1. A

    Thread Camera2api

    Let's discuss if we can unable camera2api in Samsung M31 or not please leave you reviews. Let us help each other, do share whatever you know about how to enable camera2api in Samsung M31. Thank you all.
  2. J

    Thread [Non-Root] Huawei Nova 5T - change build.prop HAL3 value

    Hi, Is there anyway to edit build.prop and enable the HAL3 flag from 0 to 1 without unlocking bootloader and installing TWRP? I want to get GCam for this device. 🙏please help🥺
  3. S

    Thread Best kernel for mi a2 lite

    Hii, I was wondering what is the best kernel for mi a2 lite with best battery optimization with fast charging and best performance. Im currently on havoc os stock kernel.
  4. T

    Thread [MOD] [Android 10/MIUI 12] [Magisk] Working GCAM + GCAM-Enabler

    Hey guys, since enabling GCAM on the most recent official ROMs was a bit problematic for most, I thought it would be better to have a new thread as we don't have one specifically for MIUI12/Android 10 yet, and with this thread you don't have to scroll through all comments to find the solution...
  5. M

    Thread Question: Camera2API Does not See Aux Cams. Any Ideas Why?

    Long story short, my main back camera works fine. Yet neither the front cam nor aux cams work. Either they are non-responsive or the app force closes. I am using crDroid now but it was the same with Paranoid Android as well. I cannot remember well but with LineageOS they were working. I once...
  6. M

    Thread Camera2API for Xiaomi MI A2

    Is there any way to keep camera2API even after locking bootloader?
  7. pyumredkar

    Thread Install GCam in New MIUI Oreo base (8.1.0)

    Hello dear modders, making gcam work in miui 10 global is somehow a challege to us. Enabling camera2api from the build.prop file does not work. but as a developer danzblue in the miui forums have gave us the magisk module to enable the gcam support in our redmi 5a oem miui 10. till the previous...
  8. emiljano539

    Thread [PIE] Google Photos Dark Mode [HOW-TO]

    I just found a simple way to enable the dark mode option in Google Photos app 1. Open Gcam 2. Make sure advanced mode is enabled Go to Settings>About>Enable Advanced mode 3. Go backOpen Advanced tab > Interface them> Set it to Dark 4. Go back and make sure Disabled Google Photo is disabled 5...
  9. A

    Thread Camera2API disabled after .53 update in 6GB version

    After recent update .53 of asus max pro m1's 6GB version camera2API disabled and couldn't able to reactivate it tried different adb drivers and usb drivers after commands enter in CMD device goes into black screen and Shows press any key to shut down , after reading some forums i got to know...
  10. K

    Thread GUIDE: [WAYNE][MIUI] How to enable Camera2API without root

    A few things before: This process worked to me and can work to you, however, I can not give any garantee of how you will understand it, so, if you follow these steps, do it at your own risk. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Before getting into this, you must have...
  11. T

    Thread [MOD] Camera2API with slow motion for Oreo

    If you're using the latest weekly beta updates (either Chinese or Xiaomi.EU), I think you're now enjoying the latest Xiaomi.EU beta rom 8.11.22 with Oreo. I've been using the Camera2API from Magisk modules and google camera here in the forum while using the Nougat MIUI roms but after the last...
  12. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Camera2api ( Gcam ) Without ROOT

    I dont take responsibility for possible damages!' 1. When you unlock the bootloader, all your data will be erased! 2. When you try to lock the bootloader, your data will be erased and you will lose the API. 3. YOU CAN RECEIVE OTA UPDATES WITH THE BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED! Download the tool...
  13. N

    Thread Google Camera On Zenfone Max Pro Tested!

    Hello everyone, I recently unlocked the bootloader of my Asus Zenfone Max Pro and installed Magisk to root the phone. All of this was done for just thing - Trying out the Google Camera as I do feel that the Stock Camera app is pathetic and that's the major reason why the Zenfone Max is not...
  14. K

    Thread AutoFlasher[Camera2api][MIDO][SANTONI]

    Hi , I would like to share my work with everybody . With the help of the file you can install different recoveries as well as help you turn on camera2api without rooting your device and not even installing a custom recovery with a click of an button. [UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER REQUIRED] Devices...
  15. mariusfl0rian

    Thread [Guide][LOS,AOSP,STOCK] Enable Camera2 API

    Hello guys, today I´m going to show you how to enable Camera2 API for our Axon 7. Because ZTE did´nt want us to know, that our camera is capable of this function, they kept it a secret, but actually it´s pretty easy to enable this. Requirements: Not sure yet, but definitely works on Vertex. 1.)...
  16. O

    Thread [Module] Camera2API enabler

    Since Google Camera with HDR+ was ported already, it requires that camera2api to be enabled. This is done by editing build.prop to add or enable "". Note: This mod only adds camera2api support in the build.prop systemlessly. This does not guarantee modded google...