1. D

    Thread sub microphone gone, need a workaround

    Hi, after having so many accidents in liquids and fixing my redmi, the top microphone has given out the ghost, and very ocasionally starts inputting static, the bigger annoyance comes when I record videos, which I do very often, because I have to delete the silent/noisy channel and mix them into...
  2. J

    Thread Dropped my Pixel3a

    I recently dropped my pixel 3a and the screen is completely black. I know the touch screen still works because I can feel the haptic feedback from some inputs. I am really struggling with finding out a way to back up the information on the phone. Developer options is on, however USB debugging is...
  3. D

    Thread Question Bricked phone?

    Hi, I accidentaly dropped my phone to the ground. Not a big deal, it just fall of 30 cm of height, but when I picket it up it was completely dead. I've tried everything, recovery mode, boot with power cable, long press boot button but nothing seams to work. It even doesn't display nothing when I...
  4. U

    Thread Question 4a dropped. Broken screen. Phone unresponsive. Dead?

    I have a Pixel 4a that I dropped from coffee-table height onto a wooden floor. The phone landed on an edge and broke the internal screen. The outer glass is undamaged. Initially there were rainbow lines all over the screen, but after abandoning it for a few days, now nothing shows up on the...
  5. A

    Thread Broken USB Port - Still Can Flash Recovery?

    Hi everyone, I have an OP6 with a visibly broken USB port (you can see it's damaged), so I can't connect to the computer for adb debugging or fastboot. Luckily charging still works. LineageOS 18 is working fine. I'm ordering in a replacement USB flex cable, but I was wondering if there was a...
  6. asheroto

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Pro 5G - Android 12 Update Broke NFC Capabilities - video included

    Here is a screen recording I took of the issue: I've restarted, charged my phone up, updated all apps. There are multiple other users that have reported the same or similar issues with Android 12:
  7. G

    Thread Question Touch Screen Glitches after drop

    I've recently dropped my pixel 6 pro and broke the screen. The screen was glitching a bit when I started typing faster which i found normal as I broke it. I've had it replaced at a Google Authorized repair center for 500 CAD however I still find glitchy input where it skips or puts in a...
  8. desyncccccccc

    Thread Question Bricked Mi PAD 5 PRO CN

    Hello, i tried helping my grandmother by installing the global rom on her Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro WIFI, however as it didn't work i tried forcing the rom onto it by flashing it manually using fastboot, after this i am not able to power it on, or reach fastboot. It's just a black screen it doesn't...
  9. LordNicxel

    Thread Question Green lights on redmi note 10 pro help!!!!

    My Redmi note 10 pro fell inside water, but I quickly removed it and gave an engineer who then cleaned it thoroughly, but the issue is my phone has been showing some green flashes ever since. It happens when I reduced my screen brightness. Please what can I do?
  10. M

    Thread Turn on android USB debugging while phone is off / unresponsive?

    (TLDR: OnePlus5, power button not responding, volume buttons physically damaged, USB debugging not turned on, can connect phone via USB to PC, but nothing more. Want to turn on USB debugging to boot via ADB. Or boot any other way, if possible.) Hello everyone, Let me tell you the short story...
  11. Q

    Thread Most features are broken after updating to 12.0.1 Stable Global update

    So I got a notification that there's a new update so I updated immediately. After the update, installing finished but got stucked at MIUI logo for more than 30 mins so I rebooted it using power button then it turns on but immediately noticed that it automatically switch from full screen mode to...
  12. TheAverageUser

    Thread [Solved] WiFi not working after updating to LOS 18.1 and rooting it

    Preamble / Rambling Hello dear xda-community, I am a little desperate right now. After hours of searching for solutions I am sadly out of luck and afraid I might destroy the system if I try to solve this issue any further by my own. :/ By no means I am an expert in flashing / rooting mobile...
  13. S

    Thread Broken screen, with constant phantom touches preventing everything

    My phone's screen was broken, so the touch sensor (capacitive) sensing constant phantom touches, which prevents to do anything with it, even with mouse connected on OTG. I can't connect on ADB, as once i've allowed my PC to always connect to it, yet asks for a confirmation at every connect...
  14. A

    Thread HTC Bootloop. No debugging, Unrooted.

    Hi all! This is new to me so I would like to apologise in advanced for this. I hope I've put this on the right section. Go easy on me, I'm out of ideas. Short Story Unrooted HTC One XL is stuck in bootloop from failed software update. Phone has been in an infinite bootloop since 2013. Phone...
  15. A

    Thread Broken Screen A705FN

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my A70. The screen is black and the touch is also defective and nothing can be seen on the TV with the HDMI hub. I flashed TWRP on my cell phone, activated USB debugging and the stick rom is up. USB debugging is possible via TWRP, only I can't get the phone...
  16. AlpacaDev

    Thread Anyone else had their display loosen at the top?

    I've noticed this on my phone, and my Nan's. Both 3's, not 3T's. Both have loose screens at the top. - I can lift it up a lot. See photos. Wonder if this is a more widespread problem, I've bought a Tudia case as it wraps over the edges of the display and holds it together, preventing it from...
  17. C

    Thread Recover photos and videos from broken Nexus 5X

    Hello friends, I’m new to this forum (or, any forum, really) and in desperate need of help. Hopefully I'm posting this correctly. In 2017 (I think) my mom bought a Nexus 5X phone. All was well, until suddenly it broke in 2019 and she had to get a replacement. There were a lot of pictures and...
  18. A

    Thread Botton of touch screen not responding

    I have a nexus 7 2013 and my navigation bar is not working, the botton of the screen does not respont at touch, I can only use if I flip the tablet. is there any software to reduce the screen to "remove" the touch area that does not work? its the size of the navigation bar... any other place on...
  19. A

    Thread Problem with pattern lock: phone immediately relocks

    On one of my Axon phones the pattern lock is broken: If I enter a wrong pattern, then it says "wrong pattern". If I enter a correct pattern, then it seemingly unlocks, but then immediately relocks. If I use my fingerprint, then I can unlock and use the phone as normal, except: I can't change the...
  20. R

    Thread Screen issues after replacement

    Hi at all, my uncle's Mi A3 had cracked screen, so he told me to replace it with a brand new. I replaced it the first time, and after some time the screen became useless because of bad lines (green, blue, yellow) all over the screen that didn't let you do anything. So I gave back the replacement...
  21. tass0s

    Thread Broken Screen

    My tablet took a leap of death and hit a corner where the screen broke internally (i can see cracks but i cant touch them), and imediatelly after i opened it screen was fading to darker colors towards that point and had many black lines. Also the touch screen was not responsive to the right...
  22. D

    Thread Replacement Screen (not cracked glass) cost?

    I dropped my Exynos Note 9 several weeks ago in a case that wasn't very protective. Thought I dodged a bullet, but several days later I noticed a partial black "not quite half circle" on the edge of the screen, approximately 3-4 mm. Then last week, a horizontal black line appeared across my...
  23. TheBrutalLicker

    Thread AirTriggers unavilable after screen replacement

    Hello, I'm about to order an after market display to replace my cracked display. However, I continue to read customer feedback saying AirTriggers doesn't work after replacing the screen (on AliExpress, eBay and various Chinese whole sale sites). The explanation provided is that display sold...
  24. L

    Thread Download/Recovery Mode gone - Any Possible Fix?

    So, short story... 2 days ago I flashed the recently removed "Superior OS ROM" that was posted (before I knew what was going on obviously and while the thread was still new and open)... The guy had put these lines in the updater-script, which apparently were put there for malicious purpose...
  25. ZeroAlee

    Thread close thread.

    as per title.
  26. T

    Thread Anyone else have a misbehaving power button?

    A power button that misbehaves. Half the time when I go to turn the screen off via the power button, it goes off and then instantly comes back on (at the lockscreen). Doing a little investigating, I have messed with it... right after the screen popped back on again, a few times I had unlocked...
  27. CreativeGamer03

    Thread Power button doesnt work but volume up acts as holding power button when holding it

    My mom's tablet is having some issues recently, but the most important issue is the power button. We thought its broken/doesn't work, but it somewhat worked when press and holding the volume up button when increasing the volume. It shows the Power options, same when press and holding the power...
  28. grof1985

    Thread NFC not working at all

    Hi guys! I`ve recently got Samsung Note 10 (SM-N970F) and NFC is not working at all. So, I can`t pay in shops, can`t top up my transport card... GPay is working perfectly in sense of registering credit card for payments. I have NFC button in menu, it`s on, but nothing happens. Phone was rooted...
  29. tsoump

    Thread Fixing cracked LCD display

    Hello, I would like to know if I'm capable of fixing my LCD tiny broken part as the picture describes. I have to say there is no crack on my digitizer, just only on the inert LCD screen. After that break the screen goes black. If there is a way of fixing it up (such as epoxy and carefull) I'm...
  30. L

    Thread Galaxy Note 2, broken LCD, kies Connection Locked, trying to fix, need brains...

    Hi all, I have a have white Samsung Galaxy Note 2, model GT-N7105T which has I damaged LCD, so I can't see anything on the screen (obviously :p). I connected it to Samsung Kies to see try and perform backup of any data, but, getting a message saying "Connection locked". A quick search indicates...
  31. kalhimeo

    Thread [Q] Broken back glass : manufacturing problem or bad luck ?

    Dear XDA users, I bought my Mi 9 early April and after less than a month I have found the back glass broken like this when taking the phone out of my jeans pocket : The phone never fell (it has absolutely no marks on the outer metal), I did not perform any special/unusual move with the...
  32. R

    Thread phone is unresponsive

    hey guys i need a little help please. i tried to reflash the stock software for my 6t and its totally unresponsive ...theres no damage at all... also it was working this morning...i cant even get into fastboot i need help please
  33. A

    Thread MI MIX 3 ITA - : tons of BUGS

    I do not see anything online yet but I would have to report "tons of bugs"! I'm very disappointed but I reserve to do an hard format when I get the bootloader key. At the moment i see: 1a) QUICK REPLY broken on many apps, Whatsapp on all in my case. 1b) QUICK REPLY broken on lock screen. 2)...
  34. S

    Thread [Guide] How to fix any broken Play store

    Hello everyone reading this! I found out that no one really has a solution how to fix a broken play store. Many people are saying "reinstall it" or "factory reset your phone" but this wasn't really a solution for me. Reinstalling only did it worse because then i kept getting a "Play store...
  35. Bill720

    Thread "Subscriptions" link now points to "register"

    Got a bit of a weird one to report here. It appears that anytime one clicks on the "subscriptions" link, ( it automatically directs to the registration page ( This is the page that is linked...
  36. F

    Thread [send help] I broke Google Play

    Hi, I really need some help. I somehow broke Google Play on my phone. It won't open at all. Tap on it, and it closes without even loading anything. I've tried literally everything except a factory reset, which I don't want to do, since I've got some things on here that I don't want to lose...
  37. Helhound0

    Thread Trying to get my broken OnePlus 5T to work. But the problem comes back every time.

    Hi, a few of you may know me from a thread i posted a few months back about how my OnePlus 5T broke on me. Basically, the display of the device stopped responding to touch out of the blue without any drops or water damage. This is a somewhat rare manufactures defect of the device and i have...
  38. I

    Thread Problem About Huawei 4C

    Hi My Huawei 4C is broken every time I run it .... its run on emergency data and show me tow option: 1- factory data reset 2- restart what I chose it's come back to emergency data and the devices still restart if I do nothing I download stock firmware and I put the (
  39. Helhound0

    Thread Need help backing up my data on a OnePlus 5T with an unresponsive screen.

    The display stopped responding to touch out of the blue. I want to access my data urgently. I'll just explain the situation point by point. 1. This happened about 3 months back. There were posts on the forum saying that it might be because the software has damaged the hardware on the screen in...
  40. biggary

    Thread Ahh!!! Xt1922-2 real problems?!! Stock/twrp/bad key etc

    I have never had a phone that has caused headaches like this one!!! I have a jeter xt1922-2 and for nearly a month now.....suffered problems galore..... Ill take a seat.....and listen :p I unlocked the bootloader the official way, all went swimmingly, then i followed quiksilvers...
  41. M

    Thread Please Help me

    So i have my honor 8 and i did a rollback dload flash, now my phone is stuck in error mode. My frp is locked and my bootloader is locked. I cannot do anything, when i try to boot into erecovery it just gives me the error mode again with the message "Please update phone again" Please help me i...
  42. H

    Thread Camera glass shattered, cameras damaged, where to find good replacements?

    So, I've had a V20 since December 2016, but the shattering camera glass finally got me last week. Unsure exactly how or when it happened, but one day I pick up my phone to see the camera glass on the back shattered. Upon closer inspection, I can see that my wide angle camera is damaged, as it...
  43. reynaldi3

    Thread Help!! GPU broken

    Hello. I have been using s8+ for couple of months Recently I've found lags in Google map. I was curious so I installed AnTuTu Benchmark, and I think my GPU is broken. In the first visual tests, the device was heavily lagged and shuttered. One scene to another took 4-6 seconds to load. Wtf...
  44. A

    Thread Broken T230.

    I didn’t expect that will happen :(. Hi! I tried today to flash oldest firmware for T230. I turned on tablet in download mode, opened firmware in Odin 3.09, started flashing it and it showed up error „Operation (WRITE) failed. Try again.” Then i tried again and again... Everytime this exact...
  45. C

    Thread So you're stuck in recovery (TWRP) bootloop and you usb is broken

    So, you've tried to reset your phone through settings and now you're phone is stucked in an infinite bootloop. And your usb port is broken. Here is a solution i found while being desperate and thinking about the worse after I panicked because even the recovery terminal didn't helped me. (This...
  46. K

    Thread Pixel XL Bootloader Locked, Fastboot Not Unlocking Bootloader, Can't Start

    This could be a hard brick or soft brick? Honestly not even sure, because I can't fix the issue regardless. Attempted to unlock my bootloader, which the device restarts, and SDK says worked but it doesn't. Also, on the boot screen (volume down+power) it says BL: N/A and Baseband: N/A so I'm a...
  47. X

    Thread Questions about replacing a broken Note8 Screen.

    Hi, i been unlucky and broke the bottom left corner of my note8 screen. :crying: , luckily phone still works even tho there is a tiny hole in corner (guessing i lost the water resistance rating). The phone still works, so im not in a huge rush to replace the screen because of the cost. But i...
  48. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Trap your friends with Broken Screen Prank for Android

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Broken Screen Prank for Android. Broken Screen Prank is the ideal application to trap your friends on Android. It is available on both versions on the Google Play Store : - Free supported by Ads ...
  49. orbirixx

    Thread LeEco broken screen ;-;

    Hello, my leeco has a break in the screen and the touch keys do not work anymore. If I buy a generic brand screen and not the original one, will I still be able to use custom ROMS?
  50. C

    Thread Screen repair and fingerprint reader

    I broke the screen of my X Compact and replaced it myself. I used a replacement where screen and frame were already glued together. However, now the fingerprint reader is not working anymore. The phone seems like there is no fingerprint reader installed at all. The system (settings and diagnosis...