1. R

    Thread Pixel Replacement Screen sporadic unresponsive

    I had my Pixel 2 screen replaced with an aftermarket screen in Bangalore, India. The display works perfectly fine, and so id the touch for the first week. However, recently the touch screen is causing issue, in one of three states State A) Completely unresponsive and not registering any touches...
  2. I

    Thread [Magisk Module][13/01/18] Collection of Systemless Tweaks

    I made a simple mod for myself, but I thought I'd share it. I wanted to disable the lights of the hardware buttons without disabling the keys, which other mods provided. All it does is execute this command: For capacitive lights echo 0 >...
  3. luptatorul

    Thread Capacitive buttons: does this happen to you?

    Sometimes, my capacitive buttons are not really responding, even if I press them they won't do anything. This doesn't always happen and it's not a software issue either, as I encountered this problem on other ROMs too. I think I might have an idea of what's going on, but I need to confirm...
  4. M

    Thread [HELP] Right Capacitive Key Doesn't Respond

    Hi,Guys I just bought this phone for 1 week and right after I receive the phone, I go straight with flashing Freedom OS + Franco Kernel And just few hours ago before I post this thread, the phone gives error. The right capacitive key didnt give any respond if i touched/taped/pressed it. Even if...
  5. Cesaragus

    Thread Haptic feedback on capacitive keys

    I was wondering if the capacitive buttons have haptic feedback (the vibrate when you press them). Seems like a stupid question but I haven't found the answer anywhere.
  6. faslane

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Capacitive touch lights not working....?

    Has anyone have this issue of the back and recent capacitive touch lights not lighting with certain cases? I have a specific "creit card case" with a flap on the back that closes pretty securely by connecting to a small magnet in the case and I LOVE the case because the "flap" also acts like a...
  7. flar2

    Thread [APP] Button Mapper - Customize your hardware buttons

    Button Mapper allows you to remap any action you want to physical or capacitive hardware buttons. This includes volume buttons, camera button, home button on Samsung devices and capacitive home, back and recents, Bixby, Active Edge, LG assistant button and many buttons on game controllers and...
  8. repherb

    Thread Menu + Back keys not working after Upgrade to Lollipop 5.0?? READ THIS!!

    This post is to help anyone that upgraded to Lollipop 5.0 from KitKat 4.4.2 with any newer 2012+ devices (Not just the Note 3, but also s4 etc.) exhibiting the symptoms in the title of this post. So i picked up a Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 and got the OTA update from KitKat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.0...
  9. S

    Thread [Q] disable capacitive button lights

    i have a rooted sm-t700 running liquid smooth and i am looking to disable the lights on the capacitive buttons programmatically. is there a node in /dev, /sys or /proc? is there a way to do it in Java? any help would be appreciated. s
  10. B

    Thread Nexus 4 Touchscreen Problem Please Help!

    Hey fellas , I cracked the screen of my Nexus 4 and installed a replacement. It's been approximately a month now. Sometimes when i restart the device the touchscreen doesn't work and i have to restart it again and again until it starts to work. I noticed that when i put one of my fingers...
  11. alexjzim

    Thread Disable & Hide H/W buttons-- Enable Softkeys! HTC One M7

    Update: Hey everyone, I would like to update my project just incase anyone stumbles across this post in the future :). I first set out asking if such a glass or plastic screen protector exists that is tinted at the bottom to "black out" the capacitive buttons. I couldnt find anything like it...
  12. D

    Thread [Q] Modify keylayout file just change keycode not completely disable buttons?

    I'd like to use navibar softkeys and decide to disable capacitive buttons. After modifying general.kl, the feature of capacitive buttons are off. But I noticed though these buttons' keycode all are 0 but still effect some apps when I press them, e.g., if I press these buttons when I scroll in...
  13. philohtc

    Thread HTC One Unresponsive Home/Back 2cm

    Hi, a person offered me an HTC One factory unlocked, but he told me that he attempted to update and after that the Home and Back buttons stopped working and starting from the bottom of the touchscreen up to 2cm don't work either. I don't know this guy, so i don't trust him, do you say it's a...
  14. philohtc

    Thread [H] HTC One Unresponsive Home/Back 2cm

    Hi, a person offered me an HTC One factory unlocked, but he told me that he attempted to update and after that the Home and Back buttons stopped working and starting from the bottom of the touchscreen up to 2cm don't work either. I don't know this guy, so i don't trust him, do you say it's a...
  15. Recognized Noob

    Thread [Q] Capacitive key backlight dimmer?

    I read a few threads about controlling backlight of the capacitive keys. There are several apps out there for htc and nexus. Wondering if there is any such app for mmx a110? Is there an app to dim the backlight, increase the brightness of the buttons? :confused: :cyclops:
  16. regP

    Thread capacitive buttons unresponsive

    Wasn't aware that so many otglher people were having this problem until I did some Googling today. Pretty much all the topics that came up are months old and said the problem was fixed with an update from HTC. Was this fix not implemented in aosp roms or something because I'm on my second unit...
  17. comoc85

    Thread Disable Capacative Buttons

    If this has already been addressed, I do apologize. I did quite a bit of searching in all GS4 variant forums and couldn't find a straight answer. After a bit of tinkering I FINALLY figured out how to disable those pesky capacative buttons on the GS4. This should work for all variants. It's...
  18. C

    Thread [Q] Other options for the HTC Logo "button"???

    So I've seen the kernels that will allow you to make the HTC logo act as a capacitive menu button. Has anyone looked into completely remapping all the buttons? I'd like to see the HTC logo be the home button and the current home button turned into the menu button. Would that be possible...
  19. AK~47

    Thread [Q] Fast boot cap. buttons LIGHT !!

    Hi! I am now running Yoda's ICS with htc kernel but with int.d SUPPORT. When the fast boot is active, and of course, my phone is turned off, the capacitive buttons lights are always ON. I believe it's because the int.d support, but is that true ? WHAT SHOULD I DO? This is not the first time i...
  20. Z

    Thread [Q] [REQ] Completely disable capacitive buttons

    Okay, so I've successfully managed to disable my capacitive buttons on my Note 2, using this ( tutorial right here. No problems there, but it seems that they are not completely disabled. After I disabled the capacitive buttons, I have...
  21. I

    Thread [Q] A13 Capacitive Touch Buttons

    I was wondering how one enables the touch keys in a ROM for the Menu, Back, and Options buttons. I have tried editing the sun4i-keyboard.kl file to include the entries for these virtual keys and enable the tkey_para section of the script.bin but they still won't function. In the original ROM...
  22. er.davinder

    Thread [Q] How to Remap hardware key on optimus L9??

    Does anyone know how to remap keys on Optimus L9 ? I want remap one of my capacitive buttons Ie. Option key to Recent App button how do i do this ??? Has anyone done this before ?
  23. <CyberAnarchy>

    Thread (tut) how to disable capacitve buttons and turn of capacitive button light(root)

    This is for those who didn't know already First of all download root explorer and Mount it as r/w.use it to edit these ROM files To turn of capacitive button lights: Go to system/lib/hw There find Rename it to "lights" or anything. Reboot. To restore just rename it to...
  24. garfnodie

    Thread Need some help with [ROM][4.2.2][3/05] AOKP :: jb-mr1 :: build-5 :: evita [OFFICIAL]

    I installed [ROM][4.2.2][3/05] AOKP :: jb-mr1 :: build-5 :: evita [OFFICIAL] the other day and am loving it. There is a couple of things I'm wanting to do though that I'm hoping someone can help me with 1. First, I'd like to totally disable the backlight under the three capacitive button's...
  25. moe18

    Thread [Q] Disable HW keys XS

    can someone tell me how to disable HW keys, i have the soft keys activated, i tried disabling hw keys using this metod but keys still works, the only thing that changed is that the hw keys dont vibrate any more, but still working. any...
  26. E

    Thread [Q] Disable Capacitive Back And Menu Buttons in Landscape

    Hi everyone, First off, forgive me if this is in the wrong section. I was wondering if there is something that enables the user to disable the Capacitive Back And Menu Buttons in Landscape mode. I have searched through the forum and could not find anything. I find it annoying playing a game or...
  27. J

    Thread [Q] Capacitive Buttons disappeared..

    Not sure how it happened but the capacitive buttons and the pull down menu are not functioning. Any others have this problem or a solution?
  28. besony

    Thread capacitive buttons malfunction

    I am on LXdroid 0.2 ROM. 366 BB. Rom running stable since it's release- This week I observed the phone hung twice. Today - after ride home - I saw- the back button didn't work! :eek: I restarted - thinking of it as a bug! Even then it was inactive- I pressed harder :p And - it worked - sorta...
  29. Mars11_

    Thread Capacitive Home Button on Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6

    When using the only available pre-rooted ROM on a North American Galaxy Player 3.6 the capacitive home button doesn't work. I'm guessing it's a driver issue and we just need to find it in either the source or the stock ROM. This thread will be dedicated to finding the solution to this problem...
  30. DutchDogg54

    Thread [HOW TO] [ROOT] COMPLETELY Disable Capacitive Buttons

    Now that we have a few ROMs that have functioning settings for Nav Bar, as well as a great MOD Here, I thought it would be helpful to provide the simple steps for disabling the capacitive buttons on our GSIII's. It's a very simple process. 1) Open Root Explorer (or equivalent "Root" Browser)...
  31. I

    Thread [Q] Back button problems

    I have a Sprint Galaxy S3 and I have a very annoying issue with my capacitive back button. Often I have to press it at least 3 or 4 times to go back.This happens no matter what app I'm in. The menu button works instantly every time though. Any ideas? Thanks.
  32. mfsr98

    Thread How to make resistive screens better? Possible to change to a capacitive screen?

    (Before reading: I am going to talk about the HTC touch HD, but it should be possible to do this with another phones, of course with the proper acessories, so I think it should be considered a General thread, tell me if I'm wrong.) Hello XDA comunnity, I have a HTC Touch HD T8282 and I want...
  33. R

    Thread Capacitive Buttons activating on there own

    Hello I have just received my Galaxy SIII after a long long wait and have a slight issue. Sometimes, the capacitive menu button activates every 10 seconds or so and when this happens the menu and back button are unresponsive until I lock the phone. Once unlocked it seems fine again. I have...
  34. Keion

    Thread [Guide] DIY, cheap capacitive stylus.

    OK, so I thought since the prime is awesome I'd post my tutorial here. Most of the other tutorials out there require conductive foam or some sort of thing which I, at least, did not have. So, here is a tutorial to make a capacitive stylus out of common household supplies. Here is what you will...
  35. S

    Thread [Q] Flashing capacitive buttons

    Any way to use the capacitive button LEDs for notifications. Also would love them to be able to fade in and out with the beat of music. I've searched and found nothing on either.
  36. kristovaher

    Thread Touch screen responsiveness enquiry to those who have the Prime

    I have seen multiple mentions about Prime's touch screen requiring 'stronger touches' to react. Is that true? I would like to use the tablet for sketching, which is done with capacitive pens (like the one made for iPad 2 by Bamboo) which have a sort of an 'air pad' on the tip, making every...
  37. S

    Thread Broken Capacitive Button Workaround!

    Alright, the Galaxy series, although awesome, suffers from some issues. None are as frustrating as when the damn capacitive (bottom) buttons stop working! Normally it seems that all four bottom buttons don't fail at the same time, just one or two. This doesn't seem to be as much of a physical...
  38. O

    Thread [GUIDE] remap capacitive buttons

    I know a lot of people out there are doing this already, but it didn't seem like there was a guide or anything out there for the NS. So, here we go. (Please, make sure you know what you're doing BEFORE you apply this modification. I can't be responsible if you somehow manage to brick, or make...
  39. T

    Thread [Q] Star A5000 change resistive touchscreen to capacitive

    Hello Forum, I want to change the resistive screen on my MTK6513 Star A5000 phone with a capacitive one. I was stupid enough to think that they would be interexchangable, which unfortunately isn't true. The resistive screen is connected via a long 4 pin flat cable to the middle of the board...
  40. mcostabr

    Thread Awesome China Tab Capacitive 7" ARM Cortex-A8 1.2GHz The device seems to be very good. Who is the manufacturer? Does anyone have information? Is there any topic on XDA? Is there some kernel honeycomb compatible...
  41. D

    Thread [Q] Capacitive Pens on Streak 7? Mine don't work

    I bought two different capacitive pens from Amazon to use with my Streak 7, however neither one is reliably registering. I try drawing a straight line and there are gaps in the line every inch or so. Has anyone been able to use capacitive pens without problems? The pens I have work great on...
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Battery, Screen power and your mileage

    Greetings, First off I'd like to say that I absolutely love this device. I had the Evo 4G prior to this but about 3 months ago I dropped it on accident and destroyed my screen, then tried to replace the screen myself and it didn't go so well so I have spent the last 3 months using a Rumor touch...
  43. X

    Thread [Q] Captivate Capacitive lights

    Hey all, I've been looking around for a while, researching about the capacitive lights on the Captivate. I have two friends with Vibrants, and their lights are much more brighter and responsive than mine. Mine just look really dim all the time. I was hoping that I could get them brighter so I...
  44. J

    Thread [Q] Disable lighting of capacitive buttons?

    I keep my Desire Z on when it's in the dock, displaying a flip-clock app. Unfortunately, when it's on and powered, it insists on keeping the capacitive button lights on. Is there any way of disabling those lights? :confused: Thanks!
  45. S

    Thread Help - Capacitive buttons stopped working!

    I'm new here - I just bought my g-tablet last week. I installed Clockwork, and then Tnt Lite. On Saturday, the capacitive buttons stopped working, both in Clockwork and on the running system. - anyone else have the keys stop working? -Is there any fix for the buttons? -Is there any way to...
  46. X

    Thread [Q] Capacitive Touch Button Light

    Has anyone found something I can use to keep the touch buttons lit until I put the device to sleep? I have a rooted epic.
  47. J

    Thread capcitive screen gloves

    Referral link removed.
  48. mixxy

    Thread Touchscreen Gloves! for the BRRRR weather

    Hey everyone, the glider gloves that we all love are on a special at team buy. $15 shipped (CAN) visit this link to purchase: free shipping as well. they work wonderfully, I got myself a pair 2 months ago and getting a pair for my girlfriend...
  49. W

    Thread Folio -Maintenance Tips of Capacitive Touchscreen

    1. How to Maintenance Capacitive Touchscreen? There are 6 main factors would arouse capacitive touchscreen failure in daily life. (1) Magnetic field Keep away from magnetic field, especially for electromagnetic field! Stay away from magnetic screw and any other magnetic things. Even a little...
  50. R

    Thread Crystal buttons cover capacative.

    I figured a very clean and "factory" looking mod/tweak to help with the button setup when you're fumbling for them in the dark. I found some clear sticky rubber nubs -- the kind you get at a drug store or home improvement place to put on the bottoms of lamps so they don't scratch your table...