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car launcher

  1. X

    Thread State of the Car Launcher, AA Redesign Concept, UI that works

    u/DeezNutterButters made this AA concept: It looks like a marriage of CarPlay (dynamic sidebar, simplicity), and an evolved card interface of Android Auto, which — I think — under utilise the landscape screen ratio. Factory launchers are uber-symplistic in its design approach, and with the...
  2. SpeedFire-

    Thread Fcc Car Launcher [official thread]

    Hi, all! Welcome to the official thread for FCC Car Launcher - a customizable auto launcher for android head units (Rockchip MTCB/MTCD+ and FlyAudio) as well as android smartphones/tablets. Its major features: - Full function launcher with supports of all standard third party android widgets -...
  3. C

    Thread [APP] CarWebGuru - Universal car launcher with widgets, skins and music

    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.0 Functions: • Skins for interface • Widgets (internal) System widgets in the near future • Custom backgrounds • Up to 6 desktops • Speedometr (GPS), Odometr (GPS) • Clock, Time, Calendar • GPS logger (export tracks to KML) • Internal music player • External player...
  4. Mantenner

    Thread Make you phone easier to use in the car

    So I found this awesome app that converts your phone into a simple one menu interface that makes it really easy to navigate and use your phone in the car. It's called frontend car launcher. The download link is below, it's free by the way. It's highly customisable at looks pretty good too...
  5. T

    Thread [APP] Xperia Z Car Launcher [ICS\JB]

    Here I come again with another 2013 series Xperia goodie for any android device which runs in ICS\JB :angel: This time its the Xperia Z car launcher working on any device with ICS or Jelly bean running ! What is Sony Car launcher? It is a big ass icons launcher type of app to use when...