1. S

    Thread Broken screen, with constant phantom touches preventing everything

    My phone's screen was broken, so the touch sensor (capacitive) sensing constant phantom touches, which prevents to do anything with it, even with mouse connected on OTG. I can't connect on ADB, as once i've allowed my PC to always connect to it, yet asks for a confirmation at every connect...
  2. Orion78

    Thread Capacitive buttons really dim.. is this normal?

    I noticed my gf s2 lights are really bright but my s3 are so dim.. Is this normal? for some reason I remember them being alot brighter when I got the phone..
  3. S

    Thread [Q] Xperia Mini pro 2 list of bugs or h/w defects? (sk17i).

    Could someone please clarify the status of the following bugs and possibly add a list of other existing ones (and hardware issues appropriately marked so? or false positive defects in a small number of units that people cross posted to forums about?): a)the static video noise (or is it general...