1. S

    Thread Question Stock on loading screen factory locked - Bricked - can any data be saved at this point?

    Hey folx, you seem to be my only hope! My stock Android factory locked Moto got out of sudden into a loading screen loop. I learned it got bricked without me even trying to anything at all to the phone. Problem is that I cannot do a factory reset as there is lot of important unbacked up data...
  2. bikerabhinav

    Thread Question [S901W] Flashed incorrect ROM via Odin | stuck in download mode

    Got a new S901W S22 (Canada TELUS). I was trying to flash non-carrier generic OEM ROM via Odin v3.14.1_3B Patched. I made a mistake and flashed S901U1 XAA instead of S901W XAC. The XAA version has bootloader version 2, while XAC still has 1. Now I cannot flash the correct ROM because we cannot...
  3. A

    Thread Stuck on download mode, no OS, nothing in sm-T580

    I deleted all the things system partition, cache and all, the 3 data clearing options in the lineageOs recovery mode. And now with no OS, and nothing the interface is stuck at download mode, nothing happens. Tried applying TWRP Recovery with odin, displays Pass, but can't be opened. Tried...
  4. N

    Thread Recover Data from EDL mode?

    Hey yall, I've put myself in a dumb position. I bricked my phone to the point where any time I boot up my phone, it only shows "QUALCOMM CRASH DUMP". Not to mention both fastboot and recovery are gone from the picture. My only real option is EDL mode. I was able to find a couple methods and was...
  5. U

    Thread Question bricked nord 2 (dn2103) download not completed!

    i just got this after updating my system and now it bootloops and getting this error everytime. is there any way to fix this?
  6. hotros

    Thread Bricked Redmi 8 with locked bootloader

    I have a bricked Redmi 8. On startup, it shows the "system has been destroyed message". The phone only boots in fastboot, no recovery. A family member gave it to me. I do not know the xiaomi account to unlock the bootloader. When i try to flash back the rom, it shows me this: Can anyone help me ?
  7. koarc lkas

    Thread How do I find my firmware version realme 5i

    So I dont have any OS on my phone, just a pc and a custom recovery. Is there a way to find out my exact build number, firmware version, etc? My build number goes: RMX2030EX_xxxx-xxxx something something. I wanna find out what's next to it cause Im seeing stock ROMs go like...
  8. T

    Thread .

  9. Temmchan

    Thread Stuck in too-low-power-to-boot state (bricked?)

    Hello! After recently getting my hands on an old Samsung A50, I thought I might as well reflash and do some stuff with it. After installing Orangefox and Lineage, everything worked fine until the phone eventually ran out of power. I plugged it in and let it charge for a bit, but it was just...
  10. Saicoo

    Thread OnePlus 6t fully bricked

    Hello, I tried to install the stock rom but it seems to brick the phone, now it only loads the fastboot mode and when I try to install the TWRP it only stays on the fastboot screen and does not go beyond I tried to use MSMDownloader but when I hit start I get the error "images do not match with...
  11. poppopret_

    Thread Need Help: How to debug boot crashes?

    I am trying to build a custom ROM for pixel 4a. I was able to build the images successfully. After I flash, the phone boots but gets stuck in Google logo. How can I debug this? Device is not listed in adb at this point of time. Any suggestions/guide to debug the device preferably without rooting...
  12. Nuythe

    Thread Redmi 9 hard brick, bootloop and CAN'T ACCESS FASTBOOT

    I was trying to install TWRP using fast boot. At first I was using the usual commands, fastboot flash recovery twrp.img fastboot flash (some command) vbmeta vbmeta.img and it would just boot directly into the system (twrp wouldn't work) then I did it again but I added fastboot flash misc...
  13. jimenezshown3

    Thread Huawei P20 (EML-L29) Downgrade Failed = Bricked, Black Screen but Fastboot Working

    Hi as the title says, can anyone help me how to unbrick my phone? :' P.S. It's a locked bootloader.
  14. A

    Thread Trying to flash firmware to MediaPad, please help!

    I am trying to flash firmware on to Huawei MediaPad M2-801L. I have a number of issues: Can't get into device to enable Developer Options, there is a firmware problem not allowing me to do this. I don't have an unlocked bootloader Using fastboot commands to flash device keeps giving me this...
  15. M

    Thread Does anyone have a working link for a moto e4 plus XT1775 blankflash file

    i hard bricked my moto e4 plus no boot no fastboot no rom no sound no light no nothing i can have it recognized as a QUALCOMM HC-USB QDLoader 9008 in device manager but that is it i tried a blankflash for a moto e4 XT1776 but it was ineffective if you have one of these files please share...
  16. alesonrezende

    Thread BIG PROBLEM! Moto C without solution! Throw it away? Or is there a Bad#@ there to help me?

    I think I have an unsolved problem. I know it doesn't exist, but it's very hard to find it. I know it's not the Plus, but the Model is the Moto C XT1754 (NAMATH) Android 7.0 Nogaut - NRD90M.060 And there is no specific topic for it, but they are very similar and I thought I could post it here...
  17. D

    Thread Samsung S10+ (no solution problem): Bootloop download + no PC visibility

    Hello, I have 2x S10 + Performance Edition (White and black) SM-G975F/DS 1.5 years ago, the bootloaders were unlocked and the magisk (android 10) was installed, some time ago the root was removed by a normal restart in the black one I updated the second (white) with odin to android 12, but...
  18. A

    Thread Moto One Zoom Bricked (No Valid Operating System could be Found. The Device will not boot.)

    I have my device stopped, it does not boot and the bootloader is blocked, I cannot pass the stock rom through the RSA or through the CMD The following errors appear flash partition gpt.bin target reported max download size of 805306368 bytes sending 'partition' (206 KB)... OKAY [ 0.044s]...
  19. S

    Thread [FIXED] One Plus 6 hard bricked, bad TWRP installation

    Hi, I tried to do following steps: 1. Install last LineageOs as they say in their web site 2. Then I tried to install twrp recovery. I downloaded lastest version form here 3. I tried to install it using: fastboot flash boot twrp-3.6.0_11-0-enchilada.img And...
  20. BrickedDevice:/

    Thread Need Help Urgently

    I was trying to install TWRP on my Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 (2019) SM-T510 and it was all going well until i rebooted after installing and i was stuck on the splash screen of TWRP and i can't boot into the device or recovery no matter how many button combinations i try any help would be...
  21. T

    Thread ("Solved") Ideas on recovering files from bricked locked cepheus global after OTA update to stock 12.5?

    Hi, guys, I have problem with my phone: MI 9 cepheus global Locked bootloader No xiaomi account ever connected to the phone In a boot loop after OTA update from stock 12.0.5 to stock 12.5.1 adb sideload update failes every time I know that I can flash the phone via EDL or wipe the data and adb...
  22. T

    Thread Bricked HTC U11 cant restore Stuck Rom

    Hi, i will Restore the Stock Rom on my HTC U11 but the Bootloader is Locked S-On and i cant read the Token ID. I tried many Ruus but nothing works. Can i Fix this or is my Phone full bricked? The last RUUs i tried...
  23. V

    Thread Verizon Ellipsis 8 (QTAQZ3) Bricked [HELP]

    Dear Android Geek, My Verizon ellipsis 8 qtaqz3 tablet is bricked, and I can't find the original or new Firmware/ROM or anything to flash. It does not have ADB debugging enabled either. Please share the original Firmware, if you have, and please kindly help solve the problem. Thank you in...
  24. cryptodivus

    Thread Question HELP! CANT UNBRICK

    Hello,i tried rooting the phone(Realme GT ) and it got soft bricked,i cannot flash any firmware on it, realme flash tool tells me that it cannot find central directory,oppo download tool tells me incorrect scatter file, i tried like 10 different firmware none work, msmtool asks for pass and...
  25. mastermindthunder

    Thread Question mi 11 lite 4g bootloader locked phone bricked because of imei repaired. Need help.

    For unbrick phone i have to flash something but bootloader locked, xiaomi account in it belong to me but it says "Please add your account in MIUI's Settings > Developer Options > Mi Unlock Status" i didn't know i must readd account in developer options as well. it was already open bootloader...
  26. G

    Thread Question locked on bootloader after LineageOS install

    EDIT: it's my fault for updating to Android 12. I managed to miss the giant warning on top of the LOS guide. sorry everyone.
  27. F

    Thread Microsoft Lumia 820 bricked? - stuck in flash mode!

    Hi guys, I have a Microsoft Lumia 820 where the display is broken. That was the reason why I tried to backup my phone - especially the several hundred of contacts. I used for this the WPinternals tool (version 2.9.2) to switch to mass storage mode and save the whole system. Unfortunately...
  28. ValveTextureFile

    Thread HTC Desire 12+ Kernel panicks when enabling wifi (LineageOS GSI)

    Hello, i have an HTC Desire 12+ with an corrupt boot.img. I cannot uninstall magisk via twrp (error 1).I am in need of its firmware so i can flash the original boot.img. This phone gets absolutely no love and probably wont get the firmware any time soon. I am ****ed.
  29. desyncccccccc

    Thread Question Bricked Mi PAD 5 PRO CN

    Hello, i tried helping my grandmother by installing the global rom on her Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro WIFI, however as it didn't work i tried forcing the rom onto it by flashing it manually using fastboot, after this i am not able to power it on, or reach fastboot. It's just a black screen it doesn't...
  30. H

    Thread Struggling to recover Moto G6

    I had my moto G6 in storage as I had upgraded and no longer needed it till today. I pulled it out and noticed it wouldn't turn on. I figured it was dead and plugged it in when I was promptly greeted with a fastboot menu and logs complaining the hab image couldn't be verified. Tried rebooting...
  31. X

    Thread Bricked Google Pixel 4a 5G (.mbn file needed)

    Hello all, today, i tried to downgrade from Android 12 to Android 11. I have followed this official guide: I unlocked bootloader and did the flash-all command but the proccess stoped here and phone didnt restart. I realized i downloaded wrong...
  32. somiso

    Thread Question Please help to fix my bricked phone.

    Thanks for seeing this post. I'm having trouble with my Realme GT 5G (CN ver.). It seems that the flashing ROM did not complete properly, and when I wiped data from recovery mode, it bricked. The device only shows this screen, and adb doesn't recognize it and can't operate it at all. Is there...
  33. sunayagiz

    Thread Mi Tv Stick Bricked - Bootloop MDZ-24-AA

    My Mi Tv Stick is in an endless bootloop right now. I've tried the "OK" + "Back" buttons method, but i couldn't get in to the recovery mode. Is there any way of connecting the stick to the pc and activating the recovery mode via pc. Or another method? I think the reason is power cut while...
  34. HellxDo

    Thread [SOLVED] Soft bricked (looking like Hard Brick)Moto G7 Play [XT1952-2]

    I have figured out how to solve this! My phone came back when i blankflashed it and ran script Blank-Flash through find your code name, the MotoG7 Play is called Channel, and go to Blankflash, after that install your BF of choice. install all the...
  35. I

    Thread Need help with data recovery whilst Qualcomm CrashDump Mode OP6

    My OnePlus 6 died a couple of days ago. Its not rooted, no custom recovery, has the stock rom and is on android 11. When I boot it I get the message Qualcomm CrashDump Mode without anything else. I can sometimes boot into fastboot but booting in recovery also gives the Qualcomm CrashDump Mode...
  36. R

    Thread Bricked chinese PX5 headunit

    Hello. 2 years ago bought a android headunit from aliexpress. Later on, noticed a bug - sound from bluetooth is quieter than from the radio. Tried factory reset, different equalizers, nothing helped. Then I tried to flash it with newer version, hoping that it will help, now it doesn't turn on...
  37. gfrtill

    Thread Axon 10 Pro Fully bricked

    Hi, I tried to flash my A2020G, as I have with other phones before. I got stuck in a Bootloop but managed to recover with the US firmware and was able to install twrp. In twrp I completely wiped and formatted the data, as i normally do. Then, I couldnt send a zip file over, so I tried to reboot...
  38. Ozemir Elion

    Thread [SOLVED*] POCO M3 still stuck in EDL after Flashing (No Fastboot, No Recovery)

    My Case (November 18, 2021): _______________________________________________________ My Tutorials (March 23, 2022): Several similar procedures are found on the internet to unbrick the POCO M3 (EDL Mode). So far I haven't found any DEFINITE solution for "Stuck on EDL on Restart", but I'm using...
  39. R

    Thread Flashed Global ROM touchpad not working properly

    Hi, When I install TWRP 3.4.2. from here and flash Magisk, my XiaoXin Pad Pro wont react to touching it anymore properly. Besides, it wont work with a flashed official Android 11 for it. Lenovo implemented a blocking to prevent...
  40. moonlightpenguin

    Thread Pixel 4a bricked after interrupting flashing process (Android 12 -> Android 11)

    After upgrading my Pixel 4a to Android 12, I didn't like it so I wanted to go back to Android 11. I tried following this guide: After typing "flash-all" it said after some time "<waiting for...
  41. WitchyCraft

    Thread Can you flash an Echo Show 5?

    Has anyone tried flashing a different fire OS rom or echo OS rom onto an echo show 5? Work was tearing down an old display and there was an Echo Show 5 unit that was just going to the trash so my boss said I could take it home. Now, I have no idea if it's a proprietary item, i.e. made to be a...
  42. H

    Thread Huawei P30 Lite not responding

    Hi, I have a Huawei P30 Lite that does not powers on. When trying to charge it, the tricolor LED on the top blinks in this sequence : orange, green, orange green. And keeps repeating this. If I try to turn it on, it shows the same LED light sequence and it vibrates, but nothing else happens...
  43. G

    Thread Hard Bricks on pixel 2

    I'm currently trying to find any information on how to fix a hard brick with a pixel 2 where it shows up in windows device manager as Qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008 or qusb (without drivers). I always seem to find myself back at This post on how to fix this but no one seems to have an answer. In...
  44. smecherasu15

    Thread [SOLVED] need a combination file with binary 8 on g935f

    Hi there! i kind of bricked my g935f with frp lock and because i dont have an imei i cant flash the original rom but also i cant flash twrp anymore because its locked by frp. My only solution to this would have been to flash a combination file but i couldnt find any place with files that have...
  45. namdevannistbast

    Thread Straight to the point

    The reason i am here is to ask for help. I have driven myself crazy in solving this complicated problem i have. Ok i own a moto g4 xt1624 and though about rooting it for all the reasons why people root. Got the bootloader code unlocked the bootloader and installed twrp recovery file. Went ahead...
  46. A

    Thread [CLOSED] Change IMEI-Help

    History- -I hard reseted my phone which locked google account and Mi account(which i cant access for some reason) - Unlocked Mi account using MCT-MTK bypass and formating certain memory parts using SP Tool.(source) Now. - Phone is working. Need to unlock bootloader but couldn't figure out how...
  47. justinh99

    Thread Question Poco F3 bricked cant acces EDL Mode and Fastboot Mode

    I have my Poco F3 today brickt when I wanted to install the latest beta (android 12 ) via Fastboot. I do not know if it was because of that, but I have replaced the boot image in the images folder with a magisk patched boot image. that phone no longer turns on I see only a black...
  48. Alambinamin

    Thread Stucked at Fastboot Mode

    I was in realme UI 2.0, I wanted to downgrade it into RUI 1.0. So I downloaded rmx1931 c27.ofp fastboot rom and tried flashing it using realme flashtool. it failed several time and sometime showed flashed successful but didn't bootup, keep booting into fastboot mode. I tried to get into recovery...
  49. D

    Thread Question Realme GT 5G just turned off - now in bootloop

    Hi, Just few minutes ago my brand new phone just broke on me. I was holding it in my hand, locked screen, like minute later I tried to unlock it to no avail, screen just stayed black. There was a sound when I touched it by the fingerprint sensor, but no light up from behind the screen. I tried...
  50. vittore.zen

    Thread (Very) hard bricked Ulefone Armor 6E

    Ok, it was my mistake. I did some experimental install, root,... and a lot of software jam. But now it's a personal challenge: I want to resurrect this device. :) Situation: Ulefone Armor 6E bricked, when I plug to power the red led is on, when unplug then the led is off. When I power on there...