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  1. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Question Anyone have any reviews about using wireless charging receiver -> USB-C adapters for Pixel Buds A-Series? (or with anything else)

    Has anyone ever tested the wireless charging receiver -> USB-C adapters that are available? Thought about grabbing a couple and slapping them on the back of our free Pixel Buds A-Series so that in a pinch we could reverse charge them from our P6Ps. Now's a good time to try some from Amazon...
  2. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General Reminder if you want to opt-out of arbitration (within 30 days of activation)

  3. breath21

    Thread OnePlus Buds support

    Hi, Is there a rom or anything for our OnePlus 5 to get all the advantage of the new "Oneplus Buds" ? (customize the double-tap functionality, low latency mode and last but not least is the functionality of firmware updates). Thanks in advance.
  4. P

    Thread Galaxy Buds pair with Stratos?

    Hello. I want to ask if its possible to pair the Galaxy Buds with the Xiaomi Stratos. Are they compatible?
  5. T

    Thread request:mary jane theme

    who has it in them to make a dope mary jane theme? There are some decent ones for different launchers, but f that I just want to flash and roll... Im tryin to see some nice nug icons, a nice integration of lime green and orange colors here and there, all with sense. donations available :D :D