1. cr4ck3dn

    Thread [Big pack]Windows mobile Apps and games pack 2022

    Hello. I found my old DVD with applications and games for windows mobile! :love: Most have been tested on the Qtek S110 / HTC Magician (wm 2003 SE), HTC Hermes 1 / Tytn1, HTC Diamond 1. Enjoy! o_O Apps : Games: Download links: mediafire Mega nz ( Googfle drive - Please ask acces! I will...
  2. nate0

    Thread iutool error Command failed 0x8018830d

    I am trying to send a cab file to my lumia to be able to flash using wdrt again. The issue occurred when trying to debrand a Lumia 650. I accidently used a cab file I had for a lumia 950 and altered the PlatID to that one. I was still able to debrand the 650 using a different method but now I...
  3. djamol

    Thread [CAB] Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM RM-1067 IN Firmware Packages.

    Model info Phone model: Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM PackageTitle: RM-1067 VAR IMEA IN CV Product Code: 059X1J0 manufacturerHardwareModel: RM-1067 Firmware: 02177.00000.15184.36002 OS Version: 8.10.15148.160 Windows Phone 8.1 GDR Update 2 - Blue Firmware Packages.
  4. Jemmauk

    Thread Jetcet print cab &/or stock rom

    I have looked high and low for the netcet printing cab and have been unable to find it anywhere, if anyone can provide this i would be grateful. I have also been unable to find a stock rom for the UK touch pro that I just bought since the energyrom I flashed was/is a complete disaster. Has...
  5. G

    Thread I need one file to make my I780 alive - please help

    Hi Could anyone of You post xml file for WM 6.5 with standard home screen configuration or HTC today screen, without any additional plugins or could You tell me how to unpack it from cab ? I understand that everything what is displayed on home screen is saved in xml file and when and at...
  6. G

    Thread [Q] I need one file to make my I780 alive - please help

    Hi Could anyone of You post xml file for WM 6.5 with standard home screen configuration or HTC today screen, without any additional plugins or could You tell me how to unpack it from cab ? I understand that everything what is displayed on home screen is saved in xml file and when and at device...
  7. Tabbii

    Thread [Q] What's a "cab"?

    Hi I have a question for the smart guys on XDA: What is a "cab"? I read this word like all over the ROM threads. "CAB SENDERS", "UPDATE THE CAB", "CAB FILES". What's "cab"? And what does it do?? From a very conf. person, Tabbi ;D
  8. E

    Thread Important cab file to lower the volume on HD2

    Hello :) I've flashed the WP7 ROM for HTC HD2 which YukiXDA has posted in the developer section. Seems to run fine and the ability to send over cab-files to the phone just like official updates is amazing! But I've got one little problem. Already searched the forum and posted in the ROM thread...
  9. CaiKroll

    Thread Does anyone have

    Does anyone have I need it to fix my phone. Thanks in advance.
  10. J

    Thread [Q] CAB files on Mango

    I have installed ROM Yardie on my Mozart and wanted to use a *.CAB file to change the language to Czech. I found this file in this thread Unfortunatelly it has some bugs (WI-FI menu, keyboard menu, phone,...) Is it possible to repair...
  11. C

    Thread [POLL] I would like to create my own CABs

    Hi outthere I just wanna know how many devs outthere are in the same situtaion like me: eagerly wanting to create own cabs and play around with his wp7 but no idea how to do it. So I (and hopefully a lot of you too) need a good tutorial for creating cabs: So if you feel that too, vote and hope...
  12. M

    Thread [Q] ISV Beta Cleanup CAB?

    As the title says, is it possible to get the cab files for beta cleanup update? I cannot get the update to install through zune:( (same error as many people have experienced) and so far i havent found a solution that works. CAB file would make it so much easier!! I have an unlocked (as in...
  13. C

    Thread [Q] Confused with building my own cab - Possible Solution for MAC-Address

    Hi I was searching a solution for the well-known MAC-address problem. After searching in this forum I found that it has something to do with nvram.txt which is located in the Windows folder. So examined this txt file (you can copy it from the windows folder with TouchExplorer even on Mango)...
  14. E

    Thread .cab-file to use for Jailbreak

    Hello :) These are just my assumptions.. and I'll edit this post with everything I found out. If you find wrong information, please correct and help me solving this "problem". I'd be relly glad if someone could clarify this whole thing: If you're updating your phone to Mango (maybe all other...
  15. H

    Thread [Q] "not digitally signed" NONE OF THE XDA APPS WORK ALL OF A SUDDEN.

    so im PiSSED.!!!out of nowhere, none of my xda apps work anymore even the ones installed. i cant even start my android app. i was told i need to lower the security or sumthin but i dont know how is there some simple way to bypass this? because i dont understand all that patching mumbo jumbo on...
  16. Dblaster

    Thread [APP] [QVGA] Winzip for WM6.x.x

    Hi everybody, I've made a cab file of winzip, and like to share it with XDA-community. I know that zip files can be extracted with programs like Total Commander, etc and they all are here on XDA, but I made this because I found some people asking specially for it. Hope you all like it:):)!!!!
  17. J

    Thread [Q] Questions about CAB compression/signing, wceload bugs and WM/CE versions

    This is a technical Windows Mobile/Windows CE question, techie answers only, please. Hi, it is somewhat documented that some WM/CE platforms include a version of wceload.exe, which 1. Refuses to recognize any signed CAB file as being a valid CAB file and/or 2. Refuses to recognize any...
  18. manhab

    Thread [Q] application like nude it and xray for pocket pc

    hi,i need an application like nude it or x ray ,it s a funy application that shows a naked body via the mobile ,my problem that i need it for my pocket pc wm6 in lg ks20 so give me some links or a similar application:o:o
  19. L

    Thread [Q] CAB and ROM files

    Can someone simply tell me how its possible that i cannot edit somefiles in Windows dir but i can install those with a cab file? For example - to edit icons i should edit file called phcanOverbmp.dll - From Total Commander CE i cannot change its atribs but i can install some cab with this file...
  20. M

    Thread wifi on in standby

    Guys, I'm new in this forum so I wish say hi to everybody... Then, I have an HTC diamond 2 (original rom) I've searched for the topic in the forum and I found just a solution working in my phone. I've downloaded the cab and...
  21. Chef_Tony

    Thread [Q] AutoInstall on Stock rom

    Hi everybody. i just flashed back to stock rom and want to give it a try. since right after i bought the phone i always had cooked roms on it and they all came with an autoinstall feature. now after hard resetting i face installing a lot of cab files and certainly don't want to do it manually...
  22. H

    Thread [Q] looking for bt hid support

    hey all! Im using energys great rom for td2. unfortunatly energy roms are without blueooth hid support to install keyboards or anything like that like stock rom does. is there any cab to reinstall the service? found an old cab (year about 2007 and 93kb ), but it doesnt work. please help.
  23. J

    Thread xperia 2 camera firmware

    after i changed the language from italian to english and after i updated by seus it happend that the phone asked to update the camera firmware but it ends unsucsessful. every time i soft reset it came always the message. i tried to install the camera cab again but no use. everything is perfect...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] Recalibrate my screen with new cords!

    Hi, i have a problem with my old Diamond 2, Its **** up (after i change den digitziter) with my CalibrationData ( HKLM\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\TOUCH\) and i need to updated with new data (512,545 183,882 183,208 837,209 838,88) /(whos from my new diamond 2), How can i make a cab whos i can install...
  25. M

    Thread [Q] Exploring CAB installer

    Can I extract audio theme from CAB installer in any readable format? I'm talking about background music in game.
  26. Yorkshire Yellow

    Thread [SOLVED] App to generate list of cabs installed to device?

    I've got 'CabBatchInstall' on my device, which is useful, as it allows you to install a batch of cabs one by one to your device, after updating the ROM or doing a hard reset. You generate a list by pointing at the directory where you've stored them, and can then edit the text file down to only...
  27. D

    Thread [Q] newbie help with framework and cab files

    Hello xda developers... First-time poster. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate programmer attempting first Windows Mobile app. Got a deal on a t-mobile dash off ebay and am trying to create an application or two for it for personal use. Problem: Getting a simple program written in c# to run on a...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Auto install CAB directory

    Hey all, I searched for this a while but I couldn't find anything. What I want is that users can make a directory on their Storage Card, lets say "AutoInstall". Then, when they flash my ROM, all the CAB and TSK files are automatically installed during first boot. I don't know how to do this...
  29. F

    Thread HTC Weather Tab and Twitter Cab

    Hello there. i'm newbie here and would like to ask your recommendation. i'm using htc touch pro 2 (T7373) and when first bought it, it was preinstalled with WinMo 6.5 official roms WWE Asia. after few weeks, i found that Winmo6.5 is sluggish and feel like to downgrade to winmo6.1 and resulted...
  30. L

    Thread [Q] Barebone - but not completely naked ROM? HTC Apps - available anywhere?

    I've been looking through the forums, searching my butt off, etc but I'm still unable to get where I want to go - so time to ask around. Hopefully it won't turn out I'm just a crappy searcher.... So! I really enjoy SPB Mobile Shell, especially after you slap a TouchFlo/Sense-like skin on it...
  31. U

    Thread [Q] All cab installations unsuccessful - TMoUS

    I am unable to uninstall any cab files from file explorer after a hard reset to my TMobile HD2. The complete error message is "Installation of was unsuccessful" and happens immediately (less than a second) after opening any cab. I went as far as to hard reset the phone again without...
  32. B

    Thread Text Messaging Thread Mod/Hack/Tweak/Cabs/Custom

    Hi, I really don't like the look of the text message threads the way it comes on the Tilt 2 (you know, the white background with a green underlined From text & then the message text)... and I've seen other phones that make them look a lot nicer with 3D-ish boxes around each message & alternating...
  33. B

    Thread Text Messaging Thread Mod/Hack/Tweak/Cabs/Custom

    Hi, I really don't like the look of the text message threads the way it comes on the Tilt 2 (you know, the white background with a green underlined From text & then the message text)... and I've seen other phones that make them look a lot nicer with 3D-ish boxes around each message & alternating...
  34. R

    Thread MyMobiler CAB

    I created a cab for the files on the phone that MyMobiler needs. This is just remote.exe(the copy for winmo5/6), and a start menu icon for it. None of the files needed on-PC are included here. This is for version 1.25 It sounds like the MyMobiler license allows redistribution, as long as the...
  35. american.swan

    Thread Epix Google Latitude

    NOTE: Mods I don't know exactly where to post this. Sorry. I live in South Korea. I use Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Blackjack III(epix) Korean version. Yes, English programs install just fine. I have used Google Latitude for just over one year. Worked great. Then Latitude / Google Maps 4.0/4.1...
  36. GibranLv

    Thread Help with contacts program...

    how can i use "contacts" in windows 6.5 on my 6.5.5 the thing is that i prefer the way it looks on 6.5 than on 6.5.5
  37. G-ThGraf

    Thread [CAB/EXT]Messaging Client 2015/2016 [UPDATE] 3rd August 2010

    Messaging Client 2015/2016*With Secure Box/No loading bugs/video to whow it* This new messaging client is really faster... Lastest Update are here (In the HOME of The Messaging Client) my friends: link Here is the lastest build from HTC, custom (icon and new mui) by me! 2015/2016 works...
  38. A

    Thread Some CAB files automatically install to device memory

    Hello all, I've come across some CAB files that when launched in WM, will immediately start installing the application to device memory. I've had a look at those CAB files in WinCE CAB Manager and tried comparing them to regular CAB files but cannot find any difference which would enable one...
  39. hazzahex

    Thread Colored Volume Interface and More!

    Scroll down for Mods WATCH ON YOUTUBEWATCH ON YOUTUBE CHECK OUT MY VID OF ANDROID ON THE HD2!: NC0FeTnsej8 Thumbs up and Subscribe!!! - - - - - - - - - - - - - This is my first attempt at making a modification to the windows mobile interface Below are various customizations by...
  40. M

    Thread [HELP] How to set Opera Mini 5 beta as default browser

    Hi guys :) i'd like to know if there's a way to make Opera Mini ( NOT the Java version ) but the Cab [ it's named Opera Mini 5 beta v.5.03521] your default browser ? I've found many ways to do it but its only with the jbed thing and that version kinda sucks versus the cab...I've found this ...
  41. F

    Thread best available cab files (applications)

    what are the best .cab files (applications) for this phone.
  42. olyloh6696

    Thread Manilla Notification Area Cab

    Hello guys, im loving the Manilla ROM cooking going on here! I have used Arag0n85's latest manilla Rom 6.5.5 (v14.7) it is good, however, i have downgraded back to v.11, because of ram problems and low ram when using apps. But i particalary like about the ROM is the manilla notification area...
  43. Knucklessg1

    Thread Simple question

    Is there some sort of scrolling bar, or alphabet that i can install for my media player on hd2 so that i can scroll faster, kind of like iphone music list with alphabet, or just even a scrolling bar? any cab for that?
  44. N

    Thread Online Registry Cab Creator site?

    Hello all, I've searched all over xda and google, but i cant seem to find this site. few months ago i came across this website that had a Huge list of registry edits. One could just tick each registry he/she wanted and scroll down to the bottom and fabricate a custom cab file with all the...
  45. A

    Thread Arabic Hardware Keyboard CAB

    This is a CAB file for the Arabic Keyboard driver, extracted and repackaged from the Imate EXTROM CABs. Tested on HTC TyTN with official HTC WM6 WWE ROM. I made this for a friend, and thought I would share, since I can't find a cruft free version anywhere. Enjoy :)
  46. S

    Thread Can't run CAB files from device anymore - help

    I somehow removed association using total commander. Don't know how to get it back. So i can't install cab files. When you click properties of a cab file, what association information do you see?
  47. savir90

    Thread SOLVED:::How to digitally sign a cab with a trusted certificate

    hi Im basically developing this titanium modification, it's already finalized and ready for cab'ing....ive tryed CE Cab manager, quikcab and they both succesfully build the cab perfect but when i go to install it i get the "installation has been unsuccesful because it is not digitally signed...
  48. G

    Thread How to cook a CAB theme into a ROM?

    I am trying to cook a theme that is in a CAB file into my ROM. I would like to make it the default theme. Here is the theme I want to cook: How do I add the theme to my ROM and make it default? EDIT: Got the theme added, but how can I...
  49. DaveShaw

    Thread [CAB] Enable Active Sync with Multiple Exchange Servers

    Eyup, This is not my fix, I found it here all credit to Nuno Luz of - who in turn found it from "Chris de Herrera" here. (That's as far as I traced the credits ;)) Basically in Active Sync 4.* Microsoft removed the ability to Sync with 2 Exchange Servers. I tested this fix on my...
  50. oliver7

    Thread Weird: can't install no cab-files! nor remove

    Howdy, I can't install any cab on my Elfin anymore ("installation failed")! That sucks! :) It's no memory problem (theres enough mem). I think somehow my HTC lost his information about what programs are installed, because - the "remove apps" app has no entry (I can't remove programs but there...