1. Quadford

    Thread Question Super bright video in the browser

    I have a OnePlus 9 LE2115, after upgrading to OS 12 there is a problem with any video in the browser. The thing is that the video itself becomes very bright when I start watching it: black colours become very bright and white colours become very dull. It's fine in YouTube and in Mozila Firefox...
  2. sunnekosuri

    Thread How to get Browser on Gabb Z2?

    Is there a way to get a browser like Chrome on my locked down Gabb phone? I'm really desprate at this point... I am here asking how to get the browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc) On the Gabb Z2 Phone? My phone has all the app store and browser taken off. I tried figuring out how to get the...
  3. A

    Thread Background playing browser for Youtube

    Which browsers support background play for Youtube when it is in the background? Except: Bromite, Uc, X, Brave.
  4. U

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Media Files Explorer

    Shows instantly all video, audio and image files on your device This is media explorer (browser) app which only shows video, audio (music) and image (photo) files and only folders and subfolders which contain such media files on your device. It won't display folders which don't include any...
  5. Anupam Panigrahi

    Thread Browser for browsing.

    Browsers are one of the way to connect internet.
  6. Trottel

    Thread This site can’t ask for your permission

    When some site asks for permission (i.e. location), I'm always getting this error: "This site can't ask for your permissions. Close any bubbles or overlays from other apps. Then try again." If the "bubbles" means chat bubbles, I don't use them. And which overlays should I close? All of them? I'm...
  7. F

    Thread Chromium based browsers don’t work on my computer

    Recently I’m having a problem with all the chromium browsers on my pc. As soon as you open one of them, they become unresponsive, can’t close them from the task manager either unless I restart my pc. Only Firefox works on my pc. I’m not sure what’s going on even though a few days ago I installed...
  8. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread removed

  9. TheMystic

    Thread Browser privacy and features...

    How do some of the browser features work? 1. Reader Mode Samsung Internet and Vivaldi were both having a one-tap Reader Mode next to the address bar that will remove all webpage clutter for easy reading. That button is now gone! I even uninstalled the latest version and went back to the older...
  10. annasmith6244

    Thread Ho I can Restore Tabs in Google Chrome?

    I'm using multiple browsers and tabs. Is there any way to restore tabs when I restart
  11. R

    Thread [CLOSED]Android's Best Private Browsers go through a simple test

    The most popular private browsers were put through a simple test - Firefox focus, Duckduckgo, Brave, Vivaldi, Epic and Snap Search. Check it out: Who do you think won? Most importantly - what does this speak about...
  12. bugerators

    Thread About Puffin browser latest update?

    Hey, i apologize if this wrong section but have question about Puffin browser... Is Puffion browser no longer free use after this last update? It was mistake i did upgrade now after few hours of use got msg: They trick ppl, if i knew this gonna happen wouldnt do that update never.... Is there...
  13. M

    Thread Web browser streaming on Android TV

    Is it possible to stream videos on a web browser on Android TV 9.0? Tried different side loaded browsers still unable to stream. Other than YouTube couldn't play any other streaming videos.
  14. R

    Thread [CLOSED]The most private browser just got more powerful!

    Hey guys, I'm super excited to share the latest update to my app, Snap Search v5.5. Now a more complete browser with literally handful of features which you won't find anywhere else. Here are some of the standout points: ZERO permissions required Better Ads-Trackers-Analytics blocking ~6MB in...
  15. R

    Thread [APP] [UPDATE] Snap Search: The largest list of search engines on Android

    Hey guys, Super excited to share the latest update of Snap Search with ya'll! :D For those who aren't aware - Snap Search is a privacy first browser with Super Incognito mode. Here's what makes it unique: ⚡️ ZERO permissions ⚡️ Better Ad-Tracker-Analytics Blocking ⚡️ Lightweight at ~5MB ⚡️ 58...
  16. R

    Thread [CLOSED][HOW-TO] Turn on Reader Mode for Websites on Android

    (MOD EDIT: Link removed) Hey guys! I just posted an article on how to turn on (MOD EDIT: Link removed) Reader Mode for Websites on Android! It's a mighty useful feature to have, more than you can imagine ? What do you think about it?
  17. R

    Thread [CLOSED][APP] [FREE] [UPDATE] Auto-Block GDPR Consent Popups, Edit Websites and More!

    Snap Search App update v4.6 is now out with multiple improvements! A huge update with tons of new features we hope you like! ↪ New: You can edit web pages you visit! ↪ New: Expand shortened URLs easily. ↪ New: Auto close the irritating GDPR & Cookie consent popups ↪ New: Disable AMP on Google...
  18. R

    Thread [CLOSED]My 'Safe Search' solution for Android crossed 100K Searches ?

    It felt so good writing so many 0's ? Happy to share that more than 100,000 searches have been completed using Snap Search - a private browser with Super Incognito Mode! It finally feels like I've at least made a small contribution towards privacy online, and so many people have trusted me with...
  19. R

    Thread [CLOSED][APP] [FREE] Snap Search - The MOST Secure way of Searching the Web

    I'd like to introduce you to Snap Search ? Have you ever searched something on Google and seen ads for it on Facebook or Instagram? That's just one example. Everything you search online follows you on almost every website you visit. Organizations use your data without your permission and even...
  20. xxxmadraxxx

    Thread Yandex Browser --The Best Android Browser You've [Probably] Never Heard Of

    This was originally posted in a thread about the seemingly now defunct Kiwi Browser. I was trying, there, to be helpful by offering an alternative, for people bemoaning Kiwi's demise. But, as ever on the intarwebs, the er... "spectrummy" people started getting upset because it broke some...
  21. M

    Thread Opera Mini/Mobile Replacement?

    As Opera Browser seems to start showing his age (e.g. i cannot open search engine anylonger....among many of the commonest sites), has anyone found a serious candidate to replace Opera as Nook NST browser of choice? M
  22. R

    Thread [CLOSED]Fastest way to secretly search the web!

    Snap Search is a free and incredibly fast, secure way to search the web without getting tracked! With more than 10,000 searches completed, use Snap Search to search your favorite websites without getting tracked. We keep the trackers and creeps away while you browse the web safe and securely...
  23. lebigmac

    Thread How to edit manifest.xml file using APK Editor Pro?

    Hi. Can somebody please tell me how I can edit an app's manifest.xml file using APK Editor Pro? I want to backup my open browser tabs before I finally root my phone and lose all my data. I tried to backup the app in question using adb backup -f myAndroidBackup.ab com.corp.appName but it creates...
  24. Y

    Thread Browser freezing up after Pie update

    Since updating to Pie, I'm having issues with searches on the browser. It only happens the very first time when I open the browser. I type something into the search bar and hit search. It just freezes up. The only fix is to close that tab and open a new tab and retype what I wanted to search. It...
  25. Muthzer the One

    Thread Microsoft edge no fullscreen/Samsung browser in chinese

    hey all, so i have 2 problems with 2 different but my favorite browsers and no matter what i can't solve them. the first is Microsoft edge always having the status bar not hidden when i wanna watch a video in Fullscreen. It usually worked when i first installed it, but when i had to do a...
  26. R

    Thread Use the S-Pen shortcut button to scroll pages on Samsung browsers?

    Hello Everyone, Just like the S-Pen button can be used to scroll up & down the pages in Chrome, is there any way to do the same for the Samsung browser? It baffles me Samsung dint include the support for their own browser or am I missing something? Thanks
  27. AgustinH

    Thread A browser to use facebook mobile

    Hello! I have a LeEco Le Max 2 and I'm searching for a browser to use facebook mobile, preferences open source browser, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc aren't well optimized for the device and drains battery. I was testing Kiwi, love it but it isn't possible to use facebook mobile. Any suggestion...
  28. lexcyn

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Fenix by Mozilla

    Fenix for Android by Mozilla I saw a post about this and decided to compile it for myself as I did not see a link for it already. Right now the browser is pretty useless, but the icon is funny. :D Feel free to download and try below - I will be checking and making builds as the source...
  29. HuckFinn

    Thread Manage/send bookmarks

    Is there an easy way to manage the internet bookmarks for either the Gear Browser or the Samsung Internet app from my phone? Basically typing on the watch is not convenient and I would like to send a bookmark to the phone so I can easily open it. I like the Samsung Internet app, but you can...
  30. ink718

    Thread Chromium Browser [Updated weekly]

    Hello, here's the open source Chromium web browser. Can't find it in the play store due to it having nightly updates/builds. I will try my best to give a weekly updated build. Thanks and enjoy. Don't forget to hit the thanks[emoji106] button. BIG THANKS TO andDevW FOR THE APP THAT COMPILES IT...
  31. powersimon

    Thread Smartphone browser with tablet UI

    Hi all, I am on a Samsung S8 trying some new browser after Dolphin stopped working (continuous crashes, not loading, etc.) so I need a browser with the possibility to have a tablet UI (i.e. Tab bar and "new tab" button visible) and some other useful features that Dolphin has. As far as I know...
  32. gascomm

    Thread working : edge browser apk

    so I received the (1001) beta for the edge browser. installed ok, logged in ok & all my favourites & reading list are showing from my win10 machine. wicked. early days but it might be a bit sluggish but then I've only just installed & my NP has been on for a fortnight so might...
  33. M

    Thread In-browser streaming...

    Hi Folks, Is there anyway or any browser that lets you stream directly via a stand alone media player like VLC or MX Player? I've just upgraded to a Oneplus 3 from an older trusty HTC M7 (great phone)... On the HTC I used the Dolphin browser which allowed an add-on called Jetpack, which, to...
  34. M

    Thread How can you change the default in browser streaming video player?

    Hi Folks, This is really got me :confused: I've come from a HTC M7 to a Oneplus 3. The in-browser video on the HTC M7 was great - you were able to control brightness, control the sound and search through the video all via screen gestures. Since moving to the OP3 it has a standard video player...
  35. N

    Thread [NOMone VR Browser] Enables you to surf the normal web while wearing your VR glasses!

    Hello everyone :), I wanted to share with you our new android VR browser : NOMone VR Browser It is a side-by-side android browser that enables you to surf the normal internet pages/content while wearing vr glasses. You can use it also for online streaming, reading manga, watching your favorite...
  36. lexcyn

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Focus by Firefox

    I saw this posted and decided to compile it for myself. Maybe some other people would like to try it out as well. This is taken directly from source with no modifications. Firefox Focus for Android Browse like no one’s watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide range of...
  37. mayanxoni

    Thread [APK][LOS14.1]Jelly Browser[DISCONTINUED]

    Hi! After LineageOS has been merged with Android-7.1.2_R8, new builds feature several changes, including an all-new browser called Jelly. It mainly targets low-end Android devices and replaces the older AOSP browser. I came to know about it out after compiling the new source for building a ROM...
  38. lexcyn

    Thread [App][4.1+][CAF] Chromium for Snapdragon

    CAF no longer updates the source so this project is in limbo. If CAF ever starts updating again, I will post new builds. This is a Chromium Browser built on the CodeAurora source (optimized for Snapdragon devices). Main changes from source: -added extra webrefiner (adblock) lists...
  39. J

    Thread Stock Sony Browser - Android 7.0 - Xperia XZ

    Hi. I was watching the Chinese firmware for the Xperia XZ Dual and found this application (due to restrictions for Google in China) that replaces the Google Chrome browser. I do not have a Xperia XZ to try it for the moment, I would like some owner of this device to test it and check if this...
  40. mikeinstlouis

    Thread Browser being redirected to

    Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right forum or spot for this but my chrome browser on my Galaxy s7 edge is being redirected to then some other strange site. I have tried clearing the cookies, cache and search data etc in chrome but no success. I tried to run malwarebytes...
  41. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [App] [7.+] FOSS Browser [Open Source]

    "FOSS Browser" is a fully free (as in freedom) open source Android software. The intention is to provide a simple and lightweight, but powerful and privacy-friendly browser with a modern user interface. - Your privacy - your data. Wiki | Releases | Changelog | Privacy | License | Code of...
  42. S

    Thread UC Browser Mini General Thread (gr8 content caching for offline use)

    Wanted to spread the word abut this neat little browser with the community. I'm saying neat cos, while it may lack some important functionality (which can be lived with) it is the only browser, out of hundreds tested (also thanks to our fellow xda member walterfuster) that allows content caching...
  43. J

    Thread Problem with Browser High Battery Usage (CM 13)

    Hi, I have a Mi4 with CM13.0 20161104 NIGHTLY. I use mainly the phone for browsing. But I have this stupid problem. The browser consumes a lot of battery in the backgroud (mobile radio active , in spanish 'radio móvil activada') or Total CPU: 59min 30s. CPU in 'front' 15min 50s. That means...
  44. Ninnix96

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Pyrope Browser for KK and ICS

    MAIN THREAD LINK Pyrope browser now are avitable for 4.1+, This browser has the same functions pyrope, but a white graphic that don't use some material desing libs as pyrope. its based on chromium / swe, directly from the CyanogenMod team Optimized for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™*- Pyrope works on...
  45. T

    Thread Basic Questions about le 2

    1. Le 2 is displaying the date in MM/DD/YYYY in the notification bar. How to change it to DD/MM/YYYY ? there is no direct option in Date/Time. 2. Also when I am using the QR code scanner it is always taking me to the stock browser instead of chrome, though I set chrome as a default browser.
  46. H

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Cine Browser - Surfing Websites & Play Videos In A Floating Window

    Cine Browser for Video Websites There are many websites that contain a lot of videos but don't have a mobile app. Cine Browser lets you surf those websites and play videos in a popup floating window. As a result, you can continue to visit other pages without stopping the video and add multiple...
  47. betatap

    Thread [APP][4.2+] ? MINT Browser: Slick, Slim, & SPEEDY! ***FREE PROMO CODES***

    MINT Browser ***100% OFF DISCOUNT: Leave a comment saying you want a promo code and we'll PM you.*** ***Now with Tor support & fingerprint scanning!*** SPEEDY Slick design means faster loading. MINT Browser's architecture is designed to be speedy like a lightweight browser, but not...
  48. Ninnix96

    Thread [APP][5.0+][Chromium/gello(CM)] Pyrope Browser - Browser with integrated AdBlock

    Gello, the developed browser based on chromium / swe, directly from the CyanogenMod team is available for all 5.0+ devices. :D :D Optimized for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™*- Pyrope works on other devices which don't have a Snapdragon™ chip (Web Refiner Module not included) This app is based on...
  49. G

    Thread Browsers and....authorizations???

    Hello XDA! I come with a question. Being a human trying to make out the most out of my device, i tried countless of different browsers. Dolphin, UC, CM, Firefox, you name it. There's something bugging me, though... Why does some of these browser ask for "strange" permissions? Such as...
  50. I

    Thread [Solved] browsers cannot display 2nd level web pages on mobile data (wifi works fine)

    Firefox & the CM browser will access top level domains but will not access 2nd page level when clicking on a link, though the first link you click on will load but any subsequent pages will give various error messages depending on the server used by the web site. This only happens on mobile...