1. N

    Thread MNML Case - No Camera Bump Protection

    So my MNML case got shipped today, but I just seen a post on reddit about the case not covering the camera bump on the Pixel 2 XL. Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/79428c/pixel_2_xl_mnml_case_doesnt_cover_the_camera_bump/ Pics: https://imgur.com/a/uYVuG I can't guarantee...
  2. M

    Thread [SOLVED] Cannot boot anything after not bumping multirom twrp

    Hello lads, I'm having the following problem: I wanted to install the latest Dirty Unicorns weekly, as I'm using Multirom TWRP, I also reinjected Multirom after install, which places an openscript recovery script for twrp which is run everytime I try to boot into twrp, which doesnt get removed...
  3. S

    Thread [SCRIPT] Bump script for SuperSU 2.62+

    Bump script for SuperSU (2.62+) system-less install mode What it does: Shortly: it let's you install newer SuperSU (version 2.62 or later) on Marshmallow ROMs with read-only system partition without issues. Newer SuperSU installer repacks kernel (boot.img) during installation, so bootloader's...
  4. A

    Thread install recovery on jelly bean lg g2 d800

    hi xda members i have g2 d800 10d i root with ioroot an now i want to install recovery on it what i think is to flash blastagator bumped twrp with flashify i know that jb bootloader support loki and bump or maybe use freegee so i ask what is the easy way to install recovry i dont want to got...
  5. F

    Thread [Cbump] POSIX C implementation of Open_Bump

    Hello, A few days ago I wrote a new implementation inspired by the work of CyboLabs and Codefire that in harmony contributed for the creation of Open_Bump. Basically I rewrote Open_Bump using POSIX C to run directly on LG G2 or any compatible device with Open_Bump. So now you can bump any...
  6. I

    Thread [Q] You guys have me second guessing..

    So I'm getting my G4 today after work from Sprint. Driving about 2 cities just to cop it. But then I came to realize that there is no root yet. But the only reason I'm rushing to get this phone is because of the promo bundle. Otherwise I would have just stuck with my G3 until root was here and a...
  7. XDeathy

    Thread [GUIDE] [INDEX] ★ Complete guide to G3 ★ [4 OCT]

    This thread will always be a Work In Progress. Please be patient, as we receive new development it will be posted here. Thank you very much! :p Do subscribe to this thread to get notified on any new updates. If you own a G4, please proceed to this thread instead...
  8. Sunandroid

    Thread [Noob friendly] Basics about the G2 (bootloader, rom, etc.)

    Some basics - About bootloader, kernel, recovery, rom, /system and some other partitions. There are many noobs out there and sometimes even I am one. Two days ago Closed Force asked me, where I know my stuff from and why things are like they are... So I finally decided to write this little...
  9. G

    Thread [Q] Verifying Recovery

    Hey guys. So I got an LG G3 from someone on Craig's list. The device was on 10f so I tried stump root but to my delight it reported it had already been rooted so I just had to download SuperSu. Problem is I'm not sure tha status of it's recovery because there are folders in the phone called CWM...
  10. maikeru-chan

    Thread [Q] Can't boot to recovery

    I have a F400K G3 (Korean Olleh). It's rooted and bumped. I flashed the bumped TWRP image via Flashify and rebooted recovery via Flashify. It works. But when I try boot to recovery from a complete shutdown. It just boots into safe mode. I did exactly what was stated in the Bump thread (Power+V...
  11. Anthonol

    Thread Bump unlock

    I found this thread Bump unlock for LG G3 that demonstrated how to use Bump to unlock an already rooted G3 and install TWRP recovery on it to flash bump'd ROMs for the G3 and I was wondering if this might work for the gPad 7 and 10.1 too? What you guys think?
  12. ogiepogi@gmail.com

    Thread [GAME] Last Bird Standing

    XDA Article by EGZTHUNDER1 - "Be the Last Man Standing in Last Bird Standing" [Watch the Demo] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBtTpckkIq8 Hello, I finally made my first game app. This game is similar to the Atari game Joust which is one of my favorite games during the old times. This time...
  13. J

    Thread [Q] BUMP on Feiteng i93000 - GT-N9300+ MTK6577

    anyone has en****ered problem with TIHIS Feiteng i93000 - GT-N9300+ MTK6577 chinaphone installing and running BUMP software? I've installed BUMP but phone don't recognize bump with other phone ! any solution? any modified BUMP apk files? thanks qualcuno ha avuto problemi con questo telefono...
  14. Neo

    Thread ★★★Htc Rezound OFF-TOPIC THREAD!★★★

    Welcome to the HTC Rezound Off-Topic Thread! Before posting, know this: 1. NO FLAMING. 2. NO DISCUSSIONS ABOUT WHICH ROM IS THE BEST, WHO'S THE BEST DEV. 3. RESPECT EACH OTHER AND FOLLOW THE RULES. If not, this thread will be closed like the other ones and there won't be any threads where you...
  15. H

    Thread Share Facebook info by Bump with FaceThump!

    http://facethump.com/ sY6N6fLePgU
  16. B

    Thread [Q] Small bump on back cover

    Hi everyone. I've been a long time lurker here, just recently registered and have my first question that I wasn't able to find through searching. I got my NS the weekend after launch. Coming from a G1. I love it so far. My question. Has anyone else noticed a small bump on the back cover...
  17. vbhines

    Thread Easy & Effective Permanent Bump Charging Solution

    Ok, this whole bump charging thing pisses me off. My phone should just charge, I shouldn't need to spend hours every morning bump charging it. I've read that others have found work arounds that seemed to work for them - the only thing that's fixed the rapid drain rate in the start of the day...
  18. Gootah

    Thread Does Anyone else want Bump on WM?

    Am I the only one who wants Bump for WinMo? Why is there no port? Is M$ out of the loop on this one? ...and please don't mention shake2send...
  19. J

    Thread [APP][1/21/10] Shake2Send - Bump-like app for Windows Mobile. [v1.0.1]

    This project has been put on hold indefinitely. You will NOT be able to connect to the service. Hi. Shake2Send is an application I made that allows two devices to pair and send contacts over the air. To pair, the two devices shake at the same time (Similar to Bump for the iPhone). No bluetooth...