1. V


    Hi guys, I need urgent help with fixing my pixel 3xl. i tried sideloading android 12 on it using the correct steps and after installing, it was unable to boot. Shows this error message: "can't load valid operating system. the device will not start. visit this link on another device.
  2. C

    Thread Mi A2 flashing by edl Error. Help

    Hi, two days ago my mi a2 leaved to function, it didn't pass of the android one screen, so i tried to flash it with the rom stock because i was think it could be that it bricked, i tried first with mi flash in flashboot mode, but it was locked by bootloader, and at try unlock it, it gived error...
  3. disegiooo

    Thread Help on my TWRP bootloop phone

    Hello, newbie here.. Need help!! My phone keeps booting to TWRP whenever I turned it on, connected it to PC, or even when I connected it to my charger. It happened after I mistakenly uninstalled a system app (it is an app named Freeshare). I thought it was just a sharing app like MiDrop or...
  4. A

    Thread Soft Bricked While Usb Debugging & Oem Unlock Disabled

    I have a MI Play that I am trying to unbrick. I can get into both recovery and fastboot modes. However, everything that I try to do gives an error: I cannot factory reset, it gets stuck at 65% and fails. I cannot flash the original firmware or custom recovery because my bootloader is locked...
  5. brandon213145

    Thread ive bricked my phone help

    hey guys im new to android and ive got my first one so i had unlocked the bootloader with ease went to root with magisk and then it went sideways very fast and now my phone wont boot properly getting stuck in a loop or just failing to boot at all saying there is no bootable a/b slot i need help...
  6. A

    Thread My lenovo k8 plus bricked, is it possible unbrick it?

    See, i am new to all this tech stuff so i wanted to try rooting my device.. So i picked an old device which i had at home (this one) and tried rooting it with the help of this thread : [ROOT][GUIDE][NOOB-FRIENDLY]Unlock Bootloader+Root+Stock Firmware for Lenovo K8 Plus | XDA Developers Forums...
  7. E

    Thread Green screen with red and blue squares, only able to access fastboot

    Hello guys, I've recently got my hands on a not-working P20 Lite, which was stuck on boot with the well-known "your device has failed verification and may not work properly" error message. Since I got stuck on a HUAWEI logo when trying to enter the recovery, ended up in a bootloop trying to...
  8. M

    Thread Identifying the Test Point on this 8227L unit??

    Hello everyone, After long hours of trolling through these forums and coming up short handed, was hoping someone may identify the test points on this board? I did find two or three pictures of other boards, where there is a cluster of the two big points and three smaller ones, however, on mine...
  9. VD171

    Thread [FAQ][GUIDE][HELP] Assistance Solution Centre for MERLIN 🤓 (Redmi 10X 4G / Redmi Note 9)

    DISCLAIMERS: This help is specific for MERLIN devices only ! (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 and Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G) Keep atention. This is an UNOFFICIAL thread. This thread was based on the thread by Agent_fabulous. Thank you very much ! DON'T ask by PM. If you have any question, reply to this thread...
  10. VD171

    Thread [FAQ][GUIDE][HELP] Assistance Solution Centre for MERLIN 🤓 (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    DISCLAIMERS: This help is specific for MERLIN devices only ! (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 and Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G) Keep atention. This is an UNOFFICIAL thread. This thread was based on the thread by Agent_fabulous. Thank you very much ! DON'T ask by PM. If you have any question, reply to this thread...
  11. M

    Thread How to downgrade to Android 10 from Android 11

    Hello all, Is there any possible way to downgrade mi a3 global variant to Android 10 from Android 11 ? Somehow I don't like unstable buggy Android 11 update please help me to downgrade if any one knows how to do it Thanks in advance
  12. S

    Thread P20 Pro CLT-09 Black Screen after bootloader unlock and flash

    Hi guys, so I recently discovered you can use test point mode on my phone through DC Phoenix to then use HCU to unlock your bootloader and root and flash custom roms etc. So after unlocking the bootloader which gave a success message. My phone proceeded to reboot into erecovery as there was...
  13. D

    Thread How do I unbrick my unrooted HTC 626G?

    (I couldn't find this exact problem on the forums, forgive me if I overlooked it) I tried booting my mom's old phone, an HTC Desire 626G, but it is stuck in a bootloop. When I try to enter recovery mode (by pressing power + volume down), it just enters the loop again. I can however enter what...
  14. E

    Thread Bricked CPN-W09 Bootloop

    Hey all, After attempting to install TWRP and Lineage on my M3, it seems I put it into a boot loop. I can get into recovery/rescue mode but that's about it. I've so far tried the dload method as well as this method but can't seem to find the last few files I need! The linked thread that...
  15. M

    Thread bricked phone only booting in fastboot

    hello everyone! this is my first post here and english isnt my main language so sry for my spelling/ lack of description i bought a one plus 8t a while back and i rooted it all seems to work well until one day it stopped booting after installing a update with magisk manager and my phone...
  16. La_Kathi

    Thread Mi Note 10 Bricked

    Hey everybody, I bricked my Mi Note 10 by locking the Bootloader with the code fastboot oem lock. It then showed The System has beend destroyed. Now I only can start the fastboot, but no Mi Recovery or anything else. I already searched for some help but couldn´t find anything that worked...
  17. M

    Thread Moto G8+ Fix/Repair Hard Brick Tutorial

    hello everyone i hard bricked my moto g8 plus the other day it was totally dead it couldnt power on there was no sound no vibration my pc couldnt recognise it when connected with usb cable, But i managed to fix it and get it working again the phone is up and running again like new!! So im going...
  18. M

    Thread [Help] Bootloop With Locked Bootloader

    Hello there, I'm having a complicated issue and i wish someone really could help me. My A2 lite is totally brick and stuck on bootloop .. i tried the below with no luck 1- EDL Mode using test points then flashing using MiFlash .. still being in bootloop 2- Fastboot commands can't be used as...
  19. T

    Thread Not able to Decrypt Data Partition after installing Xaomi.EU beta rom

    I have Redmi note 7 pro Indian Version with unlocked bootloader and PitchBlack Recovery. I installed beta 12.5 rom. Due to some reasons I wanted to change the some other Rom. So I tried to format Data partion but was not able to format it. And I already wiped system, Vendor, cache. I...
  20. zOnlyKroks

    Thread Motorola G6 play Xt1922-3 bricked with locked bootloader.

    Hello, i would like to ask if someone on this forum can help with my bricked motorola g6. The bootloader is locked and i cannot access OEM unlock in the system. The only solution i would see is to use an full mmcblk0 image. It would be kind if someone could give another solution or provide an...
  21. jhonangelo30


    hi guys i'm having problem with my nubia red magic 3.. so what happen is i updated my phone to android 11 and then i went back to android 9 and got bricked. so tried all these solution here: &...
  22. samuelfac

    Thread Android 11 bricked Mi A3

    my device got bricked after upgrading to android 11. I received the update notification for the Xiaomi Mi A3 for android 11, authorized the installation, downloaded it, restarted the device, and died! cell no longer works. nothing works, its died!
  23. 8

    Thread Force BlackBerry KeyOne into EDL Mode?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows a way to force the BlackBerry KeyOne into EDL mode? My device is now bricked after soft-restarted the device due to an unresponsive screen. Device is now stuck during the OS boot up. I'm still able to put the device in fastmode and have tried a secure wipe...
  24. FkReMy

    Thread now my device(mi a2 lite) is stuck in a boot loop and the device is locked after android 10 update

    using cmd when trying to unlock oem; giving: FAILED (remote: OEM unlock is not allowed) finished. total time: 0.011s ----------------------------------------------------------------- when trying to flash boot or recovery; giving: boot: sending 'boot' (29069 KB)... OKAY [ 0.765s] writing...
  25. L

    Thread the system has been destroyed after update

    Hi. After update using miui-blockota-pine_eea_global-V11.0.4.0.QCMEUXM-V11.0.5.0.QCMEUXM-d4cba33752-10.0 my phone not working. How can I fix this? Please help Best regards
  26. aespinal

    Thread [FIX] Pixel 3 QUSB_BULK_CID:xxxx_SN:xxxxxxxx

    Hi, I have a Pixel 3 that won't turn on, won't charge, won't get into recovery mode, and gets recognized as QUSB_BULK_CID:xxxx_SN:xxxxxxxx when connected to a pc. I am an ignorant regarding phones, flashing, etc... Is there any way of getting this phone to work again?
  27. AdelTheConfused

    Thread Asus x014d bricked phone! problem with unbrick :(

    SITUATION: hello , My phone is an asus x014d. recently I switched it off , and it just would not boot up again. when i press the power on button it shows "powered by android" then the "asus" logo. PROBLEMS: - I CANNOT ENTER RECOVERY MODE (by doing the power on + vol up) - I CANNOT ENTER TO...
  28. R

    Thread How to rescue data from J2 Prime stuck on boot-loop with no access to recovery mode?

    Hi, hope someone can help me! :giggle: I accidentally got my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G32M stuck in a boot loop, it happened after i tried to put a micro-sd card in it, after i removed the micro-sd it stayed on boot loop and couldn't boot into recovery (in Enigma NL for J2 Prime there is a...
  29. O

    Thread Stuck in fastboot mode, with OEM blocked, fastboot not accepting commands.

    In short I can't flash on any official device rom, and the bootloader is blocked, which I actually need to enable and the OEM at the developer's option. But I can't turn on the device because the phone says it has a different operating system, and goes back to fastboot. (Then after this...
  30. F

    Thread My Nubia RedMagic 5G NX659J Keeps booting into edload

    When i power on the phone, After showing a message " The Boot Loader is unlocked and software integrity cannot be guarenteed ... Press power Key to Continue" I see Redmagic logo and then screen turns off (edload). I can go into fastboot mode, recovery mode. I did try flashing official firmware...
  31. A

    Thread Honor 8 loopboot - some partition errors in the flash - twrp

    I can not find a way to avoid errors in the flash process, I attach some images. a bit of context and history of the things I did: This is an Honor 8 FRD-AL00 from China, in 2017 I unlocked the bootloader, I rebrand the phone into its Europe version FRD-AL09, then I updated to Emu5, then in...
  32. Bertonumber1

    Thread Firetv 2 Sloane Bricked after full wipe/twrp reboot

    Hey, so I got to twrp on the FTV2 Sloane via the shorting method with help from sus_i. Done a full wipe,and then the box wouldn't show up on adb to enable me to push a rooted rom, not thinking about the microsd slot I done the unthinkable and tried to reboot to recovery causing the dreaded...
  33. S

    Thread Oneplus 8 pro bricked sort of but can't seem to find an option to revert it

    I was having issues with the android 11 so thought to downgrade. Since the system wouldn't allow me to do it from the local storage, I thought I will just install TWRP and then flash the OS that way but in the process, I don't know what went wrong but fastboot will flash the recovery but when I...
  34. S

    Thread Oneplus 8 pro Bricked (please help and first read what I have to say)

    I was having issues with the android 11 so thought to downgrade. Since the system wouldn't allow me to do it from the local storage, I thought I will just install TWRP and then flash the OS that way but in the process, I don't know what went wrong but fastboot will flash the recovery but when I...
  35. iakovl

    Thread K20 Pro in - bootloop miui 12

    Locked K20 Pro (Raphaelin), got updated to miui 12 and stuck in bootloop bootloader locked tried XMT2 to reflash = still boot loop EDL flash = need authorized account any options to unbrick?
  36. P

    Thread Bricked LG G6 H870, tried it all

    Hello everyone, I have a European H870 and unlocked the bootloader, used ADB/FASTBOOT to install TWRP but could never get to start in recovery because of a warning screen that shows up because it is unlocked. Couldn't get into recovery from both ADB or by utilizing the keypress method...
  37. F

    Thread [FIXED] Recovery seems to be corrupted. can't get in to recovery please help

    Hello I'm using honor 6x with havoc 3.8. I tried to flash magisk zip and tried more and more type of magisk like phh, normal etc. at some point I started getting some errors related to data partition. after sometime when I tried to restart to recovery it does not working. it just popup the twrp...
  38. T

    Thread I accidentally bricked my phone

    Hi! I have a poco f2 pro that was on the MIUI weekly. Yesterday I installed a module for Magisk and got into a bootloop. From now everything's fine I usually know how to deal with this kind of stuff. The mistake I did, is when I tried to boot into a new TWRP after flashing. I did...
  39. A

    Thread fire hd8 5gen brick

    Hello My old hd8 was being very slow so I decided to factory reset it. Everything was good until I decided to install Google play services. At this point the tablet went into bootloop. I went into recovery and tried to load the original firmware downloaded from Amazon, it does download but gets...
  40. NoDze

    Thread Bricked Redmi Note 5 AI - Locked Bootloader, black screen, no access to fastboot

    Hey XDA, Been a long time since I last posted. Long story short, phone was in my sister's posession. She now bought a Mi 9 SE and gave me this RN5 to fiddle with it. Apparently it hard-bricked itself. No, she doesn't fiddle with android devices, as in Rooting or unlocking bootloaders...
  41. R

    Thread OnePlus 7t Pro Bricked ?

    Hi all, i wanted to remove my RR Rom, which was draining a lot battery. But when i downloaded a new rom (Paranoid Android) and followed the fastboot commands i encounted an error. 7T PRO\payload_dumper-win64\payload_output> fastboot flash system system.img target reported max download size of...
  42. ShonkaiDJ

    Thread Quite sure it's a definite bricked Tab 2 10.1 - But know more than I

    So here's the thing; I still own a Galaxy Tab 2 that I hardly ever use. But having bought Panasonic Lumix GH3 I suddenly found it useful. The GH3 can only be completely controlled through a 'Lumix Link' app and Panasonic in all their (money making) wisdom decided to stop developing at 4.2.2...
  43. VD171

    Thread [RECOVER][UNBRICK][BLANKFLASH] How unbrick your bricked Motorola Moto One Macro

    This script was made by Eufracio López (yehison). Thank you very much ! 1. First, you have to download required contents: Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool: Motorola Device Manager:
  44. P

    Thread i bricked my sm-g935f

    hey guys, i think i really did everything wrong about rooting... i tried to root my s7 edge with odin, so i flashed the newest twrp and that worked but my phone wasntn rootet, so i flashed magisk v16 from twrp after and got stucked in the samsung logo and my idea was to flash lineage 17.1 and...
  45. M

    Thread If you need the unbrick tool post here - let nubia know

    I want to take a count of all the people who are stuck in EDL mode. The company has 1 support representative that helps us out (Jerry) and says the tool is under testing and not yet stable. If enough people post here stating they are bricked, there's a chance we get the tool early. I...
  46. S

    Thread Need help! No fastboot!

    I was on Crdroid and wanted to get back into Miui since there was weekly miui 12 version now. Downloaded it and flashed it but it would not boot. I remembered on poco i had that i needed to flash latest miui andro 9 before flashing latest miui andro 10 for some reason so i got back into twrp and...
  47. H

    Thread Phone stuck in bootloop

    Hey everybody :) My friend gave me his Mi 9t Pro to repair it as he bricked it accidentally and he knew I had experience with changing ROMs and recoveries. From what I know, what he did is tried to change dpi and then phone jumped into bootloop. Let me just state that: - bootloader is locked -...
  48. R

    Thread oneplus 7 bricked crash dump mode in lockdown and msmtooldownload from mega fails

    i was into open beta 13 oneplus 7 and flashing fastboot stable oos from pc bricked my phone into crashdump mode. i tried everything , i cant download msmtool as its megashare file fails always at 99 percent. m not sure whether i can use androiod 9 msm tool too. and there in no proper guide...
  49. Romiui

    Thread Any solution for brick ph-1 locked bootloader ?

    Hi, It been a year since i put my ph-1 into the drawer . I have tried to communicate with the main company but the say they can't help since i buy this phone from eBay without box or bill . I have updated the phone then while it updating it fail and won't startup again unfortunately ! I'm...
  50. R

    Thread Please help I bricked my Realme x2 (Indian) phone

    Please anyone can help me. Today I was trying to relock my bootlocker and now it shows "the current image has been destroyed and can't boot." I cannot go to fastboot mode. Please anyone can help me. In this lockdown time how can I fix this problem.