1. Aprelax

    Thread Android Studio random activity

    Merhaba. Uygulamada rastgele bir sayfaya gitmek için bir düğme ayarlamak istiyorum. Örneğin, bir butona tıkladığımda mevcut 10 sayfamdan herhangi birini açmasını istiyorum. Mümkün mü ? Mod translation: Hello. I want to set a button to go to a random page in the app. For example, when I click...
  2. T

    Thread Question Moto Edge 20 - any rom options to fix the Google assistant button? (CS are unhelpful)

    Hello. I want to know if there's any rom I can try that fixes the problem of having the left side hardware button hardcoded to the useless Google assistant. I'm apparently not alone with this issue but customer service has proven useless, only claiming "the button was not designed to be user...
  3. V

    Thread Home Screen app icons appearing in app

    When I touch and led go near the multitask button, the Home Screen app icons flash for a brief moment on top of the app that is currently open. (see screen recording) I have noticed the bug since the last update, is this a already known bug? Is there a fix? Thanks in advace,
  4. |||||

    Thread Question How to Remap Hardware Keys to something more useful (all Android Phones)! (Pause/Play / Flashlight / Apps & much more!!)

    Hi Guys, Since I came from a S10, where I had an extra Bixby Button, wich I remapped then to pause/play - wich was also really useful: to take or end calls fast or quickly stop the audiobook or music, when someone talks to me etc. Or to quickly activate the flashlight. So after looking for a...
  5. U

    Thread PS5 wrong button mapping

    Hi, PS5 Pad have a bad button mapping on Google Chromecast with Google TV , latest version Android 10 Anybody know if it's possible to change the button mapping ? I 've see some app but they require root in order to remap button and I don't know if I can root my device. Best regards Albert
  6. M

    Thread Question Floating button redmi note 10 pro bug?

    Hi every one, I just upgraded to MIUI13 this morning on my Redmi note 10 pro, but I found a new floating button, actually two buttons linked together. They are useless, as when I click on them, nothing happens. And I can't get rid of them. I can move them freely on my home screen, but can;t...
  7. Irugaka

    Thread Customize Navigation Bar button

    Hello, i post this thread because after many search across the internet, i didn't find a solution to customize my miui navigation bar button. I want to replace them by samsung navbar for example. is there a way to do it ? Thank you. (I have rooted phone with LSPosed, custoMIUIzer, gravityBox...
  8. big_beyond

    Thread Question [Help] System navigation button issue.

    I'm facing a serious issue regarding system navigation button. When I press any of the navigation buttons, the touch area animation keeps remain and doesn’t disappear. Please help me to fix the problem. I know I can enable gestures instead of buttons for system navigation. But I really want to...
  9. M

    Thread Turn on android USB debugging while phone is off / unresponsive?

    (TLDR: OnePlus5, power button not responding, volume buttons physically damaged, USB debugging not turned on, can connect phone via USB to PC, but nothing more. Want to turn on USB debugging to boot via ADB. Or boot any other way, if possible.) Hello everyone, Let me tell you the short story...
  10. H

    Thread Question Any way to fix "resize" functionality?

    I'm using the P11 (not the pro) and when I press the resize button with the Lenovo keyboard, it simply goes back to the home page or crashes the smart launcher. It never resize an app from window to full screen and vice versa Also - when I try to press on the screen the "resize" button on any...
  11. R

    Thread Controller Right Analog Stick movements?

    Hi, I have attached a PS5 controller to my Shield Pro 2019. When I move the Right Stick nothing happens. I would like to run 4 python scripts. One for each direction of the Right Stick. The scripts already work with termux, python and tasker. I just don't have a way of capturing movements...
  12. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Module] Earphones Volume key Support in Custom Roms

    I have mi earphones with volume button keys but when i flashed custom ROMs (evolutionX and crdroid) the volume buttons don't work. So i created this magisk module for fixing the volume keys just flash it and reboot and it works. Tested on redmi note 10 (mojito/sunny) crdroid, evox, spark
  13. Y

    Thread [APP][NOROOT/NOADS][AndroidTV][5.0+] Prime Video / Netflix / Spotify / orthers Button Mapper

    Description These apps will remap the Prime Video / Netflix / Spotify / others button on your Android TV remote controller! When you first run the app thru the launcher or by pressing the button on your remote, you just need to select the desired app. And if you later wish to change the...
  14. R

    Thread S Pen Button Remap (Bluetooth Single/Double/Long Press, Hover)

    Hi, This guide will show you how to remap your Spen/Stylus Bluetooth button + Hover action + button press while hovering the screen to any action/app/task you want. This guide will only show beginners guide. Further per app action configuration is not shown. It is DIY but if you want to share...
  15. T

    Thread Anyone else have a misbehaving power button?

    A power button that misbehaves. Half the time when I go to turn the screen off via the power button, it goes off and then instantly comes back on (at the lockscreen). Doing a little investigating, I have messed with it... right after the screen popped back on again, a few times I had unlocked...
  16. hotphil

    Thread TCL Android (55P8S) Turn off button sound

    Help me out guys... TCL Android TV (55 P8S). Every time a button is pressed on the remote it utters a confirmation noise. Infuriating. I can't seem to find any menu to change button-press noise confirmation off. Any thoughts? It's like listening to a teenager texting in the mid 2000s lol.
  17. T

    Thread [A] How to fix Controller B Button in Omnirom-based CustomROMs

    Hello together, this is my first "real" thread so please be not too harsh :) For many years, users report problems in Omnirom and derivatives about their Gamepads B - buttons not working. I found the culprit and patched it out. Just install the modified DeviceParts.apk, reboot and you should...
  18. W

    Thread S10 Plus Bixby Button can not switch Wi-Fi on and off?

    Hello, i use SM-G975F Baseband Ase5 and Build Ase7 without root or anything. I can not find a way as I can set the bixby button so that I can turn it on and off the wlan. I have already tried bxactions. How can I get that?
  19. TheJesus

    Thread Adding notification pull down button to navbar?

    I noticed the OxygenOS doesn't have the option to add more nav bar buttons like the G7 had one to pull down the notifications area, it's very useful for phones this large. Any way to get this on the OP7 Pro?
  20. Serbinhio

    Thread [MOD][MAGISK] Mi AI Button Remapper

    Description: This module remaps the functionality of the AI button. There are several options available until now but with your help and testing we can enrich the functionality. Requirements: - Magisk Installed Installation: - Flash in Magisk or TWRP - If you want to reassign a new...
  21. D

    Thread Home button doesn't always work (Mate 10)

    Hi! I got the Mate 10 (non-pro) I'm testing and it seems like pressing the on screen home button takes several presses to go back to home screen. I tried this with setting up the front fingerprint reader as the home button instead of the on-screen buttons and same thing, so it's not screen...
  22. H

    Thread [App][7.0+] Bixby Remap - Easy to remap, custom Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy phone

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wakasoftware.bixbyremapper Only work Samsung Galaxy devices which has physical Bixby button (Samsung Galaxy S and Note series: S8/S8+, S9/S9+, S10E/S10/S10+, Note 8, Note 9) ☆ Bixby Remap Button is one of the best useful tool...
  23. G

    Thread HTC U Ultra - Home button keeps failing

    Hi all, Long time no post here! I have an HTC U Ultra, about one year old, heavy usage. All of a sudden the Home button has started to fail. I have fingerprint scanning enabled, but it doesn't work when the screen is unlocked either, so I'm not sure it is related to the fingerprint scanner, I...
  24. A

    Thread S7 Restarts only in safe mode

    To start, I bought this phone used a few months ago. I'm traveling, my other phone was old and the camera was broken, and I wanted something that wouldn't be bricked if I fell into a river while hiking (it happened in the past; the current was faster and the river deeper than I anticipated)...
  25. flar2

    Thread [APP] Button Mapper: Remap Bixby single, double and long press for FREE

    NOTE: On a rooted device, this is the fastest, most reliable and problem-free method for remapping Bixby (no limitations, no setup) Button Mapper allows you to remap any action you want to physical or capacitive hardware buttons. This includes volume buttons, Bixby button, and many buttons on...
  26. flar2

    Thread [APP] Button Mapper: Remap Bixby single, double and long press for FREE

    NOTE: On a rooted device, this is the fastest, most reliable and problem-free method for remapping Bixby (no limitations, no setup) Button Mapper allows you to remap any action you want to physical or capacitive hardware buttons. This includes volume buttons, Bixby button, and many buttons on...
  27. TENN3R

    Thread [MODULE] Chrome Home Button

    Hi guys, I was looking for a way to bring back the home button in Chrome like in the old versions, and I found a method. Now I made this module for personal use but I'd like to share it with you because it might be useful for you too. Note: the apk file was not made by me, it was in old CM roms...
  28. P

    Thread OREO Build: invert hw buttons

    Hello! Anyone knows how invert hardware buttons (back / recent) on oreo builds? Thanks Pippo
  29. krige

    Thread Off-screen navigation button / single navigation key configuration

    I am missing two actions from the conventional virtual navigation bar: Double tap on the recents button to switch between the last two opened apps Notification menu pull down button Is there a way to set the actions associated to the gestures in the off-screen navigation button? It that...
  30. praveenpuglia

    Thread How to boot into recovery with a broken volume up button?

    Unfortunately I have lost the volume up button. Everything else works though. Now when I try to get into recovery I cannot get past the "No Command" screen. How do I get to recovery?
  31. kamuikun

    Thread [APP][4.4+][FREE] Volume Music Controller: Navigate your music using the volume keys!

    Control your music using the hardware volume UP and DOWN buttons on your device or remote, pressed 1 to 3 times within a specific duration. Possible actions: Play / Pause, Next / Previous track, Fast forward / Rewind. Features: - Free. No ads! - Works when the device is locked. - No...
  32. M

    Thread MIUI 9 Homebutton/Fingerprint not working

    Hello, I'm facing a problem with my mi6. I really want to use MIUI 9 but I have a problem with the home button. After some time it stops working, but only when it's laying flat on the table. Eventually the phone will detect the touch. When i use it in my hand everything is working fine. Here's a...
  33. redsmith

    Thread Power Button Rattle

    So, I just got a midnight black OP3T and couldn't be happier. Coming from the 6P this feels like a huge upgrade. The thing is, my device has some play on the power button. It feels loose and rattles a lot, though it has a good click and does not affect its performance at all (and I hope it...
  34. StereoSteo

    Thread Want to root s8 but home button problem has me wondering

    So I have an S8 on Vodafone bill pay on contract for 2 years and I want to root the phone mainly for sound mods and a few other things. However I'm having the same home button problem as a lot of others and I'm afraid in case it ends up being a hardware problem then they tell me I voided my...
  35. UKseagull

    Thread [Q] LineageOS - Power Button LED?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has been abl to enable the Power Button LED with LineageOS?
  36. U

    Thread LG P920 just boot when plugged to charger

    the problem is just that, the phone boot just when pugged to charger, original or any charger, or PC USB, or just anything that give current via he's own osb port power button doesn't work anymore (from near 3 years I need to go out with a emergency charger and a short usb cable) this problems...
  37. Zgadnijcie

    Thread Problem with react of power button

    Hi Since two weeks I have a problem with power button. If i don't use phone a few minutes and I want turn on screen, my phone reacts very slow or doesn't react. One thing is interesting. When I turn off screen to few seconds and turn it on again, phone react immediately. Problem is if I don't...
  38. TH4N1X

    Thread Can't get into TWRP with button combination after the downgrade

    Hey. I've downgraded from Nougat to Marshmallow using this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g5/how-to/downgrade-7-0-to-6-0-1-lg-g5-h850-t3511930. I've tried to install TWRP but the button combination doesn't work. I've followed the instructions to the letter, I've pulled out the...
  39. H

    Thread [App][4.2+] Samsung Button Light - Custom the backlight of Samsung buttons (NO ROOT)

    Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kunkunsoft.buttonlight About Galaxy Button Light: ✔ Samsung Button Light is simple tool help you can select how long the capacitive buttons (Recent apps and Back keys) stay light of Samsung devices ✔ This application has many...
  40. MarcTremonti

    Thread Hardware Button remap?

    hey, i just wanted to remap my buttons with the gravitybox xposed module but that sadly didnt work. looks like some gravitybox options dont work with freedomOS or stock. is there any other module you know that allows me to remap m buttons? i want to open menu with single click on menu button...
  41. thedeadfish59

    Thread Front Camera Button Missing!

    My front camera button is got missing for the last 2month, didsony companion repair, did flash LP ftf , now im on MM stock rooted (BL unlocked), and I can see the front cam button apperaing only when I tap on menu, and when I tap on the front cam button, camera stops working! :( Model: E2333...
  42. A

    Thread How to get Volume buttons to wake phone in Lolipop (CM12.1)?

    Edit: this is no longer an issue in CM13.0 snapshot. I went ahead and upgraded and can confirm volume rocker wake (and double tap to wake) work. Hi All I'm on CM12.1 (MT2L03 cm-12.1-20151117-SNAPSHOT-YOG7DAO1K2-mt2) and can't seem to figure this out. I had the volume buttons waking the phone...
  43. M

    Thread [MOD] OP3 Button Mods - Adds menu button behavior!

    OP3 Button Mods OP3 Button Mods currently adds the missing "Open/close menu" to button actions. I am planning on adding an option to replace the single-press behavior of either Recents or Back button with Menu button as well, though that won't be in the first release. There are two options to...
  44. randomhkkid

    Thread Custom button mappings using custom firmware

    Hi all, I have an original pebble that has a non functioning back button. Unfortunately it is an earlier version without a screwed on back meaning there is no way to open it up and fix any loose connections without completely destroying the watch. I was wondering if it would be possible to...
  45. flar2

    Thread [APP] Button Mapper - Customize your hardware buttons

    Button Mapper allows you to remap any action you want to physical or capacitive hardware buttons. This includes volume buttons, camera button, home button on Samsung devices and capacitive home, back and recents, Bixby, Active Edge, LG assistant button and many buttons on game controllers and...
  46. Ticklefish

    Thread [MOD] How To Start The Camera From The Notification Screen

    Would you like to start your camera app anytime you like? Just by pulling down your notification screen and pressing a button? Yes? Oh, good! Then read on and I'll show you how! For this mod, you're going to need a decompiled SystemUI.apk. It can be odexed or deodexed, it really doesn't...
  47. D

    Thread Volume buttons can be pressed with screen off.

    Hello. I've had this problem for a while now but can't fix it. Basically my volume buttons can change the volume of my phone even though the screen is off and "locked" (just lockscreen). I can't imagine this is meant to be like this? It means my phone goes to full silent all the time when it's...
  48. L

    Thread (HELP) Menu Button Stucked

    Hello everyone. My old black Vivo Air got stollen so I bought a new one, white. Everything works like a charm except that apparently someone hit too hard the side of the screen by the menu button and it's kind of stuck, always. I mean, I may be doing nothing and it's like the menu pops up and...
  49. Nonta72

    Thread [Resolved] Enable Quick Settings Toggles in Galaxy Grand Prime ?

    I have been trying so hard to get this feature but have failed so far! I'm trying to enable the Quick Settings Toggles Switcher in the status bar. In picture 1, the button is missing; it's in Galaxy Grand Prime Lollipop firmware. In Picture 2, the button is present and we have toggles. It's...
  50. B

    Thread Found something you guys might like... CAMERA ADVICE!!

    When I just received the phone, I was really bummed that there wasn't a hardware button to snap pictures, because of the stupid ways I have to hold it and stuff :/ BUT!!!!! I was just playing around, and found out that, when in camera-mode, you can make a picture (or selfie) with pressing THE...