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  1. K

    Thread Android auto device problem

    Hi guys ! I have this question for you. I have an Android car radio that can be seen in the pictures. It has the rk3066-eng 4.4.4 23022016 rom installed on it. I don't know what manufacturer the radio is, but I suspect it's Chinese. Its specification is as follows: Kernel version : 3.0.36+...
  2. B

    Thread [Game][4.4+] Guess Car

    This is simple quiz. Guess car from the photo. Check your knowledge of cars. Easy to play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bladegames.guesscar
  3. F

    Thread No Sound Through PHONE with bluetooth connection.

    Apologies in advance - I could not find my specific issue in the forums using any related keywords. Sorry if it exists somewhere. Phone is a Samsung S21 Ultra running Android 11. Pretty sure it's not a phone issue as I've had this issue wth other phones but can't remember how I fixed it. I am...
  4. S

    Thread Allwinner T8 bootloop

    I have an Allwinner T8 which had been working fine until yesterday. It's running stock firmware and unrooted. Yesterday coming home from work it started to boot loop. The radio would come on for a few seconds, then go off, the display constantly shoing the turning android. I had hoped it was...
  5. Drake Misuke

    Thread Bluetooth disconnection during calls - new Mazda 3

    Hello everyone! I noticed that during conversations with the car speakerphone, the bluetooth disconnects sporadically, forcing me to use the phone with my hands. Same problem also found when connecting the phone to the car via cable to use Android Auto. Any solution other than "Amazon returns"?
  6. J

    Thread Viper4Andoid on car headunit

    I have V4A on my phone and works great. I am new to car audio after a LONG hiatus ( 20 years+ ) Got a "new" car for me 2012 Camry SE basic radio. Want to install a new radio but want to know a few things before I drop $ on it Can V4A be installed/sideloaded onto an Android head unit do it...
  7. N

    Thread Question about Xiaomi note 8 pro and Android Auto

    Hi, I have the 8 pro v11.0.2 and when I connect the cell phone to the car it tells me an unsupported device. relic and android auto starts working. if you disconnected it and reconnect it starts all over again. I always have to do the same to grab. I don't have dual apps. thanks!
  8. P

    Thread Note 10+ 5G Bluetooth issue in car since Android 10 update

    My phone has recently updated to Android 10 and now whenever I get into a car which it is paired to the phone immediately dials the last number I called. As soon as I hang up the call, either on the phone or on the cars controls everything works as it should - until the next time I get into the...
  9. S

    Thread Alexa echo show 5 for my dashboard car, need to use android inside

    Hi Developers, I wonder if I could use it on my car dash with my android apps like CAR LAUNCHER, TORQUE, WAZE, GOOGLE MAPS, SPOTIFY. They say that Alexa Echo Show 5 is on Android 5.1 base so how could I change it or mod it in order to have my ANDROID CAR DASH that has a nice shape for that...
  10. koolcat7

    Thread Need help updating PX3 Tesla style vertical head unit by ZWNAV

    Hi all. I purchased a "Tesla style" PX3 Android head unit by the manufacturer ZWNAV which i can find no support website for or any downloads or updates. It came from aliexpress. I have to factory reset now because playstore is stuck on "waiting for download" on any apps I try to download. I...
  11. L

    Thread [Free game] Deadly Race

    Hello I want to tell you about the game "Deadly Racing" The game is free. Requirements: Android 4.1 + Download on Google play Deadly Race Your car's brakes failed! The speed of the car is constantly growing. A normal ride on a busy highway turned into a real race. Hold on to the last. Drive...
  12. M

    Thread [game][5.0+] car stunts x

    Hello :) I want to tell you about the game "Car Stunts X" The game is free. Requirements: Android 5.0+ MAIN OBJECTIVE The narrow and sharp racing paths are built over the city in the endless blue sky. All you have to do is focus, stay on the same track and reach the destination, completing...
  13. krissko0o

    Thread HD MP5 7023B Recovery mode

    Hi guy, I have a problem with my Chinese music player in my car. If the thread is in wrong place , sorry and please move it. So i decided to update the firmware of my MP5 player but i broke it. when i turn on the engine of the car the button becomes red and nothing else happening. My phone is...
  14. R

    Thread Aftermarket Warp Car Charger Availability

    How you doing guys. For my OP6 I've got a nice $12 charger that did amazing work and charged the phone in Dash mode. I am trying to get something similar for OP7 Pro. Problem with original it's only one port. I do understand it's 30 Watts but I do need that second port. Also What's up with...
  15. Wilkij

    Thread Car phone status indicator

    My OP6 phone status in my cars' displays is erratic. Sometimes it shows the phone signal strength properly, but most of the time it shows no signal (when there is a signal) or nothing at all. This happens in both cars (Nissans). My wife's OP5 shows properly in both cars so the problem is not...
  16. ValkA

    Thread [Development] Reverse camera app with 360 view

    I've noticed that these things are becoming popular and I thought why not make one for my Android head unit? (I have Intel Sofila 3GR variant) After doing some research in Computer Vision and hacking UIServer app, I'm happy to announce that it works :D You can see a live demo in my youtube...
  17. W

    Thread JY-UO134P4 strange equalizer

    hallo people. i purchased the headunit i say on the title. At first i wanted to just change the original radio i had on my seat ibiza 6j just to have some more enterteiment. I was somehow sutisfied with the original speakers. now that i upgraded the headunit i purchased some hertz 2 way speakers...
  18. J

    Thread Android Auto Slow, Sluggish, Unresponsive

    Has anyone used Android Auto with this phone? I've been using Android Auto for a few months, first on an 8.1 ROM (FireHound) and now on a 9.0 ROM (PixelDust). It has always been pretty sluggish for me, taking a while to load up on my car's display, the map view has a very low framerate, buttons...
  19. lirex

    Thread Remote control of android phone used as GPS tracker

    Hi everybody! I hope you could help me with something. I want to track a vehicle using an android phone which will be permanently connected and hidden inside the car (in case it gets stolen). I already bought a second hand Lenovo A1000 for $20 with Android 5.0. I've installed Google Trusted...
  20. Philip

    Thread Does the Samsung wireless car charger work with the Note 8?

    Having tried various wireless chargers in my 3 cars, I have ended up with Samsung's own offering. Although not the cheapest, it provides more reliable charging and - most importantly for me - I don't get any interference on FM radio, which has been a problem with most of the others that I have...
  21. A

    Thread Active noise cancelling

    Hi, I'm reading more and more often that modern cars have an accessory called active noise canceling / reduction inside. Informing me of this technology allows the reduction of internal noise with a very simple active system. Thanks to the microphones, the background noise is recorded, such as...
  22. B

    Thread Huawei P20 USB C Audio 3.5mm and Charge Adaptor

    Hi Everyone, Just got a P20, and overlooked the fact that I wouldn't be able to charge and play music in my car at the same time. My car only has aux (no bluetooth). I thought maybe there would be adaptors to allow a headphone jack and charging at the same time. But it looks like this is a iffy...
  23. ne0ns4l4m4nder

    Thread Ugar 7" android 4.4 help!

    Ok so just bought a new car head unit, the one stated above to save some space and time, it's on Android 4.4 AC8xx, and rooted. I've read the forums over and over and have seen that I can adb over network to the deck and install twrp, though I'm not sure if it's comparable with my unit, I would...
  24. B

    Thread Any issues with Chromecast Audio in Car?

    I think I have read most of the old posts here and elsewhere on Chromecast Audio in the car using smartphone wifi tethering. What I am wondering is how well it actually works over time. Does the phone get very hot with all the data running back and forth? (I expect that CCA gets Spotify content...
  25. esdwa

    Thread Sony OEM charger AN430

    As happy owner of Xperia Premium XZ I can't find the reason why Sony geniune AN430 car cigarette lighter USB charger is not being sold in United States neither Canada? Anyone has a clue? Sony US website shows this adapter as accessory for this phone but since Sony store has been dismantled...
  26. T

    Thread There is an app for android that make smartphone start when car start when it mount?

    Hi, i have a old toyota and i want to have a old Galaxy Note 4 mounted permanently on the dash. I buy a wireless charger dash mount for the smartphone. So that way the phone always be mounted in the car.. but i want to know if it exist a app that will turn automaticly the phone into power saving...
  27. ValkA

    Thread [RK-A705] cheap android for car

    Hi guys, Is anyone familiar with the following android? It looks good, have a nice spec and the price is great. I've just bought it from here and not sure if it is an MTCD or MTCB, what is the difference between them and if possible to flash custom roms on it. I've seen RK-A701 here on the...
  28. V

    Thread [GAME][RACING][FREE][2.3+] Traffic Racing Game On Beach

    Hello Again Dear Friends, We bring to you Highway Car Racing Game. Super thrilling and exciting car racing through the highway traffic at high speeds! Game with most realistic car physics and smoothest gameplay! Please Get It Here - Highway Car Racing Game Google Play Link Please try and...
  29. D

    Thread [APP][4.3+][OBDII]Turbo - Drive smarter. Give your car a voice

    Turbo Drive smarter. Give your car a voice. Turbo connects to your car, unlocking diagnostics and real-time data. Just plug in your OBD2 adapter, launch the app and make driving smarter, safer and more efficient. Learn fuel-saving driving habits to save thousands per year Save time and money on...
  30. wanderer1479

    Thread Unblock Sports Car

    If you are looking for something that you can use to kill time, then check out the coolest Unblock Sports Car application! In this top puzzle game, your task is to help vehicle that is trapped on a parking lot to get out of it. You shouldn’t rush and you should think carefully before you make a...
  31. Frankenscript

    Thread Marshmallow also killed TEXT bluetooth connectivity to my car!

    Uggh! So, I thought the extent of the Bluetooth problem I was having after Lollipop-->Marshmallow update of my G3 (D851) was that artist/media info wasn't displaying properly on the car's screen. (see here for link to this problem) Now I've noticed that when the phone gets a sms/mms text, the...
  32. panbambaryla

    Thread Nougat HTC CAR mode

    Hi, In the newest Nougat for M9 there is an app I've been using a lot - HTC CAR (ver. 8.5). Unfortunately, there must have been a change in this app or it's framework which makes me unhappy. BIG BUTTONS! It takes, no matter what car app you are using, almost 1/5 of the screen for back and home...
  33. S

    Thread Stop M4272 Root?

    Does anyone know how to root this head unit "Atoto M4272, been looking online but I can't find any instructions, any help would be appreciated.
  34. Y

    Thread How to prevent my car from auto-playing music when I connect bluetooth to Nexus 5X?

    Hello, I currently use Tasker to prevent my car from automatically playing music when Bluetooth connects to the stereo system. However, I would also like it to prevent the Bluetooth autoplay when ending a call. Does anyone know how I can do that? I was looking at creating a new profile that...
  35. S

    Thread Two devices and car tracking

    Is the a app I can install on a device (1) and hide it in my car, and with another device (2) send SMS commands and get a SMS back, as a normal car tracker ? Speed alarm Then the car move alarm URL link to se the car is right now Hear speak and Voice in the car Se routes for today and earlier...
  36. mahmoodfadaei

    Thread Problem With Connecting To Car Bluetooth

    i cant connect my gpad to my cars bluetooth ! my car says pairs fail ! and nothing happen in my tablet i tried many roms to solve this problem and one rom did this , miui () sadly this rom isnt suitable for daily use . any one can help me solve this problem with any way (with any good rom :D )...
  37. icerebro

    Thread [Solved] Issues with BT after 16s

    Hi friends. I have experienced a problem with connecting my phone to the car by Bluetooth, it connects but just audio streaming, no phone functions. So, it happens in any ROM after 16s, custom or Stock ROM, is the same. In the previous versions, it works completelly and full and nice, but when I...
  38. SilenceFiction

    Thread Installing a tablet as a backup camera monitor in my car

    So I've had this fantasy of installing a tablet in my car's dashboar to act as a car computer. That means I will be able to access my google music cloud, using it as a radio, navigation system, OBD scanner, etc... (I plan on getting a tablet with cellular connectivity). But the thing that looks...
  39. SilenceFiction

    Thread Installing a tablet as a backup camera monitor in my car

    So I've had this fantasy of installing a tablet in my car's dashboar to act as a car computer. That means I will be able to access my google music cloud, using it as a radio, navigation system, OBD scanner, etc... (I plan on getting a tablet with cellular connectivity). But the thing that looks...
  40. SilenceFiction

    Thread Installing a tablet as a backup camera monitor in my car

    So I've had this fantasy of installing a tablet in my car's dashboar to act as a car computer. That means I will be able to access my google music cloud, using it as a radio, navigation system, OBD scanner, etc... (I plan on getting a tablet with cellular connectivity). But the thing that looks...
  41. Robert_W

    Thread Review Video: Montar Car Phone Mount by WinnerGear - Pixel XL

    Direct link if embedded one doesn't show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYFZfMuGKD4 QYFZfMuGKD4 I decided to try this car/phone mount with my Google Pixel XL. Spoiler: It works well. The spec sheet claims it fits phones up to 6 inches so I was confident it would work well. I love the red and...
  42. C

    Thread Best Wireless Car Charger

    What I want: + Wireless / inductive load + Amper charging (the more, the better) + Do not block the function of NFC + Do not vent mount + Quick mounting smartphone (as in this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1pS9Wi7gV0) What can you recommend?

    Thread Choetech Car Phone Holder

    Had the chance over the last few days to use this nice car phone mount from Choetech. I must say this thing is well built and clamps on to the phone really well. I’m using it on a LG G5 with a bulky case. It clamps on with no problem and has a lot of teeth so you can squeeze it tighter for a...
  44. A

    Thread Wanted: skin for Poweramp/PlayerPro that's car-friendly

    Currently I'm using PlayerPro and PowerAmp for playing my music collection from an ssd. Both sound great but I find the font used for song title and artist is too small. I need to look more to the screen than I like to take note of the song that is playing. There are also a couple of other...
  45. A

    Thread [MM][MOD] Media/Volume buttons in the navbar for Car installs By @7786

    Was browsing Nexus 7 2013 section and found this useful mod. link to thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-7-2013/themes-apps/mod-media-volume-buttons-navbar-car-t3180274 Disclaimer: i am not the creator, all credit goes to 7786 as quoted by the developer "Updated for Marshmallow...
  46. eivissa

    Thread Phone keeps asking for permission to share contacts with bluetooth device

    Dear XDA community, since quite a while now I am having an annoying issue when getting in the car. As soon as the handsfree system pairs with my phone I get the popup on the HTC if I want to allow to share my phone contacts with the car (BMW). This issue is persistent even after getting into my...
  47. J

    Thread S7e notifications in car stereo, possible?

    Hello! As the title says, I would like to know if any of you have an idea if this is possible, I've found an app here on XDA called Botifier but I was wondering if any of you have some alternatives and/or your own recommendations/experience. Thanks in advance for taking some time to answer.
  48. Mikuz.

    Thread Looking for a cost-efficient Android for vehicle tracking

    I'm having a hard time looking for cost-efficient phones for vehicle tracking. Especially, there is no list of phones that can be set to boot on charge. This seems to be possible at least in most Samsung phones by replacing the battery-charging animation with a reboot script. Also, some phones...
  49. R

    Thread New Car Entertaiment system (unsure what to buy)

    Hello! I've an old Pioneer AVIC F900BT and i was thinking of replacing it with a modern android based "radio". I was interested in this 10.1" product from CarJoying CLICK I was hoping that with it i could get some "new" features like: - DAB radio - Android apps installation - OBD2 (i wanted to...
  50. M

    Thread [FREE][GAME] Flying Ragdoll Car Simulator 3D Open world

    Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ExitBossGames.RealisticRagdollFlyingCar watch?v=xxGEouxlvxo&feature=youtu.be Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ExitBossGames.RealisticRagdollFlyingCar Flying Ragdoll Car simulator 3D is very nice flying car in...