1. its_me_Sandy

    Thread [CLOSED] Where to buy ? New or used

    Hey all am planning to buy this phone due to awesome battery but everywhere it is out of stock. From flipkart to olx Any leads in chennai, India.. or if anyone is willing to sell kindly let me know
  2. T

    Thread [App] Analysis for eBay # BayAnalytica

    Have you ever wanted to know what something is worth on eBay and wanted to optimize your listing by using a free and easy to use analysis tool? With BayAnalytica it is possible to load thousands of sold articles including custom searches in a matter of seconds.The tool is easy to use and...
  3. ExtremeMOD

    Thread Where to buy (just) the module like PX30, PX5 or PX6?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to build a Rockchip based head unit from spare parts I got from other units and only missing the System On Module piece like a PX30, PX5 or PX6 board (see pic). Looked everywhere but cannot seem find them, only already mounted on motherboards or aren't for Android...
  4. L

    Thread where to buy HTC U20

  5. V

    Thread Planning to buy this device have some questions.

    I am planning to buy this device but I fear of some major issues normally exist with xiaomi devices and as well I know xiaomi it is expert in ignoring it or fixing it. Still I want to go with xiaomi again because I have learnt everything about its boot-loader unlocking and rooting. I have...
  6. ToXiC

    Thread Should I buy this specific used Galaxy S9? Please help me.

    AoA. Hi! I tried to find a specific subreddit to ask this question but I never found one and now I think this question belongs here. Because all people here are using this device. So 4 days back I searched for this cool device on olx and found out the man who is selling it is my friend. I asked...
  7. TheBlitzS

    Thread Few questions before potentially buying first OnePlus device

    I'm looking to upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S4. I followed OnePlus for a while and I still regret not buying the 6T McLaren Edition. However, I have some questions regarding the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition and OnePlus in general: Do you guys have problems with delayed notifications? I've...
  8. T

    Thread Should I buy it?

    I can decide buying the S10 (normal one) or the Huawei P30 Pro. What are your experiences with the phone so far? Would you buy it again or should I go for the P30 Pro?
  9. V

    Thread Please suggest some best 64GB SDcard for poco f1.

    I'm planning on to buy a 64GB SDcard, I'm currently in India. I need the best read/write support. I have a 250 mbps WiFi connection. I just don't want my SDcard to bottleneck the download speed. I just don't know about these SDcards and stuff. Please help me. :o
  10. S

    Thread Laptop breaking down after 2 Years, how to justify buying a 2.000$+ Laptops

    Hi, I have a philosophical question. My situation is as follows: my previous laptop worked for around 2.5 Years bevor USB ports broke and other things started to fail. the final straw was that the screen cracked. after that, i bought a Yoga 700 for around 800$ which worked for also around 2,5...
  11. I

    Thread Nokia 6.1 (TA-1068) from eGlobalCentral

    Hi everyone, I am considering a purchase of the Nokia 6.1 from in the link: It is explicitly advertised as the model TA-1068, which should be the international version with 64gb of storage and 4gb of RAM and Android...
  12. I

    Thread Nokia 7 Plus from

    Hi all, I am considering a purchase of the Nokia 7 Plus from and was wondering if anyone out there has already bought the phone from them and is willing to provide some more info about the actual variant TA-XXXX, whether it comes with Android One or not and in general if there...
  13. qounik

    Thread IS it Worth?

    So i was planning to buy this phone. A730F/DS. But Doing some researches i saw people are very disappointed with the device so now my question is it worth it? I will buy it with half the price from original so lets skip the price point and i won't buy any old Flagships (S7 Edge, already used...
  14. A

    Thread Looking for a PX5 Board

    Hi All, Looking to buy a PX5 board to upgrade my HU as I'm wanting to eventually put Oreo on it. Any chance anyone has one their selling?
  15. J

    Thread Wich one to buy around 20~40 usd for emulation? s905 cpu tv box android?

    hello there i already own an raspberry pi3 but im looking to play some android games and run better emulation here on my crt tv! im looking for android tv box to play something, i found that w95, tx3 and x96mini are almost same price and they look very very similar here in my country...wich one...
  16. S

    Thread Best deal for black friday ?

    Hi everyone, Where can we buy the cheapest p2a42 ? I keep looking from this morning (From France), It seems there's no promotion for this phone O.O.
  17. G

    Thread which variant to buy?

    I'm considering buying the note 8 but in terms of community support which version (if any) is better supported or is it to early to tell? My last phone was the S5 - SM G900i and while it was good most roms were generally made for the f variant. the f variant roms worked ok but always caused...
  18. S

    Thread Where i can buy this phone?

    I need some secure place to buy the P10, i searched in Amazon and it cost $710 without warranty. There's some offer or good price to get it? Thanks in advance and have a nice day. :good:
  19. Vency77

    Thread Should I buy a Nexus 5x, now?

    Hello, First of all, I know there are/may be similar threads, but nothing recent afaik, sorry if I have missed something. So to the question, is it worth it to get a Nexus 5X now? I was a happy Nexus 5 user for a lot of time, but the battery life got awful recently and getting a new battery for...
  20. Mr.Ak

    Thread Help with lcd replacement kit!

    Ok guys I just ordered the cheapest lcd replacement kit(lcd+digitizer without frame) in just 1500₹(~22dollars) from eBay. Link- P.s.- I applied coupon so don't ask ques like...
  21. W

    Thread Purchasing advice regarding variants (MEGATHREAD?)

    I am coming from the Samsung line, Note 4 to be exact. I know I will be purchasing the v20, as it is the spiritual successor to the Note 4, to me. I have been browsing the forums here and doing some reading, I see that the v20 is in it's infancy with root/developers breaking into nougat. I try...
  22. errikosd

    Thread Nexus 6P vs HTC 10 in end-2016

    Dear all, As my beloved G2's EOL is approaching, I am looking for a new phone. I have slimmed my choices down to two candidates. The Nexus 6P and the HTC 10. I am favouring the 6P due to its software and the quick updates. However, being an older device, I think it's lacking a little bit on...
  23. D

    Thread Buy redmi 2 prime 20140811

    Hi! Where can I buy new redmi 2 prime 20140811? I need shipment to europe. Thanks for answers in advance!
  24. O

    Thread Planning to buy a Galaxy Note 4 in 2016?

    hey guys, i need some of your help, i will buy a note 4 in these days, is still worth buying? If yes, what model? the snapdragon quadcore or the exynos octacore? which of them have more development for stable roms like a note 7 port to the note 4? Please i need your opinions, thank you:D
  25. D

    Thread From where to buy S7 edge screen ?

    Hello, I know this is not the first thread about this problem. I've read a lot and I didn't find a solution for my problem. In shorts: Dropped the phone on dog field of grass, unfortunately there was a rock and the screen is cracked. I am in Alaska, for the summer and here the internet is...
  26. Hakosuka11

    Thread [HELP] Moving from a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact to a Moto X Play

    Hi, I need your opinion ... I'm about to change my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and was thinking about Moto X Play 32Gb. The phone i´m using right now is packed with an Snapdragon 801 - 2Gb Ram - 16 Gb of internal memory - 20mp camera and Sony's Android 6.0.1. If you can give me some feedback about...
  27. MZO

    Thread How to buy a phone?

    How do you buy your phone? You go through the specs? Did you ever feel like your specs (10 core processor, 2GHz, 4GB RAM or so) is not fast enough? Because you go through buying process all wrong. Yeah! When buying you don't only look at the specs, You take a look at SoC and then compare SoCs...
  28. J

    Thread [Q] What phone i should buy?

    Easy question. Redmi 3 PRO or Redmi 3S?
  29. J

    Thread [Q] New Battery for HTC One S VilleC2

    Hello everyone. i have my HTC One S villec2 sense november 2012, now the battery drains in like 4 hours or less when im on 3G Network and Data ON. i open pokemon go and the battery goes 100% to 50% in a hour or half hour xD. so i decide to buy a new one but i don't know where to buy to be secure...
  30. E

    Thread Need a new Motherboard? Or at least some help

    I'm wondering if anyone has a Nexus 5 D821 motherboard in working condition that they would like to get rid of. Or if anyone knows of a way to get into Qualcomm 9008 mode from LGE Android Platform USB Serial Port. The phone seems dead, doesnt react to button presses, Vol Up+Vol Down+ Power...
  31. A

    Thread Is it still a good idea to buy a Galaxy S5 Mini in july 2016?

    Hello guys, my Z3c is dying on me and I've come to notice that the S5 Mini is a well-rounded phone. My sister has one and it has survived many falls and abuses. Is it a good idea to buy a new one in these days? Or should I go to something newer? I'm a die-hard fan of small phones, but my...
  32. M

    Thread Buying this phone instead of the competition

    Hello all, I found this phone for the price of a Nexus 5X (which, lets say is very cheap in my country). I like the overall design and colors. I know the battery life can be bad, but reading the reviews for other relatively affordable phones out there (3.5-5 hrs SOT) makes this phone better (5+...
  33. T

    Thread SM-G930FD or SAMSUNG S7 Dous where to buy in rome

    Hi guys i am in rome for two days and i want to buy one s7 duos. Could you please any advise for where to buy this phone. I wanto buy dual sim version. For now i am using s6 duos 64 gig. If i have to buy single sim version maybe i think buy a iphone 6s 64 gig. Actually im confused about single...
  34. J

    Thread Buy Honor 5X

    Hello to all. i have a few questions because i want to buy a new phone for 200$ or less. i see a few phones (if you know other please tell me). OnePlus X, Alcatel One Touch idol 3, Huawei 5X, Huawei P8 Lite (kirin or snapdragon), blu one life x 2016. but i can't decide. if i see reviews about...
  35. J

    Thread Buy a OnePlus X

    Hello to all. i have a few questions because i want to buy a new phone for 200$ or less. i see a few phones (if you know other please tell me). OnePlus X, Alcatel One Touch idol 3, Huawei 5X, Huawei P8 Lite (kirin or snapdragon), blu one life x 2016. but i can't decide. if i see benchmarks...
  36. rajit

    Thread Reason To Choose One Plus X ??

    Hi, I am having a hard time to make sure which device i choose as I cant affort to buy a bulky device.. In my list top of the phone is one plus X. Their are few phone which is in the bracket of 15k (india). Like samsung j7.. Oneplusx Running on a 801 chip . i know its better than the octa...
  37. coso182

    Thread [Q] What tablet should I buy? - Nvidia Shield Tablet vs Asus Zenpad S 8 Z580CA

    Hi guys! So I have decided to purchase a tablet and after doing a lot of thinking and research and after some time all come up to two candidates: Nvidia Shield Tablet vs Asus Zenpad S 8 Z580CA (the 4 gigs of ram version) Could you help me decide wich one should I buy? What tablet is better...
  38. M

    Thread I Want to buy the phone,please answer.

    I want to buy an M8 from eBay,and I want know if is going to work so I asked the seller if it would work in Dominican Republic then she send me this:"The ESN number on this phone has been checked. At this time, this phone can only work within the United States on a post paid plan from Sprint."...
  39. N

    Thread I can sell Nexus 6P 64GB Graphite to you

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  40. mdabar

    Thread Group purchase

    Hi guys, I'm dealing with an online shop for a group purchase, the first question is which model would be the most interesting to ask for... there are really a lot. I have started a poll in Google+ -> But of course all the comments are...
  41. M

    Thread ZL Parts

    Don't know if this is the correct section to post. I'm in need of the digitizer and a black bezel. Anyone know where I can purchase quality parts? Thanks.
  42. owenbeals

    Thread VIDEO- 5 Reasons NOT To Buy The OnePlus 2

    The OnePlus 2 looks like a great device. I am especially excited to try out the new home button/ fingerprint scanner. The alert slider looks pretty cool too. There are plenty of reasons to buy this device, but there are a few major omissions by OnePlus in this device. Here is my list of 5...
  43. xPnoyStar

    Thread I'm looking for a new smartphone

    Hi there, I am looking for a new smartphone, as my current one (Xperia Z, 2 years) has a display damage and I think, replacing the display doesn't make any sense, as it would cost a lot. I have these smartphones in my list: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini...
  44. G

    Thread [Q] Is it worth to buy an AT&T Note Edge now?

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with this, guys. I have Note 1 and due for an upgrade with AT&T. I've repaired this Note 1 many times and changed a lot of faulty components. I have unfixable problems with GPS and power button sometimes (1/month) not working until full disassembly and...
  45. darkforce314

    Thread [Q] Will you buy Xperia Z99?

    Hello my friends and enemies! I was using my z1 since it gone out and it is beautiful smartphone at exterior & software. Sony made awesome work with this one. But recently the Japanes company are not going well... :( - Economical problems -> Sony Mobile reduced number of workers -> Less...
  46. J

    Thread [Q] Would you recommend me this phone?

    Hello everyone, I am about to retire my One M7, which served me well in all aspects except for the camera and more importantly, battery life. I don't know anyone who has this phone and I will most likely be locked in for at least 2 years. I've read many reviews but I would like some personal...
  47. C

    Thread [Q] [I8190] Where can I get an original battery?

    Hello all, I want to buy a new battery for my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, I want to get an original one, not one of the "commercial" batteries that you will end up buying a new one after couple of months, if not weeks. I think I can't find one easily in my country, so anyone got a suggestion on...
  48. S

    Thread [Q] OnePlusOne (OPO) vs Nexus 5

    Hi! All of these "problems" of 'OPO only increase my insecurities. You who do you recommend, Nexus 5 or OPO? Otherwise an 'alternative? sorry for my bad english
  49. T

    Thread [Q] Better to replace the battery or sell it?

    I've been using my Nexus 4 since December of 2012, and I loved it. I have had only a few issues with it along the way (mostly due to bad flashes or something caused by me) but the phone's battery has just been killing me lately. I can't even get 6 hours of standby time before it dies on me. I...
  50. X

    Thread [Q] Moto X 2014 or Z3 Compact?

    Hi, i'm planning to buy a new phone. Currently i've a Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) and want something faster and updated. After consider various options (phones features, prices, availability in my country) i reduced the list to the Motorola Moto X 2014 and the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. The things...