1. Deadmau73

    Thread RMX 2086 ISP pinout needed

    hello , My brother bought a new RMX2086 and wanted a custom rom on this it , i got it running without a problem for him everything was working fine till he connected the phone and he mistakenly formated the phone storage using UnlockTool using the "Snapdragon" tab. I Tried reviving it using...
  2. Decmanager

    Thread Question A22 5G A226G Bricked, Can Brom/Bypass. Can't find correct firmware

    I messed it up, I'm sure I flashed sp tool with just preloader All format + download by accident. Now can't recover, I can bypass auth and connect on Brom and flash but mainly arrive at role back error or not signed etc. I've done filter on com / mtk driver etc. Authentication bypass all...
  3. Zen Sato

    Thread Question Xiaomi Poco X5 5G [The system has been destroyed][non-UBL]

    My phone is bricked after self restart, and now it is stuck with "The system has been destroyed" loop my bootloader is in default [locked] and I regret every second I didn't unlocked it sooner. I already tried to flash new firmware but failed because my bootloader is locked. Currently, I'm still...
  4. zielonykid1234

    Thread Looking for help - wiped all the partitions with adb / device not responding

    Some time ago I wiped all my partitions on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A, one by one, using adb. It was pretty dumb because I haven't had any experience with ARM or android. I thought it will act as x86 pc. I can remember that last thing I have done with it was flashing Arrow OS rom, the booting process...
  5. C

    Thread Soft bricked SM-R810

    I recently got my hands on an SM-R810 that "wasn't turning on". However the actual situation is a little different, it starts up, shows the 'Samsung Galaxy Watch' then the screen goes black. The watch is still on as evidenced by bluetooth being visible. After a little research I can now get the...
  6. R

    Thread P10 Lite kinda bricked in a way?

    Hello! First of all I would like to state that I'm a rookie in this topic, so that's why I decided to ask for some help here... I managed to unlock my phone bootloader with dc-unlocker, I downgraded from Android 8.0, EMUI version 8.0 to Android 7.0 and EMUI 5.1.1 because I read that it might...
  7. calypsouh

    Thread Question my xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g ne is stuck in EDL mode and wont get recognised by miflash

    my xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g ne is stuck on edl mode no matter if i try to boot or do anything its stuck on edl and its been flashed with PE (pixel experience) before this happening
  8. Arreavane

    Thread Stuck in a bootloop and can't access recovery/fastboot.

    Hello everyone, I bricked my tablet couple months ago while trying to install Stock firmware/rom. The tablet in question is Realme Pad (RMP2103 if to be specific). It's bootlooping onto "orange state" screen and doesn't launch recovery. Tablet uses Mediatek processor (Helio G80). I've tried...
  9. TheManWithTheGoldenGun

    Thread LG K9 doesnt starts + NO COMAND screen when i tries to Hard Reset

    I have with me a LG K9, the phone is locked on the LG logo and keep on it for a eternety. I tried to do a Hard Reset using the buttons, but when i select "Yes" to confirm the restoration the Android robot appears with the "No command" message, i presses all buttons but nothing happen, what i...
  10. guilhermedeluccas

    Thread Question Xiaomi POCO X4 Pro 5G [Bricked with Locked Bootloader]

    Hello everyone, I have a POCO X4 Pro with the bootloader locked, which is in bootloop. When the battery is charged I can't turn it off, it stays in bootloop, it only turns off when the battery runs out. When I press VolUp, nothing happens. When I press VolDown, it goes into FASTBOOT mode, I...
  11. Zelda2013

    Thread Bricked Watch. Help???!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

    Ok, So i tried to install Gear OS 2 on my Gear S3 And... I bricked it. so yeah. i can't get to the internet recovery and it ust bootloops and turns off. Help?
  12. Robilletjes

    Thread Bricked my OnePlus 8 beyond anything ive done before

    So, i've been flashing custom ROMS on my android phones for many many years. Never really screwed up... Except now. Let me explain; I was going to flash LineageOS on my OnePlus 8 phone. Nothing I haven't done before. I follow the guide as the maintainer described (for your reference...
  13. D

    Thread LG K30 appears as QHSUSB_BLUK

    So I was given 5 phones recently. After testing each one I found that the LG K30 (or at least I believe it to be this model) does not function. When plugging it into my computer I see QHSUSB_BLUK appear on my PC. From what I have searched I believe this device may be bricked but I am not sure...
  14. Young540

    Thread Scatter Firmware For LGk10 2017 m250n

    Can someone help me find a scatter firmware for my lg k10 2017 mt6750. I’m using sp flash tool .I have searched online but I still didn’t get it. My phone is bricked. I can’t get into recovery and download mode. I tried extracting it from kdz rom, but It has not been a success.
  15. Dylan0912

    Thread Question Xiaomi 11t bootloop can't get into fastboot and recovery

    Hi guys I'm looking for help here I tried to install gsi rom on my Xiaomi 11t but after I erased the system and I can't flash the rom and it start to bootloop again and again and I cannot reboot to fastboot and recovery for now and I try to flash the rom using the mediatek port but it is still...
  16. C

    Thread My Samsung Galaxy A03s dead after months of trying to get it unbrick (Metro By T-Mobile)

    i was trying to install the latest samsung update trough mtkclient (well i used the samsung firmware to extract on mtk meta utility and i shouldn't done that on odin) and then when i flashed and its its stopped working now its stuck on (mt67xx preloader mode) ive google some solutions and...
  17. B

    Thread "My Phone is bricked and is not getting to connected to PC" Please help !

    My phone "POCO x2" has somehow got "bricked" and Now when i try to get it unbricked it does not connects to my pc . Phone is in "fastboot" mode but when I connect's that through cable I can not even see it in "device manager" in "Android" or in "Other devices" please help anyone
  18. M

    Thread Is my device hard bricked?

    I accidentally installed gpu driver for android 11 on my samsung note 9 which is running android 10 oneui 2.5, and now my device can't go to recovery mode or download mode. Does anyone know the fix? my device still can go to SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 screen but can't proceed to twrp (recovery mode)...
  19. S

    Thread My S8+ (SM-G955F) Soft bricked! Sister’s phone and I’m going nuts! Please help me!

    My s8+ had UAE firmware on it, settings showed FD version but all other apps like HW info and antutu, Samsung members said F only. Moving forward I tried to flash a custom official noble rom, and I clicked install twrp too. Fast forward after installation my phone only is stuck in downloading...
  20. feitlimit

    Thread Stuck in EDL mode. edl reset does nothing???

    I flased stock rom with MiFlash successfully but it wasn't rebooting into system. So I tried resetting using edl tool. But even after successful reset the phone was not rebooting to system (T-T) HALPPPPPP Here is the response: When I did edl reset /Desktop/edl$ edl reset Qualcomm Sahara /...
  21. G

    Thread Question Bricked Mi 11 Pro, need help with auth in EDL mode

    I tried to install a firmware for my Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro using the Mi Flash tool, but I accidentally left the option to lock the bootloader again selected. But when trying to start the system, the device says that Miui is not compatible with my device. Then I tried to use Miui Unlock, I even manage...
  22. Shoomyrovich

    Thread Question SOLVED! Bricked Mi Pad 5 - tried almost everything I found

    Hello friends, I would kindly ask you to try to help me un-brick my Mi Pad 5 (nabu). Thanks in advance. First of all, let me give you some info what happened and what I have/haven't tried: HOW IT GOT BRICKED: 1. Installed Awaken OS, it went great and fast and was setting up the tablet 2...
  23. Terminator_SG

    Thread Oneplus 6 [MSM tool] 'Firehose communicaton handshake Failed"

    I have installed retrofit version of syberia os {unofficial} after using it for 2 months suddeny the device went into crashdump mode and then total BLACK SCREEN. I tried to unbrick through msm tool earlier more the 3 months ago and i was a sucess that time. But now when i try then this error...
  24. aldoo9

    Thread Question hard/soft bricked

    I tried downgrading my Moto G30 from Android 12 to Android 11 using an available stock ROM I found on the internet. At first, I faced some problems and a soft brick, but finally, I was able to flash and boot it correctly. Then, knowing that the ROM flashed was "stock," I decided to relock the...
  25. Nostii

    Thread SOLVED!!!! [MTK][Bricked] Flashed incompatible TWRP on a rooted TCL 20 XE, bootloops now.

    SOLVED!!! Thanks to tankmc in post #6 and #7, I was able to get my device booted back up. I used MTKClient to root and unlock the bootloader of my TCL 20 XE, however, the TCL 20 XE is just so uncommon in the modding and hacking community (and only really known as a cheap burner phone) that...
  26. R

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S9+ (G965F Dual Sim) Bricked/Bootloop

    Hello XDA community, I have a G965F that is permanently stuck on the first boot screen (Samsung Galaxy S9+ secured by Knox powered by Android) and it will not progress past this point. I have left it on for hours, and it just stays on that screen. Recovery mode does not work; if I try the...
  27. riva!

    Thread Question [SOLVED] OP9 MSM Tool not working. Phone possibly hard bricked.

    So i tried to flash some firmware for a custom rom with enhanced fastboot. afterwards the phone booted into EDL mode and only EDL mode. i cant get bootloader, fastboot, recovery, or even system boot. before when this has happened msm tool worked well, but now ive tried 4 diff msm tool repacks, 2...
  28. E

    Thread Redmi 9C bricked doesn't turns on, doesn't vibrates, doesn't shows signal of life even plugged to computer

    I bricked my redmi 9C after patching a dtbo file from the stock rom to a dtbo partition with adb tools. I've tried everything, please help. I'll give more information if you need. When i connect it to my pc and hold all the buttons at the same time, it connects for some seconds but then it...
  29. Slashziro

    Thread [HARD Hard Brick] Literally nothing's working... Please help.

    I need help. The problem? My phone is bricked AF. Where it started: So, a few days ago I was flashing custom ROMS on my Redmi 9C, at this point everything was good, although I did brick the phone twice, I was able to get it back up and running again using MTK Bypass and SP Flash tool. You...
  30. GabriMagic

    Thread LG-V500 Tablet Empty

    Hi all, I had TWRP installed and tried to flash new OS, but I finally remove recovery menu and now it is stuck on LG logo without OS and recovery and showing this error message: I have an lineageOS image and TWRP image to install on it but I can't do it on any way. Is there any option that I...
  31. Xeust

    Thread Question Bricked P6 after March Update

    Hi! I was on the February update and was trying to update to the March update using the factory images. While updating I was faced with sparse file too big or invalid error. Then my device was stuck at bootloader. After that, I proceeded to stupidly change my active partition from b to a. Now my...
  32. G

    Thread Bricked on downgrade - need some guiding

    Hi Guys, (new to the forum - hope I'll give all the needed details) I bought the P40-pro (ELS-AN00 C00). It came with harmonyOS2 and as a result - no google services. Had some rough time trying to downgrade bet eventually I was able to go back to (using hiSuite). Next I tried to go...
  33. Jasper8011

    Thread Question I need help I bricked my phone

    So... I was using this android app called BugJaer or something like that and it bricked my phone or at least I think.. it's stuck in fastboot mode and I tried flashing stuff to it and it hasn't work I'll include pictures and the name of it is like holi or something and yes the bootloader is...
  34. M

    Thread [Xiaomi Redmi Note 8] accidentally deleted one 'bloatware' package too many, phone is soft bricked

    So this morning I got frustrated with some of the preinstalled software on my Xiaomi and I decided to connect it per adb via usb to my PC, after which I launched the shell and manually uninstalled following packages:
  35. Nitay_maa

    Thread OP 7 Pro fully bricked after OOS 12 update

    Hi, up until recently I had crDroid on my phone, after not touching for a while and the rom being a bit corrupt, I decided to rollback to OOS. To do this, I used some files I had of the OOS version that was on the phone before crDroid, went into fastbootd mode through the custom recovery of the...
  36. T

    Thread Question Redmi 11S 5G bricked, not recognized by PC.

    Yesterday evening I downloaded lineageOS on my device. I did not activate it in any way, the unextracted .zip file stayed untouched in internal memory. Phone wasn't charging and it died at night. Plugged it in in the morning, unplugged when at 80% battery, and tried to turn it on. Now when...
  37. N

    Thread SM-G900F stuck in download mode

    TL;DR – I am stuck in ODIN MODE and my PC (and Odin) does not recognize device once it is connected via USB. Hi to all, I am aware that this device is bit outdated, but I have dug it up from the depths of my drawers and decided to try to update its Lineage OS version. I have downloaded TWRP...
  38. X

    Thread My S8+ (SM-G955F) Soft bricked (Help me please)!

    Hello, i got S8+ (SM-G955F), it had android 7. i tried to flash an android 9 firmware, i was unware and i flashed a random csc firmware (AP only). i dont know whats my phone csc , but in download mode i got (carrier_id=bri). after flash ,the phone shows samsung logo and keeps restarting...
  39. H

    Thread Bricked: How can I fix my Phone?

    So I recently changed phones, as one of my main hobbies is tinkering with Smartphones and their respective OS's , I decided to Unlock my Xiaomi Redmi 9A (My previous phone) and flashed Ubuntu Touch to it as it was stated as a supported device, using their prebuilt simple installer app seemed to...
  40. HellExcalibur

    Thread Question Galaxy Z Fold4 Software Problem

    Hello all! I recently got gifted a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and it's one of the nicest phones I've had. I am not sure why I can't find any info online about this phone or the topic on this forum but I am in search of some answers. I don't know how I got to this state but I broke the phone.... I...
  41. L

    Thread Mi Stick stuck on boot logo (bricked?)

    Hello everybody. A couple of years ago I bought a Mi Stick for my mother, to use connected to an old LED tv she had. She used just 3 o 4 times tops with a Netflix account my brother shared with her. The device was practically new. My brother stopped paying Netflix a couple of months ago so she...
  42. jez-

    Thread How do I reset the screen resolution of my Realme 7

    I changed the resolution to 500x1080 using the android app "pixels" and restarted the phone by accident and now I cant get past the lock screen as it needs my pattern password to get in. What has happened is that the screen is cropped so far, there is no way I can input the pattern as the grid...
  43. OrdinatorDdeef

    Thread Moto G Fast (XT2045-3) no power (not even EDL) after blankflash

    EDIT: My new problem is that the device no longer powers on after performing blankflash; see post 3+ Hello, I have a Moto G Fast (XT2045-3) that I tried to downgrade to Android 10 after it already had 11 (and didn't realize the bootloader had rollback prevention even after being unlocked) and...
  44. T

    Thread Question Phone struck in Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode, bricked

    After update the phone is stuck in QDLoader mode. Phone doesn;'t turn on but if connected to laptop/PC, shows this in device manager
  45. Z

    Thread Not able to power off phone no matter what

    Hi all! Long story short, basically my OnePlus Nord gen 1 is bricked (no recovery, no ROM). In the current state all it is able to do is boot into the bootloader. The bootloader gives several 'options' such as "boot to recovery", and more importantly, "power off". But no matter what option I...
  46. L

    Thread P8 lite (ALE-L21) stuck in rescue mode

    Hi all, I turned on my P8 lite (ALE-L21) after few years and it's stuck in rescue mode (with errors "security verify failed" and "hifi image" or "boot image"). Can't go into fastboot mode. I tried to put firmware on SD card and then press volume up, volume down and power button but instead of...
  47. TheStarGabro

    Thread Motorola E (2nd Generation) 2015 surnia XT1527 8GB P3 Cricket potentially hard bricked.

    Attempting to update from 5.1 Lollipop to 6.0 Marshmallow, I flashed incompatible roms from multiple sources (not just motorola) which of course failed. Later on I tried fixing my mistakes by finding the right stock frimware which was...
  48. G

    Thread Bricked device - Buttons don't respond and USB does nothing aswell

    I am try to install LineageOS 19.1 on my SM-P610 but after flashing the recovery, I accidentally wiped the system and cache partitions. After that it would only show "entering fastboot mode...". After managing to get into download mode again using the buttons, I tried flashing the recovery from...
  49. Flying_Flapjacks

    Thread Tried to install LineageOS on Tab S2, now it is soft bricked

    Hey all, I am very inexperienced with custom OS on Android and I was trying to install a lineageOS so that I can run octoprint on my tablet for my 3d printer. In doing so, I somehow deleted the stock OS. Now my device either flashes the samsung logo (if I boot normally) or it can get to the...
  50. postcodemy

    Thread twrp looping

    i just recently put twrp on my samsung galaxy a51 but when i do nothing the ohone turn on and goes to the teamwin boot screen but it doesent continu it just loops and i cant do anything els is there something i can do