img (The...