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  1. B

    Thread [APP][5.1+] CommuniqAI Beta 0.9 – Smart SMS, Calls and Email (with Promo Codes)

    As we finalize our product for its initial production release, we are seeking final feedback from interested parties. For the first 50 people that provide valuable and MEANINGFUL FEEDBACK to the short questions at https://forms.gle/qFBPLTrbeuPWgNiu7, we will happily be sending free upgrade promo...
  2. R

    Thread "do not disturb" mode failing to block incoming calls

    So I set the do not disturb mode to block ALL calls and also disabled repeat callers and yet I'm still receiving calls. I want to receive no calls from anyone. Am I doing something wrong? how can I block all incoming calls without installing third party app? I'm on android 9.
  3. Daniele00

    Thread I cannot make or receive calls

    for three days I have not been able to make or receive calls, when someone tries to call me the line is always busy, while if I call it does not even start ringing, despite this the internet works and I have no other problems. I have tried everything, the strange thing is that if I make the...
  4. Shiny996

    Thread Killing app at a specific time

    Hello, I would like my phone to hang up ongoing WhatsApp call if there is one daily at a certain time. It doesn't matter if it would be with Airplane mode, hanging up, or just killing the app. I highly appreciate any answers even if you can tell me it's not possible. Thank you
  5. D

    Thread How to fix the phone calling bug issue?

    Hello, I have a problem with the Poco X3 NFC. Some times the phone seems to be disconnected from the mobile provider. I can not make or receive any phone call. I have to put the phone for a while to airplane mode or to reboot it to be able to make a voice call again. I read that maybe changing...
  6. S

    Thread LG V20 h918 call problems

    I've been having this problem since pretty much forever but I've finally decided to ask for advice here. My call quality is rather terrible in the sense that frequently the voice of the person calling me will drop out or get somewhat distorted while they hear me just fine. This is really...
  7. L

    Thread Question NO sound or vibration notifications during calls.

    Such a thing. During a regular phone call, the phone does not let me know about notifications. More specifically notifications are coming, but there is NO slight vibration, some short sound beep etc. This has a big impact on my work. I will not take the phone away from my ear every 10 seconds...
  8. D

    Thread Volume control for Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

    Is there any app that can adjust separately volume for calls, reminders and notifications? (intercept from which app sound is coming and set the level of the volume) Can't understand why are they tied together ty
  9. A

    Thread My phone screen won’t turn off when on a call help

    I don’t know if I installed an update or I changed the settings but I need help. I’ve noticed my phone screen won’t turn off when I’m on a call talking to someone. Because of this it picks up touches from my ear or cheek etc. it’s randomly pressing buttons and menus etc. is there an option I can...
  10. Crossvxm

    Thread Does ANY custom rom resolve call sound cutting out?

    As the title states, I am wondering if anyone with the issue where your voice cuts out during calls is resolved in any rom. This issue has made this device unusable, and it was purchased back in March. I've read many people online returning it for a warranty repair only to discover that all of...
  11. E

    Thread Emergency mode? Ah, I have an idea?

    So. I was just thinking. I can make emergency calls with no sim card. Why can't I make regular calls with no sim card? When you take out the SIM you get access to more emergency numbers too. What network is that on? Is there a way to add contact numbers to a list of numbers I can call during...
  12. nivepl

    Thread Incoming gsm/lte phone connection priority over other communicators audio connections

    HI all, My gf's phone behaves in a really strange way... During an audio call using common communicators, say skype, whatsapp, messenger, if a new incoming gsm/lte connection is coming, then it automatically takes priority over communicator call. Communicator call is put on hold. What is most...
  13. 0

    Thread Watch SIM disabled while connected over Bluetooth?

    Hi! Is it true that while the watch is connected over Bluetooth with the phone, the SIM in the watch is disabled? I asked Huawei support and they said it's true. I want to receive calls on the watch, from the watch SIM, and also receive notifications from the phone on the watch, plus phone calls...
  14. A

    Thread [APP][5.1+] Strobe on Call: Flash alert for notifications

    Strobe on Call Flash alert for calls, sms and notifications The app will blink when you receive alert. No ads. Please leave your feedback. I would be greatful for the 5* reviews in Google Play if you like it :good: Google Play: Strobe on Call
  15. N

    Thread Low Bluetooth Volume on Calls

    Hi, I've a M8 flashed with latest LOS 15.1. I've tried two different headsets (Xiaomi Youth Edition and QCY 26 Pro). Music volume is ok but call volume is almost inaudible even at max level. I've tried everthing including switching to AVCRP 1.6 and enabling absolute volume from the dev. options...
  16. D

    Thread Phone service not waking during receiving call

    Ok as the title says , when i receive calls , my phone only starts vibrating but the screen is off . and even when i turn it on by touchscreen , there is nothing on the screen !!! and when this happens , "phone" and "contacts" apps wont open . this goes away by restarting the phone but comes...
  17. P

    Thread Watch seems to be all over the place...

    Ok, i just got the watch coming from a Gear S. My Huawei 4g won't send texts or call people using my phones number, it always uses the watches number... is this normal was i just spoiled by the Samsung call and notification forwarding, both in and out messages/calls. Wether BT connected or away...
  18. N

    Thread [BIP][ULTIMATE GUIDE]Custom watchface, Music controls, Calls, Tasker integration, etc

    Hi all! The Amazfit Bip is an amazing device with great hardware and battery life that would even put a Pebble to shame. However, due to its limited software, it has a lot of unrealized potential and this thread aims to provide some workarounds for the power users of XDA to make this amazing...
  19. AlexBurnout77

    Thread [Help] My J5 2016 can't make phone calls

    Hi, I can no longer make phone calls from my J5. I can only receive calls via network. It started after I came back in my country and also after I connected the phone to my 2007 car via Bluetooth with SIM sharing on or something. So those two may be the reason (or at least one). I really don't...
  20. D

    Thread VoLTE option disappearee?

    Hey, for about a month I've been having problems with calls going directly to the voicemail and not reaching me. I use 4g cause 3g has very bad connection where I live. Now I am almost 100% sure there was a VoLTE option that I could check/uncheck in the mobile network options, but it seems it...
  21. MrRalphMan

    Thread Cannot send Whatsapp or Make call through Phone with Watch

    Hi All, I'm from the UK so have imported this watch in from the USA and am not using the SIM within the watch. With my previous Moto 360 I could make a call, albeit through the phone, by using Google Assistant through the watch. e.g. 'Call Joe Bloggs Mobile'. Also I could send a Whatsapp...
  22. K

    Thread calls not working (messages are fine)

    hello XDA people. so, first lets go with the specs of my phone P8lite ALE-L21 android 6.0 emui 4.0.3 C432B608 now, for the real question. whenever I try to call someone, my call automatically cancels (drops) but, here's the funny part, the sms are working fine, and other people can call me too...
  23. thintin

    Thread Nougat smartphone to RK3188 MTCC bluetooth for calls

    One last cry for help before I drop-kick my head unit into the lake! Do you have an MTCB or MTCC RK3188 HU that connects via bluetooth to an android 7.1 (Nougat) smartphone and allows you to make/receive calls via the HU? If you have, what HU ROM are you using and do you need any additional...
  24. Chaphasilor

    Thread Strong buzzing sound on SIP calls

    I have SIP calls (VoWiFI) enabled on my OP5 running rooted OOS. After a while (some seconds up to one minute so far) there is a loud, almost deafening sort of buzzing sound, drowning out every sound from the call peer. After it started, it doesn't seem to vanish, at least not for the next 30...
  25. B

    Thread Many calls not coming through, rings on their end. No missed call. Note 4 and 5

    I've had a strange long-term issue where the phone will ring for the party calling in, but won't ring on my end. No missed call shows up. It occurs about half the time with or without WiFi calling on. This issue has plagued me since my Verizon Note 4 with Verizon service, my T-Mobile Note 4 with...
  26. reeper250

    Thread No incoming or outgoing calls Vernee Apollo

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but the Vernee Apollo, nor the Apollo Lite seem to be able to make or receive calls in Australia on Telstra? Text/SMS and mobile data work fine though. When calling the phone it goes to message bank and doesn't ring at all. Trying to call out from...
  27. T

    Thread Unable to answer calls

    My wife got a GS8 on release day and over the last week or so, an issue has started to pop up. She'll get a call and go to answer it, but when she does, it acts as if she declined the call. It seems like this only happens when people from other carriers or land lines call her. She also has...
  28. T

    Thread A-Sure S3OVB bluetooth issues...

    Hi all, Recently bought an ASURE S3OVB (see link: goo.gl/FXsks9 [URL shortened to prevent cluttered post]) and installed into my 2010 Vx Zafira B. Everything is AWESOME and i really love the headunit, however I seem to be having difficulties with the Bluetooth connection. So. My phone (Archos...
  29. jeoleo7

    Thread Vibrate on Answer not working!

    Hi, When my HTC 10 was on MM there used to be vibration once the call was answered. Now in 7.0 (2.41.617.6) it stopped working and I can't see that option to enable or disable. But whenever I install the EU version of firmware, it vibrates. How to get that option back on my US unlocked version?
  30. D

    Thread Can't receive calls and SMS using LTE (LineageOS)

    I have OnePlus 3T A3010. The problem is that device randomly stops receiving calls or SMS. It happens on latest Resurrection Remix that is LineageOS based. For example: 1. I reboot it. 2. It shows 4G icon after reboot, data is working, I can make calls. 3. I open ##4636## menu, it says that...
  31. A

    Thread Mic on calls and Whatsapp voice note don´t work

    Hello there, I have this problem on my samsung galaxy s4 i9505 LineageOs 14.1 I can´t send voice notes on whatsapp and also makes calls. It´s like the mic its "mute". The only thing i can do its recording videos and make and recive calls only in speaker mode, thats the only way to make the mic...
  32. M

    Thread Can't call

    Hello. Today I saw, that my phone can't make and recive calls. I can web browsing and send messages, but call no. How to solve it? In my iPhone everything is working. 2 days ago i reinstalled soft. Yesterday I played with "Secret codes" (in diall app, like this...
  33. Q

    Thread [MOD][Xposed][LP/MM/N/O/P] Unlimited CallLog

    Hi, This time I'd like to share with you my new module Unlimited CallLog which simply remove built-in limit of 500 records in call log :) Compatibility: It has been tested to work on AOSP MM and CM13, should work on LP and Nougat too...
  34. I

    Thread Help! My G900h showing no service durning calls! :(

    Hello guys! I'm facing problems with my phone G900h lately. It happens to say 'out of coverage area' during calls. After a moment the signal bars reappear. This also happens sometimes when phone is kept idle. This normally happens after 10secs or so. I tried wiping the cache but no fun. :(...
  35. adryanodej

    Thread switch to second microphone during calls!m

    hello, my first microphone not workig anymore during calls or recording .. I found that xperia z5 compact has 2 microphones, i tested the second microphone on service menu and wroks fine. Now the question is... how can i switch to the second microphone during calls? nobody can hear me only...
  36. koolcat7

    Thread Do not disturb feature on Samsung is really just a silence feature?

    On my HTC M8 the do not disturb DECLINED calls rather than just silence them. People would assume my phone is OFF. On the Note 7 the do not disturb still lets the phone ring but silently (still get incoming call notification). Is it this way on all Samsung phones?
  37. Spartoi

    Thread Transferring Phone Calls to Tablet?

    So I have a tablet (with data) that I use in my car as a media hub connected via Bluetooth using this device. Now, one of the problems I've run into with this setup is that I can not answer phone calls because my tablet is paired to the bluetooth and my phone isn't. So, I was wondering if there...
  38. C

    Thread T715 vs T719 For use as a phone

    I'm in Canada, with Bell, and looking to pick up a T719 or T715 for use as a phone. Newer is still better right? haha they have similar prices and I want to make sure that if I buy the Non-Carrier locked version, I'll have full access to the Dialer, Messages, all that fun stuff that would allow...
  39. Arkenn

    Thread [APP][2.3+] BlockIT - CallBlocker 1.1

    Hello, everyone! I would like to present my application: BlockIT - Call Blocker. :) Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grapevinelab.callblocker BlockIT is an application designed to block unwanted phone calls, providing a wide range of features including different...
  40. V

    Thread Automatic International dialing with Hangouts

    I recently switched from Google Voice app which has not been updated in a while to Google Hangouts. There is one Google Voice feature which is apparently missing in Hangouts: automatic use of hangouts when dialing an international number from Dialer. If there is a way to emulate this? In short...
  41. T

    Thread Nexus 6P: Calling Issues — Cannot Make Calls, but Data/Texting Works (Verizon) MHC19I

    Hello, so I found a thread from back in december on this topic and I have not been able to resolve it using any methods recommended in that thread, which is located here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6p/help/nexus-6p-calling-issues-make-calls-data-t3270877/page3#post66004179 So I'm...
  42. madscout

    Thread Strange noise

    Hi :) all, I searched for a similar problem but couldn't find it, so if you know of a similiar thread please let me know :). What happen's is, when i have a call, notification, anything sound related, and even when the phone is silente, or vibration, i have that strange noise, and theres no...
  43. O

    Thread Problem with voice speaker

    Hello everybody. I have a problem, and I would need your help if possible! I am having some troubles with voice speaker. When I am speaking with somebody, the volume of the speaker sounds very low. I have seen there exists some mod to increase music speaker, but I have not found anything...
  44. A

    Thread Root - Reject calls and sms ?

    Hi Nexus 5 5.1.1 stock rooted. Is there any app that can block, drop or reject a call without it going to VM for specific numbers ? also block sms messages from specific numbers. Ideally I'd like to be able to blacklist using wildcards and full numbers. I've found plenty of apps that work...
  45. antkalaitzakis96

    Thread People with Microphone Problem

    Hello I made this thread so people like me, with microphone problems while we are talking on a phone, gather and disguise different solutions and tips. Just some info about this problem for those who don't have it or who aren't sure. When we talk to the phone, the other party complain...
  46. N

    Thread [Q] To all developers of N7100 5.x.x Roms Big Bug fix required

    This is a big bug that seem to be right across the whole board of 5.x.x CM or AOSP ROMs of where you make a call and the screen shuts down straight after you dial the number and will not wake up again with any hardware key presses. So that looks like the proximity senser is not working properly...
  47. Liskrig

    Thread [Q] Notification Shade Triggers During Calls

    Hey all, I'm very seasoned with Android, and I LOVE the OnePlus One so far, but there is one issue that is driving me MAD. Whenever I am on a call, and I lift the phone away from my ear, the notification shade triggers and gets stuck at the top of the screen... No matter where I touch, it...
  48. DanielWEWO

    Thread Incoming Calls aren't going through

    This is pretty weird. So, I normally use Google Voice for all of my texts and calls which has worked great up until the past few days. There are no problems with texting, but I've got some issues with calls. My girlfriend has been pretty annoyed lately because she says I'm not answering my...
  49. rootcid

    Thread Private Place Secret SMS MMS and Calls Translation Project

    Hi everyone, just to let you know that my free secret communications app Private Place now has a Crowdin project: https://crowdin.com/project/private-place-sms-mms-calls/ Please everyone whos interested come join and help us make a better app for all the people :) Let me know if you want...
  50. G

    Thread [Q] GSM buzz, GSM interference in earpiece during phone calls

    Hi i bought S4 9506 and from the first time, during phone calls i hear a buzz in earpiece if i have selected GSM (only 2G). I had s4 mini for 1 year now and i didn't have such a problem, does anyone else notice it in GSM only?