bypass activation

  1. Dangerous20

    Thread Redmi 9c(angelica)

    Hi everyone, i bought a second hand redmi 9c . And now it shows Xiaomi lock screen MI. Is there any solution to avoid this. I have heard that with some ADB commands you can prevent it from connecting with the Xiaomi server. Bootloader is already unlocked
  2. ghettozo

    Thread SM-G955W recovery

    i bought a phone from a guy online and its got google acocunt recovery on it. basicly im locked out of the phone. i can get into android recovery and download mode. when i try to use odin i get an error saying odin can't open the serial (com) port. i looked it up n it says i need samsung kies...
  3. B

    Thread Can't log in after hard reset

    After hard reset I am unable to verify my account as previous owner. I didn't remembered the password of my account after hard reset. So I decided to reset my google account password but after resisting my phone is unable to recognize my account as previous owner of the phone. Please help me...
  4. phonecapone

    Thread [Q] Anyone delt with Samsung 5 Series Chromebook Model xe500c21? Need to Reset.

    [Q] Anyone delt with Samsung 5 Series Chromebook Model xe500c21? Need to Reset / Format somehow. Chromebook is from 2011-2012. I aquired 15 of these units from an auction. All ex units from a local school. I was told all were removed from the Admin System. Yet when I log in i get the login...
  5. adithyan25

    Thread Remove /Bypass Lockscreen With Recovery

    Recently when i restored my data using TWRP i faced a problem at lock screen. I was not able to unlock my phone with the pin i set Earlier..So after so many attempts i was able to find a solution for that problem.(works with pattern,pin etc) Requirements ----------------- 1. A phone That...
  6. M

    Thread Bypass google account on huawei union y538

    Like the title says, I cant get pass through that, My friend restore his phone to cell it, and forgot to remove his google account first , and as everyone knows, most of the people todays doesnt remember that or change the password like 10 times per week, I LOOK LIKE 100 POST OF HUAWEIS ...
  7. D

    Thread [SOLVED]Bypass Google Account Protection after Factory Reset (Galaxy J3)

    2nd post contains solution. Hello, We have a Choose "Your Own Device" policy in our company where users can purchase many devices from a catalogue (Android and iOS). When employees leave the company, they return the device to IT where it is wiped and handed to the next user if device still has...
  8. yossijoe

    Thread Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass

    Tested on GS6 SM-G920V on Marshmallow Please note that this Guide is for Samsung Reactivation lock and not Google FRP lock, You might wanna check out Tomsgt s YouTube FRP Playlist. With device turned off, enter download mode (power +Volume down + Home buttons) Then press all buttons to get...
  9. DamianHelixTV

    Thread XT1028 (VZW) 5.1 LP OTA: WiFi-only users BEWARE!

    Prior to making this thread, I'm active in this thread, talking about my update situation. ------------------------------------------ UPDATE: This is how you bypass the activation screen! Big thanks to henser for figuring it out! ------------------------------------------ Here's my situation...
  10. C

    Thread Using Unactivated Droid Incredible ~As WIFI ONLY DEVICE~

    This is my first post in XDA and im sorry if i have done anything wrong.. Im not responsible if something happens wrong... I created this thread because there are many people out there having an Unactivated Droid Incredible and hoping to use it as a WIFI only Device. This can be done even your...
  11. txgoathead

    Thread [Q] Bypass Sprint activation

    Hey Folks, I am an owner of a new HTC Evo View 4g hoping to find answers to the following questions... Is there a way to bypass the Sprint Hands Free Activation when you power up Evo View 4g? Is there a way to cancel the constant sync of nothing? When it is powered on an connected to wifi the...
  12. B

    Thread The HP Touchpad Demo Unit Solution - Bypass Activation

    As of 1425 CDT on 22-Aug 2011 it appears HP has unlocked the DEMO units; you may not need the steps below. I'll leave them here for reference. MOD EDIT (LP): If required, please read "[GUIDE] Turning a Demo unit into a fully functional Retail Unit" posted by mplacido9 for more detailed...