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  1. gimmeitorilltell

    Thread [ROM][Candy5][Android 5.1.1][LolliPop][T6SPR][T6VZW][T6]

    This is Candy5. Built straight from CyanogenMod source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fun, fully customizable ROM.We aim to add more features as this project progresses. Check us out on the web @The-Candy-Shop matthew0776 mar5hal...
  2. Flashalot

    Thread Candy Shop 5.0.+ | SoftKey Mods

    5.0.+ Candy Shop ONE STOP SHOP. MODS,MODS, & MORE MODS...COME CHECK THIS OUT. SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY. Must have unlocked Boot loader and custom recovery installed ...!!!! ANDROID L ONLY!!!!!!!!! For Sense Go Here These are all Zip Themer app zips. Zip themer was the best universal way...
  3. StormTrooper89

    Thread [CANDYSHOP][SoftKeyz][ZipThemer] Custom/Edit NavBar, LockRing & Signal

    THIS MOD ONLY WORK WITH CUSTOM ROM ANY AOSP,CM,SLIM BASE I wanna share some of my mod to others. Also it will make me more easy to share to you guys. Feel free to use it and if i made your day with my mods just simply press THANKS. This mod will work on any [sw600dp] [xhdpi] [xxhdpi] Any...