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  1. NeonOrbit

    Thread [App][Patch] Messenger Original Chat Head on Android 11+ [Safe] [Self-Update]

    [No-Root] - [For All Devices] - [Self-Patch Available] A clean way to bring back Messenger chat head for non-rooted devices. -> [Safe] -> [Open source] -> [All features are working] -> [Tools to patch new update yourself] Notice: If your phone is rooted, you should follow this rooted method...
  2. NeonOrbit

    Thread [XPOSED][MOD] Enable Messenger Chat Head on Android 11+ devices

    Module: ChatHeadEnabler About: On Android 11 and higher, Facebook Messenger won't let you use it's Chat Head feature. Instead it uses Chat Bubble feature, which has a lot of bugs. This module will bring back original Chat Head feature. -> [Safe] -> [Open source] -> [All features are working]...
  3. gamemonkstudio

    Thread Bubble Pop : Furious Hills - [Game] [FREE]

    Here is the Link to the Game Play it yourself and don't forget to share your reviews Download Now Play Store Bubble Pop : Furious Fill It is the tale of furious Vulcan & Bubble Pop island! In the center of the beautiful evergreen forest known as Bubble pop island, full of lovely colors of...
  4. S

    Thread Bubbles not working in Asus Rog Phone 3

    I use my rog 3 since last couple of months but now i realize there is something missing in my device and that is bubbles. i enable the bubble option from the developer menu, still its not working can anyone please tell me how to solve this?
  5. J

    Thread Messenger bubble chat

    Hi y'all, i've noticed that bubble chat of facebook's messenger doesn't show in MIUI, it's a bug or just a simple configuration? Can you guys help me?
  6. usman farhat

    Thread [APP] [GAME] Bubble Wrap Simulator - This one's more realistic than all others

    This will significantly improve your mood. Relieve all your stress by popping bubbles on this HD bubble wrap game! Whenever you are bored, Bubble Wrap Simulator is right at your fingertips to pass your time. It's the same fun element delivered to you right from your childhood! In this...
  7. E

    Thread Screen "bubble"

    Thanks in advance for anyone that happens to read and/or respond this thread. So, my S7 slipped and fell to the floor last sunday. It didn't fall a great distance, neither did it hit the floor with violence. But on the bottom of the screen something appeared, seeming like "a bubble of air"...
  8. F

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Bubble for Facebook - A Floating Facebook Client

    Bubble for Facebook places a floating bubble on top of your screen, with your Facebook news feed. Now, Facebook is always at reach! Touch the floating bubble to open a sidebar and start browsing your news feed. You can freely move the bubble and toss it around the screen. Features ★ Read your...
  9. I

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Web Bubble 1.8 for Google Chrome

    Web Bubble is essentially loading a light weight version of chrome that is designed to load a single page quicker. You can always open it in Chrome of course from the menu. Full Review on Android Headlines: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/01/sponsored-app-review-bubble.html Requirements...
  10. G

    Thread Bubble Escape WTH? [GAME][Free]

    Bubble Escape WTH? An Arcade + light Puzzle Combo with mazes WTH? : Willing To Help? In this game helping is not an easy task! ★★★ So are you up to the challenge? ★★★ An Innovative and Unique Bubble Flying Game ★★★ Motion Sensor ★★★ PLAYERS: Big head + small body, dancing and jumping...
  11. N

    Thread [GAME][2.3+]Monster Bubble - Shoot monsters to rescue Pumpkins!

    Monsters are coming! The brave boy Alex needs your help to shoot the monsters behind bubble to rescue Pumpkins! Plan your every pop accurately cause moves are limited. Come on, let beat the devils to bring Pumpkins back to home! Monster Bubble is an all-new and super-addictive puzzler for gamers...
  12. L

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Bubble Breaker 1.0

    Bubble Breaker A remake of the original windows game Jawbreaker with all 4 game modes, Standard, Shifter, Megashift, Continuous and ONLINE Leaderboards Play, rate, share and beat your friends! Get it on Google Play Find us on facebook
  13. R

    Thread [GAME][2.1+][ARCADE] Fun Bubble Jump

    Hello! Let me introduce you our new game - Fun Bubble Jump! Do not let the duck and her friends fall into the depths of the sea! In this exciting arcade game you have to move from one bubble to another, so as not to drown! What is the danger and the faster you play, the more you get points...
  14. Y

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Bubble Shooter Pirate Game

    Bubble Shooter is a fun and free highly addictive bubble shooting game for both kids and adults. Join the adventure and play through hundreds of levels without getting interrupted by annoying ads. Install it right now! Get it from Google Play
  15. boyhatinhht

    Thread [TETRIS ANDROID GAME] Bubbles Falling

    - "Bubble Falling" is simple game with balls. - "Bubble Falling" is fun, uper addictive and a great way to spend free time on an airport, on the bus or train and what not. - If you like games like bubble buster, bubble birds, bubble witch or frozen bubbles then you have to try this one! ***...
  16. B

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Titcher Shortcut Hero - Task Switcher and Shortcut Helper

    Hi, I would like to present my most recent app that I developed: Titcher (link to Google Play). I originally started this app as a novel task switcher. However, with recent Android Lollipop API changes (getRecentTasks is deprecated), I made this into a general tool for shortcut access to...
  17. O

    Thread [GAME][4.0+][No Advertisements] bubble pop! v 1.2.0 - Best Game Ever!

    Hello friends, I've been teaching myself how to program in Java and working on this game for almost two months now. I have finally completed and released it into the wild yesterday. Please give it a try: bubble pop! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.danielau.pop NEW (version...
  18. C

    Thread [NEW FREE GAME] BUbble Shooter

    Hi, For lovers of classic bubble shooter game I bring the next game. With over 150 levels and also has Arcade mode. Hope you like it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.videojuego.bubble.shoot.beach
  19. U

    Thread [GAME] Bubble Boom - Poke the bubbles

    Bubble Boom - Interesting and exciting game, which for the time flies by. Goal of the game - you need to explode all the bubbles on the playing field. The more bubbles you burst one color at a time - the more points you get for the explosion. The game has 2 modes: arcade and classic. Arcade...
  20. usman farhat

    Thread [APP][GAME][4.0+] Bubble Wrap Simulator

    Relieve all your stress by popping bubbles on this bubble wrap game! Whenever you are bored, Bubble Wrap is right at your fingertips to pass your time. It's the same fun element delivered to you right from your childhood! Bubble Wrap is brought to you FREE of cost for now. In this "Realistic"...
  21. Doomer D. Great

    Thread There is a bubble effect on the screen near the Home button

    I oiled while trying to take note that close to the home button, I'm not able to write using the SPEN or anything properly as there is a bubble of some sort. By bubble I don't mean a literal bub let but an effect. I have attached an Image of this. Anyone knows what is this? Some king of force...
  22. K

    Thread [Q] SMS Problem after 4.18.401.2 update

    Hi all, Just done the Android 4.2.2 update on my HTC One X (4.18.401.2) Some good bits, some terrible bits, one problem that's irritating me. When I open an SMS thread, my incoming messages are in a normal SMS bubble as expected but my outgoing messages are just displayed over the background...
  23. jioleight


    while I was looking for some interesting apps in "Android Apps and Games Section", I stumbled upon this magnificent piece of work. YES! HALO is within your reach. :angel: Made possible by zst123 Check it out HERE! (note: No HALO Bubble, you need Floating Notifications for that.) *THIS IS...
  24. S

    Thread [FREE][2.1+] RuniK, a refreshing twist to the classic Bubble Breaker

    Hey everyone! I’d like to share one of our games with you: RuniK! RuniK is a highly acclaimed refreshing twist to the matching and bubble popping games. Easy to play yet challenging to master, RuniK is a relaxing casual game with plenty of strategic depth. To play you just need to tap once on...
  25. skinator

    Thread Bubble + UCCW

    Bubble + UCCW SKINATOR description Skin Widget UCCW shaped bubbles, elegant and compact are both appropriate synonyms.
  26. T

    Thread [Q] Notification Bubble Variations?

    I have a question about the notification bubbles that pop up on the lock screen for missed calls and texts. When I first got my device, it updated to 4.1.1 and the notification bubbles would pop up in the center and would share one bubble for calls and texts. I don't remember my original...
  27. Litderose

    Thread [MOD][CM7] - Bubbles SMS/MMS app for CM7

    I was looking for a mod of the CM7 SMS/MMS app to have the messages displayed in bubbles. It has been done by P4qui7o in the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 forum. Original thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1616499 ALL CREDITS GOES TO P4qui7o ! I tried it on my Temasek's rom...
  28. T

    Thread [GAME][2.1+] SliBlo 1.1

    Hi reader, Yesterday I published a game called SliBlo on the android market Since I am a beginning, non-professional programmer I thought it to be a good place to start here and ask for your opinion of the game. This is the game: SliBlo is short for Sliding Blocks. You have to eliminate all...
  29. T

    Thread [Game] Santa In Trouble Android Game very addictive

    hi guys i am pleased to announce my new game Santa In Trouble in this game you have to help Santa to collect the gifts and popping some bubbles with special candy weapon :) Tilt your Device to move Santa clause and tap to shoot. this game is combination of arcade,brain and puzzle. you also...
  30. T

    Thread [Game] Santa In Trouble For Android

    hi guys i am pleased to announce my new game Santa In Trouble in this game you have to help Santa to collect the gifts and popping some bubbles with special candy weapon :) Tilt your Device to move Santa clause and tap to shoot. this game is combination of arcade,brain and puzzle. you also...
  31. VICosPhi

    Thread D3O case + Realook screen protector No Bubble workaround

    Guys, As you know Realook makes the best screen protectors for Galaxy series phones. I had one for Vibrant and it was the best. The trend continues for our SGS II. So I had the same problem as everyone where the D3O case was causing bubbles on the Realook screen protector. After a long session...
  32. skippythegoat

    Thread [Q] Seperate Colors for SMS Thread

    Currently both received and sent messages are the same color. Is there a method of changing this so that the recipient is one color and the sender is a different color? I saw a method of doing this online though it was poorly explained and therefore difficult to execute. It was along the...
  33. T

    Thread [GAME][2.0+] Bubble Paradise beta

    This is the first game from Ilyushin Software, Bubble Paradise beta. Please try it and tell us how to improve it or if you miss any feature, we are now working on a upcoming update. Thanks in advance! Description: Bubble Paradise is an amazing new bubble breaking style game, focused...
  34. Minioglowy

    Thread [Q] SMS / CALL Notifier on mainscreen

    Hello, i wonder if there's a possibility to have 'bubble' on SMS / MISSED CALL but on main screen... i have to point that, i'm using launcher pro ( so adw notifier wont work) NOTE "Please, this won't work unless you are using ADW.Launcher" if anyone got solution to make my sms/call look like...
  35. michael_crimson

    Thread [Live Wallpaper] Xgel Live Wallpaper Free

    Xgel Live Wallpaper Free is nicely animated artistic live wallpaper i made for android. It utilizes the powers of OpenGL ES 1.0 to render itself smooth and beautiful. Free version is fully functional and has four color schemes and two bubble types for you to select from. Any feedback is appreciated.
  36. savir90

    Thread [q] (q) launcher pro notification bubble

    Hello ladies and gentlemen Im using launcher pro plus and i just want to change the color of the notification bubble from red to green, ive decompiled the apk and looked thru it hoping to find a PNG of the notification bubble that i can just edit but didnt find it....then my next place to look...
  37. T

    Thread [Q] Review for my app/game

    I´v published my first app on the Android Market. However I have little people in my direct suroundings who have Android Phones so hopefully there are a few people here who can help me by telling my what my application misses. e.g. I think my app uses little battery power. So maybe anyone can...
  38. T

    Thread [Q] Review for my game/app

    I´v published my first app on the Android Market. However I have little people in my direct suroundings who have Android Phones so hopefully there are a few people here who can help me by telling my what my application misses. e.g. I think my app uses little battery power. So maybe anyone can...
  39. X

    Thread Bubble Birds: Puzzle Bobble with not so Angry Birds

    Everyone loves good games, and the classics never die - they just get reborn into different variations. I'm sure you're all familiar with the popular bubble popping style game. Bubble Birds Premium is a game of this sort. In this case, the bubbles are brightly colored birds. Game play is...
  40. S

    Thread [Q] Text Bubble Colours

    Hi, I've got a custom rom on my phone (ultimate 7.2) and it looks sweet, but, I want to change the colour of the bubbles in the text messaging app to match the rest of the phone. Anyone point me in the right direction?
  41. Fire Marshal

    Thread [Q] Droid X Issue (Ext. Batt., Otterbox, Touch Screen)

    Hello, forum! Just to cap my recent event... I purchased the ext. batt. for my Droid X yesterday. I put it in the back of my phone with the ext. batt. door. I put the phone in my Otterbox Defender Series. I understand that the case says that it does not work with the extended battery...
  42. scilor

    Thread [2010-05-25]SciLor's Bubble Crusher v0.1 - Bubble Breaker Clone with skinning

    SciLor's Bubble Crusher v0.1 SciLor's Bubble Crusher is a skinnable Bubble Breaker Clone :) SciLor's Bubble Crusher v0.1 i. .7. .. :v c: .X i...
  43. vladimir2989

    Thread HELP Screen Problem, air bubble, or something

    im not sure what happened to it, i think its an air bubble or something, anyone have any idea how to fix this ? touch screen works 100% and it show everything fine u can see the mark a bit when it on lower brightness settings... i know screen is replaceable i mean the glass ( or whatever it...
  44. S

    Thread New Android App - On The Level

    I just finished my first app for the android market. Its called On The Level and its a combination digital inclinometer and bubble level. You can check out screen shots for it here. I hope everyone that may need an app like this will choose this one. I wanted to create an app that was on par...
  45. clandestino_usr

    Thread Appointment reminder bubble not showing after softreset

    Hello all, I dug into a few WinMo boards, including this one, but couldn't come close to what keeps bugging me. I think I'll give it a try, so mods please accept apologies if this is a repost or if this has been asked before. I heavily rely on my calendar to remind me of all the stuff I need...
  46. D

    Thread Need Help Removing Sms Bubble Notification When Txt Is Sent

    hey im kinda new with this and i just need to know how to remove that stupid bubble that pops up and makes a sound whenever a text is sent, if someone could give me step by step instructions it would be greatly appreciated thanks!