1. M

    Thread An (almost) good version of Google Camera for OnePlus Nord N10 that I've stumbled upon.

    Hello, N10 Users! I've come across a GCAM version that may be suitable for those who may need the app to shoot nicer photos on custom ROMS instead of using aperture. Now, I don't know if I CAN post it here but the apk filename is the following: MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b_snap Click/Tap on this link...
  2. prototype74

    Thread [APP] NeoInfo v1.0

    NeoInfo, a tool for the Galaxy S3 Neo About NeoInfo is a tool for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which aim to figure out the bootloader, modem and camera sensor of the device. Those information are the most important prerequisites for modern Custom ROMs. Additionally it displays some more or less...
  3. B

    Thread Camera Failed (Custom 6.0.1)

    I'm on the stock OS (no questions) that the SM-G930F came with (6). But the camera module seems to be too new. I have full root access, are there any files I can swap to make it work?
  4. xandreasx

    Thread Question Camera integration in external apps (and gyro data)

    Hi guys, i want to buy a Pixel 7 but i need to know if there is some camera integration with the external apps. As you know on Android if you use Instagram camera, Whatsapp camera etc. the picture will be awful. I thought that on the Pixel phones this was resolved but maybe this is not the case...
  5. M

    Thread Question Camera rattle/moving by itself

    Hello i hope you are well, this is my first post after a long long time i lost my xda and email acc so im writing from my new profile. I recently got the S23U 512GB the green color something like a month after the release and everything was superb until recently i noticed the camera rattle and...
  6. L

    Thread Question Anyone able to get mono lens working with gcam (or any other camera app)

    Was on lineage 19.1 and with This config file and This gcam apk I could use all 3 aux back cameras seamlessly. Now on lineage 20 the macro lens and the regular lens work but switching to the monochrome lens immediately crashes this app as well as any other versions of the app / configs I have...
  7. Frax3r

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [GCAM][A73] Custom Libs and Configs For A73

    Hello everyone. It took us a while but A73 finally got some development done and is ready for GSI or ROM usage. Both of which has it's own problems. Mainly camera quality. Samsung being samsung and qualcomm being qualcomm, we don't have full access to cameras in 3rd party apps so if we go...
  8. andresbolivar

    Thread Question Redmi note 12 pro+ terrible camera

    I just bought a redmi note 12 pro+, but when i record videos at 1080 30/60 fps, the stabilization is terrible, the image is just aweful, i did a video with my old note 9s with same 1080 30/60 fps and the stabilization is perfect, any help pls? is this factory failure? or just software issue...
  9. blacktime2

    Thread Serial number don't match between my phone and its camera... Which camera to order ?

    I have to replace my friend's s20 5G camera (european version). So I ordered a new one corresponding to the phone's serial number : G981/DS (the camera is meant to work both for G980F and G981B). I replaced it but got the "camera failure" message. The old camera still works though (with dots...
  10. spacedrone808

    Thread Camera lost autofocus feature

    Device comes with Android 9.0. I've unlocked it, flashed Android 8.0, put TWRP recovery and gained root. But during testing i've discovered the fact that camera lost it's autofocus ability in stock application. Tried OpenCamera with Camera API 1/2 with the same result. Any ideas?
  11. C

    Thread General Camera crashing randomly

    Hi there, My camera has been crashing frequently for no apparent reason. It will open just fine, but after some use or switching between modes, the app will crash. Other apps that use the camera like Snapchat or BinaryEye (QR code scanner) sometimes continue to work, but once the initial crash...
  12. K

    Thread how to switch main rear camera mate 10 pro ?

    how to switch main rear camera mate 10 pro for whatsapp in qr read ?
  13. A

    Thread Question Camera stores intermediate results on 200MP permanent

    I have had this behaviour now on two sessions. When back at home some of the images looked like 12MP upscaled images using neares neighborhood. When using the 200MP mode the images seems to be processed in a background thread and one can shoot images agian. An intermediate preview is stored...
  14. MaHDi2LoNE

    Thread other additional options in camera app xiaomi redmi note 9s

    Hi, My phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. I have installed EU ROM (MIUI 14 based on Android 12). But more professional features for photography are not in the camera app, can I add more professional features to its camera? I mean these options and other additional options that are in some Xiaomi...
  15. makrei

    Thread Any working MIUI Camera ports for other ROMs?

    ITT, I want to commit to LineageOS, but I want to keep the ultra-wide camera functionality of my device. I tried ANX but it's been long dead and doesn't work on Android 13, I also found this in KDE, but doesn't work on grus; it installs and "runs", but the camera won't start, only causing it to...
  16. C

    Thread Getting all 4 rear cameras to work on LineageOS 19

    This is regarding the device Redmi Note 10 Lite (miatoll), I couldn't find a dedicated section for this device so I'm posting my question here. I installed LineageOS 19 on this device and the inbuilt camera app only shows one rear and one front camera. How can I utilize the other 3 ones at the back?
  17. hussamk98

    Thread Can someone help me identify this headunit and help me find the rear camera settings

    Hello, this is me first time posting here. I am facing an issue with this android head unit, the rear camera is not working - the screen just turns black. I checked the connections, all are properly connected. I suspect there is an issue with the PAL/NTSC format for the camera. I tried almost...
  18. G

    Thread Question Camera2 API level?

    By default, what level of Camera2 API support does Xiaomi 13 Pro have? If you could provide a screenshot of Camera2 API probe app, found here, it would be very helpful. Thanks a lot in advance!
  19. Z

    Thread USB Camera/Capture as default camera hardware?

    Hi all, I've got a Lenovo Pad Pro 11 on which I've installed ZUI 14 (Android 12) and have also got it fully rooted with boot loader unlocked. I have a usb video capture device which I use as a USB Camera to stream from my PC, and I want to make it the default camera device when I launch the...
  20. Darkaos006

    Thread How To Guide How to configure a Treble GSI properly

    Hello everyone! You are probably aware that our device, Galaxy A52s 5G, supports the @phhusson Treble Project. This Porject allow our device to boot GSIs (Generic System Images). The problem is that a GSI isn't optimized by default for our device. Now, imagine that you installed a fresh version...
  21. taiBsu

    Thread Galaxy S10e stock camera app

    Hi, I'm running /e/OS v1.8.1 (Android 12) on my Galaxy S10e (non-root). I would like to know if there's a way to download and install the Galaxy S10e stock camera app on a custom ROM. If so, where can I download it and what would I need to take care of before installing? Thanks a lot in advance!
  22. R

    Thread Why do newer camera sensors produce photos that seem upscaled / fake hi-res?

    My phone is 6 year old LeEco x722 with 16MP IMX298 4656x3496 and I upscaled photos taken with it to the same resolution newer phones produce released 1 or 2 years ago, and I get the exact same level of details in the photos as phones with "60 MP" IMX682 9248x6944 at 100% zoom. I think in some...
  23. brød

    Thread Camera app for LOS 18.1 for A5 2017 (A520F)

    The stock camera on LOS is horrible, is there a good one close to the stock Samsung one.
  24. d1xenotime

    Thread Question Manual mode for Pixel 7 - camera app

    Hi everyone. I have been wondering for a while after using the Pixel 7 for 2 weeks. Is there a way to force the Pixel 7 to operate in a manual mode that enables us to control the WB, focus, ISO, and shutter speed? If not, what would be a good third-party app that does? I came from a OnePlus...
  25. D

    Thread Question Galaxy camera settings

    Hi, It's any possibility to enable HDR on video recordings with 60fps 4K resolution? It's a Samsung lab function available only in UHD @30FPS. Maybe mod or camera software from S23 Ultra? Maybe different solutions. In Gallery in S23 Ultra there's a new features - magic selector when You press...
  26. A

    Thread [App] Camera Opus - control phone camera by Fitbit smartwatch

    Look at new app Camera Opus to handle phone camera by watch on Fitbit Apps Gallery. The app is FREE for phone and watch. To download from Apps Gallery What do you think about the app? Works correct on your device?
  27. kakihilang

    Thread Question need help about camera access in certain apps

    so, ive installed pixel experience rom into my poco f3, and most of the times, they are fine. I found this problem whenever i tried to access certain apps ( or website ) that require camera access. for example when i tried opening a form that requires an access for camera in chrome, it wont open...
  28. A

    Thread [New App] Camera Opus for Garmin Watch

    nice new free app to fully control phone camera by Garmin watch called Camera Opus: on Garmin Connect IQ store
  29. M

    Thread MIUI Camera not opening due to broken ultrawide cam

    Hi! I have a mi10 umi device with a broken ultra-wide angle camera. Unfortunately, the MIUI camera app refuses to even open in the first place (it freezes and says "can't connect to camera"), so even the main camera is unusable. Gcam works but the quality (especially in videos) is awful. Does...
  30. jericho246

    Thread General Let's see some pictures taken by your X90 Pro+ !

    I guess I'll start with some pictures I've taken. My first pic with this phone. Zeiss Natural Color was OFF here. Zoom test. I think this was around 25-35x zoom. "Sports mode" test. Colors are wonky, but still impressive. Low light test And a few more:
  31. J

    Thread Background camera app develope

    Question about Background camera app The screen recording app records both the other person's voice and my voice while the video call. If i do a voice call while filming me with a background camera, Only my voice is recorded and the other person's voice is not recorded. I tried with...
  32. Moon2

    Thread Question Navifly/Mekede M500S issues

    Hi I just got a M500S with 360 option and I'm trying to test everything is working outside the car before installing it but ran into some issues. I'm testing by just powering it via gnd + acc + live, apart from this and the cameras, nothing else is connected yet because I'd like to get the 360...
  33. Hiper482

    Thread [Rooted] Samsung a52s 5g

    Hello recently i installed magisk on to my device and all of the sudden camera stopped working and I tried everything literally everything but nothing worked so i uninstalled camera and somehow k figured out how to fix it but now I can't get it back and I'm here to ask you guys for help how can...
  34. B

    Thread Question Mirror phone screen to watch

    What is a better way to cast/mirror the Android phone screen to a wear os watch? Use Case : I want to use my watch as a view finder for taking pictures with my phone's rear camera. And since I am using a Vivo (non-samsung phone) with galaxy watch 5 the camera controller app doesn't work. I...
  35. N

    Thread Question Asking about the quality of the Pixel 7 pro camera

    hi GPpro7 users, I would love to have your answers as users about this : I have had two old Samsungs (A5 and S8), and they have "old" 12mp cameras...and I have been thinking that nowadays, that's 5 years later, cameras had gotten amazing and I would buy myself one of those, reading about...
  36. Keven_Anjos

    Thread Question Redmi Note 10 Pro - Front Camera Problem!

    After I updated my Redmi Note 10 Pro to the latest version of Security Patch from Miui 13 Android 12, the front camera no longer worked. I downgraded to Miui 12 but it still doesn't work, someone help me?
  37. SampreethSivakoti

    Thread Question I can't use torch. The toggle says camera in use.[ROOT]

    I rooted my phone yesterday. I am running android 13 nov sp (pixel experience plus). I installed many magisk modules. I will post the ss of the modules. I made sure I downloaded them from their Github pages. Today I noticed my privacy dots aren't working and the torch toggle says camera in use...
  38. FireStarter GR

    Thread Question S22 ULTRA's camera preview became laggy, like low fps

    I am talking about the main camera of the Samsung S22 ULTRA. The preview while you record is laggy. Even if you dont record and you just obseve through the camera, waiting to record, is also laggy, like a 5 frames per second video. What is happening here Samsung. Another lag issue? The only...
  39. M

    Thread Question Camera App Grey Out

    Hi, I recently bought a tripod and tried to use my pixel 6 with an external shutter. However I noticed that the camera app became greyed out after I took a photo with the external shutter. After I force close and reopen the camera app the screen became normal again. When I take a photo with the...
  40. k1n1maro

    Thread Question mirror mode when recording video on the front camera

    hi all. Please tell me how can I turn off the mirror mode when shooting video on the front camera? This problem is seen in all camera applications, both standard and Google. each time you have to manually edit the video and display it in a different direction.
  41. F

    Thread Question Is the Camera hardcoded to only work with Google Photos?

    Hey all, So I've decided I want to use a different gallery app instead of the Google Photos. However, after disabling Photos and expecting to get the choice of how to open it from the camera app, it specifically tells me to install Google Photos. Am I correct to assume it's a hardcoded link...
  42. K

    Thread Question Main camera grain on low light shots

    Hello everyone! I just bought S22 plus on Snapdragon. I have a very strange problem with the camera. When I try to take a picture in the dark with a normal mode, after sliding down the exposure bar, picture gets a lots of noise and grain. When I shoot the same shot in a PRO mode and lowering the...
  43. J

    Thread Can i make camera driver in kernel in this way?

    When user clicks camera app, the cam doesnt use camera. But instead it gets video stream that are being recording by other hidden app or kernel itself. Like using virtual camera And in this case, would quality(resolution) of video degrade?
  44. Z

    Thread Question Director’s view - with all 3 lens output, photo & video mode

    Camera app which views all the lens view. Is there an app that consolidates all the lens views on the screen simultaneously and saves multiple photos when clicked? Something like the DIRECTOR'S VIEW. The problem with the ‘Director’s view’ is that it uses only the mail lens and outputs 3...
  45. Patoilo

    Thread General Xiaomi Sensor Lottery - The Ultimate Poll

    Hi folks. :) It came to the attention of some users that Xiaomi mixes a lot the sensors that are used in this device. It´s indeed a lottery. Although this might not greatly affect conventional user experience, there are still some differences that can become relevant when addressing bugs, faulty...
  46. Patoilo

    Thread Question Bought two 256gb units - Got different cameras and sensors

    Hi folks. I bought two devices of the new 256/8 version - both with exact same firmware and model codes. After unpacking them and running HW Info on both, I realized that: - One came with s5khm2_i_samsung (f1.9) - The other came with s5khm2_ii_samsung f(1.89) - higher angle of view. Also, I...
  47. J

    Thread Is it possible to have a virtual camera in android?

    Just Like obs-virtual camera in windows. I heard sharing audio input via multiple apps is possible. I know 2 apps cannot directly use camera simultaneously. Can an A app that is using camera send the video stream being taken to another camera app( i”ll call it B)?? So when user click that B...
  48. L

    Thread Question can't get get unlock_code or fastboot oem unlock on LE2127 T-MOBILE

    Hello everyone, I have a LE2127 in C.20 software and I have been seeing some things that I don't particularly like the camera, first I see that it only uses the second lens, the others are never used, I already did the typical test of switching between the options and Go covering to see which...
  49. G

    Thread How emulate Camera with RTSP stream in android.

    Hello. So, I have an unusable 70mai Dashcam pro which able to share stream in RTSP. I would like to use this stream in Sygic app (Navigation) for driving table sign recognition, but it's only allowed in default camera. Can I set somehow RTSP stream to default video device? (Old linux knowledge...
  50. K

    Thread Question miui camera for A13

    Hi all! Is it possible to install a camera from miui into custom firmware a13?