1. P

    Thread Question [Bug] Notifications not working after OTA update to 1.5.2

    Hey everyone, After updating my device to 1.5.2 last tuesday, it seems like almost all of my apps can't send notifications anymore. So my Phone 1, that I've had since November 2022, has not been showing almost all of my notifications since I've updated it to 1.5.2 (unrooted, OTA, rooted), the...
  2. szehN

    Thread Question POCO F3 Touchscreen doesn't respond well to precise small touches

    (POCO F3 LATEST MIUI 14 STOCK) I got this new phone yesterday, overall it's pretty good, but i noticed something weird, when playing games, specially shooters where you need presicion it doesn't have a good response to small movements, it's like having high deadzones with a analog stick from...
  3. Max0nchik

    Thread Question Ramdump Mode

    Good time of the day, for some reason my phone began to get into Ramdump mode quite often, Is it because of the reusable firmware? And what can be done to fix it? Also a note, I can't flash it through the Archive, it writes an error with the Super file, but if I start flashing it through Android...
  4. L

    Thread No more sound on Asus Zenfone 5

    My Asus Zenfone 5 is beginning to have some malfunctions : No more sound, which means : I can't make calls (the phone freezes to black and I can only start it up again by holding the power button) I can't receive calls (callers go directly to voicemail) I can't open the camera to take pictures...
  5. L

    Thread No more sound on my Asus Zenfone 5

    My Asus Zenfone 5 is beginning to have some malfunctions : No more sound, which means : I can't make calls (the phone freezes to black and I can only start it up again by holding the power button) I can't receive calls (callers go directly to voicemail) I can't open the camera to take pictures...
  6. lightinfo10

    Thread Chrome saying no Internet though working and Android Downloader Not downloading unless Wifi !

    Hi! I am in a trouble.😟 My mobile data works very fine. And wifi too. But, when I use mobile data, chrome says "No Internet" on the upper layer. [See attached pics] Though everything is working. I can surf every website. When I connect the wifi, it says "Back online". This issue not making...
  7. R

    Thread Question Xiaomi 13 Pro for 2 days and already so many problems

    So a friend and I got the 13 Pro for 2 days and we already encountered so many problems, most of them I've been able to fix, but there are two remaining that I can't manage to fix, and not the least. Firstly, we don't receive push notifications for Gmail. Notifications are enabled for Gmail in...
  8. allstergamer

    Thread weird problems

    ok, I don't know what I can do now... A friend Gave me his hold g5s because of battery damage. I should see if I can do something with it. because I have no use for it I gave it back, now I have the phone again with a new problem. boot loop OEM Locked literally no OS, firmware, or something...
  9. L

    Thread Mi Stick stuck on boot logo (bricked?)

    Hello everybody. A couple of years ago I bought a Mi Stick for my mother, to use connected to an old LED tv she had. She used just 3 o 4 times tops with a Netflix account my brother shared with her. The device was practically new. My brother stopped paying Netflix a couple of months ago so she...
  10. sparq0

    Thread Question S pen cursor

    When hovering the s pen over the screen there's a small circle showing on the screen under the pen tip. You can change the circle to something else using the Pentastic app (included in Samsungs Good Lock app). Or, when using the built in screen recorder you can tap a button to show a blue...
  11. Karlosx2Z

    Thread Question Oled screen bug?

    So there's one thing I'm not understanding and I think it's a software bug. We all know that what makes an oled screen special is its capability to turn off pixels to represent the black color... so here's the problem. I noticed that in a certain range of brightness level (around 20% and 35%)...
  12. A

    Thread Question How is the phone?

    What's your experience using it?
  13. A

    Thread Question Samsung Personalization Service won't activate.

    I cannot activate the Samsung personalization service (settings / general management / personalization service). I keep getting the "check your network connection and try again" error and it doesn't work. I've already cleared the app's data, cache, I've even restored the device and nothing...
  14. Karlosx2Z

    Thread Question Miui Optimization bug

    So I turned off Miui Optimization because I wanted the always on display to always been on (apparently if you disabled Miui Optimization, it wouldn't turn off after 10 seconds). It worked, but I lost some things like the haptic vibration or the Gaussian blur of the interface. I need help, I...
  15. napster9.

    Thread Question Upgrade to ColorOs12 or 13

    Hello. I've repeatedly asked Oppo to provide a link to the ColorOs12 or 13 package, but they keep telling me to go to a service centre, because for some reason the A74 5g models are unable to update to colouros 12 or 13 over the air like they should (at least here in australia) I'm disabled...
  16. C

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi K50 Gaming/Poco F4 GT (MIUI 13) - Connecting to Android Auto causes reboot-loop

    So, there have been other threads reporting the same thing on devices running MIUI over the last couple of years, but the only solution I've found is to uninstall Chrome updates. I tried that and it didn't make a difference, so I managed to remove Chrome completely, but again, it didn't fix the...
  17. C

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi K50 Gaming/Poco F4 GT (MIUI 13) - Connecting to Android Auto causes reboot-loop

    So, there have been other threads reporting the same thing on devices running MIUI over the last couple of years, but the only solution I've found is to uninstall Chrome updates. I tried that and it didn't make a difference, so I managed to remove Chrome completely, but again, it didn't fix the...
  18. KR_ipton

    Thread Moto G7 power not detect gyroscope

    Hello, i have a "moto g7 power xt1955-2" and i updated to android 12 with lineage os but it didn't detect the rotation, i checked and it shows that there is no gyroscope in my device, i went back to the original rom with "rescue and smart assistant" but The gyroscope is no longer detected, I'm...
  19. Ruhan69

    Thread Can't reduce Volume to 0% in Massenger Call

    Hello everyone, I am not sure from when, but I found there is no way you can reduce the Volume to 0% while you are in a massenger call. The minimum seems like 10% if you try to reduce the audio while you are in middle of an conversation. Is there any tweaking we can do to enable that function...
  20. Wuqqers

    Thread Question İ have xiaomi mi 12 pro but miui 13 have a bug?

    Hello guys I bought Mi 12 lite last month and when I received the device, I noticed that there was a problem with the device and I reported it to xiaomi and they told me to send it to the service. About 10 days after I took my phone to the service and gave it to the service, the service said...
  21. ArmandoDrake

    Thread General Latest updates are bit broken in Galaxy A22 4G (SM-A225M)

    Two months ago (since October), I updated my Samsung Galaxy A22 4G (SM-A225M) to get the latest update "A225MUBS4BVJ1" (aka. October update with September patch). I had been testing the update, no performance loss and nothing new, to be honest. But when I used mobile data, it disconnected some...
  22. B

    Thread Question Pixel 7 Pro : Weird audio cut off during calls, sound comes back after pressing dialer

    Hi ! I recently got a Pixel 7 Pro and I'm not experiencing a lot of a bugs with it, which is great, but the only one that I have is really bothering. The thing is that when I call certain people (or when they call me), I can ear them during 0 to 10 seconds before audio cuts out. After this...
  23. Miustone

    Thread General [CLOSED] - BOUNTY - SODP Sagami Modem Fix needed!

    Welcome! My Name is Marius Kopp and i am the Devolper of DIOS. DIOS is a upcoming AOSP based Operating System made for Pixel and Xperia Devices. Xperia Devices are depending on the great of work of the Folks from the SODP, the Sony Open Devolper Project. The SODP Contains many Xperia Devices...
  24. K

    Thread Question Official Keyboard cover with trackpad self disabling

    Dear XDA community, I'm writing to please ask some help on a problem I'm facing with my official samsung book keyboard cover. I attach it to the tablet, the tablet disables the soft keyboard to allow me to type with the hardware keyboard...... and it doesn't work. My tablet is: Tab S8 SM-X700...
  25. Lorikaz

    Thread [A3 2017][SOLVED] Stuck on "System restarting" loading screen

    Hi everyone, A few months ago, I changed the ROM of my Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 to Arrow OS. Yesterday, I saw that WiFi seems bugged, I can't turn it on/off. This issue still being present today, I decided to restart my phone, hoping that it would solve it. I then held start button to open...
  26. mablue

    Thread [BUG REPORT] FOR ALL Android13 ROMs!

    ALL android13 ROMs can't connect to hidden wifi network!!! I tested with this options on iran with tp-link modem
  27. shehzada.prasenjit

    Thread Question Calling/Dialer Issue in GW4 LTE

    I'm facing an issue with the dialer while calling. The option to select a call from the WATCH/PHONE disappears. Then I have to again remove the mobile plan and re add the same to get the option back. Anyone with LTE GW4 facing a similar issue??
  28. Diepie

    Thread [T585] TWRP+Non-Regional Samsung ROMs bug

    Hello everyone, Me, and so many people using this tab suffered from a bug that prevents us from installing TWRP successfully or even Non-Regional Samsung ROM. What exactly happen is that when we install TWRP etc using odin TWRP won't normally boot after pressing vol+ and pwr and home, it just...
  29. carterdriu

    Thread Video/Audio/Games crashing in custom rom's AOSP [Evolution X] 7.2

    Recently I installed Corvus OS 4.1 and saw that the youtube video and games for example were freezing for 4 seconds, I changed the rom to Evolution 7.2 and the problem continued, I don't know if the problem is my device, the AOSP based rom, anyone can you give me a hand?
  30. F

    Thread Mic/speaker/Bluetooth - no sound

    need some help. I suddenly lost all audio on my phone (Pixel 4a 5g). I don't know what happened, but now speaker/Bluetooth and the 3.5mm jack don't work anymore. When I try and change the volume it won't show the Bluetooth icon on the volume icon (even when my headphones are connected). The...
  31. newolf11

    Thread notch area of the screen is unresponsive at lower screen resolutions on android 10

    I can't tap on the status bar area only swipe to it or while holding my finger at any other area of the screen. me swiping down at the end of this video shows approximately where the affected area is.
  32. S

    Thread (S20) Can't watch anything while on a WhatsApp call, any way to fix it?

    Everytime I'm on a call I can't use Netflix, Star+, and similar apps, cause when I open any movie or show it automatically pauses, and I'm unable to unpause. I try to hit the button but it doesn't work. Any thoughts? It started recently. As you can see in the video, and the image is from...
  33. incelynn

    Thread Question EIS works only in the GCam viewfinder

    hey, i got a weird bug. when i trying to record a video with eis, it working perfectly in a viewfinder, but output video have no eis at all. what may cause this? using: GCam8.2.204_Greatness.220901
  34. BixZod

    Thread I have a bug, can anyone help me fix it? [S21 FE]

    Hi, every time I watch a video on YouTube, listen to WhatsApp voice messages or my mobile phone plays any other sound, when any notification arrives, it happens that for 1 second it goes into do not disturb mode, I put the link of the video of what happens. Anyone know what it is?
  35. T

    Thread Question Incoming Call Glitch

    I am using the Pixel 6a with a Verizon eSim and a physical AT&T sim card - both with WiFi calling turned on. If I'm on a call using the Verizon network and an AT&T call comes in while on WiFi, I can neither answer the call or decline the call. Very strange behavior. The caller id displays a box...
  36. X

    Thread Phone screen shuts down when calling and receiving and wont turn on untill the call is over. The power button stops working during this period.

    I factory reset my phone and then it was working fine, so i guess this is a software issue but after some time when the phone upgraded to the latest update, the bug is back. Any help is appreciated.
  37. FelipeJuan

    Thread Question How to decrease the screen resolution properly?

    I have a Redmi Note 10 4G (on MIUI 13.0.9 / Android 12) and I would like to decrease the resolution to get better battery life and performance. But looks, there's a “virtual notch” that is stretched as the resolution is decreased via ADB (using the platforms tools on PC). There's some way to do...
  38. stav434

    Thread Question TB-J607F turns off randomly

    Hi, In the last few weeks my tablet started to turn off randomly, it happens only when the screen is off (it doesn't happen while I'm using it.) Every time after that, the tablet turns on only when i press the power button, the vol+ and the vol- for a really really really long time. I tried to...
  39. M

    Thread Question OnePlus OTA update softbrick

    Hi, Posting this as I cant find anything online and not sure if anyone else has experienced this. The newest update (seemed like a minor one) has made my phone unusable after the restart. It boots into OS same as always but displays blank screen after boot (can't tell if it's on cos oled). I...
  40. 4

    Thread Interface restarting after screen unlock

    The phone has completely run out of power. I charged it up, turned it on. But after I unlock the screen, after a second the interface starts rebooting. That is, not a complete reboot, but exactly the interface, a few times, and then a complete reboot. I can use the curtain, turn on and off...
  41. SkexxGo

    Thread Question Feature that we all want, you just don't know you want it yet (lockscreen notifications)

    Hey there fellow XDAers, I came across a bug (attached screenshots) where my notifications on my normal lockscreen were the notifications of the always on display (the AOD was not activated, I dont use it), and now I want this more than anything. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?
  42. Justfamous

    Thread Question Help! Whatsapp bug on Redmi note 10 pro

    Good day. Please I need assistance. I have an issue while using Whatsapp on Redmi note 10 pro (128GB/8GB). When ever I type a message, it doesn't get delivered. That is, the clock sign is there. No single or double check ✔️✔️. Whenever I exist the app then open again, the message will deliver...
  43. 4

    Thread Question [Xiaomi 12 Pro] System Launcher - Launcher crashes when trying to change search bar provider

    Hi, I've recently installed MIUI EEA on my Xiaomi 12 Pro and I've tried changing the search bar provider to Sesame. When I'm trying to click on the setting it just crashes without a message so I've searched for the crash in the logs, here's what I found. 2022-08-20 18:44:49.317 15821 15821...

    Thread Question What bugs exist in Miui 13 ?

    there are news about Miui 13's bugs ? (on Redmi Note 10 Pro) Have Redmi note 10 pro stuck on Miui 12.5, but i think flash it in Miui 13. I wanted to know what bugs are left in Miui 13, and what is gained (or lost). Because apparently Miui is known for its many bugs. (And even 12.5...) In...
  45. gursewaksinghsandhujatt

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Gyroscope not working properly while playing PUBG.

    Hello Everyone I have a pixel 6 ( Don't judge me i have a history of making mistakes) .when i play pubg and enable gyro scope it does not work properly. It move to random directions. anyone else has this issue and if yes..did you find any solution for it .?? Thank you guys for your help.
  46. rob4444

    Thread Lockscreen: Try again in 1440 minutes.

    Hi guys, I have a big issue with my Samsung Galaxy A21s. I set up a password for the lock screen a couple of days ago. Everything was working fine, but yesterday my phone randomly decided to lock itself for 1440 minutes (24 hours) after typing in my correct password once. I waited those 24...
  47. roy.h

    Thread Question Instagram notifications not working

    Hi ! i wanted to know if i am the only one with this issue, i'm not having any notifications from instagram, i tried to clear the cache uninstall/reinstall several times, checekd the notifications settings but nothing to do.. i still can't get notifications for instagram, it's working with every...
  48. P

    Thread Question A52 4G Lineage OS 19 bugs

    I'm using Lineage OS 19 on Samsung A52 4g for a while and I've found some bugs: - Bluetooth handsfree doesn't work in internet calls, like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. - when you're in a call, the screen will go off but when you want to hang up, you must turn the screen on with power key. - screen...
  49. boosemac

    Thread Question Why Slo - Mo Cam doesn't work in Custom Roms ?

    So, i have been into custom roms ever since i have purchased my RN10PM (SWEETIN). My only regret regarding custom roms in general is that why slo-mo cam doesnt work in custom roms, i have tried multiple custom roms, different versions of Gcams but as soon as i open the slo-mo it gets crashed...
  50. karma666

    Thread I need help please, don't turn on my Xiaomi Mi A3

    Hi. 1.Try Overnight charging/not working 2.Try charge the phone and at the same time press and hold the power button/not working 3.Try Fastboot and Recovery Mode do not work do not enter them:cry: P.S. I couldn't turn on my phone after I installed ROM's Evolution X and + the notification...