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  1. G

    Thread Using ODIN to change CSC on Samsung A10 to enable stock call recording, but it fails

    Hi - I have an unused Samsung A10, bought over a year ago, and want to be able to use call recording on it. It is now updated to android v.11. Model number is SM-A105FN/DS, but I couldn't find a CSC from India (INS) for that, so using an SM-A105F one. I've tried using SamFw Tool 4.7.1, and also...
  2. M

    Thread Question Which versions of S22 ultra supports call recording?

    It seems the USA modules doesn’t support that function, when I go to the “three dots” in the ”phone” application, there’s no such option allows me to enable recording during a phone call. But there are tutorials telling me that you can enable that function, that’s quite confusing. Does it means...
  3. J

    Thread Question How to get back MIUI dialer for call recording?

    On my previous Xiaomi phone I had MIUI dialer and call recording was flawless without announcement. On the Redmi Note 12 Pro there's no MIUI dialer but only the Google dialer. I tried to install MIUI dialer apk but it won't even open. For Google dialer there's call recording announcement and it...
  4. G

    Thread Unlock call recording on SM-N986U(1) by changing ROM/CSC to SM-N9860 CHC

    Wondering if this is possible and whether US bands / connectivity will be affected?
  5. E

    Thread Question Call recording without announcement on Xiaomi 12T Pro

    Hi, Could somebody with knowledge please answer my 2 questions. I would appreciate it. (Xiaomi 12T Pro -OS MIUI 14 - Android 13) 1. Why is there no option to automatically record all calls (usually there is an option that says 'Record all calls' under Call recording in the phone dialer app)...
  6. TheMystic

    Thread Why is a voice prompt required for call recording?

    Can someone explain how silent call recording is an invasion of privacy? There is a lot of talk that a person has a right to know that his/ her conversation is being recorded, and that is fine, but then how is silent recording an invasion of privacy? What is the person complaining concerned...
  7. S

    Thread Question How to enable call recording?

    Hi everyone, How can I enable call recording? I don't have the setting anywhere, but I know it's available for devices sold on my country. My S21 Ultra is apperently from UAE 🇦🇪, and I'm in Israel. Will flashing an Israeli ROM fix this? I remember having this problem with my old S9 and...
  8. C

    Thread Question Poco M4 Pro 5G - Automatic Call Recording - MISSING

    Hey , Recently I started to get some problems recording calls, so I unlocked my Poco M4 Pro 5G and installed Global ROM - that fixed my recording problem - BUT the option for "automatic recording" is still missing , in fact I still see the option but it disappears very quickly . So I did some...
  9. O

    Thread How do I enable Native Call Recording on One UI 4.1 (Android 12)

    I have a SM-G781U1 (Cricket CSC: AIO) rooted and unlocked bootloader. Currently running the following ROM (Android 12 One UI 4.1) G781USQU7FVC2_BIT1_SAFE.7z ( I am trying to enable native Call Recording and so...
  10. S

    Thread How To Guide Call Recording GT 2 (non-root/root)

    Thanks to criszz, who posted it in the GT 2 Pro Forums here: So the GT 2 Owners are aware and can enjoy it, too. You need: - Enabled Developer Settings with activated USB-Debugging - ADB...
  11. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Is there any way to get 3rd-party call recording (ACR) apps working after tomorrow, May 11th, 2022?

    Is there any way to get 3rd-party call recording (ACR) apps working after tomorrow, May 11th, 2022? As of tomorrow, May 11, 2022, Google apparently is nixing non-native automatic call recording (ACR) apps. Google will kill call recording apps on Android for good starting May 11 Google is...
  12. AVTOfficial

    Thread Question Help me! Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Call Recording not available

    Hello guys! Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. BUT there is no way that I can record calls. I'm from Bulgaria and it is some kind of regulation crap. I mean when I go to the options in the dialer app the option for call recordings is not present at all. Most of my calls are for work...
  13. jmbnus

    Thread Question Can we have native call recording on EU with Galaxy A52s? SOLVED

    In the EU it isn't legal for OEM's to sell phones with a native call recording feature. With Huawei phones sold in EU you can install the native call recorder apk from a region where they have this feature and problem solved. Can we do the same with Samsung phones, or do we need to flash a CSC...
  14. K

    Thread Need help with SELinux and allowing it permissions to specific apps and also being able to record calls.

    As the title say pretty much it all, i need help with SELinux. I do not quite understand it's purpose and why it got introduced. My main problem right now is i cant use some very apps like before (Android 8 or less) since i'm now in Android 11 or more. Also i've been warned that we cant...
  15. Amit Kumar R


    DISCLAIMER: INTRODUCTION: FEATURES: NOTES: INSTALLATION: BUGS: Please report the issue, phone, rom, android version, and the method used. SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS: Lineage OS Team ArcanaOS Team OctaviOS Team crDroid ROM Team Magisk Mod Developer and others... And...
  16. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 CSC Mods

    A magisk module adding some CSC-Mods to your Galaxy A72 systemlessly! Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A72 (SM-A725F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will revert everything to it's...
  17. N

    Thread Location of recorded calls via google dialer?

    Hello, i previously used xiaomi phones and it had it's own dialer in which recorded calls get store in miui/sound recording/call recording, but now I'm using poco with miui 12.5 and it has google dialer, and i did few call records but only accessible in recording app with lots of scrolling from...
  18. N

    Thread Phone with Out of Box Call Recorder

    Hi, can you guys recommend a mid to high end Android phone with a built in call recorder? I know both Huawei and Mi phones used to have them until around 2018 / 2019. Now none of the new phones seems to have inbuilt call recording. For my job it is a must to have call recording. Currently, I...
  19. S

    Thread Is there a way to replace the default Samsung phone app with a different version?

    I bought the Galaxy S21 in the US and was very disappointed to find out that it had limited functionality than variants sold elsewhere (like dual sim and built-in call recording). Is there a way to replace the US version of the phone app with the non-US version so that I can have call recording...
  20. I

    Thread Realme google dialer uninstall

    Is it possible to uninstall google dialer and message through adb and then install realme dialer and message app using apk?will it cause bootloop?
  21. T

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB aka SMG998B/DS. Exynos 2100. 12GB RAM. 256GB storage.

    Hello to everyone. I finally got a proper mobile. A Samsung Galaxy S12 Ultra 5G 256GB aka SMG998B/DS. It has a Exynos 2100. 12GB RAM. 256GB storage. But I need the following: - Able to record ALL phone calls at best quality. Cloud integration. Even better if able to automatically record VoIP...
  22. T

    Thread [MOD][ROOT] Enable call recording on Google Phone

    Call recording on Google Phone is only enabled for selective devices in Few Countries and unluckily it wasnt available for POCO F1 but finally after fidelling for so long I was able to enable call recording on my Poco F1 running AEX 11. Prequisites: 1. Device must be rooted with Magisk 2. Any...
  23. S

    Thread Question inbuilt Call Recording, CSC or any other method

    Dear All . I recently purchased S21 Plus SM-G9960/DS, Snapdragon variant. I rooted it and installed magisk. Also changed mps_code.dat, omcnw_code.dat and omcnw_code2.dat to ILO but still i couldn't get inbuilt call recorder working . IS there any other ? is there any other stock ROM that I...
  24. pol-der

    Thread Lineage Phone (APK) Call Recording Not Working

    Hi XDA Family, Hope you are well. I bought a new phone Mi Note 10 Lite and uninstalled all bloatware apps and replaced them with privacy based ones. I downloaded Lineage Phone (Dialer) from Apkmirror and installed. It is working like a charm on calls but i can't record the conversations. When i...
  25. dokingo

    Thread how to record calls on Realme 7?

    Hello. I have been testing lots of applications from the PlayStore to record calls on this device without success Does anyone know of any way to do it? Thank's in advance! Cheers!
  26. S

    Thread Non root call recording through adb?

    Hi, I own a Samsung Galaxy S10 lite Dual Sim SM-G770F and Baseband G770FXXS3CTI1and Service provider SW ver. SAOMC_SM-G770F_OXM_PHE_QQ_0012RF8N21MRDVJ PHE/PHE,PHE/XSG. AFAIK the ROM is not multi CSC, if possible, I would like to know: * Is there a CSC unbranded Spanish stock ROM for this phone...
  27. S

    Thread Call Recording

    I cannot seem to find the Call Recording function for this phone like all the Realme phones. Is anyone else having this issue?
  28. isratom

    Thread Built in Call Recorder Gone?

    Ny way to revive it? If not, what's the best external App foe call recording on this phone?:confused:
  29. X

    Thread A call record button appeared out of nowhere, any idea?

    So, recently I have noticed that a call record icon has appeared in call screen alongside the hold/change sim etc icons that usually appears when you are in call. Tapping the record button shows "Call Recording" and if tapped again voice tells that "Call has been successfully recorded" which can...
  30. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [ANDROID 10] Stock Call Recording (Q) - v1.0.0

    AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Features: - Call Recording master switch (on | off) - Auto record incoming calls (on | off) - Auto record outgoing calls (on | off) - Recordings file format (*.amr | *.mp3) Requeriments: - Sony stock android 10 firmware - Magisk V20+ rooted Xperia device - EdXposed...
  31. shah55555

    Thread [HELP] Call Recording in custom Android 10

    I want to know that which Q rom is best for mi A1 for free call recording please
  32. bigoliver

    Thread Call recording on Mi Note 10

    Edits: 1.Call Recording is working fine, without root, via 3rd party apps (well at least when using Call Recorder by Skvalex, I assume other apps will also work) 2.Call recording continues to work with Android 10 update. 3.Sample call recording here...
  33. bigoliver

    Thread [Q] Call recording

    Is the Xiaomi Mi 10, and Mi 10 Pro, capable of call recording? I'd like to know if call recording: is available out of the box as standard or if call recording is available via rooting the device (if rooting is even possible?) I'm in the UK and hoping to purchase the Mi 10 Pro (although no...
  34. M

    Thread [call recording][android 10] enable call recording in android 10 roms

    Requirements: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 with unlocked bootloader and TWRP or any other recovery flashed (you can try in other phones) AOSP dialer apk (attached at the end of the post)( extract from zip before copying) Instructions: 1.After flashing any Android 10 rom boot into recovery. 2.Mount...
  35. X

    Thread Which phones (OS) support two-way call recording by default?

    I know MIUI has option to record recipient voice on all calls. Stock Android doesnt have this option (3rd party apps mostly dont work). Any other brand phones / OS which have call recording feature to record recipient voice atleast if not own voice?
  36. deviouskind

    Thread Need to know if I can downgrade Sprint Galaxy S9

    Hi, I have a Sprint Galaxy S9 running One UI Version 1.0, Android 9, Basebase G960USQS4CSC8. I need to downgrade this phone to Android 8 in order to successfully record audio calls from both parties. I tried flashing G960USQU3BRK1_G960UOYN3BRK1_SPR & G960USQU3BRJ5_G960UOYN3BRJ5_SPR but they...
  37. quicksite

    Thread Seeking Android 9 ROM rec & best practices for Note 4 TMO

    Requirements: • Android 8 or 9 • Pie's "Recent Apps" UI • Pie's Volume Slider • want to use Samsung's GoodLock or SystemUI for enhanced Notifications • want to use ACR Pro (Automatic Call Recording) and I don't understand if Android 9 ROMs all block call recording apps per Google policy, or if...
  38. quicksite

    Thread Returning to Note 4 after Pixel XL on Pie: Q's re rooting, GoodLock, Call Recording

    Help orient me please. I haven't rooted a phone in over a decade, not sure whether to or not. Please help me assess these pros and cons regarding the feature set I want most. (Apologies this is a narrative vs bullet-pointed; please bear with me) 1. IN GENERAL/ NOTE4 RELIABILITY OF MOTHERBOARD...
  39. T

    Thread Guide: Auto Call Recording on Galaxy A50

    Call recording is included in One UI but is accessible only through the Dialler settings. Due to this, it may not come to the attention of a lot of users who might expect it to be under the normal Settings app. The following image lists the steps to be undertaken towards enabling call recording...
  40. Lord AJ

    Thread [GUIDE] Enable Call Recording for Incoming/Outgoing calls

    I've been using the Asus Zenfone Max M! Pro for almost a year now and there is one common problem that almost every Zenfone owner I knew has come across - the absence of call recording in the default phone app. This can be a serious annoyance especially if you're a person like me who tends to...
  41. P

    Thread 1400Hz tone when recording calls with Android Pie - How to disable? [unanswered]

    Hello fellow droiders, February 2018 it was announced that Android Pie will add call recording tone support so calls could be recorded lawfully: I can confirm that Google did this... I'm in UK...
  42. Macko mia

    Thread Enable call recording (Editing CSC )

    Few people know that the call recording is built-in feature on Samsung Galaxy J3 (stock ROM) - it's just hidden feature To activate it - you need to edit /system/csc/feature.xml file (if exists, otherwise you need to edit /system/csc/others.xml file). Just add the following line (anywhere, but...
  43. pvaldeben

    Thread is Call recording working on android 9?

    Hi All, I just ordered from OnePlus and cant wait.. :D: laugh: Well since its comes with Android 9 and I saw about google disabling it, can anyone confirm if its working or not. If not can rooting the phone make it work? Thanks in advance.
  44. h8Aramex

    Thread Just a few questions regarding use...

    - Does call recording work out of the box? (ACR for example) - Can you take a picture of Excel running, and Waze running? I would like to see how it looks like with curved corners. Maybe a second smartphone picture would be better? I don't know. - Do you experience this "touch issue" that many...
  45. balanadi

    Thread Stock firmware J730GMUBU3ARB1 SM-J730GM/DS 08.03.2018

    I would like to share with you the latest original 4 files firmware J730GMUBU3ARB1 security pach 1 february 2018. 1. download the firmware J730GMUBU3ARB1 - Galaxy J7 Pro SM-J730GM PEO Peru from
  46. B

    Thread Call Recording Samsung C7

    Hi everyone! How can I record calls on my Samung C7 - Unrooted - Factory Firmware It will be great if someone can suggest a way "without rooting" my device or "free app" :laugh: :fingers-crossed:
  47. Craig_D

    Thread Call Recording possibly using ADB??

    Does anyone know if it's possible to activate call recording using ADB? There's now so much can be done without ROOT, I wondered if call recording was now possible. I'm using ACR (app) which is working well when the call is routed through the loudspeaker but not so much when it's through the...
  48. M

    Thread [Deleted]

  49. bigoliver

    Thread [Q] Call recording on the LG G6 H870 and H870ds

    After owning and successfully using 2way call recording on LG G2 and LG G4, both with call recorder by Skvalex. I hope my LG G6 (H870ds) that is arriving this week, will also be able to record. I did read somewhere that call recording is supported on unrooted LG G6s. Has anyone tried call...
  50. M

    Thread Automatic call recording on Samsung galaxy note 3

    Hi! Do you know how to set automatic call recording on this ROM? I'm trying to use ACR which worked on the stock ROM and on android 6 Roms, but not on lineage. I understand the base dialer has manual call recording capabilities, but that is less desirable for me. Any ideas? Thanks.