1. C

    Thread (Q) Any Differences of Image/Camera Quality Between Locked BL and Unlocked BL?

    To be honest, i really dont care much about the other features. It's only the image/camera quality that i care the most about. So has anybody here do a side by side comparison of the camera quality on locked BL vs unlocked BL devices?
  2. O

    Thread Question No camera updates?

    Its been few months since relase and tons of updates, but still, no updates for the camera. How is that possible? I remember, that S21 Ultra got plenty of camera updates straight out of the box. There was neither one camera update for our S22 Ultra. Do you think its still coming or we should...
  3. burned-donut

    Thread Question Does Xperia Pro-I expose all cameras?

    Many manufacturers are known for hiding cameras on their phones for third-party apps limiting the access only to the stock camera app. What about this phone? Could somebody check with Camera2 Probe free app whether this phone exposes all cameras or its another one marketing bullshit that is...
  4. Purple Blast

    Thread General Camera freezing and crashing solution

    Hi everyone, I wanted to start this thread to show a solution which I was not able to find anywhere else. I hope this helps someone ;) PROBLEM: Lately the camera has began very bad and some system animations as well. This happened after the latest MIUI 13 update. No reset or apps removal worked...
  5. U

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Background Video Recorder

    Video recording in the background, hidden video recording when the screen is off Application to record video in the background using a widget, notification panel or popup on top of all applications. Features: * Background video recording - recording is performed even if the...
  6. D

    Thread Question Trying to install APK from APKMirror, getting "The parser did not find any certificates in the .apk"

    Hi everyone, I'm using LineageOS with a OnePlus 9 Pro. I'm trying to install the OnePlus camera app downloaded from here: When I try to install it with the...
  7. S

    Thread General Camera Still Lacking 60FPS For 3rd Party Apps

    Hi all, So I've just updated to the new April release, and have discovered that Samsung are STILL not giving us access to 60fps via the Camera2 API. I know this is a super longshot, but is there any way of getting around this? Many people are after this, some for using apps like Filmic Pro...
  8. Tutorival_XIX

    Thread wide angle pixel experience

    Hello, I installed pixel experience plus edition on my redmi 9. But when I open the camera, I don't have a wide angle mode. I tried to install another camera but all crash. (can't open them) How can I solve this problem? Thank you
  9. L

    Thread The native Camera app will receive MIC options on Professional Video Mode on One UI 4.1?

    The native Camera app will receive MIC options on Professional Video Mode on One UI 4.1? Why does the phone still doesn't have this feature? I would like to record videos using the mic of my Buds Live. Also do you recommend some third Camera app with this function? Thank you in advance.
  10. rahul.trivedi1994

    Thread Full Gcam working on oxygen os 12.1 beta

    Hello guys.somehow with oxygen os 12.1 beta1 OnePlus brought back some of the auxiliary camera support back on our beloved OnePlus nord. I have downloaded bsg gcam and a config from another developer.seems like all the front camera and back camera are working just fine, I don't know if the 48mp...
  11. morshedul

    Thread Does custom ROM affects camera quality?

    I want to install the Following custom Rom (Recovery ROM) Does custom ROM affects camera quality?
  12. T

    Thread Question Portrait mode on leica leitz 1

    So I want to buy this phone. Just for enthusiasm. Can any one tell me how is the portrait mode of this phone. Portrait mode generally looks better on zoomed lenses that are about 50mm FL away. So for those who have this phone. Can I see some portrait samples of this phone. It would.mean a lot to me.
  13. 1nsan1-T

    Thread Camera and flashlight errors

    I've noticed from two phones, honor 6x and Sony Xperia z3 d6603, that installing lineageos carries the risk of damaging camera and flashlight functionality. It's also happened with AOSP mind you. Any quick fix?
  14. fulltronservice

    Thread Question Super Slow Motion Video

    I'm opening this thread since I don't see it there. Why do I get the impression that the 960 FPS Slow Motion that the Camera does is actually an interpolated version of a 240 FPS version? Today I was curious to see how good it was, I put the 960 FPS mode and I said: I will finally be able to...
  15. A

    Thread Question Cracking noise in videos from Pixel 6 Pro Camera

    Hi! Sometimes when I listen to a video captured with the pixel 6 pro I can listen a very high cracking noise, is this happening to more people? (Video attached) Loud sound in the attachment Thanks
  16. D

    Thread Android HU missing reverse trigger wire

    Hey 👋 I'm trying to install a reverse camera on a chinese unbranded HU. The problem is i can't find a reverse trigger wire. There are 2 blue cables on the camera connector but no lables on them. I tried all combinations of AHD/CVBS and triggering on both blue cables but nothing seems to...
  17. F

    Thread How do I install the stock OOS camera app on LineageOS 18.1?

    Hi, I use LineageOS 18.1 and a GCam mod for a camera app. It takes great pictures, however, it lacks support for some features, like 48MP images and (good) macro. I wanted to install this APK, but as the note says, "Sideloading this APK may not work, so you may need root to install. " Can...
  18. miravision

    Thread General [CAMERA] 108MP and 16MP best shots and worst shot showcase (GCam vs Stock)

    Post front and back camera photos of the best and worst shots and video quality in different lighting conditions using either stock or GCam
  19. jumbo-jet

    Thread I want to use by default gallery image as camera input

    Hi i need a way to can use image from gallery as camera input . IT need to be as default so when other apps open camera will get by default the image from the gallery. I know there are apps in marketplace but they are ask first from where to get the input . I need Something that will show by...
  20. G

    Thread Question GCam always crashes

    SOLVED: use this version, it doesnt require Google services but the gcam services provider from f-droid is still recommended along with it:
  21. Abaddon

    Thread General Photography - Post your awesome shot captured by your S22 ultra!

    Lets appreciate how great the camera is! share your shots! post them here or upload raw if you want to another site so XDA's server wont get overloaded lol Post if from exynos or snapdragon
  22. T

    Thread How To Guide How to root Samsung A52s (SM-A528B/DS) with working Camera

    Guys, I DID IT !!!! Working Samsung A52s (SM-A528B/DS) with Unlocked Bootloader, Rooted (Magisk), Passing SafetyNet and WORKING CAMERA (yaaay). Problem is that I have no idea how I did it, because it was 3 days of flashing, patching, reinstalling and phone bricking too (unfortunately). I am...
  23. C

    Thread Camera failed after installing Magisk

    Hello, i just installed Magisk 24.1 successfully on my new Galaxy A52s 5G, but somehow since then the camera also does not work anymore. Every time i open the systems camera app (or any other app that uses the camera) a popup says "Warning. Camera failed.". I do not know where this comes from or...
  24. G

    Thread Camera not working on GSI roms??

    Hi all, I have tried flashing a number of gsi roms and i cant get the camera to work. I have followed the guides here to flash. I have also tried the stock google gsi image and same result. (Just like in the guide(s)) along with sony oem_a Is there something from the stock firmwares that...
  25. G


    need help to fix this i am lost. a factory reset is my last hope but no that would be too much trouble. never updated the phone; so stock rom. i did drop it behind the toilet a few day ago. if that did anything , "ouch!" tried clearing camera catch, no go, but the camera works fin minus the...
  26. K

    Thread Question Is there a way to run samsung expert raw on the A52s ?

    It is no secret the a52s camera is decent at best mostly because of the poor Samsung camera processing and by using Gcam for example the photos are better in every way, Samsung expert raw seems to improve the photos even on the s21u and from what It is apparently running on the a72 so why can't...
  27. AndroidAsh

    Thread General OnePlus 10 Pro camera samples.

    I had my OnePlus 10 Pro delivered early this week ( 24th January 2022 ) and whilst I haven't had chance to do any "proper" camera testing, I have taken some photos locally whilst out walking my dog. I've uploaded them to Google Photos, I'll add the link below, but I'll also include a few of them...
  28. PhotonIce

    Thread (Question) GCAM fork for the Realme C3?

    Hi, is there a GCAM fork for the Realme C3 which works on android 10/11 ROMs (and also maybe on the stock ROM?), and if so, are there any bugs in it? Are photos taken with GCam better than those of the stock camera app? Does the GCam fork support nightmode and all the necessary features which...
  29. SonixSoniccc

    Thread Camera is crashing

    HI! I installed corvus v17 on my redmi note 8 pro and any camera i open its crashing. do you know how to solve this?
  30. RaynerHandrian

    Thread Long Exposure is Possible (probably)

    I am testing App called ProShot on Sony Xperia XZ2 (SOV37), it says could capture RAW and Long Exposure on unsupported RAW and LE smartphone cameras and it works on another smartphone I tested (I use Pocophone F1 too), but yeah it does not work on Sony, but I get interesting behaviour, when I...
  31. B

    Thread LineageOS 17.1 camera and saving photos to SD

    Hi everyone, I have a glorious 2014 Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 and love it so much that I recently gave it a new lease on life by installing LineageOS 17.1. I'm having trouble trying to save photos to me SD card. Here's what I did. 1. First I tried using the SD card as Adopted Storage, but I found...
  32. D

    Thread Banking app crashes on RR

    Hi, all - I have a G7 Play (xt 1952-4) running Resurrection Remix 8.7.2. When I use my banking app to cash a check, the banking app crashes immediately after taking the first picture. The screen goes black for a few seconds, then I am returned to the login screen. I have another xt 1952-4...
  33. O

    Thread General [Camera Sample] Aquos R6

    Well, most of user who hear/buy this phone surely looking for something from it's camera setup. Including me. After few months using it, my personal opinion is : The camera has great potential, but need right tuning during photo taking, or right tuning in post processing (by using RAW). Not...
  34. spacedrone808

    Thread General Huawei p50 pro vs Nokia PureView 808

    only jpg comparison at this time, raw files are not available.
  35. spacedrone808

    Thread General Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra vs Nokia Pureview 808 [2021 vs 2012]

    Comparison of detail & resolution capability:
  36. P

    Thread Xiaomi Camera New Features for Merlin

    Hi, I wonder if there is any way to get new camera features like "Long Exposure", "Clone", etc on Redmi note 9. I found a guide that indicates, installing the latest apk via ADB would enable these features on our device. I tried this with no success. Any suggestions?
  37. G

    Thread Best rom and camera app for photography

    Hello i want to convert my Mi Note 10 lite to a excellent camera cellphone because I need to take photos that capture the lighting and the details of the products that I am going to sell very well, the videos do not shake and I have autofocus when I shoot, sometimes I move the product away and...
  38. L

    Thread Question Mi11i camera sensor for Poco F3

    HI everyone, as you know mi11i and poco f3 share a similar motherboard together, is it possible to put mi11i camera sensor in poco f3 and add the drivers and get it to work? Has anyone tried this? I know without drivers it wouldn't work as someone has tried this before, but what about adding...
  39. DanielG_97

    Thread Question Auto Focus 1x Camera

    Greetings to all, I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra (G998B) and i realize that from one moment to another when I open the camera application the zoom x1 does not focus on distant elements, only close elements and the only way to make it focus is by tapping the camera or shaking the phone hard to fix...
  40. Justass00

    Thread Question Are the back cameras a sham?

    Hey, I was really wondering if the back cameras are actually helping the picture quality at all. I have tried using different camera apps and covering some of the lenses and the picture/video quality seems always to be the same even if it's only 1 lense uncovered. Can someone confirm/deny?
  41. Craphead

    Thread Question Heavy lense flare in night shots

    Does everyone have these extreme lense flares / reflections on night shots? Don't think I've ever seen it this bad... Hopefully they'll be able to improve this through software updates
  42. FrWhyMe

    Thread Question Temperature/battery life for long video recording?

    I will be buying the Pixel 6 (base model, not the Pro) this month, but I have an important question. I record videos for youtube on my phone. My previous phone was a Sony Xperia XA2, and while it was great for the price, the phone would overheat after 5 minutes of 4K recording, or 15 minutes of...
  43. A

    Thread Oukitel WP7 sensors and IR leds suddenly stopped working

    Hi all, I bought this smartphone less than an year ago (January 2021) and, few days ago some sensors (barometer, compass, light sensor and proximity sensor) and the IR light suddenly stopped working. I still haven't opened it and got just some water in the bathroom sink... someone else had this...
  44. X

    Thread Question One ui 4.0, camera lower quality?

    So, I noticed after I updated to one ui 4 (android 12) the camera app got a lot softer and more.. *blurry* with the 39x and 100x zoom. Pics attached for reference I don't even need to explain which is which anyone else with similar issues?
  45. mac4rfree

    Thread Samsung S20+ Camera Question

    Hi Guys, The question is regarding my Samsung S20+ Camera. From What i read, until 10x zoom, 12mp camera will be used and from 11x zoom 64mp camera will be used. When i am zooming to 11x, if i hide my 64mp camera,i can see that in the viewfinder. But the pictures i take from them, is still...
  46. P

    Thread Question Pixel 6 / 6 Pro and led lights

    I got a pixel 6 and a pixel 6 Pro and yesterday we put up our LED lit Christmas tree only to realize that the camera on both the six and the 6 Pro struggle heavily when pointed towards the tree. I've attached a Screen recording Even if I turn off any auto function it does. Open Camera helps but...
  47. pixie_laluna

    Thread Custom ROM for Galaxy S8 (SM-G950FD) with a great camera app ?

    I've been running LineageOS 18.1 for my S8 (SM-950FD) and it's been working fabulously ! However its stock camera is just not the best. I have tried other camera apps as well, like GCamera and Open Camera, but nothing is as close as Samsung stock camera. I chose not to go back to Samsung stock...
  48. Pancake Boy

    Thread Video recording stuttering

    Lately I have observed that capturing videos on my phone is lagging a lot and has huge FPS drops. I have tried clearing the cache, restoring app to default settings and reinstalling the latest delivery package. I would be grateful if you could help and please don't hesitate to reply if more...
  49. falsely

    Thread Use USB webcam in any app e.g. TikTok?

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to do this on a physical device for some time now. I'm wondering if it's possible to connect a webcam to my phone via USB-C, and use it in apps such as TikTok or Snapchat? I know there's apps out there specifically to view external cameras, but I couldn't find...
  50. SebastianWijatyk

    Thread [APK] OnePlus Camera for any A11 custom rom

    This is fully working Oneplus Camera for any Android 11 custom rom. 4k 60fps - slowmotion - portret - night mode - HDR - Front camera everything working I Tested on DotOS, Miui 12.5 A11 and Pixel Experience so i think is working for Any Android 11 custom rom so if you are using any other...